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Wichita State University Nurse Practitioner Program

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Clinical Sites And Distance Learning

Andrea DeLong, ARNP – Family Medicine

For the first 12 months, all students will be required to study at our main campus in Fort Worth, Texas. For the next 4 months, you have the option to stay at our main campus or finish at your assigned clinical site.

Our 18 different clinical sites in 9 different states let you finish Phase II of the program closer to home.Clinical Site Options

Bsn To Dnp Programs In Kansas

Our Kansas listings contain a respectable number of BSN to DNP programs, especially if you consider the size of the state. As we mentioned in the section on top schools, KU is the leader in choice. It offers BSN to DNP tracks in a large number of APRN specialties , leadership & informatics subjects, and Nurse Anesthesia. But its not your only option!

  • AGACNP: Folks who are interested in acute care may wish to make a direct comparison between KU and WSU. Both programs are run by large Schools of Nursing with close ties to urban medical centers.
  • PMHNP: Try placing Washburn, WSU, and KU side-by-side. And be sure to ask the DNP program coordinator for certification pass rates.
  • FNP: The FNP track is offered by all Kansas universities. PSU even offers an FNP with an Education emphasis. Potential FHSU students must reside in the state of Kansas in order to apply.
  • Nurse Anesthesia: There are 2 COA-accredited schools in Kansas: KU and Newman University. As of 2020, Newman was in the process of transitioning from the MSN to the DNAP.

Note: Wondering whats available in nearby states ? See our listings of campus and online BSN to DNP Programs.

Bachelor Of Science In Nursing Traditional Option

The traditional Bachelor of Science in Nursing program at Wichita State University prepares students for entry-level professional nursing positions in a variety of healthcare settings and provides a foundation for graduate study in nursing. The BSN prepared nurse receives education to:

  • provides direct and indirect patient care
  • coordinates, design, and manage the care of patients
  • be members of the profession
  • be patient advocates
  • practice in a variety of heath care settings
  • care for a diverse population

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Family Nurse Practitioner Program


Our FNP program can help you expand your role as a nurse and improve health care in the community you serve.

If you hold a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and are committed to caring for the health care needs of families, Wilson School of Nursing’s FNP program is for you. We also admit master’s prepared nurses who wish to earn a post-graduate certificate as a Family Nurse Practitioner.

Our FNP students build upon their education and experience as RNs, expanding their skills to provide primary nursing care across the lifespan. Graduates of our program are equipped for nursing practice in a variety of community settings as well as private practice.

This program meets the requirements for advanced practice nursing established by the Board of Nurse Examiners for the State of Texas. Graduates are eligible for national certification examinations. This program promotes the movement of Registered Nurses into the advance practice nursing role through both theoretical and clinical education.

The curriculum is comprised of 18 hours of nursing core, 24 hours of clinical, and 6 hours of thesis or evidence based project courses, for a total of 48 credit hours. View required courses.

Program Coordinators:

Nursing & Healthcare Administration Program Features

Lisa Sheriff, FNP

Healthcare Administration & Management

This program provides additional skills to enhance the success of the practical nurse certificate. It will include study skills, time management, social awareness skills, an introduction to critical thinking, APA format, review of PN policies and procedures, and learning in a hybrid/online format.

Practical Nurse

The Practical Nurse program provides the common body of knowledge and skills essential for the practical nurses entry into practice. The curriculum fulfills the educational requirements for licensure as a licensed practical nurse . Upon completion of the program, graduates are eligible to take the NCLEX-PN examination. This program does not offer credit for experiential learning. There are pathways for articulation to degree nursing programs. Students continuing their education for an ADN or BSN should consult a counselor regarding transfer of credit for all courses.

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Fort Hays State University

FHSUs DNP program may not have as many specialties as KU or WSU, but its affordable, convenient, and results-driven. NP certification pass rates for FNP graduates tend to be high and the Department of Nursing often snags a top 35 ranking for Best Online Graduate Nursing Programs from U.S. News & World Report. You can learn more about the Department by reading up on nursing faculty and exploring nursing department scholarships.

