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What Is Msn In Nursing Education

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What Is A Nurse Educator

MSN in Nursing Education & Faculty Role at Drexel University Online

Nurse educators are clinically trained, state licensed RNs who have the professional knowledge and skills to teach nursing to students and practitioners in clinical and academic settings. They work in teaching hospitals and clinics, at colleges and universities with schools of nursing, and at technical schools and community colleges with nursing degree and certificate programs.

In addition to offering direct training to nursing students, nurse educators can be involved in research related to curriculum development and pedagogy, writing grant proposals for educational programs, advising nursing students, and working with clinical teams to better inform patients and institute improvements in treatment protocols. Nurse educators may also provide mid-career continuing education to practicing nurses who seek and/or require additional training.

With the proper qualifications, experienced nurse educators with an MSN degree may advance into senior administrative positions and full-time faculty placements at institutions with nursing programs. However, a doctoral degree is often required for those seeking tenured positions at most colleges and universities.

How Much Do Nurse Educators Make

A practical question to ask if youre considering this career path is, what is a nurse educators salary? According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics , California is one of the top-paying states for nursing instructors and teachers these professionals earn an average annual salary around $100,000. If you live outside of California, check BLS data to see what nurse educators make on average in your state since these averages can vary significantly throughout the country.

The amount nurse educators earn also depends on factors like where they work and their level of experience. According to BLS data, more nurse educators teach in colleges, universities, and professional schools than in any other setting. The highest earners in the field work in general medical and surgical hospitals, followed by psychiatric and substance misuse hospitals, government institutions, and business schools and computer and management training programs. Whatever setting you work in, a nurse educator degree will prepare you for a high-paid role.

What Is An Msn Degree

The Master of Science in Nursing is an advanced postgraduate degree designed for working nurses who aspire to career advancement. Its often a prerequisite for nursing leadership positions, such as nurse educator or nurse manager, but can also feature concentrations that allow nurses to specialize in a specific area of nursing.

Concentrations such as Family Nurse Practitioner, Adult-Gerontology Acute Care Nurse Practitioner, and Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner can pave the way for licensure as a nurse practitioner , which can lead to increased professional independence and responsibility. In some states, NPs have full practice authority, which allows them to design treatment plans and prescribe medications.

For RNs interested in developing their practice and working in leadership roles, the MSN is the next step toward a more rewarding career.

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Can I Use My Military Education Benefits To Pay For A Graduate Degree

Yes, as long as you have adequate active duty or veteran’s education benefits and your branch of the armed forces approves your master’s program. You must be enrolled in an accredited program education to qualify for military tuition assistance.

Learn more about our MSN in Nurse Education online program

Nurse Managers Juggle Multiple Roles

MSN in Nursing Education

Nurse managers move seamlessly between attending nursing administration meetings and providing patient care alongside nursing unit staff. They plan budgets, recognize and evaluate staff performance, and set the tone for the organization. The ability to work in both worlds is crucial for success.

Competition for nursing administration roles can be stiff, prompting individuals to seek higher education to bolster their chances for advancement.

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Earn Your Degree While You Work

Flexible scheduling and our 100% online coursework can make it easy to fit classes into your life, instead of building your life around your class schedule.

The MSN Nurse Educator track curriculum is designed to prepare future nurse educators with the skills, strategies and concepts needed to educate future extraordinary nurses to provide evidence-based care for the changing population.

Key skills learned and developed while in the program

  • Curriculum development

What Can You Do With An Msn: Aprn Careers

For caring registered nurses interested in staying in a clinical role but wanting to take their autonomy and scope of practice to the next level, a career as an APRN may be the right fit. APRNs include a wide variety of nursing roles including:

  • Certified registered nurse anesthetists
  • Nurse practitioners
  • Certified nurse-midwives
  • Clinical nurse specialist

While APRNs can chose to earn a Doctor of Nursing Practice in the specialty of their choice, an MSN is the most common form of entry-level education. Well start by focusing on NPs.

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Do Online Students Pay In

It depends on the MSN program you choose. Some do charge out-of-state students a higher tuition rate, even if they’re studying online, but this practice is not standard. You’ll find many colleges and universities take a more evenhanded approach, and charge the same rate for all online students.

Every MSN student in NKU’s online Nursing Education Concentration pays the same tuition, whether or not they happen to live in Kentucky.

Can Graduate Nursing Students Qualify For Financial Aid

Advice from a Nursing Education (MSN) student from drkit.org

As long as you attend an accredited MSN program, you can apply for state and federal aid. Qualifying for aid depends on your income and the cost of your education, but you may be eligible for options such as grants or scholarships.

UNCW offers a number of scholarships that you may qualify for as a nursing student. Nurse.org also has a helpful list of funding opportunities for RNs.

