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What Gpa To Get Into Nursing School

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Gre Scores And Percentiles


Percentiles indicate how your scores compare to other test-takers’ scores. The tables below show how raw scores convert into percentiles. For example, a scaled score of 170 on the verbal reasoning section means that you scored in the 99th percentile. In other words, you scored higher than 99% of all other test-takers. A 170 for quantitative reasoning means you scored higher than 96% of all test-takers.

Scaled Score

Visit Your Potential Future College

Talk to students, advisers, and professors to help you get a better gauge of whats needed to get in and how competitive the college is. You can also get better insights into the environment and if you would be happy living in that location . This also provides a great opportunity for networking.

Many colleges also offer informational tours around campus be sure to check the schools website to see if this is an option.

Pursue An Accelerated Path To Nursing

While Lesters story is unique, you too can increase your chances of getting into nursing school. If you want to become a nurse, Utica ABSN can help you change paths to nursing in as few as 16 months.

If you have as much passion for beginning a nursing career as Lester did, you can make it happen. The first step in pursuing your dream is completing this form to get in touch with an admission representative to see if youre a good fit for our ABSN program. Reach out to us today!

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Take General Ed Courses To Raise Your Gpa

No matter where you plan on ultimately attending nursing school, high school graduates with a low GPA can enroll in a local community college for your general education classes.

If you can, try to ensure that the community college courses you take transfer to your desired nursing program and/or will count as credits for your prereq classes. But even if they dont, you may be able to raise your GPA enough in as little as one semester that you can apply to nursing school with a higher GPA on your transcripts all in a much more affordable way thanks to the lower cost of community college.

One important note is to make sure that the classes you take are beneficial some nursing schools will not factor classes that they deem is irrelevant to your GPA. So, if you try to take a semester of just gym classes to pad your GPA, a potential nursing school could throw out all of those classes while reviewing your application. A better bet is to work with your high school or college counselor to find classes that will help increase your chances of acceptance.

Should I Apply To The Accelerated Bsn Program Or Regular Bsn Program

Nursing Schools Encouragement Motivation Keep Going

Choosing between the Accelerated BSN program and regular BSN program is a personal decision. For some students, being able to earn their degree faster is worth the higher cost of the ABSN program. Other students prefer the pace and cost of the BSN program. There is no difference between the programs in terms of the courses you complete or the degree you earn.

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Nursing School Application Requirements

Nursing school admission requirements are comprehensive and quite similar to common medical school requirements. Nursing schools are looking for students with high GPAs, impressive resumes and a killer nursing school personal statement. Youll need to ace every part of your nursing school application package to compete, especially at top-ranked schools which have extremely selective admissions criteria and few open spots.

Next, well explore the common nursing school admission requirements you need to know. Every school will have its own application process and requirements, so be sure to check this list against your chosen nursing program and complete any secondary essays or supplemental application sections that are required.

Writing your nursing school resume? Here are some expert tips.

Breakdown Of Gre Scores

GREs have three sections: verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning, and analytical writing. Scoring is fairly straightforward. The verbal reasoning and quantitative reasoning sections are multiple choice and scores range from 130-170 with one-point increments.

The analytical writing section is scored from 0-6, with half-point increments. This section comprises two essay questions. Two readers will score your entrance essay for the nursing program, and if their responses vary by more than one point, a third reader will also score your results. You receive the average of the scores.

The average/mean scores for each section are:


3.6Analytical Writing

In addition to your raw score, you receive a report that indicates your percentile, as described below.

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Nursing Careers In The Us

Nursing is a diverse and demanding career, but it is a popular choice for many in the US. The job offers a wide variety of roles and opportunities for continuing education. It is a job that is in high demand and can offer some high-paying and rewarding roles in education, training, and patient care. There are many paths to becoming a nurse in the US, and while some are easier than others, there are opportunities to move up the career ladder of nursing no matter what level you are at.

Well look at an overview of possible nursing career paths in the US next.

Preparing for a nursing school interview? Check out our expert advice.

Do You Accept Credits From The College Level Examination Program

Is a 3.0 Science GPA good enough to get into Nursing School?

No, the University of Washington nor School of Nursing accept credits from the CLEP. The UW does, however, grant credit for Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate courses.

Visit for more information on the Universitys guidelines for college-level work taken in high school.

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Find The Right Location

Even if youre looking for an online-based program, youll likely have to be on-site for labs, so choosing a location thats easy to get to is important. This could boost your chances of getting into nursing school because youll be able to attend any in-person interviews early and will be nearby just in case you ever need to drop off paperwork or chat with someone face to face. Our location in Central New York offers lots of public transportation options.

Lester Anim, ABSN Graduate, Class of August 2017, says he chose Utica Colleges Syracuse location to better focus on his studies and get away from the hustle and bustle of New York City.

