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Which Masters In Nursing Should I Get

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Masters In Nursing Specializations

Why should I get a master’s degree in nursing?

Because the health care field is so broad, many doctors, nurses and other health care professionals elect to specialize. Choosing a specialty dictates the focus of an MSN program. For instance, a family nurse practitioner curriculum focuses on developing treatment plans for patients, educating patients on how to avoid disease, encouraging healthy habits, performing diagnostic tests and analyzing results, and managing a patients overall health care.

On the other hand, a psychiatric-mental health nurse practitioner concentration focuses on making psychiatric diagnoses, conducting physical and mental health assessments, designing treatment plans , and providing education to patients and their relatives regarding the ways to promote mental health.

Am I Passionate About The Topic I Want To Study

First things first, are you passionate about the subject area you want to study at the masters level? If your answer isnt a resounding “yes,” then it’ll be better to reconsider getting a masters degreeat least in that particular topic.

But why is passion so important?

The reality is that it can be difficult to find the willpower to finish grad school if youre not all that invested in the topic youre studying or are only in school because you dont know what to do with your life.

I myself knew a couple of people who ended up dropping out of masters programs once they realized it wasnt actually the topic they wanted to study .

Leaving a masters program isnt a failure by any means, but trust me when I say that your life will be a lot easier if you have a clear idea of what you want to study before you apply to masters programs. You dont want to feel as though you wasted time, energy, and money on a grad program that ultimately didnt help you reach your academic or professional goals.

Before you decide to go for a masters degree, try to envision yourself as a grad student, taking classes in the subject, researching it, and writing papers about it. If these thoughts excite you, then this field is likely a good fit for you. If you feel hollow or apathetic, however, you should reconsider whether it’s truly worth getting a masters degree in this subject area.

Pros And Cons Of Getting Your Masters Degree In Nursing

While working as a registered nurse has its benefits, taking your career to the next level can open a lot more opportunities for you.

One of the best ways to do that is to complete your masters degree. However, before you actually go ahead and look for schools that offer Master of Science in Nursing, its important that you weigh the pros and cons first. This will help you determine if its the right decision for you.

If youd like to get a better understanding of the advantages and drawbacks of getting a masters degree in nursing, read on.

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How Long Does It Take To Get An Msn

  • I have a BSN: If you have a BSN already, and have clinical experience, an MSN takes around 15-24 months to complete, assuming a full-time course load.
  • I have a 4-year degree in another field: If you have a bachelors degree in a different field, an MSN will take around three years of full-time study since the first year is focused on entry-level nursing coursework.
  • I have a BSN but will work while taking courses: If you will take MSN coursework part-time, expect to spend 2-4 years earning the degree if you have a BSN already.
  • I am an RN but not a BSN: If you need an RN-to-MSN program because you dont have a BSN, and you take classes full-time, you can expect to be in school for three years if full-time and 3-4 years part-time.
  • What Type Of Nurse Should I Be

    Why Should I Get a Master

    With so many nursing specialties — from a travel nurse to a scrub nurse to a midwife its helpful to narrow down your choices and explore whats possible.

    Ready to put on your scrubs and begin your nursing career but not sure what nursing path to take? With so many nursing specialties — from a travel nurse to a scrub nurse to a midwife — it’s helpful to narrow down your choices and explore what’s possible. Take our short quiz to learn what nursing specialty is best suited for your nursing career!

    Its easy to be inspired to become a nurse when you read about the exploits of famous caregivers such as Florence Nightingale, Mary Eliza Mahoney, and Clara Barton. A nursing career offers a chance to positively influence the lives of people in need. Nurses do much more than just provide basic, friendly care they are the first responders who play a vital role in the healing process in a variety of healthcare settings.

    As the healthcare industry grows, so does the demand for nursing jobs. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a 7% increase in RN employment from 2019-2029.* We can expect growth for many different reasons:

    • Increased emphasis on preventive care
    • Growing rate of chronic conditions like obesity and diabetes
    • The baby-boom population expected to live longer and more active lives

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    Energize Your Resume Optimize Your Career

    • RN to MSN Option. Elmhurst also offers a path to the MSN for registered nurses with a bachelors degree outside of nursing. This option includes an additional bridge course and other prerequisites.
    • MBA Dual Degree Option. Graduates of Elmhursts MSN program can apply for the MBA Dual Degree Option, a one-year program that leads to the master of business administration with a specialization in Nursing.

    Registered nurses with a bachelors degree in nursing should review the Master of Science in Nursing program.

    Why Should You Get An Msn

    MSN programs prepare a Registered Nurse to better serve their patients from a holistic perspective. Graduate-level nursing courses will cover topics such as ethics, public health, leadership, healthcare practice, and clinical skills.

