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What You Need For Nursing School

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Are Online Programs Available

What You’ll Need for Nursing School

Nursing is a hands-on profession, but both ADN and BSN degree programs can be completed at least partly online. Clinical hours are the exception. Clinicals are hands-on requirements that place a nursing student directly in a healthcare setting, and these must be fulfilled in person at a clinic, hospital, or other brick-and-mortar facility.

If youre a nursing student in a rural area with no classroom programs within reach, an online program can give you access to a wide range of educational opportunities across the country. And if youre already busy, online learning can give you room to meet responsibilities that prevent you from attending school in person.

Is A Bsn Degree Better Than An Adn Degree

It depends. If you are looking for an entry-level nursing job at a hospital or nursing home, for example, an ADN can help you get your foot in the door. An associate degree also takes about half the amount of time to earn as a bachelors degree, so if you want to get working sooner, an ADN might be a good choice.

RNs with a BSN, on the other hand, may make more money and often hold positions with more responsibility.

How Hard Is Getting Into Nursing School

Working as a nurse implies a huge responsibility. You are literally responsible for the lives and wellbeing of your patients, so it makes sense for the educational process to be reasonably tricky as to prepare you to the best of your ability for the important role you are to play in the healthcare industry.

But before you actually start studying, its notoriously hard to get into nursing school. From strict academic requirements, such as a higher than average GPA or having to complete prerequisite courses with good grades, to having to sit in for stressful, complicated entrance exams, nursing schools dont make it easier on the aspiring nurses.

Lets see what boxes you will have to check in order to get into a nursing program:

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Comfortable Shoes In All White Or Black

Most nursing schools require a very specific type of shoe. Typically this will stipulated as all black or all white with no fabric or mesh.

The goal is to have shoes that can be easily identified as clean and also easy to clean! Many students will spend hundreds of dollars on high-end performance shoes when really you can most likely get by with a basic pair of white nursing shoes like these Hawkwells . Theyre easy to clean, lightweight and the reviews say they are really comfortable and a great shoe for the price. #ad

Now, if you have a foot-related disorder then you may need a specialized shoe. But for the most part, something like this could work just fine. And at less than $40 for ladies shoes, its a steal!

Tips For Success In Nursing School

Wondering what nursing school supplies you need for nursing school ...

Advancing your career as a nurse is a significant though rewarding undertaking. Whether its a Bachelor of Science in Nursing or a graduate-level degree, pursuing nursing education often requires students to renegotiate their commitments and better understand their own unique learning styles. While the following suggestions cannot guarantee success in nursing school, they may provide a helpful starting point.

  • Conduct a time management assessment: Track how you spend each hour of the week. Know that nursing students can spend 1825 hours on schoolwork weekly and reprioritize your time as needed.
  • Determine your learning style: Identify the learning methods that suit you best and plan your studies accordingly. For example, students who learn best by talking with others could form a study group. Auditory learners could re-listen to lectures.
  • Practice productivity techniques: Mastering the material taught in nursing school will require strategy. Find a time management technique that works for you, such as the Pomodoro method or the 45-15 strategy .
  • Develop active reading strategies: Simply reading is often not enough to retain new information. Engage with the text by making flow charts, writing marginal notes or implementing other methods.
  • Create helpful study patterns: Find a place to work that minimizes distractions, turn off your phone, and take regular breaks. Try to schedule study sessions during times of the day you have the most energy.
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    Undergraduate Nursing Requirements For The Bsn

    If you’re aiming to be competitive for a BSN, you mainly need to pay attention to each school’s general admission requirements.

    In some cases, you’ll just get into the school like any other undergraduate and then declare the nursing major once you’re thereso all you need to do is focus on being able to get into the school.

    In other cases, you’ll need to apply specifically to the nursing program or school, which often has slightly higher GPA and SAT/ACT averages than the general undergraduate population does.

    And in other cases, you’ll apply to the school and then apply to the nursing program after three or four semesters there. This is common at larger schools, where more students want to get into the program than there are available spots.

    To account for the fact that nursing programs are more competitive, you should aim for SAT/ACT scores at the top of a school’s middle 50% range. What does this mean? For example, if your desired school’s average SAT score range is 1300-1400 , you should try to aim for a 1400 or higherthis would put you at the top of that school’s applicant pool and guarantee you’ll be competitive for the nursing program.

    To find a school’s GPA and ACT/SAT average score range, search for ” PrepScholar” or ” PrepScholar SAT/ACT.” We’ve put together pages that detail the score ranges of all major US colleges and universities.

    Key Nursing School Requirements

    **Editor’s Note: This article has been updated from it’ original version to accurately align with the current requirements for nursing schools.

    While individual nursing schools each have specific lists of prerequisites for entry into their programs, there are some basic core courses you should anticipate will be on the list of nursing school requirements, regardless of which schools you choose. If you cover these five key requirements, you should have a solid base when applying for multiple nursing programs.