I felt for me personally I wanted to be away from distractions. In the city, theres a lot to do. Come to Syracuse, its much quieter. I just had to focus on one thing and that was school, he says.

Getting away from the city also introduced Lester to lakes and outdoor activities he normally couldnt experience in the city, which was an added perk. To focus for school, I thought it was great. Its calmer just a much quieter situation.

As you can tell, choosing the right location to match your goals can make or break how well you do as a student. To increase your chances of getting into and succeeding in nursing school, youll want to be excited about the program and the location its in and be able to navigate it well.

Are You Ready To Apply To An Msn Program

As you can see, each nursing school has a unique set of admissions requirements and looks for different qualities in their applicants. When it comes to the Marquette Direct Entry MSN program, we consider your academic history as well as your commitment to nursing school and the profession.

If youre ready to advance your nursing education and would like to know if you have what it takes to succeed in our accelerated nursing program, reach out to our admissions team today.

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High Demand For Nursing Education Waitlists

Due to this short supply of faculty, the demand for nursing education is not being met. Why is nursing school in such high demand?

Because nurses are in high demand, and it is a highly sought-after career. With just two years of education , individuals can enter into a respected career, with flexible shifts, that pays a good salary even in an entry-level position. This career is also highly transferable, with job opportunities in almost every city.With such a high demand for nursing education, many schools have to put a waitlist in place for their programs, which delays their learners education by several years.

One of the things that set Nightingale College apart from other nursing institutions is the fact that we have no waitlists.

Lifespan Growth And Development

What to Consider When Applying to Medical School With a Low GPA ...

This course, often included among the prerequisites for RN programs, presents an overview of human growth from conception to death and how human beings change over the course of their lifespan. Course topics explore biosocial, cognitive, and psychological development at each life stage, emphasizing the connections between heredity and environmental factors.

Required Semesters/Credits: One semester

Example Courses: Lifespan developmental psychology, human growth and development

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Do I Have To Take The Gre Or The Mat To Apply To Nursing School

Many institutions require applicants to submit GRE or MAT scores. If a school accepts scores from either entrance exam, the applicant should choose the exam that best suits their unique situation, considering the subjects, costs, dates, and locations of each test.

The GRE tests students on analytical writing, verbal reasoning, and quantitative reasoning. The mathematical section is high-school level and below, and all sections require critical-thinking skills. The MAT comprises 100 semantic analogy questions, which assess the test-taker’s understanding of a variety of topics.

The GRE takes four hours to complete, and the MAT only takes one hour. The GRE costs $205, and students may incur additional fees for registering late or sending scores after the test. The cost of the MAT varies by location, with most testing centers charging about $100. Some schools require no entrance exam, while others waive the requirement for certain students.

Will Scoring High On The Gre Help Me Into A Msn Program With A Low Gpa

In your search for nursing graduate schools, you may discover institutions that accept a low GPA if the applicant submits optional GRE scores. If you can achieve a high score on the GRE, youll be showing admissions that you have what it takes to study and perform well academicallyregardless of the grades you achieved in undergraduate work.

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How Is My Application Evaluated+

The admissions committee critically evaluates each applicants academic performance, descriptive essays, community service history, and special skills and abilities that have the potential to affect care delivery or contribute overall to the nursing profession. The ideal applicant will clearly demonstrate a strong academic history as well as a commitment to the ideology of nursing and service to others. Performance in required science courses is particularly important.

Consider Online Nursing Programs

How I got into nursing school with a low GPA | My Nursing school Journey

Theres a nursing shortage and an increase in non-traditional students. Because of that, many programs have gone online. Online programs can usually have a higher capacity than a traditional school.

So as long as you dont have any issues with an online nursing program, it might be your best bet. Go here to search for online nursing programs.

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Can I Transfer Nursing Prerequisites

Many colleges will accept credits that are transferred from similar schools. However, since a growing number of 4-year programs and community colleges have made it simpler to transfer credits, some nursing schools have become more selective about what type of prerequisites they accept from other schools.

Nursing School Personal Statement Tips

A personal statement is a common part of the graduate nursing school application process. It is your opportunity to outline your professional goals and reasons for pursuing graduate studies, in addition to answering different questions or prompts from the admissions committee.

The best place to start for guidance on writing this piece to include in your nursing school application is your schools website or online application. Once you know the schools expectations for this document, you can take steps to ensure yours stands out from the others that the admissions committee will receive:

  • The goal of the personal statement is to present yourself as a committed professional capable of caring for others dont sell yourself short! Specific and unique examples of why you feel youd make a good nurse, such as past work or volunteer experience or the moment you realized you wanted to become a nurse, are always good to include and can help you stand out. If your path to nursing school took a non-traditional route, that could also be worth noting.
  • Stay on message. Before you begin writing, it can be helpful to determine your main message, or thesis, and outline your key points. Some schools may have a firm word count limit, so its important to get to the point using clear, concise and strong language. Once youve completed your essay, have someone you trust proofread your work and offer fresh perspective.

