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Where To Find Nurses To Hire

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Is Remote Nursing An Independent Career

Encompass Health looking to hire registered nurses in virtual event

You dont have to commit to a career at the bedside or in-home care as a nurse.

Now, registered nurses are needed in many areas of the economy, such as the:

  • Legal
  • Technology and
  • Insurance fields, where many jobs can be done from home.

You dont have to work in a hospital or medical office to care for people well and make a good wage. And because of COVID-19, more jobs can be done from home than ever before that involve telehealth.

If you want to be a nurse who works from home, you have a lot of choices. You can give good nursing care and have a flexible schedule that lets you work from home.

Online Instructor Or Nursing Course Developer

Similarly, you could work as an online teacher or teaching assistant for nursing students who take online classes. Youll most likely need a Masters or Ph.D. in nursing to become a full-fledged professor. You could also help make nursing courses for online education platforms.

Seeking Nurses Or Cnas

Nurse staffing and recruitment means more than just filling a position. Whether you need per diem nurses for your acute-care facility, permanent staff nurses for your medical practice, experienced home care nurses, interim nurse leaders, or the flexibility of per-diem nurse options, can connect you to the largest and most diverse pool of nurse staffing candidates in the country.

We at have built longstanding partnerships with nursing groups and organization allowing us a unique advantage to reach across the nursing community.

  • We at have Internal recruiters .
  • They are employees of and they will represent your place of business for a fee.
  • Nurse Recruiters, are here to be your personal matchmaker.
  • Helping all our places of employment find the best candidates.
  • Within our database each of our candidates has special abilities.
  • We are here to find you that match, and make the largest positive impact on your place of employment.
  • Email our personal nurse recruiters and schedule your FREE consultation.
  • Rebecca Love:
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    Expand Your Nurse Recruitment To Nearby Cities And States

    Its common for nurses to commute from nearby cities or even relocate from out-of-state to pursue their ideal position. This is especially true for nurses with advanced education, such as a graduate degree, and those whose career goals include working with particular patients, diseases or technologies.

    Consider expanding your recruitment efforts to nearby counties and states by cross-posting your job ads on different regional job boards or including the names of other areas in your job ads.

    Acknowledge That Competition Is Fierce

    Now Hiring PSWs, Nurses &  Caregivers in the Peterborough Area

    When supply is low and demand high, nurse recruiters become more aggressive. And with the number of nursing jobs expected to increase at a rate of 7% , competition is likely to increase as well. From signing and retention bonuses, to loan forgiveness and educational opportunities, employers are looking for more ways to attract top talent. With this type of competition, you cant afford to ignore the need to up your recruitment game.

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    York Risk Services Group

    RNs can apply for a part-time Nurse Case Manager with York Risk Services Group, which helps businesses lower costs for insurance claims and provides risk management services.

    The position is for up to 25 hours of work every week and is temporary but could become a permanent position for the right person.

    Nurse Case Managers will be required to make contact with all involved parties to collect data, offer information, and coordinate resources, and will also assist treating physicians to write a plan for any patients.

    A degree in nursing is an additional requirement and some states may also require CCM licensure.

    Improve Your Nursing Recruitment Strategies With A Strong Dose Of Monster

    Whether were in the middle of a nursing shortage or not, recruiting nurses in your area is always a challenge. To stay on top of the hiring market, you need access to the leading recruitment and retention resources in your industry. Thats where we come in. As an industry leader with decades of experience in matching candidates to employers, Monster can get you the qualified candidates you need. Start the process with a free job posting today.

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    Ten Recruiting Strategies To Attract Nurses

    With the shortage of available nurses, creating personalized marketing strategies that focus on their needs will attract and retain new hires.

    It is becoming more and more difficult to attract and hire nurses. Nurses account for the largest profession in the healthcare sector, yet the increasing demand for nurses is making the current shortage even more challenging for recruiters. With 194,500 new RN positions being created each year up to the year 2030, there is not enough in the job pool to fill these positions.

    There are numerous factors contributing to the huge gap between supply and demand for nurses.

  • As a result of COVID-19 pandemic, many nurses are experiencing burnout and are considering cutting their careers short. In a 2021 survey of over 6,000 critical care nurses, 66% have considered leaving the profession.
  • The aging population also impacts the availability of nurses since many of them are baby boomers and are retiring. With more than 500,000 seasoned RNs anticipated to retire by 2022, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects the need for 1.1 million new RNs for expansion and replacement of retirees, and to avoid a nursing shortage.
  • In 2020, nursing schools had to decline 80,251 qualified applicants due to inadequate staffing, teaching facilities, clinical sites and funds to run the programs. This decreases the number of graduating nurses able to join the workforce.
  • How can you recruit nurses in an environment where there are so many uncontrollable factors?

