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What Bachelor Degree For Nursing

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Rn Degree Requirements By Employer

Dallas College Announces Four-Year Bachelor’s Degree Program In Nursing

The first step to becoming a registered nurse is to complete the educational requirements that are dictated by the state in which you wish to practice, as these requirements will determine whether or not you are eligible for licensure. But it is also important to note that individual employers can, and often do, have their own requirements when considering applicants.

For example, in the state of Massachusetts, and especially in the Boston area, many hospitals will only consider RN applicants who have earned at least their BSN, even though the state only requires an associates degree.

For this reason, earning your bachelors degree in nursing is likely to offer you the greatest benefits in terms of employability compared to earning your ADN. By earning your BSN, you will increase the number of employers that would be interested in hiring you, even if your state only requires an associates degree. Additionally, having earned your BSN will make it easier to practice in a different state should you ever decide to move.

Online Bachelor’s In Nursing Admission Requirements

BSN programs generally require a minimum GPA for admission, since universities want to ensure students can succeed in their program. Some universities may accept a lower GPA if students achieve a higher score on standardized exams.

BSN programs usually require students to submit SAT or ACT scores. Schools may accept lower scores for students with a high GPA. If schools accept both standardized exams, students should submit their best score.

An online bachelor’s in nursing begins with general education requirements, which students must complete before taking upper-level nursing courses. Students may also need to complete work or volunteer hours in approved medical settings.

Colleges and universities include letters of recommendation in the admission process in order to examine students’ character. Students applying right out of high school can ask teachers or counselors for letters. Nontraditional students with work or college experience may want to consider asking employers or professors who can speak to their character.

Online bachelor’s in nursing students complete multiple field experiences during the latter portion of their program. Because of this, schools must ensure their students are able to safely participate in such experiences. Universities often require students to obtain immunization and drug screening prior to admission. Admission also typically requires a criminal background check.

Overall Quality Is A Must

The overall quality of a bachelor’s degree school is important to ensure a quality education, not just how well they do in a particular major. To take this into account we include a school’s overall Best Colleges ranking which itself looks at a collection of different factors like degree completion, educational resources, student body caliber and post-graduation earnings for the school as a whole.

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What To Look For In A School

When comparing BSN programs, look for signs that tell you whether youre likely to get your moneys worth from your education. Most schools publicize key student statistics on their websites.

These numbers typically include:

  • Percentage of graduates from the most recent graduating class who have jobs as nurses
  • Student-to-faculty ratio
  • Ranking among BSN programs in their state

Dont be casual about choosing a nursing school. Take time to find out if a school is a good fit.

Make sure that you talk to the schools, Poindexter says. Does the program fit your lifestyle? How is it delivered? If its online and you dont like to work online and thats not the way that you prefer to study, then you need to look at a different program that offers more face-to-face time in a traditional classroom.

Where To Study Your Bsn

Bachelor Of Science In Nursing

The Bachelors of Science in Nursing is most often conferred at a four-year nursing school, or a medical university that features a school of nursing. Youll have a dizzying array of school choices, each of which offers something different, including program cost, program of study, location and even particular focus and more. The school could be small or large, offer career guidance and job placement and various options for financial aid and scholarships.

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Which Nursing Degree Does An Rn Need

Registered nurses are required to have a minimum of an Associate Degree in Nursing , but a Bachelor of Science in Nursing may help you secure a job with more responsibility and higher pay.

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While the RN designation is often referred to as a degree, that is actually incorrect. To become an RN, one must earn an associates degree or a bachelors degree with an emphasis in nursing. Once you have one of those degrees, you are eligible to sit for the NCLEX-RN exam to be licensed as an RN.

Choosing The Right Online Bsn Program

There are a number of factors for you to consider when choosing a program that is right for you. In addition to the programs reputation and cost, you need to determine whether a program will work for your individual needs and convenience.

An online RN-to-BSN program that requires you to attend a percentage of classes in person may not make sense: likewise, a program that is not in your immediate area and that requires you to participate in clinical hours at a specific facility may also pose a challenge.

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Professional Nursing Organizations: Purpose And Benefits

Nursing organizations play an important role in professional development. Professional nursing organizations purpose is to provide members with role-related competencies, certification opportunities, continuing education, and to be the voice of the member nurses. Nursing organizations have a lot of benefits for members. Most nursing organizations offer free nursing association memberships. Here are the top 10 nursing organizations in the US:

Nursing Organizations Alliance National Student Nurses Association American Psychiatric Nurses Association Academy of Neonatal Nursing American Association of Nurse Anaesthetists Academy of Medical-Surgical Nurses National Association of Orthopaedic Nurses Professional Association of Nurse Travelers

These are the top 10 nursing organizations in the country. As stated earlier, professional nursing organizations purpose is mainly to provide professional development and form a united voice. There are many types of nursing organizations in the US including nursing organizations for students, the National Student Nurses Association , for instance, pediatric nursing organizations, international nursing organizations, and more.

