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Whats The Highest Nursing Degree

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How Do You Earn One Of The Highest Paying Nursing Specialties

RN to BSN Degree

To obtain a specialized certification, you need to meet the eligibility requirements. The typical requirements include an unrestricted and active RN license, a certain level of education, and completing a minimum amount of hours while working in a specialized area. You must pass an exam that will evaluate your proficiency in the specialized area and your capacity to implement your expertise in medical situations.

Top Msn Degree Specialties

In terms of direct care, an MSN graduate can attain specialization as an advanced practice registered nurse . APRNs are responsible for providing advanced nursing care that includes diagnosing conditions, prescribing medication, ordering and analyzing diagnostic tests, and even performing minor procedures. The four types of APRNs are nurse practitioner ,clinical nurse specialist ,certified registered nurse anesthetist and certified nurse midwife . Below is a short description of each type of APRNs duties.

  • Nurse practitionersduties include examining patients, diagnosing illnesses and prescribing medication.
  • Clinical nurse specialists duties include clinical practice, conducting research and management.
  • Certified registered nurse anesthetists duties include administering anesthesia and other medications to patients.
  • Certified nurse midwives duties include delivering babies and providing advanced nursing care to new mothers before, during and after the childbirth process.

Due to the breadth and depth of their training and knowledge, APRNs can also work in any one of the following roles:

A womens health nurse practitioner specializes in comprehensive care for women of all ages.

Clinical Nurse Specialist: Annual $109437 $5261/hr*

Those who wish to work in a specialized unit or clinic should consider the Clinical Nurse Specialist path. In addition to diagnosing and treating various conditions, youll be looked upon as an expert within your healthcare team. Clinical Nurse Specialists focus on improving the status of nursing at the hospital. They are involved in research and bettering the care provided in the healthcare setting.

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Are You Ready To Pursue The Level Of Nursing Degree Thats Perfect For You

We hope that by breaking down the field of nursing by levels of education degree and nursing level, we helped you get a better understanding of how varied this profession is. Now, it is up to you to decide which level best suits you and how high up the nursing ladder you want to climb.

We are here for you along the way.

Do you want first to test the waters and see if nursing is a career you see yourself in? Enroll in Nightingale Colleges Practical Nurse Diploma program.

If youve already decided that your end goal is to become a Registered Nurse, our blended BSN program is here to guide your steps towards your dream career.

Also, check out our online RN-to-BSN program if you want to up your nursing level.

Your ideal level of nursing is within reach. Dare to achieve it.

Salary And Job Outlook


You may be wondering what the average salary options look like for both positions, and if theyre dramatically different, especially because both careers require hard work, college education, clinical training, and certifications.

The good news is that both registered nurses and nurse practitioners enjoy generous salaries and benefits. In 2019, registered nurses earned a median annual salary of $74,000 per year, and even $93,000+ in the state of Massachusetts.

According to the BLS, nurse practitioners earned an average of $115,800 per year in 2019 and a median of $125,157 in the state of Massachusetts. NPs tend to earn more than RNs, mostly because their positions require a higher level of education, additional clinical hours and certifications, and often work in private settings.

Of course, salary for either position will depend on geographical location, education level, the setting in which you work, and the medical specialty you pursue.

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Neonatal Intensive Care Nurse

For anyone who would like to spend their time taking care of babies, consider a career as a neonatal intensive care nurse. While the work can be challenging, as many of the infants will have serious health issues, it is also very rewarding.

Plus, you can earn the median annual salary of $64,567. Or, if you make it to the top 10 percent, pay above $101,000 is on the table.

Doctor Of Nursing Practice & Doctor Of Philosophy

Career Outcomes: Nurse Administrator, Nursing Professor, Nurse Researcher

A Doctor of Nursing Practice is a postgraduate program that prepares nurses for leadership positions. A Doctor of Philosophy is also a postgraduate option for nurses looking to enter the research and academic sides of nursing. Both programs can take an additional two to four years to complete, depending on the level of nursing degree you had earned previously. Doctorate programs are less common than MSN programs, and are considered the highest levels of nursing degrees available.

Nurses with a DNP have advanced, doctoral-level knowledge of healthcare policy, patient advocacy, health information systems, and healthcare leadership. Graduation of a DNP program, therefore, can prepare you for executive-level positions in clinical organizations and healthcare settings.

Nurses with a PhD have been trained to function as nurse researchers and educators. Often, those with a PhD work in universities, teaching the next generation of nurses. Some nurses with PhDs, however, will fulfill research positions exploring the latest treatments, technologies, and breakthroughs in the field. Most students in these programs already have APRN licensure.

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Associates Degrees In Nursing Through Hospital Nursing Programs And Community Colleges

As registered nursing degree programs go, the easiest one out there is the ADN. An associates degree program can prepare you for a career as a registered nurse, but you should know that this degree meets only the bare minimum requirement for qualification as an RN. In fact, more than 50 years ago, the American Nurses Association recommended that all registered nurses attain a bachelors degree. Though hospitals employ more than 60 percent of RNs and are among the highest paying employers of registered nurses, they are also more likely than other employers to require job applicants to have a BSN degree.