Another reason we put FHSU at #3? Funding. In 2019, the Department received a major grant from the HRSA for its BSN to DNP pathway. With this money, FHSU aims to increase the number & quality of FNPs in rural areas of Kansas and support its DNP students financially . In 2018, the university also snagged a grant to improve its nursing facilities. Hays Medical Center and the Department are working together on clinical simulation, skills, and assessment labs in the Stroup Hall on the FHSU campus. HaysMed provides the only tertiary level services in the region.

Doctor Of Nursing Practice Postbaccalaureate

The Doctor of Nursing Practice – Postbaccalaureate program at Wichita State University is a terminal degree in nursing that offers an alternative to research-focused doctoral programs. The DNP degree meets the need of nurses who would like to pursue doctoral study, and focus on practice rather than research.

The American Association of College of Nursing has promoted the DNP degree as the highest level of nursing education in response to the increased complexity of healthcare, the disparity among healthcare disciplines, and the vast amount of knowledge needed for advanced practice nurses.

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An Anesthesia Degree Empowers You To Do More

Our entry-level Doctor of Nurse Anesthesia Practice degree opens the door to a more advanced and specialized career as a nurse anesthetist. Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists are well-respected and enjoy the highest degree of autonomy as independent practitioners, not to mention a salary starting around $140,000.

FAMILY-FOCUSEDPrograms to support you and your family TOP-TIER ACADEMICSFull access to the simulation center and expert faculty 20-MONTH CLINICALLonger clinical phase to prevent student burnout

Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner Program

Spring 2021 Wichita State School of Nursing Graduation Pinning Ceremony


Do you want to pursue a graduate degree and develop a specific practice focus as a primary mental health care provider for families and individuals?

The Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner program will prepare you for a range of career opportunities in outpatient and inpatient facilities as well as private practice settings. Our program integrates assessment, pharmacological treatments, and therapy for a wide spectrum of patients, from children to adolescents to adults and older adults.

You will acquire advanced knowledge and clinical skills enabling you to provide quality comprehensive care to clients across the lifespan. Extensive course work and practicum will prepare you to focus on the range of mental health care needs of individuals and families.

The MSN curriculum is comprised of 21 hours of nursing core, 18 hours of the clinical specialty, and 9 hours of evidence based project courses, for a total of 48 credit hours. Masters-prepared RNs have the opportunity to earn a post-graduate certificate. view courses

Our graduate programs meet the requirements for advanced practice nursing established by the Board of Nurse Examiners for the State of Texas. Candidates are eligible for recognition by the Board of Nursing as advanced practice nurses and to sit for national certification examinations.

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Master Of Science In Nursing

The program is individualized to meet the needs and professional goals of each student. The curriculum has been developed to accommodate part-time study , as well as full-time study . The purpose of the graduate program is to prepare nurses for advanced roles in indirect and direct care, e.g., administrators and educators.

Nursing Licensure In Kansas

After attending an ADN or BSN program recognized by the Kansas Nursing Board, applicants must earn a passing score on the National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses and then apply with the Kansas State Board of Nursing for licensure to practice in Kansas. The following types of Advanced Practice Registered Nurse licenses are recognized and regulated by the Kansas State Board: Nurse Practitioner, Clinical Nurse Specialist, Nurse Anesthetist, and Nurse Midwife.

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Estimated Total Cost For The Professional Phase

  • Tier 1 Resident/ Shocker City: $23,755.83
  • Tier 2 Shocker Select/ Midwest/ Global: $29,914.53
  • Tier 3 Non-Resident: $40,613.55
*WSU Student Health Services fees are subject to change.**Additional fees for a background check or drug screen may apply.
All fees are subject to change and are only estimated.

