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West Coast University Family Nurse Practitioner

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West Coast Fnp Programs To Check Out Right Now

West Coast Universitys Online Family Nurse Practitioner program

From the rocky shores of Washington State to the sandy beaches of SoCal, the West Coast understandably attracts nurse practitioner students from across the country. Whats not to like about attending an NP program near the refreshing waters of the Pacific, where outdoor lovers, beach bums, and some of the brightest healthcare minds in the country converge? If youre looking for a family nurse practitioner program on the Left Coast, check out these six standout picks.

1. University of Washington

Certification Pass Rate: 100%

Degree Options: DNP

The University of Washington is home to one of the most robust nurse practitioner programs in the country. A multitude of specialty offerings not only gives students options when it comes to their education, but also attracts renowned faculty from a wide range of healthcare fields. As evidence of this superior education, graduates of UWs family nurse practitioner program boast a 100 percent first time pass rate on the national certification exam. Not only do grads enjoy a perfect certification exam pass rate, University of Washington faculty arrange clinical preceptorships taking this responsibility off the shoulders of busy students.

2. University of California Davis

Certification Pass Rate: 100%

Degree Options: MSN

3. University of Hawaii at Manoa

Certification Pass Rate: 100%

Degree Options: Direct Entry, MSN, DNP

4. University of California San Francisco

Certification Pass Rate: 100%

Degree Options: Direct Entry, MSN

Salary Of Nursing Graduates With A Bachelor’s Degree

Nursing majors who earn their bachelor’s degree from West Coast University – Orange County go on to jobs where they make a median salary of $77,900 a year. This is great news for graduates of the program, since this figure is higher than the national average of $61,050 for all nursing bachelor’s degree recipients.

Online Programs In The Usa

Online degrees are an excellent way to obtain a degree without the hassle of commuting or the costs of attending a college or university.

Online programs are becoming increasingly popular because they provide the same education as traditional programs, but with an affordable price and convenience.

Online degree programs have become a popular choice for students in recent years, as they offer flexible schedules and hands-on learning. Some online degree programs allow students to earn their degrees without ever leaving their home.

The United States of America is the most developed country with the most ethnically diverse population. The most top-ranked universities in the ranking list are American universities.

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Family Nurse Practitioner Degrees

A WCU FNP education helps prepare you to advance your care expertise for both children and adults. WCU offers multiple programs with an FNP track.

We believe in end-to-end support. Throughout our Family Nurse Practitioner program, you will:

  • Get hands-on experience through on-site intensives
  • Receive support through clinical relations coordinators
  • Faculty mentoring through FNP faculty to foster professional development
  • Prepare for and be eligible for national board exams through the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners and the American Nurses Credential Center
  • Receive coursework that meets National Board of Nurse Practitioner standards
  • Receive 24-hour access to library and courses

FNP Curriculum

Preview your course of study. The number of months your online FNP degree will take will vary depending on whether you choose the accelerated or working professional pace. We recommend reviewing your prospective curriculum in detail, so you know what to expect.

Academic Calendar

New academic sessions begin, on average, and depending on programs, every eight weeks. You can review and consider an up-to-date start-to-completion schedule by degree.

Tuition & Financial Aid

To apply for financial aid assistance or scholarships, we recommend applying alongside your admissions application in order for your consideration to be processed on your intended timeline. Learn More.

Support for Students Beyond Graduation

Placement Opportunities


West Coast University Salary Faqs

West Coast University

The average salary for a Nursing Faculty is $85,441 per year in United States, which is 8% lower than the average West Coast University salary of $93,157 per year for this job.

The salary trajectory of a Nursing Faculty ranges between locations and employers. The salary starts at $67,601 per year and goes up to $71,404 per year for the highest level of seniority.

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Family Nurse Practitioner Tracks

Gain skills that help prepare you to work in private practice, clinical environments, and specific care units

Train in telehealth, special populations, and new trends in healthcare

Multiple starts throughout the year, flexible online classes including mobile-accessible learning, and accelerated and working professional program pacing options

Flexibility of study with a mix of online and on-site learning

Why an FNP track?

