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West Los Angeles College Nursing

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Healthcare Training Programs In Los Angeles California

West Los Angeles College 2021 Virtual Commencement

Welcome to Angeles College in Los Angeles where you are family. For each of our health care programs, we offer the comfort of small class sizes, providing our students plenty of individual attention by our approachable and friendly faculty and staff. We are dedicated to helping you achieve your goal of becoming a successful healthcare professional and will work with you to find a schedule that allows you to complete your program of choice as conveniently as possible.

We offer training multiple programs such as Nurse Assisting, Vocational Nursing, RN to BSN, our flagship Bachelor of Science in Nursing, and more! Our instructors provide personalized support and attention in class and during clinical training. With a variety of health care training programs, dedicated faculty, and supportive administrators, we know youll succeed in your career.

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Play A Critical Role In Peoples Lives Every Day

Prepare a patient for surgery while comforting them and their family beforehand. Take a childs vital signs and talk with their parents to find out why they need to see the doctor to gather information to prepare the doctor for the visit. Conduct research on a specific population within L.A. County that is statistically showing a higher risk for heart disease to present to county officials, begin public service announcements, and alert healthcare workers of these trends.

These scenarios barely start to scratch the surface of the tasks nurses perform every day they go to work. They are healthcares caretakers, the ones who are a crucial link between patient and doctor, and provide those under their care immediate medical attention, compassion, and support.

Nurses are pivotal to our healthcare system, allowing it to run smoothly and efficiently. Nursing has always been in high demand, and as the demand for healthcare services continues to grow, Nursing is now one of the top ten professions in the country, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Find out what you will need to apply to LASCs Nursing Program so you can begin your future nursing career today!

Who Is This Program For

For over 100 years, West Coast University has supported passionate people and professionals in the healthcare industry. We educate students to become healthcare leaders, whether they want to pursue careers as nurses or move into administrative roles.

With our interactive, online classes you can learn anytime, anywhere. Theyre enriched with mobile-friendly video content, audio books, simulations, adaptive quizzing, and on-the-go resources for remote learning.

West Coast University proudly supports Americas veterans, active duty military personnel and their spouses. We are committed to serving you with the same integrity with which you served your country.

As a military student, WCU offers a reduced tuition rate to service members and their spouses. You also have access to certain benefits from your service and WCU is here to help you understand and access what is available to you. One of those benefits is eligibility for Tuition Assistance through the Department of Defense.

Our goal is to provide you with the education and support services you need to help you pursue and achieve the success you deserve.

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What Youll Learn At Lasc In Nursing

You can get an Associate Degree in Nursing degree at LASC where you will get the educational background and hands-on training youll need to start your career as a Registered Nurse :

  • Learn human anatomy and physiology to understand the human body and how it functions properly.
  • Gain critical-thinking, logic, and communication skills as you learn how to diagnose medical problems from listening to patients, asking questions, and using your knowledge of diseases and symptoms to assess if the patient needs medical assistance.
  • Build practical nursing skills in nursing labs before going onsite to local Los Angeles hospitals and facilities to learn and strengthen your patient care skills.
  • Discover best methods and practices to communicate with patients and their families.
  • Learn the intricacies of patient care, medical procedures, and how to keep information organized about patients and prioritized by need.
  • Once you successfully complete the ADN program, you will be able to take the NCLEX to become a Registered Nurse and begin your career!
  • Want to transfer? With your Associate Degree in Nursing degree, you will save money on your first two years of Nursing school at LASC learning from resourceful, dedicated faculty before you transfer to pursue a Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing . Visit your academic counselor to fund out more.

West Los Angeles College

Vocational Nursing Program

Choose a degree program to view the transfer plan for your school, and see program availability at APUs campus locations:

  • CRIMJTransfers into APUs Criminal Justice, BA available at Inland Empire, and Online.
  • ELMTransfers into APUs Entry-Level Masters in Nursing available at Azusa , Inland Empire, Monrovia, and San Diego.

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Degrees & Courses You Will Take

Review LASCs Associate in Science in Nursing degree, known as an Associate Degree in Nursing , and our required course of study for this program. Go to LASCs current Course Catalog for specific course information, and find out about how to complete the Nursing Application Process to start your path to becoming a nurse:

Major Code: 1203.00

  • You must adhere to LACCDs Administrative Regulation E10 guideline as stated on the LACCD webpage and the LASC nursing program Progression and Retention policy.
  • Get Ready Before You Start

    Want to be a nurse? You can begin preparing for it before your first class starts at LASC:

    • Make an appointment with your LASC academic counselor to review LASCs Nursing Program Requirements to review the general education and prerequisites to develop your Student Education Plan , along with how to apply to the program once you are an LASC student. Start to gather your transcripts, and attend an Information Session to find out detailed information on how to apply.
    • Still in high school? Talk with your high school counselor about the math, science, and AP courses you can take to start preparing academically. Contact local healthcare centers and hospitals to see if they have any summer volunteering opportunities or internships you can be a part of. If your school has a pre-med club or start your own club. Read blogs about the healthcare industry and take a CPR / First Aid Course.
    • Once youre at LASC, make sure to get involved with on-campus clubs and organizations, such as the Future Nurses of America and Toastmasters, or become a student ambassador, or run for student body government. These create new relationships and enhance your resume to show potential employers your commitment to building leadership skills and furthering your healthcare community.