    The Importance Of Understanding Your Applicant Journey

    UT Health Tyler looking to hire experienced nurses, patient care assistants and CNAs

    Lets be real. Recruitment strategies arent super sexy. And, in all likelihood, its probably been a while since youve done a deep dive into what the experience is actually like for a prospective caregiver. What are they seeing from your competitors? Is your process keeping them from applying? All these things matter when youre vying for high-demand caregivers.

    Youre probably doing the same thing youve done for yearsif not decades. Most of your competitors are, too. This means there are huge opportunities for improvement. Evaluate and critique your process. If you can, get fresh external eyes on it. Youll absolutely stand out by learning what your competitors are doing, then improving your processes.

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    Work From Home Nursing Jobs Are More Prevalent Than Ever

    In the past, being a nurse who works from home may have seemed like a pipe dream. But work-from-home nursing jobs are more common than ever because of technology and the fast-growing acceptance of virtual work in many industries. In addition, the global pandemic has also shown how vital healthcare jobs are.

    Patients can call remote nurses for help, advice, and follow-up care. They can also work in case management and recruitment. In addition, remote nurses help make it easier for people who live in rural areas far from healthcare facilities or who are elderly or have health problems to get care.

    Nursing Job Posting Sites

    Nursing job posting sites are used by hospitals, clinics, and other employers to reach out to potential nursing employees. Given the ongoing shortage of nurses in the U.S., it is even more difficult to find and hire qualified professionals in this field. Our list of nursing job posting sites will help you find the best candidates fast.

    • Completely free trial, no card required.
    • Reach over 250 million candidates.

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    Allegiance Benefit Plan Management

    Allegiance Benefit Plan Management works with companies to create medical packages as a part of their benefits plans.

    As an RN, you could be hired as a case manager or medical review nurse. Both positions are completely remote, but your level of interaction with patients will vary.

    If you are interested, visit the Allegiance Benefit Plan Management website.

    How Many Types Of Different Nurses Are There Are There More

    Popular methods facilities are using to hire nurses MediaKit

    The ebb and flow of the market dictates what kinds of nurses are most hotly recruited, and these are the 12 types of nursing roles you might pursue if youre after the biggest opportunities on the job market.

    But there are certainly more, with unique expectations for educational requirements and everyday duties and differing pay. Their uniforms may look the same, but their job descriptions are anything but uniform. Different kinds of nurses have all sorts of unique specialties and capabilities based on training and certification, whether its registered nurses, pediatric nurses, neonatal/NICU nurses, flight nurses, home health nurses, advanced practice nurses or nurses who specialize in radiology, telemetry, dialysis, radiology or other areas. Take our personality quiz to find out what kind of nursing specialty is perfect for you.

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    What Are The Levels Of Nursing Education

    Depending on your career goals, you may need to earn your way through a few levels of nursing education. Read more about the different types of nursing degrees and how Herzing University can help you carve a unique path in your nursing career.

    No matter what type of nursing you want to pursue, the most important factors in your success are 1) getting the right education and degree 2) obtaining the required certifications 3) developing the soft-skills to become a must-hire to prospective employers. Herzing Universitys nursing degree programs are your launching pad to a new career in nursing.

    Learn More About Our Nursing Programs

    Recruiting Nurses: How To Increase Your Nurse Candidate Pool

    Nurse recruiting has long been a challenge for managers in the health care industry. The COVID-19 pandemic has placed unprecedented pressure on health care systems, and licensed nurses are in demand. Learn how to find qualified candidates by improving your job descriptions, expanding your search criteria and making the most of online hiring tools.

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    Communicate With Millennials Through Technology

    Millennial nurses are technologically savvy. They have used the internet and smart phones nearly their entire lives and feel at ease communicating on these devices.

    Social media plays a role in millennials lives. Hospitals often will post items of interest to this audience.

    The Facebook page at Johns Hopkins All Childrens features fun activities and inspiring stories of nurses that are going on at the hospital.

    Postings show nurses dancing with children on Fridays. Another social post features a nurse talking about how her work makes her smile and how caring for her patients doesnt even seem like work.

    Nurses applying at All Childrens typically ask about different types of technology that are used at the hospital, according to McDaniel.

    She said millennial nurses are comfortable using a wide variety of technologies, including video interviewing.

