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What Is The Best Nurse Practitioner Specialty

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Clinical Nurse Specialist Salary

A Day in the Life of a Nurse Practitioner | Indeed

According to, the average salary for clinical nurse specialists in the United States is $112,267. However, there is a range of salaries for this specialty, typically between $101,514 and $122,976. Clinical nurse specialists typically work 40 hours per week, making their hourly wage approximately $54.00.

Where Do Cardiac Nurse Practitioners Work

Cardiac nurse practitioners often work in specialty hospitals and cardiology clinics focused entirely on heart health and in cardiology departments located within general hospitals. Cardiology patients usually receive referrals from their primary care providers to see specialists like cardiac nurse practitioners.

What Does An Orthopedic Nurse Practitioner Do

On a day-to-day basis, orthopedic nurse practitioners are likely to see patients for things like broken bones, joint sprains or strains, and a variety of other acute trauma or sports-medicine injuries. They may order X-rays or other imaging, prescribe medications and home treatment, or refer patients to other specialists like physical therapists or orthopedic surgeons.

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Different Types Of Nurse Practitioner Specialties

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If youre already working as a registered nurse, becoming a nurse practitioner takes dedication.

Still, its doable with the help of schooling, a masters degree, and choosing a specialty that fits your career goals.

Below are some of the best types of nurse practitioner specialties to choose from. See which one fits your passions!

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Pain Management Nurse: Annual $110420 Or $4741/hr*

A Guide To The 7 Highest Paying Nurse Specialties

Pain Management Nurses help manage a patients pain post-surgery or work with patients who have chronic pain issues. They work within a healthcare team to help determine the cause of the pain and the proper course of treatment, while also educating patients about pain management and avoiding addiction or dependence on prescribed medication.

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Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist

Certified registered nurse anesthetists , who work alongside surgeons and other doctors to provide anesthesia for patients, earn a mean salary of over $174,790 per year, according to the BLS.

In some states, however, the mean wage for this occupation is significantly higher. In Montana, which offers the highest pay for CRNAs, the salary hovers around $252,000. Wyoming, California, and Oregon are other states in which CRNAs frequently earn more than $200,000 per year.

Beyond the advanced technical skills required to perform the job, strong interpersonal communication skills are another important requirement of this specialty. In a Business Insider article about why nurse anesthetists earn a higher pay rate, one nurse anesthetist said, You need to be highly motivated, highly educated, and extremely detail-oriented and on top of that, you need to be extremely personable.

You can build your technical nursing skills alongside your interpersonal skills through earning the proper nursing certifications, pursuing your MSN, or gaining real-world experience that gives you the chance to work alongside patients and other nurses.

What Does A Cardiac Nurse Practitioner Do

Cardiac nurse practitioners diagnose and treat potentially serious heart conditions like arrhythmias, coronary artery disease, or heart failure. They conduct in-depth assessments and may order additional tests or prescribe medicine and instruct patients and their families on ways to improve cardiovascular health.

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Choosing From Different Types Of Nurse Practitioner Specialties

If you are seeking a way to play a direct role in improving patient lives through clinical care, becoming a nurse practitioner offers many ways to do so. Northeastern University offers an online Master of Science in Nursing program with three NP concentrations: adult-gerontology primary care nurse practitioner , family nurse practitioner , and psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner . Pre-qualify online and begin the next phase of your career today.

Neonatal Np Career Outlook And Salary

Doctor vs PA vs NP | Which is Right for You?

A report from the National Association of Neonatal Nurses states that the ongoing shortage of neonatal NPs will worsen through 2028. A recent survey found that 75% of clinical neonatal NPs and 73% of neonatal NP administrators are unable to meet their coverage needs. In addition, 88% of the administrators stated that there are too few neonatal NP faculty to lead education programs.

The most popular skill for neonatal NPs, according to PayScale, is neonatal ICU, followed by neonatology, labor and delivery , nursery, and critical care.

More than half of all neonatal NPs are in the midcareer, experienced, and late career categories:

  • Entry level: 15.2%

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Family Nurse Practitioner Careers And Salaries

Completing an FNP certificate program online can be a gateway to more advanced careers in the nursing field. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, here are the median salaries of potential career paths related to advanced nursing and FNP studies.

Health Education Specialists $60,600

While no career is guaranteed, an FNP certificate program can help you work toward professional certification as a family nurse practitioner.

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Many FNP students go on to become practicing nurse practitioners, and some apply their skills in specialized, growing fields, like geriatrics. Some FNP professionals go on to become advanced researchers or nursing instructors.

Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist : Annual $195610 Or $9404/hr*

What is the highest-paid nurse? Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists! Earning $195,610 annually, CRNAs earn significantly more than any other type of nurse or nursing specialty. This highly skilled profession involves preparing and administering anesthesia to patients in collaboration with surgeons, anesthesiologists, dentists, podiatrists, and other qualified healthcare professionals, according to the American Association of Nurse Anesthetists.