Doctor Of Nursing Practice

Details: Nursing

The Doctor of Nursing Practice has two program entry points, postbaccalaureate or post master. The postbaccalaureate program offers Nurse Practitioner specializations in the areas of Adult Gerontology Acute Care, Family, and Psychiatric/Mental Health as well as the DNP advanced curriculum. The post master program provides the students who are already nationally certified in a specialization, opportunities to advance their knowledge in multiple areas including healthcare systems, policy/politics, and evidence-based practice. Admission into the DNP programs requires all students to declare an individual/family focus in one of these specialization areas. Course curriculum requirements is determined by chosen specialization.

Adult Gerontology Acute Care Nurse Practitioner

An AGACNP acts as an expert practitioner, educator, consultant and role model in various hospitals and specialty clinics. Their typical workday requires them to evaluate medication with patients as well as assess and educate patients on improving health and lifestyle.

The Doctor of Nursing Practice Postbaccalaureate degree program at Wichita State offers nurse practitioner specializations in the areas of Adult Gerontology / Acute Care, Family, or Psychiatric / Mental Health as well as the DNP advanced curriculum.

Family Nurse Practitioner

Psychiatric – Mental Health Nurse Practitioner

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Wichita State University Nursing School Review

Wichita State University is a public state university located in Kansas that began operations in 1886. It was originally known as Fairmount College until it changed name in 1926 to Municipal University of Wichita. The school has grown over the years from a small Christian college to a large university that caters to a wide range of students through different programs.

The student activities council is the largest student-run organization at the school and is known for the numerous events it plans and coordinates on a yearly basis to add to the thriving student life at the institution.

The university offers a wide range of programs to nursing students interested in undergraduate and graduate level courses. The options available are:

Undergraduate Programs

Bachelor of Science in Nursing

This program consists of 124 hours credit hours that include 58 pre-professional course hours that must be completed prior to entering the program. Admissions are accepted twice yearly with possibility to enter the program in the spring or fall. The course also includes 60 hours of professional course hours and 6 hours dedicated towards general education courses.


RN to BSN Program

Early BSN admission option

Graduate Programs

RN to MSN Program

Advanced Specialization Courses

Clinical Nurse Specialist

Family Nurse Practitioner

Pediatric Nurse Practitioner

Acute Care Nurse Practitioner

Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner

Doctor of Nursing Practice

Online Courses:

Admission To The Program

To qualify as a candidate for admission to the School of Nursing, students must:

  • Be enrolled in, or admitted to, WSU
  • Have completed prerequisite requirements
  • Have an overall minimum 3.00 GPA, no grade lower than a 2.00 in any of prerequisite courses, and a 3.00 cumulative GPA in the specified science courses
  • Complete the standardized TEAS with a minimum passing score or achieve an ACT score 27 or an SAT score 1125
  • Submit application materials by Feb. 1

BSN Accelerated Program

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University Of St Mary

Nursing Administration and Nursing Education tracks are offered online at the University of St. Mary. Students are required to complete clinical hours, which can be done in their geographic area. This program emphasizes a pathway towards doctorate study and a preparatory curriculum designed as such, which may be advantageous for those students who plan to continue their formal nursing education.

Admission To Accelerated Bsn Program

College of Nursing : Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP)

Students should request application materials from the School of Nursing, or obtain application materials online, prior to enrolling in their last semester of prerequisite courses. Applications for summer semester admission are required by February 1. To qualify as a candidate for admission to the School of Nursing, students must:

  • Be enrolled in, or admitted to, WSU
  • Have completed, or have plans to complete, the prerequisite requirements prior to beginning the professional curriculum
  • Have an overall grade point average of at least 3.000 in all courses completed and no grade lower than a 2.000 in any of the specified required courses
  • Submit application materials including expected semester of enrollment and
  • Complete the standardized TEAS test with a minimum percentage score, or achieve an ACT score greater than or equal to 27 points, or an SAT score greater than or equal to 1125.
  • GPA requirements to finalize admission and prior to starting BSN courses:

    • Cumulative GPA for all science classes must be 3.000 or better
    • Cumulative GPA must remain at 3.000 or better and
    • All prerequisites must be successfully completed with a grade of C or higher.