    One of the major benefits of an MSN degree is that not only does it offer more advancement opportunities and earning potential, but it also allows you to specialize in a role and/or patient population that interests you the most.

    For instance, you can choose to specialize in a clinical specialty track as a Nurse Practitioner or choose a more administrative role, such as a Nurse Educator or Nurse Researcher.

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    An Msn Degree Opens A Lot Of Career Possibilities

    Although its a post-graduate degree, a master of science in nursing is considered a mandatory nursing degree for a number of the best nursing careers, including nurse educator and nurse practitioner. It can also help you advance to managerial and other leadership positions throughout the nursing field. Some of the most common jobs held by those with an MSN degree include

    • Nurse practitioner

    Why Study A Masters In Nursing & Health

    Masters In Nursing??| Why I am not going back to get My Masters in Nursing.

    If you are already a qualified nurse, counsellor, therapist or midwife, a postgraduate course could help you move to a more senior position, or enter a different niche. A wide range of specialisms are available, giving you the chance to focus on professional activities such as caring for premature babies, supporting parents and infants in the community, or helping combat diseases and other threats to children.

    In some cases you may also be able to use a Masters in Nursing or Midwifery to enter these areas from another branch of medicine. Or you might take on additional postgraduate training in order to move into a general administrative or management role within a hospital or other organisation.

    We have 2,188Masters Degrees in Nursing & Health

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    Career Pathways: What Career Is Best For You

    But what nursing degree is the right fit? After all, there are quite a few different kinds of college-level nursing programs and degrees out there. Your life situation and educational journey will help inform that answer. Here is a look at a few of the most popular nursing degrees which outline a few possible career paths:

    Master Of Science In Nursing Curriculum

    Family Nurse Practitioner Track

    Health Policy, Social Issues, & Theory
    NU 508
    Diversity, Ethics, Health Promotion, & Informatics in Patient-Centered Care
    NU 607
    Evidence Based Practice and Research
    NU 640 Intro to Family Nurse Practitioner
    NU 641 Family Nurse Practitioner I 1
    NU 642 Family Nurse Practitioner II 1
    NU 643 Family Nurse Practitioner III 1
    NU 644 Family Nurse Practitioner IV 1
    NU 645 Family Nurse Practitioner V 1
    Total Hours
    Clinical Component

    NU 641-NU 645 have clinical hours associated with them. Each clinical course has a minimum of 120 clinical hours, for a total of a minimum of 600 clinical hours.

    Clinical focus varies per clinical course.

    • NU 641, NU 642, and NU 643: primary care in the adult and geriatric population.
    • NU 644: care of female patients across the wellness-illness continuum.
    • NU 645: pediatric population .

    Clinical Preceptor Requirements

    Students may participate in the identification of individuals to serve as clinical preceptors, as they are familiar with their geographical area. Students must hold a current, unencumbered registered nurse license in the US state in which they plan to complete their clinical hours. Additionally, students must fulfill all other clinical documentation requirements, including:

    On Campus Requirement

    Students are required to attend two on campus intensives lasting up to three days per visit. Travel, lodging, meals, and all other associated visit costs are the responsibility of the student.

    NU 682 Practicum I :

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    Get The Required Licensing

    Knowing the requirements for nursing licensure in your state can ensure that you dont waste your money on a traditional MSN program that you cant apply to licensure requirements there. If youre pursuing a traditional MSN, its likely that youve already passed your states NCLEX with your BSN but you may need an additional license to practice as an APRN there.

    Consider Your Personality Traits To Find The Perfect Match

    These Are The 7 Highest Paying Nursing Specialties ...

    Think about the kind of person you are and why you want to be a nurse. The best nursing career for you is one thats most appropriate for your personality and unique aptitude.

    Do you love working with kids? Pediatrics is an obvious choice. Are you interested in helping patients over the full lifespan? You may choose to work in geriatric care. Becoming a travel nurse could be a fun and rewarding option if you love to travel and live new experiences. Those who thrive in a high-pace environment may pick a specialty as an OR nurse in emergency services.

    No matter what you pick, if you enjoy helping people and get a thrill from bringing them to health, we know nursing is a good career for youno matter the specialty.

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    The Right People On Your Side

    Elmhurst faculty arent just experts in their fieldtheyre dedicated to expanding your reach, with connections, practica and hands-on clinical experiences.

    We prepare our students to enter into the nursing profession with the leadership and skills needed to quickly move up the clinical ladder.

    Laura Minarich, DNP, APN, FNP-C

    What Is The Average Msn Salary Per Hour

    The average MSN salary per hour is considerably higher than the average hourly pay of an RN. An RN can expect an hourly wage of roughly $33 an hour. This translates to about $69,000 a year, a perfectly respectable salary. However, even a quick glance at the pay of a nurse with an MSN shows the financial benefits of getting such a degree. A nurse midwife and a nurse practitioner both make around $45 an hour, which translates to a yearly salary above $90,000. A nurse anesthetist can make over $75 an hour, which translates to a yearly salary of over $150,000.