Don’t say, ‘When x, y and z happens, then I’ll do it,’ because it will never happen. Don’t procrastinate. You’re not too old, you’re not too young. Money is not an excuse â there’s money out there. There are loans, grants, scholarships. If you’re waiting for the perfect time, you’re not going to find it. Just do it.

âMandy Triplett, 2018 UNCW MSN Nurse Educator online graduate and RN in the education department at Nash UNC Health Care in Rocky Mount, North Carolina

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Why Is Accreditation Important For An Online Msn In Nursing Education

Accreditation is an important component in evaluating any degree program. Job prospects are higher with accredited degrees, and financial aid can depend on accreditation status. Check below for more benefits.

  • Accreditation organizations regularly evaluate MSN programs to make sure they meet nationally established standards for quality education. A degree from an accredited program confirms that graduates have the requisite knowledge and training to practice.
  • Most graduate nursing programs do not accept applicants from unaccredited BSN or other master’s programs credits earned at an unaccredited school may not transfer to accredited programs.
  • State nurse licensure and national certification boards require candidates to hold degrees from accredited programs.
  • Students who attend an unaccredited institution do not qualify for federal financial aid.
  • Many employers prefer to hire or only hire graduates of accredited nursing programs.

Msn Programs Are Expensive

Theres no avoiding the fact that advanced degrees are a big investment, costing in the tens of thousands of dollars. Even though they have the potential to pay for themselves in a few years, coming up with the money to pay tuition or borrowing funds is sometimes a deterrent.

US News estimates that an online masters degree in nursing can cost somewhere between $35,000 and $60,000 depending on the school and degree focus.

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Employment Opportunities And Financial Gains

Nurse educators are needed not only in colleges and universities, but in hospitals to help educate nursing staff and mentor new RNs. Many hospital units hire nurse educators to help with continuing education for staff nurses and guide them in their career choices. Many nurse educators work as a clinical instructor in addition to working as an educator for a hospital or nursing school.

RNs with a Master of Science in Nursing Education can work in a variety of settings and positions, such as clinical instructor, unit nurse educator-assistant professor or professor. In addition to the satisfaction of guiding new nurses as they begin their journeys in the nursing field, highly trained nurse educators can receive a bump in pay.

The BLS reports that nursing instructors working for a college or university earn an average salary of $80,380. Those working in hospitals earn an average of $123,760. The top 90 percentile of nurse educators earn a salary of $129,070.

Msn In Nursing Administration Bolsters Nurse Education Levels In Hospitals

The Importance of Mentorship in Nursing

Seeking advanced degrees has gained popularity in recent years with greater attention placed on raising practice standards.

Hospitals with Magnet designation and academic centers often require a Bachelor of Science in Nursing compared to a diploma or an associate degree in nursing. The Joint Commission requires nursing executives to earn graduate degrees. An MSN in Nursing Administration helps broaden the educational base for nurse managers and administrators.

For nurses wanting to obtain an MSN in Nursing Administration and also teach, additional credit hours can be added to the degree program to meet the requirements for nurse education certification. Because nursing administration programs have expanded in recent years, there is still a need for instructors in MSN Administration programs. A variety of programs are available to students who wish to become nursing administration educators.

The potential of registered nurses to advance within healthcare organizations involves a blend of on-the-job experience and further education learned in MSN programs. Nurses play an increasingly larger role in planning and improving patient care at hospitals. Individuals with a nursing administration degree stand out as they advance in their careers, making an MSN in Nursing Administration worth the time and investment.

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Nurse Administrator Or Executive

This trackalso known as Nurse Leadershipprepares a nurse to manage a team of other nurses and/or healthcare members. A Nurse Administrator, sometimes referred to as a nurse manager or executive, may serve as a unit manager, for instance, or in even more expanded leadership roles. Additional advanced certification for Nurse Administrators and Executives are available as well.

Salary: According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics , the median annual salary for medical and health services managers is $118,800 as of May 2020.

What Can You Do With An Msn: Careers In Nursing Leadership And Administration

For the ambitious nurses who are driven to transform their workplaces, a Nursing Leadership and Administration specialization may be the right fit. The combination of their clinical experience and this additional training is what will give students the ability to understand and influence policy and budget.

Students may be wonderful bedside nurses, which is certainly something we need, but we also need the additional critical thinking abilities of graduate-level nurses, Rich says. These nurses are leaders who want to transform their healthcare institutions, shape policy and understand the big-picture budget better.

On the Nursing Leadership and Administration track, students will gain the business savvy youll need to understand and influence healthcare change at a higher level, manage your unit more effectively and apply to executive positions within healthcare.