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    Earn A Nursing Degree


    The Newman University Nursing Program educates students to be a generalist and lays the foundation for graduate school. Many graduates from our private university further their education as clinical nurse specialists, advanced registered nurse practitioners, nurse anesthetists and nurse midwives.

    This degree allows you to take the registered nurse national licensure examination. Graduates of the Newman Nursing Program consistently score higher than the national and state average on the licensure exam.

    Wichita State University Accelerated Nursing Program

    Wichita States Bachelor of Science in Nursing accelerated nursing program brings together quality, accredited nursing education, applied learning opportunities in Kansas health care huband a compressed timeframehelping you:

    • Start your nursing career soonerin as little as 13 months
    • Prepare for the national RN licensing exam
    • Receive full coursework and clinical experience

    WSU is the only state university in Kansas to offer a BSN accelerated program

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    Rn To Bsn/msn Programs In Wichita Ks

    RN to BSN Programs in Wichita, KS

    Bachelors degrees are required for many advanced nursing jobs, so RNs with their associates degree or diploma may be interested in returning to school to earn their BSN. RN to BSN bridge programs build upon a students previous coursework and clinical experience, often providing course credit for previous nursing classes.

    Applied Learning At Wichita State

    Provider Spotlight: Beth McInnis, MSN, ARNP, ACNP

    At Wichita State, applied learning is everything. In fact, every degree we offer has a guaranteed applied learning or research experience built right into it equipping you with the relevant skills and experience to make you workforce ready before graduation.

    Applicants must have:

    • An approved graduate-level statistics course taken within the last six years
    • A bachelor’s degree with a major in nursing from a nationally accredited school
    • A minimum 3.0 GPA in the following areas:
    • Last 60 credit hours of undergraduate coursework
    • All undergraduate nursing courses
    • The following four science courses: anatomy/physiology, microbiology, pathophysiology and pharmacology

    For additional admission details, click on the link below.

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    Salary Information For Nurse Practitioners In Kansas

    According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, as of May 2018 the annual mean salary for nurse practitioners in Kansas was $99,430 . Kansas registered nurses earned an annual mean salary of $61,030 and nursing anesthetists in Kansas earned $159,600 . Nursing instructors in this state earned an annual mean salary of $63,640, significantly lower than the national average of $81,350.

    Q& a: Heartland Community Health Center Provider Talks Integrated Care Covid And Moreyour Browser Indicates If You’ve Visited This Link

    Lisa Russell, a primary care provider in family medicine, has been practicing at Heartland Community Health Center since 2015. In addition to being a primary care provider, she is also the family medicine lead and oversees all clinical operations in family medicine.

    Lawrence Journal-World

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    Wichita State University Crna

    Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist-$100,000 Sign-On Bonus: Springfield, IL, United States, Job Description

    $100,000 Sign on Bonus Offered

    Springfield Clinic, one of the largest multi-specialty physician owned medical practices in Illinois, is currently seeking a CRNA/Nurse Anesthetist. Springfield Clinic is committed to quality, safety, service and innovation to improve the health and lives of people in central Illinois.

    Job Duties

    o This position is located in our Springfield Ambulatory Surgery & Endoscopy Center

    o Four day work week with No Call, No Nights and No Weekends

    o Team Centered Department performs more than 24,000 procedures annually.

    o The center has 6 surgical suites, 5 endoscopy procedure rooms and 2 pain treatment rooms

    o $100,000 Sign-On Bonus is Offered for Full Time

    Job Relationships

    • Reports directly to the Operations Manager.

    Principal Responsibilities

    · Documentation of care rendered reflecting standards of nurse anesthesia practice.

    · Records kept legible, accurate and in a timely manner.

    · Account of all monitoring agents and unusual events

    · Maintain proficiency with anesthesia and adjunct equipment.

    · Maintain patient confidentiality at all times.

    · Understand medications used in current anesthesia practice, dosages and side effects.

    · Recognize patients physical as well as psychological needs and take measures to comfort the patient.

    · Recognize and adjust anesthesia requirements based on surgical needs and patient condition.

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