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How Hard Is Getting Into Nursing School

Working as a nurse implies a huge responsibility. You are literally responsible for the lives and wellbeing of your patients, so it makes sense for the educational process to be reasonably tricky as to prepare you to the best of your ability for the important role you are to play in the healthcare industry.

But before you actually start studying, its notoriously hard to get into nursing school. From strict academic requirements, such as a higher than average GPA or having to complete prerequisite courses with good grades, to having to sit in for stressful, complicated entrance exams, nursing schools dont make it easier on the aspiring nurses.

Lets see what boxes you will have to check in order to get into a nursing program:

How Do I Know What Courses Will Transfer To The Uw School Of Nursing And Fulfill The Prerequisites

How Do You Get into Medical School with a Low Average GPA?

Your first step is to check the Universitys Course Equivalency Guide. You may take other courses besides the ones listed on the guide as long as they fulfill the requirement. The best way to determine if the course you want to take satisfies the requirement is to find the course description for that class and compare it to the description of the sample UW courses listed on the prerequisite worksheet. If the material covered and number of credit hours are roughly the same, the course should satisfy the requirement.

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Easiest Nursing Programs To Get Into

Home » 2023 Easiest Nursing Programs to Get Into

What are the easiest nursing programs to get into? Nursing programs are notoriously hard to get into.

Difficult admission requirementssuch as high GPA requirements, entrance exams, and strict prerequisitesturn many prospective students away from nursing. There are ways to make it easier, though. If you want to be a nurse, you dont need to let admission requirements stand in your way.

Editorial Listing ShortCode:

Some nursing schools are easier to get into than others. They may just require a little homework to find.

During The Nursing School Application Cycle

At this point in your journey, you should have a list of your top nursing school picks and the required materials to get admitted. To eliminate any surprises, double check common requirements to get your application ready:

  • Research school deadlines, organize dates, and set up reminders.
  • Submit your admissions application often a multiple-page online form. Include supplemental materials, such as letters of recommendation, essays, transcripts, and entrance exam scores.
  • Pay application fees, often required before you submit your application. In some circumstances, this can be waived for eligible low-income students.
  • Nursing schools may require virtual or in-person interviews. Have a clear idea about why you went into nursing and where you see yourself working. You can also contact the nursing school and ask an admission counselor about what to expect during the interview.

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Research College And Program Options

Looking to get your BSN and RN, or maybe an eventual MSN, or DNP? If so, youll want to consider different paths to get there:

  • 2 years at community college and transferring to a 2-year university program can be a great path if you want to:
  • Build on your expertise
  • Qualify for a broader range of nursing opportunities
  • Take more time finding the right university program for you
  • 4 years at university can be a great path if you:
  • Havent already graduated from another post-graduate program
  • You see yourself advancing beyond the registered nurse position
  • Already have your mind set on a 4-year university
  • Have a larger budget for tuition
  • There is no right or wrong path, but doing some extra research beforehand can help ensure youre finding the best college or program for you. As stated above, youll need to obtain your BSN and RN before going after an MSN or DNP.

    When researching the different programs, youll want to consider some of the following :

    • tuition and available nursing scholarships
    • specialties offered
    • partnerships with hospitals and if clinical time is offered
    • career placement programs or post-graduation mentorships
    • location and whether or not its remote

    Getting Into Nursing School With 30 Gpa


    How to get Admissions in Nursing Schools with a 3 GPA?

    Are you worried about getting admissions to Nursing Colleges but have a lower GPA.? One of my friends Alaska was also facing the same situation in the days of admissions.

    We both have been working very hard to find such Nursing institutes that accept students with lower GPAs. We have prepared a list of such Nursing Schools those days.

    I thought that this list may prove to be helpful for other such students who have a 3 or lower GPA. Therefore, I am writing this article to create some easiness for such students.

    All frequently asked questions will be addressed in the article. You may choose the state in which you are residing. I will be mentioning such Nursing Schools in the following states of America:

    • Which Nursing Schools offer admissions on 3 GPA in Alabama?

    These three Nursing institutes offer admission to students with a 3 GPA.

    • Stillman College

    Stillman College offers admission on a 2.5 GPA.


    Stillman College is located at 3601 Stillman Blvd, Tuscalcoosa, AL 35401

    Phone number

    You may visit for more information.

    • Jefferson State Community College

    Jefferson State Community College offers admission on a 2.98 GPA.

    4600 Valleydale Rd, Birmingham, AL 35242, United States

    Phone number

    You may visit for more information.

    • Oakwood University

    Oakwood University accepts admissions on 2.99 CGPA.


    Phone Number


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