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Why Become A Family Nurse Practitioner

FNPs may choose many different care settings: hospitals, private practices, long-term care facilities, community clinics, or even universities.

The role, like others, also enables you to see the same patients routinely, forming relationships and consistently caring for their families. While they do treat acute or emergency issues, including injuries and sudden illnesses, FNPs are just as likely to perform routine checkups or assist with chronic conditions.

Among the many types of nurse practitioner specialties, FNP may be the best choice if you are drawn to the idea of family-focused primary care.

Other Factors Affecting Annual Aprn Salary

10 Highest Paying Nurse Practitioner Specialties of 2013

In addition to the specialty itself, a nurse practitionerâs collective experience, subspecialties, and work environments can also impact their salary. The more experience that a nurse practitioner has under their belt, the higher their average salary will be. â

High-acuity subspecialties also typically have higher annual wages than lower acuity or outpatient specialties. Finally, inpatient nurse practitioners typically make more than those in outpatient settings and physicianâs clinics.

Along with the factors mentioned above, the state and city that you practice in may also affect your income. California, Minnesota, Washington, Hawaii, and New Jersey have the highest annual salaries for nurse practitioners across the APRN specialties.

Ultimately, several components can play a role in the average annual salary for APRNs. While the amount of pay should not solely determine which specialty you choose, it is vital to evaluate this aspect when exploring the idea of furthering your education.

Specifically, consider whether the cost burden or debt will be worth the increase in annual salary. Additionally, understanding average wages and contributing factors will allow for better support during contract negotiations and beyond!â

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Best Online Post Masters Family Nurse Practitioner Certificates

Home » 2023 Best Online Post Masters Family Nurse Practitioner Certificates

An FNP certificate is a post-masters program for nursing professionals who want to specialize and pursue certification as family nurse practitioners. These programs are intended for registered nurses who have already completed a Master of Science in Nursing .

Family nurse practitioners can provide care to patients of varying ages and demographics. Its common to find these health specialists in hospitals, medical clinics, schools, and nursing homes.

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Read on to see if an online FNP certificate program is right for you.

What Is The Job Outlook For Emergency Room Nurse Practitioners

People will always get injured or sick, which means long-term employment prospects for emergency-room staff should always remain solid. While the BLS doesnt record specifics about employment of emergency room nurse practitioners, they estimate the overall demand for all nurse practitioners will increase by an impressive 52% by 2029. As ENPs are often the best of the best among nurse practitioners, they should have confidence in their employment prospects moving forward.

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Duties Of The Pediatric Nurse Practitioner

The specific responsibilities of a pediatric nurse practitioner can vary, but generally include tasks such as:

  • Performing wellness checks and physical examinations to ensure patients proper growth and development
  • Evaluating patients and ordering lab tests as needed to diagnose acute or chronic conditions
  • Designing and implementing age-appropriate treatment plans
  • Counseling parents and caregivers on issues such as proper nutrition, sleep patterns, and developmental milestones

Family Nurse Practitioner Job Description

So You Want to Be a NURSE PRACTITIONER [Ep. 25]

In their mission to deliver a full range of health services to patients of all ages, FNPs have numerous roles and responsibilities. Some standard duties are:

  • Maintaining patient medical records
  • Developing and implementing age-appropriate treatment plans for both acute and chronic conditions
  • Educating patients about disease management and healthy lifestyle choices

While FNP practice is notable for its breadth, you may choose to get additional academic training in a subspecialty to focus your practice more narrowly. Many FNPs seek additional certification in areas such as pain management, obesity management, and diabetes care.

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What Is The Highest

According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, nurse practitioners on average earn $55.05 per hour or $114,510 annually. Salaries differ by geographic location and area of specialization, but one specialty out earns the rest no matter your location. This specialty is not only the highest-paid, but is the most in demand around the country. With excellent pay and great job opportunities, what is this mysterious specialty? It is none other than Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurse Practitioners .

Which Nursing Specialization Suits You

With so many different types of nursing careers available, earning your BSN is really just the beginning of a long, fulfilling, and financially rewarding career with endless opportunities to specialize in something thats important to you. While its certainly understandable to seek out the highest paying nursing careers, theres more than just money to consider when choosing a specialty. After all, the people who are happiest at their jobs are those who have found a way to do something theyre passionate about every single day!

Ready to pursue a career in nursing? Get started on the road to your new career by enrolling in the BSN program or Second Degree Nursing program at Brookline College.

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The Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Specialization

Nurse practitioners specialized in pediatrics have the unique responsibility of not only caring for young patients but also guiding their caregivers through the process. Focused on patients ranging from newborns to young adults, PNPs are involved in care ranging from childhood wellness, nutrition, and development to the management of pediatric acute illness and chronic conditions.

Many PNPs have their choice of working in a variety of settings, including pediatric hospitals, specialty clinics, school-based health centers, and urgent care clinics. PNPs earned a median salary of around $91,500 per year as of July 2021, according to PayScale.

Which Patient Population Do You Want To Care For

Get the 411 on Nurse Practitioner Specialties!