Associates degrees are still common among new RNs. In fact, as many as 60 percent of registered nurses start out with an ADN degree, the journal Global Qualitative Nursing Research reported in 2015. Yet theres no denying that the ADN degree is the easy option due to its shorter time to complete and less extensive and in-depth coursework requirements. A traditional ADN degree takes two years of study, though accelerated programs can allow students to finish their degrees faster. In an ADN degree program, you will take the same basic core nursing classes as a BSN student, including courses in microbiology, physiology, anatomy and chemistry. You must also complete clinical requirements. However, you will miss out on taking valuable courses like health management and leadership, public health and nursing research that are offered in BSN programs but not ADN programs.

Online Registered Nurse Programs

Top 10 Highest Paid Nursing Professions

Online RN programs can be a convenient way to kickstart a career as a registered nurse, while juggling the limitations of work schedules and family life. LPNs can enroll in online LPN-to-RN bridge programs, while non-nursing majors or those new to the nursing field can enroll in RN programs with just a high school diploma.

RN programs are available in a variety of specializations and can last anywhere between one and four years, depending on whether you pursue an associate or bachelors degree and whether you opt for full-time or part-time study. RN salaries vary by location, work setting and a host of other factors. In 2020, the lowest 10% of registered nurses earned less than $53,410, and the highest 10% took home more than $116,230, according to the BLS.

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What Is Highest Nursing Degree

Minneapolis, United States

A Doctorate Of Nursing Practice is the highest level of nursing education and expertise within the nursing profession. DNP’s work in”Doctor Of Nursing Practice… · Advanced Practice… · Bachelors Of Science in…

Las Vegas, United States

Types of Nursing Degrees: 5 Different Degree Levels to Know · 1. Diploma in Practical Nursing · 2″ · Uploaded by Herzing University

Jacksonville, United States

Top 5 Highest Paying Nursing Degrees · 1. Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist · 2. General Nurse Practitioner · 3. Psychiatric Nurse

Surat, India

The doctor of philosophy and doctor of nursing practice are the two most common doctoral degrees in nursing. The PhD is a

What is dm degree in medical?

DM or doctor of medicine is the superspeciality and the highest degree a physician has in the field of medicine with variety of subjects such as cardiology”” ·” : “Gone through some of the answers here. Please bear with me if I say some are partially right”What is the full form of MD & DM in medical science?””What is difference between MD and DM?””What are the full forms of MBBS, MD, and DM?””What is DM in medicine?

What is your degree in high school?

What’s the difference between a high school diploma and high school certificate, sometimes called a certificate of completion? See a side-by-side comparison.”Similar high school credentials: GED certificate:”What it means: A student has met all the requir…”What are the graduation requirements: To earn

Licensed Practical Nurse / Licensed Vocational Nurse

LVNs and LPNs are interchangeable titles depending on where you work in the US. California and Texas use the title LVN, and the rest of the US uses LPN.

To become an LVN/LPN, you need a high school diploma or GED and to graduate from an accredited LVN/LPN program and pass the National Council Licensure Exam. LPN programs typically include one year of coursework and training at a hospital, community college, or technical school. There are also LPN to RN programs where LPNs can go back to school to become either an ADN RN or a BSN RN through accelerated programs.

LPNs and LVNs work in hospitals, nursing homes, and other medical facilities and are typically responsible for more basic kinds of patient care and comfort measures. Usually, they work under the guidance of an RN or MD.

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How To Choose Your Nursing Degree Type

Choosing which nursing degree type can be difficult, especially given the vast majority of options. Before beginning your nursing career journey, determine your short-term and long-term goals.

A good place to start is by obtaining a BSN degree. With the push for this to be the designated entry-level nursing degree, you are safer and more successful when trying to find entry-level nursing jobs.

If the BSN route is not an option, you can acquire an ADN. Then complete an RN to BSN bridge program online.

If you have a bachelors degree in another field of study, perhaps you should look into accelerated BSN programs or direct-entry graduate programs.

Nursing practice offers a vast variety of choices and even more paths to get there. Begin your nursing career today and help make a difference in peoples lives!.


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Doctorate Nursing Degree Programs

Best Online BSN Programs 2021

While all levels of nursing are expected to see high growth, nurses with doctoral degrees are projected to have tremendous job demand over the next decade. These programs prepare nurses for careers in health care administration, clinical research and advanced clinical practice.

Time to Completion: Three to five years, full-time including summers.

Career Paths:

A Doctorate of Nursing Education program develops advanced practice nurse specialist skills. A Doctorate of Nursing Practice program emphasizes clinical practice-oriented leadership development.