A Family Nurse Practitioner is a holistic resource for patients of all ages, and often the connective tissue to care for a family unit. At WCU, our online FNP programs are set up to give you the tools for both care and understanding the unique dynamics of family care.

Caring for all ages as a Family Nurse Practitioner requires an advanced level of versatility and proficiency. FNPs respond to unique and varied circumstances and create trust with the families they treat.

In addition to online coursework and OSIs , your West Coast University education will include a forward-thinking approach that anticipates new technologies and practices that will provide a future-focused approach to your education and practice.

West Coast University North Hollywood Ca

  • Course Length: 0 hours – 4+ years
  • Price: $25 – $197,342

All information on this page, including but not limited to price, cost, instructions, descriptions, and the content of a certification course, is presented for informational and promotional purposes only, is not legal advice, may be an approximation, is subject to change, and may have been generated by third parties. Nothing on the site is a guarantee, warranty, or prediction regarding any legal matter. Prior to enrolling in a course for a certification, please contact the proper school or certification administrators for information regarding certification requirements.

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Graduate And Guest Ticket Information

All graduates and guests attending the ceremony require printed tickets for entry.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, there is limited capacity at the venue. Safety regulations require that all guests, including children , have an assigned ticket. Graduate tickets cannot be used for guest seating. Additional tickets are not available.

Ticket information was sent directly to graduates via WCU email.

*Note: Tickets are not for sale or resale and are non-transferable. Selling tickets is prohibited and violates WCUs Student Conduct Policies and Procedures. Anyone caught selling or creating counterfeit tickets will not be allowed to participate in the Commencement Ceremony and may be referred to the Conduct Committee, where possible sanctions may include but are not limited to the rescinding of the degree.

Paying For West Coast University Online Graduate Nursing Programs

WCU Alumni Spotlight: Shanna Jackson, MSN-FNP

West Coast University charges $615 per credit plus fees for the RN to MSN core for the RN to MSN program, $635 per credit plus fees for the MSN core for the MSN programs, and $785 per credit for the MSN specialization courses for both RN to MSN, MSN, and certificate programs. Distance education tuition is the same for residents and non-residents. Travel expenses for the two campus intensives are not included in tuition costs. Prospective students should inquire with the WCU School of Nursing about current tuition prices and fees.

West Coast University may offer unsubsidized federal student loans to graduate students according to the FAFSA as well as other scholarships and grants to qualified applicants. Graduate nursing students may also wish to inquire with their employers as to the possibility of a tuition reimbursement program. Other opportunities for funding may include private loans, scholarships, and grants through community and other organizations.

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About West Coast University

West Coast University – Dallas Campus is located in Dallas, TX, but also offers classes online. This school offers training in 5 qualifications, with the most reviewed qualifications being Registered Nurse , Basic Life Support Certification and Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support Certification. Time to complete this education training ranges from 2 years to 3 years depending on the qualification, with a median time to complete of 3 years. The cost to attend West Coast University – Dallas Campus ranges from $50,000 to $90,000 depending on the qualification, with a median cost of $75,000. When asked how they paid for their training, most reviewers responded, “I paid for it myself”.

West Coast University Nursing Programs

Working adults can advance their careers in nursing at West Coast University. For over 100 years, WCU has supported passionate people and professionals in the healthcare industry. The school offers undergraduate and graduate degrees in nursing, health administration and public health to help prepare students for career paths in the healthcare industry. Flexible online courses are designed to fit the students busy schedules of working with all coursework done online via the School of Nursings interactive online classroom. The schools programs are accredited by CCNE. The mission of the School of Nursing is to empower students to become healthcare leaders, whether they want to pursue careers as nurses or move into administrative roles. West Coast University proudly supports America’s veterans, active duty military personnel and their spouses.

The nursing school at West Coast University is a private for-profit institution located in North Hollywood, California. Its nursing programs are accredited by ACME and COA.

For nursing students in California, the state average NCLEX-RN passing rate for ADN programs is 88.72% and for BSN programs is 87.43%. The average national NCLEX-RN passing rate for ADN programs is 85.48% and for BSN programs is 87.22%.