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    Why Should I Get A Bsn

    While licensed graduates of a bachelors, associate, or diploma program may qualify for entry-level positions as a staff nurse, some employersparticularly magnet hospitalsmay require a bachelors degree, according to the BLS Occupational Outlook Handbook for Registered Nurses.

    Additionally, entering the workforce with a BSN offers a competitive advantage from a hiring perspective in many settings, as well as greater career advancement opportunities, according to the ANA.

    Psb Health Occupations Aptitude Exam

    Applying To Nursing School: What You Need To Know!

    Along with their nursing exams, the PSB alsooffers a test that applies to a variety of healthcare professionals. The HealthOccupations Aptitude Exam is extremely similar to the other tests in structureand content.

    • Whos the test for? RNs heading into associates or bachelors degree programs
    • Whats the format? 5 sections of multiple-choice questions
    • How many questions are there? 30 vocabulary, 30 math, 30 analytical reasoning, 50 spelling, 40 reading, 90 natural science, and 90 in the Vocational Adjustment Index
    • How long does the test take? An hour and 45 minutes
    • Whats a passing score? Acceptable scores are determined by each individual school
    • How much does it cost? Varies by school
    • Whats the best way to prepare? Mometrix Test Preparation also offers a comprehensive study guide

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    Pocket Hand Sanitizer & Hand Lotion

    Long before the coronavirus manifested in January 2020, nursing professional nursing students were among the section of the population that understood the importance of keeping hands sanitized and clean to maintain a sterile environment for patients. It is, for this reason, that pocket hand sanitizer and the hand lotion needed to keep hands from getting dry are important components of nursing school supply kits for student nurses.

    Hand sanitizers that are available for personal use come in a variety of sizes, aromas, and even multipacks. The most important part of purchasing hand sanitizer is to choose a sanitizer that kills 99.99% and to use it often. Many hand sanitizers include moisturizing lotion, like Aloe Vera.

    Highlighters In Multiple Colors

    Before you buy highlighters, I want you to promise me youll use them with INTENTION. In other words, dont highlight everything and definitely dont highlight everything in the same color.

    In my Crucial Concepts Bootcamp, I encourage students to assign different types of information to different colors. For example, meds in orange, numeric values in green, signs/symptoms in purple, nursing interventions in blue and labs in yellow. What colors you use and what you choose to highlight is up to youjust define your system and stick to it!

    I love the Zeyar Highlightersjust look at those colors! #ad

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    Basic School Supplies For Nurses

    After you secure your textbooks and buy a rolling backpack for all those heavy tomes, youll want to visit your school bookstore or the school supplies section of your grocery store, and buy the following items.

    • Index cards for memorization and test prep
    • Writing tools including different colors of highlighters
    • Flash drive for uploading and downloading nursing school projects
    • Three-ring binders to hold notes and handouts

    You may also want to consider purchasing a traditional scheduling planner. Smartphones today do have digital planners, but the chaos and volatility of your school scheduling arent always the easiest to track on a small, electronic screen.

    The Intense Studying Playlist On Spotify

    Insanely Top Tips On What You Need To Know About Nursing School

    This playlist is perfect for drowning out your soft sobs as you write out one more essay, care plan, discussion question, or read one more chapters. Spotify is fabulous for getting to know what you like and you can create your own playlist.

    *EXTRA HACK: Make a playlist with soft study music, and then every half hour put in a peppy dance song to cue you to get up and take a break, YOU DESERVE IT!

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    Find A Lock And A Key

    Your personal essay must demonstrate two-fold compatibility. First, how you fit the profession. What can you offer it, and how will it make you, as an individual, thrive? Second, how you fit the school. Why is this particular program perfect for you? What will you contribute to the school as a student? For example, your creativity, research enthusiasm, positive attitude, outgoing personality, etc. Focus on one or two central aspects to demonstrate that you and the school fit like a lock and a key.

    Ready To Find A Nursing School

    Are you ready to get your nursing career started? It all begins with the right education. Use the widget to explore programs in your area, or head to our guide for tips on How to Choose the Right School. Youll find info on what to look for as you make this ever-important decision. From online program basics to making sure your school is accredited, everything you need to consider is right here.


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    What Can I Expect To Earn As An Rn

    Your pay as an RN depends on a number of things: where you live, what specialty you choose, and your experience, to name a new. Demand for RNs can also affect your salary: healthcare facilities in rural or remote regions may offer bonuses to nurses willing to relocate. Nationwide, RNs are in demand. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics , the profession is expected to grow by 9% between 2020 and 2030 about as fast as average for all occupations.

    Working As A School Nurse

    Everything You Need to START NURSING SCHOOL

    School nurses mainly find work within public and private schools, colleges, universities, or other academic settings. They typically work Monday through Friday from around 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., which varies by work setting.

    According to Payscale data from May 2022, school nurses earn an average yearly salary of $47,960. However, earnings vary by setting, location, experience, educational background, and certification. Earning an advanced degree, such as an MSN and/or certification, is typically the most effective way for school nurses to earn a higher salary.

    While the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics does not track school nurses specifically, it projects all RN positions could increase by 9%, slightly above the national average for all other occupations.