Related Rankings:

What Is A Bachelors Of Science In Nursing

Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) Degree at LSC

A bachelors of science in nursing is a 4-year degree designed to prepare you to work as a registered nurse . During this time you will be prepared through didactic education and clinical experiences to care for patients in a variety of settings. During your training you will learn to become a safe and effective nurse by taking courses in the hard sciences, nursing theory, clinical assessment, and more. You will be taught skills that will enable you to think critically about the nursing care that you deliver to your patients. At the end of your degree you will be qualified to sit for the NCLEX exam that credentials you at the national level as an RN. With a BSN you will be highly employable at major hospitals and healthcare organizations around the country.

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What Can You Do With A Bachelors In Nursing: Types Of Nurses And Salaries

Have you wondered, What can I do with a bachelors in nursing?Nursing careers are in demand and job projections are quite strong. One of the benefits of a nursing career is the high income, relative to the amount of education nursing is one of the highest-paying bachelors degree careers. There are many types of nurses and salaries vary from one specialty to the next. When it comes to nursing careers salary, the median annual wage is $68,450. There are many types of nursing career options to consider. If you are confused about types of nursing careers, heres a list of nursing fields or nursing specialties in demand.

  • Clinical Nurse Specialist. Clinical nurse specialists diagnose and treat various in a specialized unit or clinic.
  • Family Nurse Practitioner. This type of nurse functions like a primary care physician performing roles such as consultation, assessment, treatment, and prescribing medication.
  • Informatics Nurse. Informatic nurses use communication technologies and information management techniques to promote public health.
  • Nursing Administrator. The work environment of a nurse administrator involves dealing with HR, staff management, budgeting, and other backstage operations in nursing.
  • Pain Management Nurse. This type of nurse works with patients with chronic pain issues or help patients manage pain after surgery.
  • Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner. This work environment of a nurse involves working patients with mental disorders under a psychiatric physician.

Undergraduate Admissions And Programs

The bachelor of science in nursing program is designed to prepare entry-level nurses for careers in a variety of health care settings, as direct caregivers, educators, counselors, advocates, facilitators, coordinators of care, researchers, leaders and members of the nursing profession.

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Why Is Accreditation Important

When choosing a nursing school, a lot of factors come into play. Cost, proximity to home, work, etc. all play an important role in the final decision. But not many students look at the accreditation when choosing a nursing school. Its imperative for prospective nursing students to consider accreditation when choosing an entry-level nursing program. Most employers prefer to hire students who have graduated from accredited programs as they are trained under nationally recognized standards for nursing education.

Therefore, selecting an accredited college or university gives you a competitive edge in the job market. Students from accredited nursing school programs are also better qualified to attend other accredited schools and advance their studies. For instance, youll have an easier time finding a reputable MSN program with a BSN from an accredited nursing school. Nursing school accreditation also gives the students an opportunity to participate in federally funded and state entitled programs.

How Much Can You Make With An Online Nursing Degree

Nursing Bachelor

According to BLS data, registered nurses earn about $71,730 on average. However, students should research state- and county-specific data, as earning potential varies by location. Students may also want to explore top-paying industries. For instance, the average median salary for professionals in the pharmaceutical industry is $95,400.

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Are Online Programs Available

Nursing is a hands-on profession, but both ADN and BSN degree programs can be completed at least partly online. Clinical hours are the exception. Clinicals are hands-on requirements that place a nursing student directly in a healthcare setting, and these must be fulfilled in person at a clinic, hospital, or other brick-and-mortar facility.

If youre a nursing student in a rural area with no classroom programs within reach, an online program can give you access to a wide range of educational opportunities across the country. And if youre already busy, online learning can give you room to meet responsibilities that prevent you from attending school in person.

Sponsored Rn To Bsn Online Program

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RNs with an associate degree: Advance your nursing career with a supportive online RN to BSN program for women.

Simmons University has been empowering nursing leaders for more than 100 years and offering innovative online degree programs since 2013. Up to 96 transfer credits accepted.

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Careers For Rn With Adn

The careers that are available for registered nurses with an associates degree in nursing include positions in hospitals, outpatient care centers, home health care services and doctors offices. Duties for registered nurses with an ADN range from maintaining health records, assisting patients with their daily care, monitor patient health statuses and giving basic nursing card to treat injuries and illnesses.