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Popularity Of Nursing At West Coast University

During the 2019-2020 academic year, West Coast University – Orange County handed out 759 bachelor’s degrees in nursing. Due to this, the school was ranked #24 in popularity out of all colleges and universities that offer this degree. This is an increase of 11% over the previous year when 684 degrees were handed out.

In 2020, 138 students received their masterâs degree in nursing from West Coast University – Orange County. This makes it the #72 most popular school for nursing masterâs degree candidates in the country.

Texas Bsn Grad First Of Three Siblings To Enroll At Wcu

Institutional and Programmatic Accreditation

Raheela Aftab may have begun her nursing journey in Pakistan but she has never traveled alone.

After moving to America with her family, Raheela was determined to complete her nursing education and decided to attend West Coast University-Texas. Her younger brother, who had also started nursing school in Pakistan, decided to follow his sisters decision and complete his degree as well. Soon after that, their younger sister also decided she wanted to become a nurse.

Now both her younger siblings are enrolled in the Bachelor of Science in Nursing program at West Coast University-Texas, which Raheela just completed in June 2022.

Giving up was not an option, Raheela said. If you give up, you wont get anything.

Having a home full of nursing students allows the siblings to lean on each other for questions, but most of their studying is done individually.

Raheela prefers to study alone in a quiet room. With distractions at home, she said she took full advantage of the study areas available on campus.

I love this campus because you can get a study room, she shared. I was coming earlier, and I would get my study room Im planning to come here to study for my NCLEX.

Once she completes the exam, Raheela wants to spend time with her newborn baby before beginning her residency in February.

When asked what tips she had for other nursing students, Raheela recommended to just not quit on yourself.

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Certified Nurse Anesthesia Programs

The Council on Accreditation of Nurse Anesthesia Educational Programs is the professional organization that approves nurse anesthesia programs nationwide. Their website includes the nationwide listing of accredited nurse anesthesia programs and the Councilâs standard for accreditation and accreditation policies and procedures. The list includes accredited nurse anesthesia programs in California.

* Denotes Private Schools

100 South Los Robles, Suite 550 Pasadena
20 E. River Park Place West Fresno
School of Nursing, CRNA, 3100 Summit Street, 3rd Floor Oakland
Center for Health Professions, 1540 Alcazar Street, CHP 223 Los Angeles 442-2037

West Coast University Celebrates National Nurse Practitioner Week

National Nurse Practitioner Week is Nov. 8-14 and West Coast University would like to honor our faculty and associates who are nurse practitioners.

What is a Nurse Practitioner? A nurse practitioner, often called an NP for short, is an advanced practice registered nurse who has completed graduate level education and training at either the masters or doctoral level. They deliver direct care to a variety of populations and incorporate health promotion and disease prevention into care management. NPs practice in different settings, such as urban, suburban & rural settings, in out-patient clinics, hospitals, emergency departments, urgent care, private physician offices, nursing homes, as well as schools, colleges and public health departments.

NPs provide care to individuals in different settings, depending upon their specialty. There are a number of specialties, such as Family Nurse Practitioners , Adult , Pediatric , Neonatal NP, Acute Care , Womens Health Care , and Psychiatric/Mental Health NPs.

Its estimated that NPs are going to be more in demand since the implementation of the Affordable Care Act. There are more than 18,000 NPs in California and more than 170,000 practicing NPs nationwide. Each year, over 916 million visits are made to NPs in the United States. With the predicted Primary Care Physician shortage, NPs are crucial to filling the gap in healthcare as they also provide cost-effective, high quality care.

Los Angeles – BSN

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Clinical Nurse Specialist Programs

The programs on the list conform to the Boardâs requirements for Clinical Nurse Specialist Certification but are not formally approved by the BRN.