In addition to core courses, youll find the following topics covered in the Nursing Leadership and Administration specialization path:

  • Advanced Nursing Leadership
  • Leadership and Management in Advanced Nursing Practice
  • The Business Side of Nursing

So where could this blend of hands-on nursing skills and administrative know-how take you? Lets take a look at the job positions this specialization path aims to prepare you for:

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Will I Need A Technology Upgrade To Take Online Courses

If you’re already in the market for the latest Mac, PC or tablet, it makes sense to get your new device before starting online courses. But if you’re happy with what you have, or simply not ready for something new, it’s okay. Online courses are often designed to take advantage of the most recent generation of technology, but they will likely work fine on your current system.

If the computer or device you’ll be using for online courses is more than four years old, consider bringing your operating system, web browser and word processing software up to date. Then make sure you’re all set to stream video, chat and use a webcam. Depending on the course, you may also have to create videos, presentations, or spreadsheets.

Check with your MSN program to see what they recommend or require.

Is An Msn In Nursing Education Worth It


If you are a registered nurse with a passion for teaching and seek the best new career opportunity, earning a masters in nursing education is absolutely worth it. You will earn the opportunity to pursue a number of different options as a nursing teacher and find a job you love.

With an MSN Nurse Educator degree you will also qualify for post-graduate nursing certificate programs should you choose to expand your body of knowledge and continue growing in the nursing field. If youre looking towards a future in management as a nurse leader, see our MSN in Nursing Leadership & Administration program.

Learn more about what you can do with an MSN in nursing education

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Dual Master’s Degree Programs

Who is it right for? Nurses who want advanced leadership or healthcare administration roles

If you know that you want to one day become a hospital CEO or a Chief Nursing Officer, you may want to consider a dual master’s degree in nursing program. With these, you can earn an MSN at the same time as you earn a more leadership-focused degree like an MSN/MBA, or an MSN/MHA — Master’s in Healthcare Administration. You can also earn an MSN/MPH if you want your career to take a public health route.

Will I Work With My Professors Online

Although you won’t have face-to-face lectures or meet your professor in his or her office, there is still plenty of opportunity to work with each instructor in your online classes. Here are some of the ways you can interact with your professors online:

  • Email your professor anytime, even directly from your online portal.
  • Have a real-time meeting via video conference on your computer or smart phone.
  • Start a message board thread for questions about assignments or other aspects of the course.
  • If your professor leaves you feedback after you submit an assignment, respond with your own questions or comments to start a discussion.
  • Invite your professor to participate in a group video chat with classmates, perhaps about a research paper or a project.
  • If your professor is fine with texting or phone calls, that may be an option too .

programs are fast-paced, interesting and challenging. Faculty are available, flexible and encouraging.

âDr. Lorie Sigmon, Assistant Professor, UNCW MSN Nurse Educator online program

Since my youth, I had a passion for nursing and teaching. I value lifelong learning and enjoy sharing what I have learned with others.

âDr. Brandy Mechling, Assistant Professor, UNCW MSN Nurse Educator online program

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How Long Does It Take To Get An Msn

  • I have a BSN: If you have a BSN already, and have clinical experience, an MSN takes around 15-24 months to complete, assuming a full-time course load.
  • I have a 4-year degree in another field: If you have a bachelors degree in a different field, an MSN will take around three years of full-time study since the first year is focused on entry-level nursing coursework.
  • I have a BSN but will work while taking courses: If you will take MSN coursework part-time, expect to spend 2-4 years earning the degree if you have a BSN already.
  • I am an RN but not a BSN: If you need an RN-to-MSN program because you dont have a BSN, and you take classes full-time, you can expect to be in school for three years if full-time and 3-4 years part-time.
  • Expand Your Abilities Nurse Educators Are Equipped To:

    How to Become a Nurse Educator
    • Design curricula and programs for nursing students.
    • Critique systems and plan new healthcare strategies.
    • Effectively communicate knowledge and shared experience with others.

    Eastern’s program is unique in that youll benefit from the knowledge and hands-on practice of highly qualified faculty, while having the opportunity to learn in a variety of settings for clinical experiences. And, if you’re interested in continuing your education beyond your graduate degree, Eastern also offers a doctorate in educational studies with nursing concentration that you can complete in an additional two years.

    • Two years

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    Advance While You Work

    Qualified nurses are needed to guide the future generations of nurses in learning to provide effective and compassionate care. While career advancement is a commitment, an MSN in nursing education is an attainable goal for nurses with a busy schedule.

    In an online format, for example, students can work on coursework and listen to lectures at times that suit their shift schedules, lifestyles and family commitments.

    In addition, some MSN programs, such as the online MSN-Ed program at Spring Arbor University, offer the opportunity to complete the clinical component in an area local to the student, convenient to where they live.

    Meet The Need Nurse Educators Are

    • In demand: With the increase in students entering nursing programs at the university level, the need for nurse educators has grown exponentially and is expected to increase.
    • Top earners: The average pay for a nurse educator is $73,000/year, according to Glassdoor.
    • Vital to the field: According to All Nursing Schools, the lack of nursing faculty is related to our current nursing shortage.

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