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    Hap Courses Which Are Not Listed On The Approved List Must Meet The Following Criteria For Plar Assessment:

  • The coursework must show at least 6 post-secondary/university level credits of HAP
  • The course work must be at least 75-78 hours of contact time:
  • 3 contact hours per week x 13 weeks over two terms, or
  • 6 contact hours per week x 13 weeks over one term
  • The course must cover the anatomy and physiology of the following human body systems:
  • Cardiovascular
  • Integumentary
  • Urinary
  • The course must cover HUMAN, Not Cell or Animal Anatomy/Physiology content, and include both the STRUCTURE and FUNCTION of all body systems listed above.
  • The course outlines submitted with the PLAR application must be from the year when the courses were completed.
  • Course must be completed within the last 4 years at the time of application.
  • Applicants for September 2022 intake must present HAP course completed within the last 4 years at time of application .
  • Applicants who have current and active work experience or registration as an allied health professional completed HAP courses outside the 4-year time limit:
  • Must provide supporting documentation to show current knowledge of ALL human body systems.
  • Must submit a current resume
  • Must submit a letter of explanation addressed to the PLAR committee
  • Must submit proof of your professional designation/Licence/Registration
  • Must submit transcripts/outlines for additional HAP courses taken since the course was/were completed
  • Other documentation they consider appropriate to support the application
  • Please Note: The committee does not grant transfer credit.
  • Gifts For The Struggling Nursing Student

    • DIY Nursing School survival kit – a handmade gift is a sure way to make your loved one smile. Pack the nursing school survival kit full of your special someones yummy treats, a handwritten note, and their favorite things. Check out this example we found on,

    Here is a list of some items to include in your nursing school survival kit:

    • Anything we listed above would be a perfect fit for a gift for a nursing student!
    • A cute bag or tote to hold everything – we like these little bags from Amazon.

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    High Demand For Nursing Education Waitlists

    Due to this short supply of faculty, the demand for nursing education is not being met. Why is nursing school in such high demand?

    Because nurses are in high demand, and it is a highly sought-after career. With just two years of education , individuals can enter into a respected career, with flexible shifts, that pays a good salary even in an entry-level position. This career is also highly transferable, with job opportunities in almost every city.With such a high demand for nursing education, many schools have to put a waitlist in place for their programs, which delays their learners education by several years.

    One of the things that set Nightingale College apart from other nursing institutions is the fact that we have no waitlists.

    Why Is Nursing School Worth It

    What You

    Nursing school prepares you for one of the most important healthcare careers out there. Your nursing education wont be a quick or easy ride, but it doesnt need to be. Someday, when you start out on the job, youll be glad that you spent all that time preparing yourself to provide great patient care. Let us help keep you comfortable as you take on all those hours of studying and tough exams. You have our moral support and also a student discount.

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    Clinical Bag To Hold It All

    Having a sturdy and easy-to-wipe-down clinical bag is a must for any nursing student and nurse. This is the same bag that I use as a bedside RN and one I can wholeheartedly recommend to students as well.

    The Crest Design Nylon Laptop Shoulder Bag is made of water-repellent nylon and has enough pockets for all your must-have supplies . #ad

    Plus, it comes in a variety of colors, though this dark grey is my favorite. Measuring 15 L x 11 H and 6.3 D, it can even hold a laptop and your storage clipboard easily.

    How To Get Into A Nursing Program: 4 Steps To Take

    In the majority of cases, if you’re going into a nursing BSN program right out of high school, you’ll follow standard college admission procedures. The only main difference is that the admission criteria might be slightly higher if the school’s BSN program begins right away.

    There will not only be greater emphasis on your science and math grades but also higher ACT/SAT score ranges for nursing applicants. Additionally, you might be expected to have some previous work or volunteer experience in the health care field.

    To make sure you put together the best BSN application possible, follow these four steps.

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    The Right Scrubs Fashion Nursing School Supplies

    You want to pick scrubs that are both comfortable and functional. Buy comfortable scrubs too. Find some that have lots of stretch since you will be moving a lot in them.

    And dont forget about your pockets. You need scrubs with lots of pockets for a notebook, pens, and all your nursing tools.

    Youll use a watch when you take pulses and track med times. Dont rely on wall clocks, they tend to be inaccurate or stop working.

    I wrote a comprehensive nurses watch buying guide so you can buy the perfect one for you.

    Color-coding is one way lots of nurses pass tests and learn new information. Pick out highlighters that are light, not too dark like a marker. Lots of people love the clicky Sharpie highlighters because there arent caps that you can lose and they last a really long time.

    If you dont like badge clips, you can always buy a lanyard. However, if you want to go with a lanyard, buy a breakaway lanyard. That way, if your badge gets stuck on a bed or something, it will break away without pulling you down.

    I dont have to tell you that youll be on your feet a lot in nursing school. The most comfortable shoes for nurses will have shock-absorbing material and prevent slips. They will also be easy to clean and have excellent arch support.

    Do you need a fine tip or a larger marker? Id get one of each. The larger Sharper is great for writing on IV bags.

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