Do you want to work adults, children or both? Do you want to work mostly with women or with infants? Do you want to focus on treating patients with mental health and addiction disorders? Your answers to these questions offer pivotal insight into determining which advanced-practice specialty would provide the best career path for you.

Advanced-practice nurses focus their education and clinical training on one of six populations:

  • Adult-gerontology
  • Psych-mental health
  • Womens health/gender-related

If you know you dont want to work with patients younger than 13, for instance, you can eliminate the family, neonatal and pediatric populations, which require ongoing clinical experience with children or infants to maintain certification in the field.

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What Are The Requirements To Become An Emergency Room Nurse Practitioner

As emergency nurse practitioners must be very experienced and well-trained to handle the life-or-death situations theyll encounter, it takes a few extra steps to become a certified ENP. After working as a registered nurse, youll need to complete a masters degree and become certified as a Family Nursing Practitioner through one of the major national organizations. Then, after a certain amount of time working as a nurse practitioner in an emergency setting, youll be eligible to take the ENP exam from the American Academy of Nursing Practitioners.

Average Salary For Nurse Practitioners

The national average salary for nurse practitioners is $80,985 per year plus $17,500 in overtime pay. How much money youâll make as a nurse practitioner will vary based on specialtyâfor example, family nurse practitioners make $123,727 per year plus $18,750 in overtime pay. Certain nurse practitioner specialties require more advanced education, and work experience, geographic location and employer can also impact your earning potential.

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Occupational Medicine Nurse Practitioner

The Nurse Practitioner working in the field of occupational medicine is expected to collaborate with physicians to assess, create treatment plans, prescribe and monitor those patients assigned to the facility for managing the health of the employees. This role may include conducting pre-placement health screenings for employer groups, creating and managing immunization programs for employees including infection control exposure plans, evaluating patients to return to work after an illness or injury, assessing patients for ADA disability issues or fitness for duty requirements, and more. NPs in this role should have current knowledge in the related regulatory statutes such as ADA, FMLA and Workers Compensation laws.

A Bright Career Outlook

Physician Assistant (PA) vs Nurse Practitioner (NP)? Which Route Should You Take?

Demand is high in all nurse practitioner specialties, but especially those geared toward primary care.

88.9% of NPs work in primary care, according to the AANP, which means they can provide essential care services amid the physician shortage.

As the baby-boom population ages and requires more complex medical care, the need for healthcare services will rise. In fact, the BLS predicts that the NP field will grow by 45% through 2030.

Specialties make this line of work even more exciting. With the ability to choose an area of focus, NPs can align clinical competence with their passion to serve specific populations.

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Pmhnps And Fnps Are In High Demand

As we come out of a global pandemic, its clear that perspectives on healthcare, as well as mental health needs, have changed. More people are in need of mental health services, particularly those who have experienced loss from COVID-19, and the rising number of youth struggling with anxiety and depression. Thus, the demand for PMHNPs will increase, making mental health nursing among the Nurse Practitioner specialties in highest demand. Additionally, more people are focusing on preventive care in efforts to stay healthy, keep on top of their health needs, and to prevent issues that may be threatened by viruses like COVID-19. Thus, the need for primary and preventive care providers, such as FNPs, will continue to rise making FNPs another Nurse Practitioner specialty in highest-demand.

Giving back to your community through these advanced and high-demand Nurse Practitioner roles is more than just a serviceit promises a secure and fulfilling lifetime career. We hope that youll learn more about becoming a PMHNP or joining the FNP program.

Types Of Nurse Practitioners: A Complete Overview

11 Jan, 2023 | By: AIAM

Nurse practitioners are a vital piece of the healthcare system. While their scope of practice may vary from state to state, their impact on their patients is significant and long-lasting.

With the aging population and their ability to care for patients with more complex medical needs, the demand for NPs is evident. This guide will provide information on the various types of NPs and the job opportunities available to them.

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Highest Paying Industries For Nurses


To help you decide which career direction is right for you, take a look at some of the highest paid nursing specialties. Keep in mind that salaries do vary greatly based on location and employer, so the earnings listed below are just a baseline to help with your research. The top 15 highest paying nursing jobs are:

What Are The Pros Of Being A Psychiatric

Get the 411 on Nurse Practitioner Specialties!

There are many benefits to being a PMHNP. In addition to having the highest annual salary, PMHNPs who work in facilities that are not open 24 hours typically have regular working hours with holidays and weekends off. The average patient load for a PMHNP is about 15 patients daily. The complex patient load can be intimidating, but there are options to refer patients to a psychiatrist if the care surpasses their scope of practice. Finally, PMHNPs have a thriving job market and will most likely maintain a flourishing job market for the foreseeable future.

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What Does An Emergency Room Nurse Practitioner Do

When injured or sick people arrive at an emergency room , they may be assessed and treated by an emergency nurse practitioner alongside a team of other ER nurses and physicians. ENPs must often make quick decisions in stressful situations, as they have a level of autonomy far beyond that of other registered nurses in the ER.

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