Your GMercyU Path to a Doctorate Degree in Nursing

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Clinical Trial Nurse Manager

A clinical trial nurse manager is someone who manages the clinical trials associated with researching new drugs or medical procedures. In order to pursue this type of career, a nurse must complete their nursing degree and obtain their state license after passing the state board. They must also enroll in specializations that relate to research and natural sciences. Clinical trial nurses work in a variety of facilities and are often in contact with major pharmaceutical companies.

Clinical trial nurse managers have a good job outlook in terms of finding work in large cities where clinical trials are often performed. The average annual salary for a clinical trial nurse manager is approximately $85,000 per year. This will depend heavily on the level of education that has been completed as well as the amount of time that has been spent working in the field.

Salary: $85,000

Masters Degree In Nursing

Career Outcomes: APRN or Nurse Leader

To become an Advanced Practice Registered Nurse , you must have at least a Masters in Nursing. MSN programs prepare students for advanced practice, such as a Nurse Practitioner role, as well as for advanced leadership positions, like a Nurse Administrator.

There are different types of MSN programs out there, taking anywhere from one to three years to complete. Most MSN programs will be structured for students who already have a Bachelors in Nursing, and are looking to obtain a masters level degree. These MSN programs are the shorter option, as well, taking only about one to two years to complete.

Depending on the type of MSN program you pursue, coursework will vary. Most MSN programs are tailored to a specific area or specialization in nursing. Its important to choose an MSN degree that supports your career goals. For example, Goodwin offers three types of MSN programs today:

After graduation from a specialized program, you may need to complete the license exam in your field of choice. For example, to become an APRN, you may pursue certification from the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners Certification Board , the American Nurses Credentialing Center , and/or the Pediatric Nursing Certification Board .

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Online Bachelors Degree In Nursing Programs

There are many online BSN programs offered for registered nurses with an ADN. However, for high school graduates or those fresh to the nursing field, four-year BSN programs are rarely offered online. To pursue an online course of study, youll at least need an LPN certification to enroll in a bridge program. Online LPN-to-BSN and RN-to-BSN programs may allow working nurses to further their education without interrupting their current jobs. These programs are typically shorter and can be completed in anywhere from eight to 18 months but often let you go at your own pace.

As more and more nursing roles require a BSN over an ADN, studies show that obtaining a BSN is generally encouraged and preferred by many medical institutions. Additionally, a BSN may also open doors to job opportunities in management or leadership positions and is often a prerequisite to pursue a masters or doctoral degree.

How To Choose Your Level Of Nursing

Top 5 Highest Paying Nursing Jobs (((TO DATE!!!)))

When considering which level of nursing is best for you, think about your short and long-term nursing career goals, and what environment excites you most. Do you thrive when working with patients or do you want to influence larger organizational decisions? Consider where you thrive best, so as not to experience nurse burnout. Regardless of which nursing level you strive for, remember that more education is available to help you further your career.

The University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences offers Master of Science in Nursing , Doctor of Nursing Practice , and Post-Graduate Nursing Certificates designed for working nurses. Our nursing degrees are offered online, with optional on-campus immersions* . Role specialties include Family Nurse Practitioner , Nurse Educator,** and Nurse Executive. The MSN has several options to accelerate your time to degree completion. Complete coursework when and where you wantand earn your advanced nursing degree while keeping your work and life in balance.*The FNP role specialty includes two required hands-on clinical intensives as part of the curriculum.**The Nurse Educator role specialty is not available for the DNP program.

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    Career Growth And Other Nursing Positions

    There are many titles and roles not covered in the nursing hierarchy. Johnson & Johnsons website Discover Nursing lists 104 areas of specialty in nursing, demonstrating some of the employment opportunities in the profession.

    The potential for career growth in nursing is highlighted by the professions growth and size. Employment of RNs is projected to grow 16 percent by 2024, which is much faster than the average for all occupations, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

    Nursing is the nations largest health care profession, with more than 3.1 million registered nurses nationwide, the American Association of Colleges of Nursing says. Nurses comprise the largest single component of hospital staff, are the primary providers of hospital patient care, and deliver most of the nations long-term care.

    Administration And Other Areas

    In nonclinical nursing areas, there is no clear overall hierarchy. Positions in these areas include nursing education, nursing research, nursing administration and positions such as nurse entrepreneurship. Many of the nurses who work in these areas have advanced degrees and may earn salaries in the range of $100,000 or more. Some of these nurses, such as nurse administrators, may supervise the nursing or clinical operations in a large hospital or multi-hospital system. Others, such as nursing researchers, might work with a small team or a few support staff. Nurse entrepreneurs could be small-business owners or run large companies.

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    Choosing Your Path: Where Do I Start

    There are many different types of nurses and many nursing specialties to choose from. Every specialty has its own set of unique educational and clinical requirements. Take our personality quiz to discover what nursing specialty is right for you.

    Whether youre just beginning your nursing career or looking to advance, Herzing University offers a variety of degree pathways to help you achieve your goals. Learn more about our nursing programs and get started on your journey today!

    Discover Herzing University’s nursing programs

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