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What Classes Do I Need To Get Into Nursing School

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Universities Offering Nursing Degree Programs With High Acceptance Rate

How to Get into Nursing School Program

Methodology: The following school list is in alphabetical order. To be included, a college or university must be regionally accredited and offer degree programs online or in a hybrid format with high acceptance rate.

Metropolitan State University offers a Registered Nurse to Bachelor of Science in Nursing program. Classes can be taken online or through a hybrid format. To graduate, students must complete 56 credits. To be eligible for the program, applicants must have a cumulative GPA of 2.5 from any previous nursing courses and be registered nurses.

Acceptance Rate: 96.7%

Metropolitan State University is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission.

Missouri Southern State University offers a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. Students must complete 120 credits to graduate. If an interested applicant is a registered nurse, they may enter the program as a transfer student and take exams to receive certain credits. RN to BSN applicants must have a GPA of 2.0 from a previous institution.

Acceptance Rate: 96.2%

MSSU is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission.

New Mexico State University offers a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree with 3 entry plans, including one for registered nurses. RNs can potentially complete the program in 4 semesters when studying part-time. To be eligible for this track, applicants must be registered nurses, have a GPA of 2.75 or higher, and have an associate degree in nursing.

Acceptance Rate: 80%

Acceptance Rate: 92%

Acceptance Rate: 83.5%

Associate Degree In Nursing

An associate degree is a two-year program, and it is an entry-level degree that will prepare you to become a nurse.

Youll learn basic lab skills, nursing theory, and clinical practice. With an ADN, you can become either a licensed practical nurse or registered nurse , and this is the quickest and easiest way into the profession.

Dont Forget You Can Re

After completing all those prerequisites, volunteer hours, and a having high GPA, you still didn’t get in. Don’t worry, you are allowed to reapply for next semester.

Try to get an idea of what can be improved in your application. Do you need more healthcare volunteer hours or a better grade in a class? Make some adjustments and the next application will be better.

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Bachelor Of Science In Nursing

A BS in nursing is a four-year degree, and youll likely have more job opportunities if you make the commitment to earning a BSN.

In addition to the basic nursing skills and clinical education, youll develop the leadership and administrative skills that can help you advance your nursing career.

Once youve chosen your degree path, the requirements you need to complete admission become clear.

Ways To Get Accepted Into Nursing School

Keep Calm &  Get Into Nursing School! For all of you aspiring nursing ...

Research multiple schools to find the right fit Nursing programs are now offered at many, many types of schools. From big public institutions to small private nursing schools the options have never been greater.

Ask yourself some key questions about each school:

  • What type of learning environment do I thrive in?
  • Do I require a lot of extra help and one-on-one teaching and will I be accommodated?
  • Can I afford tuition or qualify for enough financial aid?
  • Is the commute realistic?
  • Do I have to arrange my own clinical hours or does the school arrange them?

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Attend A Nursing Information Session

Many schools will provide nursing information sessions for prospective students who are looking to learn more about their program. In fact, some of them require it if you plan to enroll in courses at their school.

At these sessions, youll have the opportunity to meet some important members of the faculty, you will learn more about the nursing school requirements and what you can expect from that particular program. Youll also have the chance to ask any additional questions you may have. Even if this isnt technically a requirement for your school of choice, its always a good idea to familiarize yourself with the program and gather additional information.

Advice On Increasing Your Gpa

For those with low GPA averages, there are several things you can do to increase your GPA scores.

First, speak with your advisor/guidance counselor regarding strategies you can use to boost your GPA.

One standard method students use to raise their GPA is to retake the class. In this case, students can score higher to have their low GPA scores replaced.

Some colleges will only allow students to retake classes 2 or 3 times.

Students currently taking the course and scoring low can request to drop the class for an incomplete rather than a failing or low grade.

Another recommendation is to take classes where you can quickly get an A.

In addition, students can utilize summer classes to boost their overall GPA.

However, youll want to consult the college to determine how they rate GPA scores for nursing school acceptance.

Consequently, taking courses that dont count towards your nursing program acceptance can cost you money and time.

Most importantly, consult your guidance counselor to determine the best ways to improve your GPA for acceptance into the nursing program.

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Program Of Study And Graduation Requirements:

To qualify for the A.A.S. degree in Nursing, students must complete 64 credit hours as prescribed, attain a grade point average of 2.0 or better and no grade below “C” in any course. All students must complete the nursing course sequence within four academic years of the date of admission to the first nursing course.