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    General Education Block Transfer

    Perhaps youve completed your general education at one or multiple colleges and now you want togather up all those credits and apply them towards your four-year degree. UMass Global accepts awide variety of GE credit transfers if they are completed prior to attending your first UMass Globalclass:

    • In California, we accept CSUor UC IGETC certification
    • In Massachusetts, we accept MassTransfer Block credits
    • In Washington, we acceptstate approved Direct Transfer degrees
    • In Oregon, we accepttransfer credits
    • In all other states, weaccept equivalent transfer certifications

    Rn To Bsn/msn Programs In Los Angeles Ca

    2022 Commencement at West Los Angeles College

    Bridge programs are specialized pathways where current RNs can earn a higher degree. Typically these programs are shorter, as they take into account the knowledge and training the nurse has already obtained in their diploma or ADN program. RN to BSN and RN to MSN bridge programs are readily available at many Los Angeles area schools.

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    Health & Other Requirements

    If you have been officially accepted to the RN program, you must attend a mandatory New Student Orientation. During this orientation, you will learn about all of the program requirements, such as official transcript submission, personal background checks and the different health requirements needed, and well also review LASCs student support services. Since you must be in adequate health to perform the duties of a nurse, you are required to have a physical examination.

    All health requirements must be submitted to your CastleBranch account by the deadline . If you do not meet this requirement by the deadline, your seat will be forfeited and you will not be allowed to continue in the program. Youll receive detailed information about this at the New Student Orientation.

    During clinical rotations, you will perform activities that involve direct contact with the potential to be exposed to blood or bodily fluids. To maintain a safe clinical environment and be able to safely participate in any clinical activities, you must meet the ADN Program health requirement. As part of your application, you must submit the following health requirement to your CastleBranch account.

    It is important to begin working on your health record requirements as soon as possible.Depending on your immunity status to each disease and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Guidelines, it can take up to 2 months to meet compliance.

  • Issued by the American Heart Association
  • West Los Angeles College Has Programs In:

    • Biology/Biological Sciences
    • Sales, Distribution, and Marketing Operations
    • Tourism and Travel Services Marketing Operations
    • Speech Communication and Rhetoric
    • Computer Systems Networking and Telecommunications
    • Information Technology
    • Education/Teaching of Individuals in Early Childhood Special Education Programs
    • Industrial Production Technologies/Technicians
    • Fire Prevention and Safety Technology/Technician
    • Legal Administr

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    Our Commitment To Your Success

    The ELAC Nursing program provides quality and affordable nursing educational opportunities for students and working professionals from diverse backgrounds utilizing evidence-based pedagogical practices and the latest technology to enhance the teaching/learning process and promote student success. We believe every student/faculty/staff can be successful if given the opportunity to learn and practice the right skills. We are committed to encourage, facilitate, and nurture every person to achieve success.

    Since 1945, East Los Angeles College Nursing program has prepared nurses and nursing leaders who are committed to improving the health outcomes of their patients and the communities they serve. Our graduates have played vital roles in nursing administration, clinical practice, education, policy development and research. Our Associate Degree in Science, Nursing curriculum is approved by the California Board of the Registered Nursing . East Los Angeles College is accredited by the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges . Additional strengths of the program come from tremendous support provided by our community partners and a dedicated group of faculty who are mostly ELAC Nursing alumni committed to student success.

    Entry Level Adn Bsn & Msn Programs In Los Angeles Ca

    From COVID

    Direct-entry nursing programs for those with no prior nursing degree are available in a variety of formats in Los Angeles. The Associate’s Degree in Nursing is the most basic, but there are also direct-entry opportunities for those looking to earn a Bachelor of Science in Nursing or even a Master’s of Science in Nursing .

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    Degreewith A Guarantee California Community College Transfer Program

    As an independent, nonprofit university in California and a member of AICCU, UMass Global isproud to bejust one of a handful of universities participating in this partnership with CaliforniaCommunityColleges. The Associate Degree for Transfer is a special degree offered through all114California Community Colleges that will guarantee you a saved spot at UMass Global. In mostcases,when you earn your ADT at your local community college, you will seamlessly transfer thosecreditsto us with junior year standing. To learn more, meet with your Community College Counseloror speakto an enrollment coach today at 800.746.0082.

    How To Apply:

  • Be enrolled in LASC and have a 9-digit Student ID Number.
  • Review the dates for the open enrollment period under When to Apply so you know when you can apply and what your deadlines are.
  • Make sure you meet the Prerequisites and General Education Requirements and Health and Other Requirements.
  • Must attend a Mandatory Application Session.
  • Complete the application.
  • Include with your signed electronic application:
  • All current official college transcripts of coursework completed inside and outside of the Los Angeles Community College District .
  • Official transcripts from a U.S. high school, GED, California Proficiency Exam, or U.S. College or University degree or Evaluation Report from an approved agency. If you were educated outside of the U.S., review Foreign Course Credit for more information.
  • For veterans and spouses of veterans only, please include a copy of your DD Form 214.
  • Transfer Information, if applicable. Include Transfer Recommendation Form, Official Transcripts, Course Syllabi and Course Description. See detailed information for Transfer Students below.
  • TEAS is required to apply. You must include unofficial results with your application.
  • For applicants with a misdemeanor or who were convicted for any offense other than a minor traffic violation, include a signed formal letter to Program Director, Dr. Azubuike, along with a copy of a Certificate of Rehabilitation. If needed, call the Nursing Front Office for more information

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