    Christmas finds these nurses are attracted to:

    • Smart rooms

    We Need More Nurses Heres How To Recruit Them

    MUSC Health looking to hire nurses at Tuesday job fair

    Twenty-six years ago, the annual National Nurses Week was born in the U.S. Beginning every year on May 6 and concluding May 12 , the week is designed to pay tribute to the vital contributions of Americas registered nurses .

    Its been said that constant attention by a good nurse may be just as important as a major operation by a surgeon. Nurses have always been the heart of the medical profession , and the importance of their nurturing care under what can be extremely adverse conditions cant be overestimated.

    But these days, RNs can be hard for employers to attract and hire. Here, well explain why nurses are in short supply. Well also offer tips for improving your nursing recruitment strategies, inspired by an Indeed survey of 1,050 U.S. nursing job seekers in 2018.

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    Strategies To Help Your Company Stand Out To Nurses

    In this competitive marketplace, youll need to employ clever strategies to stand out and attract the best nursing candidates. Here are three to get you started:

    Know what nurses want and give it to them. Nearly 300,000 nursing-related job searches happen daily on Indeed. Our data can provide insights into what nurses are searching for and what they want, which gives you an edge.

    For example, our data reveals that even though 63% of nurses say theyre satisfied or very satisfied with their jobs, 87% have searched online job listings within the prior year, and 40% are actively investigating new opportunities.

    Why? Due to insufficient staffing in many healthcare organizations, nurses often feel overworked and stressed, which can impact job satisfaction and provoke interest in a new position. This, in turn, offers an opportunity for employers in need of nursing staff.

    You can best leverage this opportunity if you know what most nurses are looking for. According to our survey data, nurses want scheduling flexibility and work-life balance which often take priority over salary. When recruiting nurses, highlight these benefits along with opportunities for growth, training and upward mobility at your organization.

    According to a hospital manager, the program breaks up the monotony and gives nurses more flexibility without forfeiting any of their seniority. And, as mentioned above, flexibility and balance are highly valued in the nursing world.

    Why Traditional Tactics Arent Working Anymore

    If I had to guess, Id say your organization is probably focusing recruitment efforts in one of three areas: job boards, outsourced recruitment or internal recruiters.

    These methods have worked in the past, and youll continue to see some success today, but that will dwindle and impact your organizations bottom line. Heres why:

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    Q: How To Find A Job As A Remote Research Nurse

    To become a Research Nurse, you usually need an advanced degree in nursing and training in informatics, research methods, and the right tools. Many research nurses start as research assistants or clinical research coordinators.

    Check job boards on websites like to find current jobs as a Remote Research Nurse.

    The following are some other helpful groups:

    • National Institute of Nursing Research
    • Council for the Advancement of Nursing Science
    • International Association of Clinical Research Nurses
    • Nurse Researcher Magazine

    Q: Where Can Rns Work Besides Hospitals


    RNs can work in a lot of different places besides hospitals and clinics. For example, if a nurse doesnt want to work in a high-stress environment, they might like to work in telehealth or for an insurance company or law firm.

    Legal offices and publications need the knowledge of experienced nurses in the healthcare field. For example, more and more older Americans choose to get care at home, and some nurses do a great job in prisons, schools, and birthing centers.

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    Determine Whether Candidates Share Your Organizations Values

    A nurse with 15 years of clinical experience just walked through your door and youre thrilled to have someone with their skillset vying for a position. As the interview goes on, however, you realize that theyre more concerned with becoming a nurse supervisor and less with being a team player.

    Dont let a candidates experience or numerous certificates convince you to hire them. An overqualified candidate may not fit into your facility and may also alienate other staff members. Instead, be patient and read up on how to hire nurses whose values match those of your organization. In most cases, a skills gap can be addressed much more quickly than a values gap.

    Why Hire A Registered Nurses

    You might hire a registered nurse to:

    • Manage patient intake and collect health histories
    • Assess patient vital signs and coordinate care

    • Educate patients and their loved ones about diagnoses, medications, and care regimens
    • Consult with physicians to develop and deliver care plans
    • Populate and maintain Electronic Health Records

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    Writing A Nurse Job Description

    A thoughtful job description is important to finding qualified nurse candidates. A nurse job description includes a compelling summary of the role, a detailed list of duties and responsibilities and the required and preferred skills for the position.

    When writing your nurse job description, consider including some or all of the following keywords to improve the visibility of your job posting. These are the most popular search terms leading to clicks on nurse jobs, according to Indeed data:

    • Registered nurse

    Our Job Board Allows You To Streamline Recruiting: Saving You Time And Money

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