* Denotes Private Schools

333 S. Twin Oaks Valley Road San Marcos
Doheny Campus, 10 Chester Place Los Angeles
Burk Hall 371, 1600 Holloway Avenue San Francisco
2 Koret Way, Box 0602 San Francisco

West Coast University Reviews

What are the WCU FNP Onsite Intensives?
  • Degree:Accelerated BSN
  • Graduation Year:2023


  • Degree:Nursing
  • Graduation Year:2023


  • Degree:Nursing
  • Graduation Year:2023

Scammed student

  • Degree:Nursing
  • Graduation Year:2023


  • Degree:Nursing
  • Graduation Year:2020

Stephany V

  • Degree:Nursing
  • Graduation Year:2024


  • Degree:Accelerated BSN
  • Graduation Year:2021

Sarah Wilson

  • Degree:Nursing
  • Graduation Year:2023


  • Degree:Nursing
  • Graduation Year:2022

Sajeetha Mahinda

  • Degree:Nursing
  • Graduation Year:2022

Curtis Clark

  • Degree:Nursing
  • Graduation Year:2021


  • Degree:Nursing
  • Graduation Year:2022

Sirena Cervantes

  • Degree:Cardiac Sonography
  • Graduation Year:2021

Wiljon Guarin

  • Degree:Nursing
  • Graduation Year:2020


  • Degree:Nursing
  • Graduation Year:2015


  • Degree:Public Health
  • Graduation Year:2018


  • Degree:Nursing
  • Graduation Year:2019

Jess Taylors

  • Degree:Nursing
  • Graduation Year:2018


  • Degree:Nursing
  • Graduation Year:2018


  • Degree:Nursing
  • Graduation Year:2018

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Student Debt Of Nursing Graduates With A Bachelor’s Degree

While getting their bachelor’s degree at West Coast University – Orange County, nursing students borrow a median amount of $34,877 in student loans. This is higher than the the typical median of $23,387 for all nursing majors across the country.

The typical student loan payment of a bachelor’s degree student from the nursing program at West Coast University – Orange County is $362 per month.

How To Become A Nurse Practitioner

So youve decided to pursue a career as a Nurse Practitioner. Where to begin? And what will it entail? The good news is the path to becoming an NP in the United States is clear and consistent. Its a rigorous but rewarding path that leads to a fulfilling professional life.

Many nurses pursue their education by degree , starting with an associate or bachelor degree before pursuing the advanced education and testing required for Nurse Practitioner certification. All practicing NPs have successfully completed a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and a Master of Science in Nursing or doctoral program with an emphasis on NP.

The path to becoming a Nurse Practitioner involves four major steps: two degrees and two certifications. If youre already a working RN, you can skip to Step 3 below.

Step 1: Complete your Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Studying to become a Registered Nurse is a challenge in itself, and the first hurdle in becoming a Nurse Practitioner. Many modern nursing schools offer degrees that can be completed either on an accredited campus or online program. Youll log clinical hours in addition to coursework, to fully prepare you for experience on shift. Like any baccalaureate degree, a BSN takes four years to complete. Some programs will accept previous general education coursework to allow for faster completion.

Step 2: Pass the NCLEX

Step 3: Complete a Masters or Doctorate in Nursing

Step 4: Pass the National NP Certification Board Exam

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What To Expect From West Coast University Online Np Programs

Admission Requirements: Applicants to the MSN and Post-Masters Certificate programs must have a prior cumulative GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale plus proof of RN licensure in the state of practice. No GRE is required. Students in all programs must receive a recommendation for admittance from the Nursing Dean and committee members. An interview and handwritten essay evaluation are required. Application materials may include an application and fee, proof of unencumbered RN licensure, official transcripts, two letters of recommendation, and a resume or CV.

State Restrictions: The West Coast University graduate nursing programs may not be available in all states. Students should check with the WCU School of Nursing as well as their state board of licensure to verify eligibility and to determine if the program meets state requirements for NP licensure.

Study Plan: The MSN-FNP can be completed in nine trimesters which spans 36 months. The MSN-AGPCNP can be completed in 8 trimesters which spans 32 months. The RN to MSN-FNP program takes about 40 months to complete. The FNP Post-Masters Certificate can be completed in 24 months, and the AGPCNP certificate can be completed in 20 months. Programs begin in the Fall, Spring, and Summer.

FNP students also take Primary Care Pediatric Patient Theory and Practicum.

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