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    Dual Master’s Degree Programs

    Who is it right for? Nurses who want advanced leadership or healthcare administration roles

    If you know that you want to one day become a hospital CEO or a Chief Nursing Officer, you may want to consider a dual master’s degree in nursing program. With these, you can earn an MSN at the same time as you earn a more leadership-focused degree like an MSN/MBA, or an MSN/MHA — Master’s in Healthcare Administration. You can also earn an MSN/MPH if you want your career to take a public health route.

    Americans Are Requiring Ever

    Should You Get Your Associates or Bachelors Degree in Nursing? How To Get Your Masters/Become A NP.

    Even before the COVID-19 pandemic stretched the U.S. healthcare system to the limit, a growing prevalence of chronic conditions was putting increased demands on healthcare. Currently, about 60% of adults living in the United States have at least one chronic condition, such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease, kidney disease and stroke. Nor is this alarming statistic projected to decline in coming years, as more Baby Boomers the second largest generation in history after Millennials move into retirement age.

    While its undeniable that this presents considerable challenges, nurses have an important role to play in providing the care these patients need. Of course, treating and managing complex diseases requires extensive knowledge, which is why hospitals and healthcare centers are increasingly looking to BSN- and MSN-educated nurses to care for patients.

    At the same time, the U.S. faces not only a shortage of nurses but also of physicians, creating opportunities for advanced practice nurses to help bridge the gap. However, there are other reasons the healthcare industry increasingly favors RNs with higher degrees.

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    Will This Fit Into My Schedule

    One of the hardest parts of going back to school is the way itll change your daily and weekly routines. Chances are your life has changed a lot since your first round of nursing school. Whether you have kids, a partner or different friends, its important to prepare them for how your life will change while youre back in school.

    Rich encourages you to tell them your plan, how long you plan to be in school, what your end goal is and what that all will mean for them. Whether that means telling your friends you probably cant go out as often, or making a plan with your family for child care and minimal distractions during specific times of the week, setting clear expectations will help you avoid distractions. Be firm and let them know what your new priorities areyour friends and family will want you to succeed and should understand.

    Without the pressure to say yes to every social event or favor asked of you, youll be better able to focus on studying. Scheduling your study time can be helpful as well, especially for online courses that may have flexible lecture times and less rigid structures.

    Youve got to set up designated study and learning times and stick to them as much as possible, advises Rich.

    Associate Of Science In Nursing

    You can also pursue your nursing career with the Associate of Science in Nursing degree . This course of study prepares students to take the National Council Licensing Examination for registered nurses exam and become a licensed registered nurse . Once you are an RN, you can perform diagnostic tests, operate certain medical equipment, consult with a physician on a course of treatment and administer medication. In addition to working in general healthcare practice, RNs can also specialize in areas such as pre-operative care, diabetes management, pediatric oncology, geriatric care, ambulatory care and dermatology.

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    A Minor Change Of Course

    Megan Labudde completed her undergraduate biology degree knowing that she wanted to end up in the medical field she just wasnt sure what her exact role would be. During her first stint in college, nursing wasnt stressed as a career option for biology majors, so she contemplated other paths like becoming a doctor or physician assistant. Upon graduation, Labudde says she was still weighing her options.

    I knew I wanted to do something medical, but I just didnt know what, Labudde says.

    In the meantime she opted to get as much relevant experience as she could by working at a residential home for individuals with disabilities and memory disorders. In this role, she found inspiration by observing the nurse she worked with as she interacted with patients. Labudde says she was impressed with the nurses in-depth knowledge of the patients health issues and needs, how she treated the residents and communicated with the doctor. The more she observed the nurses role, the more she could see herself as a nurse.

    I feel like its such a cool thing to be able to care for patients when they are at their most vulnerable, Labudde says. Its such a privilege to be able to be a part of their journey in healing.

    You need to know what youre giving your patient because you are the last line of defense, Labudde says.

    These Jobs Come With An Excellent Salary

    Get a Master

    Medical managers and business executives are among the highest paid professionals you can find. Youll have to work hard to earn it, but jobs in these fields come with very good starting salaries on average.

    Average salary estimates for leadership roles in nursing and business

    $189,600 $91.15
    Includes C-Suite Chief Officer positions CNO/CNE, CFO, COO, CEO. Annual/hourly salaries via the Bureau of Labor Statistics

    The employment outlook in the healthcare industry is very positive moving into the 2020s given developments in demographics. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, across all of healthcare employment is projected to grow 18 percent from 2016 to 2026.

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