Find The Right Programs

Nursing School Prerequisites | What are the Requirements for Nursing School

Before you even begin applying, its crucial to decide what youre looking for. Picking the right nursing programs to apply for involves asking yourself questions such as:

  • Do they offer the right degree for the career I want?
  • Do they have specialty courses that interest me?
  • How much clinical rotation time will I get?
  • Whats their access to top-quality equipment?
  • How well do students do on licensing exams?
  • Does the school offer career placement programs?
  • Can I afford the tuition?

Something to consider is attending information sessions at the various schools you might be interested in. This can give you a better feel for the specifics of the program and help you decide if its the right fit. Some schools may even let you sit in on certain classes or meet with professors.

What about online nursing school?

Another thing to ask yourself is whether the format of a program fits into your life. While many students still attend traditional on-campus programs, an increasing number of people are looking for online options that let them pursue higher education while balancing other responsibilities in their lives. The good news is that these programs do exist in a hybrid format. In these, the hands-on, clinical portion of your coursework will need to be done in person, but most of your nonclinical classes can be taken online.

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Talk To An Admissions Counselor

If youre ready to meet all of the above requirements and are interested in learning more about our full-time, accelerated nursing program, its time to contact one of our admissions counselors.

Your assigned admissions counselor will help you complete the next steps on your path to becoming a nurse and starting a career giving life-changing care to those who need it.

For more information about our ABSN requirements and prerequisites, fill out our online form to reach out to our admissions counselors.

Grade And Gpa Requirements

Applicants to the Bachelor of Science in Nursing program must earn a grade of C or above in all pre-nursing courses and have a cumulative college GPA of 2.5.

Content on this page is provided as a quick reference for planning. All official course descriptions/degree requirements/admission standards/program learning outcomes/etc. are published on the Undergraduate Catalog site.

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Application Process And Admission Requirements

To gain acceptance into the nursing program, students must file an application, provide the necessary documentation and perform a series of steps.

Depending on the nursing program/college, the actions required to complete the admission qualifications vary.

However, the following list includes everyday obligations to complete the nursing schools admission requirements.

  • Fill out the admission application
  • Payment of application fees
  • Complete a nursing school candidacy interview
  • Successfully pass the entrance exam

When applying for the nursing program filling out applications early on is recommended.

The school can contact them if application errors exist or additional information is needed.

It also shows the college that youre motivated to enter the program.

Consequently, students must be aware of deadlines when applying to the program.

Those sending in their applications late may have to wait until the nursing program reopens applications.

Ultimately, a late application can extend the time it takes to get accepted into the program.

High School Classes That Prepare Students For Nursing School

Premed 101: How to Get Into Medical School

First, you need to ensure that youre on the college path. Many high schools will have two different paths, each with different class requirements: the college path and the technical path. Since you will be going to college to complete a degree , you need to choose the college path. This will ensure that you take all of the necessary math and science classes, and you wont have to take any remedial courses once you get to college.

Next, you want to take as many sciences courses that you can. Most will be required anyway, but take courses like biology, chemistry, and any other sciences courses. Most colleges or technical schools will require those same courses to be taken at the college level. By taking them in high school, you will familiarize yourself with some of those important concepts.

You should also take any type of health science courses offered at your high school. While every high school may offer different courses , here is a list of courses youll want to take :

  • Medical terminology
  • Anatomy and Physiology

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What You Need To Get Into Undergraduate Nursing School

Undergraduate nursing school requirements are quite similar to any other college requirements:

  • Complete your application and have it submitted by the deadline.
  • Complete your application for federal student aid by the deadline.
  • If you have an option to visit the campus and participate in an admissions interview, do so. Some nursing schools dont have the resources to interview every student so when you have the chance you should take it.
  • Any applicable transcripts must be included.
  • Know what exams you must have taken, ie. SAT, Nursing School Entrance Exam, and any others.
  • Apply for any applicable scholarships or grants through the school or other sources
  • You must have a high school diploma or a GED.
  • Meet any GPA requirements.

What Prerequisites Do I Need For Nursing

What are the prerequisite classes to take before nursing school? An early start of preparation in high school is recommended if you want a career as a nurse. Being strategic in choosing your extracurricular and academic activities is doing it right.

A couple of options are available for high school students preparing to enter nursing school. Earning these prerequisites in your junior or senior year will give you a great jumpstart to nursing school.

Social Science and Human Behavior

This category requires a minimum of 6 credits. Transferring the credit to nursing school needs a grade of C- or higher.

  • Abnormal Psychology
  • Academic Writing

The courses provided above are some examples of classes you can take while still in high school. Not taking them during high school will require you to take them all while attending nursing school. The way to fast-track your nursing education is to take the mandatory courses while still in high school.

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Requirements To Get Into Nursing School

The requirements for getting into nursing school include having a non-nursing bachelors degree with a cumulative GPA of 3.0, completing ABSN prerequisite courses within the minimum grade requirements, filling out an ABSN program application, submitting a current resume and personal essay, and passing the Test of Essential Academic Skills .