Job Title

9% increase

Advantages Of A Bsn Degree

UT Tyler sets new rate for online bachelor of science in nursing degree

Nursing is one of the most rewarding career choices available. In fact, according to the Medscape Nurse Career Satisfaction Report 2016, practicing nurses have a hard time choosing just one single-biggest reward of their career. Gratitude expressed by patients, job enjoyment, and pride in being a nurse were the top sources of gratification for RNs in general, but among those who earned the more advanced Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree, there are additional significant advantages, including:

  • Pride in delivery of care. Surveys by a number of esteemed institutions have all arrived at the same conclusion: nurses who have earned their Bachelors degree or beyond makes a big difference in patient outcomes and the facilities in which they practice have lower mortality rates and lower failure-to-rescue rates.
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    Bsn Curriculum And Clinicals

    While the program you choose may be set up differently from another, what remains fairly standard are the curriculum requirements for a Bachelors degreed nurse. Generally the curriculum youll get in a BSN program looks similar to this:

    • Anatomy and Physiology
    • Community, Family, Geriatric, Psych overviews
    • Nursing Theory
    • Nursing Research

    Because the BSN is a full-fledged Bachelors degree youll complete a number of required courses, such as English/Composition, Art, Literature, History, Physical Education, and Social Sciences.

    Clinicals in the BSN encompass a wide array of patient care facilities. Advanced clinicals allow you to choose among unique environments based on your interests and possible goals in the field. For example, you might spend the first part of your degree working in a local hospital, but during the latter part of your studies you may opt to pursue a clinical experience in a long-term care facility, a public health department, a psych facility and more.

    University Of Illinois At Chicago

    The University of Illinois at Chicago offers some of the best BSN programs in the US. UIC offers potential nursing students a traditional Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree program and an online RN to BSN completion degree program. Applicants to these best Bachelor of Nursing programs offered by the University of Illinois must have completed57 credits to be eligible for admission. The featured classes for UICs nursing programs include nursing professionalism, concepts in pharmacology, and the foundations of nursing, to name a few.

    The University of Illinois was established in 1972 as a public research institution of higher education. The University of Illinois ASU is organized into 16 colleges/schools that serve more than 34,00 postgraduate and undergraduate students.

    What We Like: The University of Illinois at Chicago is recognized as an Asian-serving and Hispanic-serving institution of higher learning.

    Degree: BSN, RN to BSN

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    What Will I Learn In My Courses

    Associate degree classes will include core education requirements such as:

    Anatomy, microbiology, chemistry, nutrition, and psychology, along with specific nursing topics.

    Bachelors in nursing program coursework typically provides more depth and detail in various subjects, such as:

    Emergency care, nursing research, and population-based practice.

    What Will I Study In My Bsn Program

    Bachelor Of Science In Nursing

    To be eligible to sit for the NCLEX and become an RN there are certain courses that a required regardless of what school you go to. Additionally, to earn a bachelors degree in any field there are also certain core courses that you must take. These will often have nothing to do with nursing and there are only a few that you will need to do during your 4 year education. You can expect your coursework to look similar to some of those offered at Boston College:

    • Pharmacology
    • Pediatric Nursing Theory and Clinical
    • Adult Health Nursing Theory and Clinical
    • Maternal-Newborn Nursing Theory and Clinical
    • Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing Theory and Clinical
    • Health Assessment Theory and Clinical

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    Why Should I Earn A Bsn

    With so many pathways existing to becoming an RN it can be hard to know which route to take. If you are ready to earn your 4-year bachelors degree and want to work as an RN, a BSN may be the right path for you. While earning an associates degree in nursing was the original and most popular way to become a nurse, many healthcare organizations are shifting towards having the BSN become the baseline degree for them hiring RNs. By earning your BSN you will be a strong candidate in your applications to nursing jobs. Additionally, if you choose to move past a bachelors degree to become an advanced practice registered nurse or earn your PhD, a bachelors is the minimum degree requirement for these programs.

    Associate Degree In Nursing

    A two-year ADN program includes courses in anatomy, nursing, nutrition, chemistry, and microbiology, among others. Youll also be required to take general liberal arts classes. Earning an ADN is a popular option for registered nurses. It can open the door to entry-level staff nurse positions which will provide you with hands-on experience in the medical field.

    Earning an ADN is the fastest path to becoming a registered nurse: most associate degree programs take two years to complete.

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    Bsn Level Nurse Salaries

    How much you earn as a BSN nurse is dependent on factors such as where you live, your employer, number of years of experience, your specialty track, and more. The median annual wage for RNs in May of 2020 was $75,330, according to the BLS. The median annual salary for those working in government was $84,490, while the highest 10% of RNs earned more than $116,230.

    As of 2020, BLS statistics show that registered nurses employed in the business support service industry earn more than nurses in any other industry, with a mean annual wage of $106,670.

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