If youre interested in becoming a nurse, you might be looking for a program where your previous college credits can be applied toward your nursing education. Notre Dame of Maryland Universitys Accelerated 2nd Degree Bachelor of Science in Nursing program helps students like you do just that, even if you have no prior health care experience.

Nursing school requirements vary based on the institution, but Notre Dames ABSN program offers a streamlined approach that gets you through the application process and into your nursing courses on an accelerated, 15 month timeline.

In fact, weve boiled down the nursing school admissions process to just six requirements. To be eligible to enroll in our ABSN program, you must first meet Notre Dames accelerated nursing requirements, which are outlined below.

Nursing School Application Requirements

  • Volunteer experience
  • Application fee
  • Test of English as a Foreign Language if applicable

We recommend applying to multiple nursing programs as these programs are highly competitive. If accepted to several programs, you can then decide which school of nursing is the best fit academically and financially.

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Identify The Level Of Nursing Education Youll Need

As you inch closer toward determining the type of nurse youd like to become, youll want to start looking into the specifics surrounding the educational commitment that will be expected of you. If youre looking to become an LPN, for example, you can earn your diploma in as few as 12 months.*

If youre more partial to the job responsibilities and opportunities that could await you as an RN, you can earn your ADN in as few as 18 months, while the traditional BSN route is more likely to take as few as 33 months.* If youve already obtained a bachelors degree in a different field and youd like to pursue a BSN as your second degree, you can complete a program in closer to 18 months.*

There is also an option for practicing RNs who are not yet baccalaureate-qualified to earn a BSN in as few as 18 months with online RN to BSN programs.* And finally, if youre hoping to take your career even further with an MSN, youll need to first earn your BSN and then complete at least another 18 months of schooling to become Masters-qualified.*

There May Still Be Some Clinical Experience Changes

Many clinical rotations were temporarily suspended or converted to simulation teaching at the pandemic’s start. The National Council of State Boards of Nursing responded by implementing more relaxed enforcement and creative clinical rotation requirements.

Fortunately, most nursing school clinical work has returned to its pre-pandemic methods, and nursing students have an exciting opportunity for real-world clinical exposure.

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How To Get Into Nursing School In The Usa

ShiftMed TeamNursing

Do you love the idea of being a nurse? Some people dream of a nursing career from when theyâre children. While itâs not an easy job by any means, nursing is one of the world’s most essential and meaningful jobs. Starting your journey all begins with getting into nursing school.

All nurses need two things: a college degree and a nursing license.

You can earn your degree at a state college, university, or community college. Some trade schools even offer associateâs degree programs for aspiring registered nurses.

This guide will cover everything you need to know about becoming a nurse and getting into nursing school in the US. Weâll start by looking at your education options, then move on to the application process and some tips for success.

Rn To Bsn Online Program

How Long Does It Take To Become A Rn In Canada

Nurses who have already earned an Associate Degree in Nursing , and have their RN license, may wish to enroll in DCoNs online RN-to-BSN program. This program has been designed by nurses, for nurses, many of whom must continue working. The good news is that this program has no prerequisites, provided you have an ADN from an accredited institution and an unencumbered state license as a registered nurse!

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Clearances For Clinical Practice

Prior to beginning any course work in the nursing major, students are required to submit documentation for health and clinical clearance. Please review due dates on the form. Clearance documentation must be kept up to date in Castlebranch .

Clinical course schedules are determined by the School of Nursing based on resources and clinical facility availability. Clinical schedules may include day and/or evening hours on any of the 7 days of the week. Criminal background checks may be required by clinical sites. A student who has been convicted of a felony or misdemeanor will have to undergo investigation by the Office of Professional Discipline, which might result in denial of RN licensure.

Post Baccalaureate Associate Degree Nursing Option

Post Baccalaureate Associate Degree in Nursing offers qualified applicants an opportunity to finish their degree in Nursing in less than two calendar years. The four nursing courses are offered in Summer/Fall/Spring/Summer spanning a 14 month time period. Students who successfully complete the Nursing option’s four-course cycle will be eligible to take the NCLEX licensing exam for their R.N.

Applicants for the Post Baccalaureate Associate Degree Option must meet all of the requirements for the traditional program. All policies and procedures related to the traditional option apply to students in the accelerated option.

Exceptions are noted below.

To be eligible for this option, students must have completed all co-requisite courses prior to the beginning of the Summer term, All transfer courses must appear on data sheet by end of Spring semester prior to admission to the program. Applicants must also meet the requirements for admission to the traditional program including a GPA of at least 2.75.

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