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Walden University Mental Health Nurse Practitioner

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Accelerated Msn Psychiatric Np Programs

Walden University Week 4,5,& 6 | Nurse Practitioner Program | Advanced Health Assessment NURS6512S

Who is it right for? Those with anon-nursing bachelors degree

Many graduate nursing programs also allow you to enroll directly if you have your RN license and a bachelors in a non-nursing-related field.

Some schools may also accept non-nurses with bachelors degrees to fast-track them into a masters program by the end of the program, you will have earned your RN and be eligible to sit for the NP certifying exam as well.

Pmhnp & Prescriptive Authority

Prescriptive authority is regulated by state law. Although all State Boards of Nursing allow certified & licensed PMHNPs to prescribe, states have different rules about the scope of practice.

  • In some states, you may have full practice authority .
  • In other states, you may need to be supervised by a psychiatrist/physician.

Your prescriptive authority will also depend upon your job title. Currently, there are two types of Psychiatric-Mental Health Advanced Practice Registered Nurses :

  • Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurse Practitioner : Before they will grant you a state license, most State Boards of Nursing will want to see that you have PMHNP certification from the American Nurses Credentialing Center . Once you are licensed as an APRN & certified as a PMHNP, youll be permitted to prescribe under the terms weve outlined above. If youd like more info on a PMHNPs scope of practice, the APNA has a helpful State by State Practice Authority Guide for APRNs, available to APNA members.
  • Psychiatric-Mental Health Clinical Nurse Specialist : Some State Boards will not allow clinical nurse specialists to prescribe. Other State Boards are willing to grant prescriptive practice to PMH-CNSs who have taken graduate courses in pharmacology, pathophysiology, and physical health assessment and have current ANCC certification. If youre interested in the prescriptive authority of CNSs, check out the NCSBNs CNS Independent Prescribing Map.

Note On Field Experience And Relocating

Students who are considering relocating are advised to contact their student success advisor prior to any decision to relocate in order to determine how relocation may impact progress in their program. Advisors can provide information and guidance on how relocating may result in possible changes, restrictions, and/or additional requirements affecting field experience. Each Board of Nursing and Higher Education Authority governs the field experience rules and regulations in their respective states, and students may be unable to complete field experience in the state in which they plan to relocate. While Walden is committed to working collaboratively with students to secure field sites across the United States, it is imperative that students contact their student success advisor immediately when considering relocating.

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What Does A Pmhnp Do

Some of the duties that a PMHNP could take on include:

  • Create healthcare plans, based on outpatient or home-based care for acute or chronic mental health care conditions
  • Provide consultations
  • Prescribe medications per their state laws
  • Prescribe and offer various treatments, such as psychotherapy, medication therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, etc.
  • Work alongside doctors for referrals and to provide patient care
  • Participate and/or initiate research
  • Education on mental health disorders
  • Contribute to policy development, quality improvement, practice evaluation, and healthcare reform

The Nurse Practitioner Msn In Adult/gerontology Primary Care

How to Become a Nurse Practitioner

The MSN in adult/gerontology primary care NP program is also a part-time program consisting of 56 credits for the BSN-to-MSN and 81 credits for the RN-to-MSN pathway. The required credits for the AIM program vary but include 47 credits of BSN core courses and 45 credits of MSN core and specialization courses.

The AGNP-PC program prepares nurses with skills in assessment, diagnosis, treatment, and management of health issues for adolescents through older adults. AGNP-PC students gain strategies for effective communication and collaboration with patients and their families, doctors, and other healthcare providers.

As with the other specialties, students must have two years of full-time RN work experience. Students also complete the 640 clinical hours at approved locations where they live and work.

MSN core and specialty courses include policy and advocacy for improving population health transforming nursing and healthcare through technology the essentials of evidence-based practice advanced pathophysiology advanced pharmacology advanced health assessment and diagnostic reasoning advanced practice care of adults across the lifespan primary care of women synthesis in advanced nursing practice care of patients in primary care settings and more.

Applicants to the AGNP-PC program must be RNs and have a BSN or non-nursing bachelors degree, depending on the path chosen. GRE scores are not required.

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Walden Graduates More Nurses With Advanced Degrees Than Any Other University

Care for your own patientsand make a bigger impact on healthcare quality in your communitywith Waldens Post-Masters Certificate in Family Nurse Practitioner program. Take only the courses you need to become academically prepared to become an NPor to add a new specialty to your existing nurse practitioner license.

A post-masters FNP certificate online program prepares nurses to assess and manage health issues in patients of all ages, from birth through older adulthood. Waldens streamlined program allows you to earn your NP post-masters certificate in just 38 quarter credits or less.

The post-masters nurse practitioner certificate program is accredited by CCNE for the 10-year maximum term. CCNE accreditation is an external validation of the quality and strength of our nursing program, achieved through Waldens dedicated faculty, exemplary support services, skilled preceptors, and commitment to the nursing profession.

Upon graduation from our FNP certificate program online, youll be academically prepared to sit for the national certification exam for family nurse practitioner.

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The Right Master Of Science In Nursing Specialization Can Help Propel Your Nursing Career

Nursing can be an exceptionally rewarding career, giving you the chance to make countless lives better. But if youre looking to advance your career by earning a masters degree and moving from an RN to MSN, you may be unsure which of the many fields of nursing is best for you. One to consider is the psychiatric-mental health field.

Demand for nurse practitioners is expected to grow by 26% by the year 2028.1 Thats a lot of rapid growth, and it is sure to open up opportunities for nurses who specialize in psychiatry, particularly those who have earned a Master of Science in Nursing with a Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurse Practitioner specialization.

What Exactly Is an MSN with a Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurse Practitioner Specialization?

Simply put, an MSN with a PMHNP specialization is an MSN degree focused on advanced clinical work with psychiatric and mental health patients. As with other nurse practitioner-focused MSN programs, the PMHNP program trains you to work in a manner similar to that of a physician. As such, it can put you in position to fill much-needed healthcare provider jobs and earn an average salary of more than $108,000 per year, which represents some of the highest nursing salaries in the U.S.2, 1

What Will You Learn in an MSN Program with a Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurse Practitioner Specialization?

Where Can You Work as a Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurse Practitioner?

  • Inpatient or outpatient psychiatric practices
  • Private psychiatric practices

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Meet Your Academic Team

  • Nancy Moss

    Program Director

    With more than 25 years of experience, Dr. Moss is a certified nurse-midwife and family nurse practitioner . With deep expertise in online learning, she has developed and implemented curricula for various nursing programs, including a university nurse-midwifery program and nurse-midwifery practices for rural communities.

  • Barbara Barrett

    Core Faculty

    Dr. Barrett is a board-certified psychiatric-mental health nurse practitioner, providing mental health and wellness services in her community. Her research interests involve assisting vulnerable populations in daily living, especially in the area of transitioning through life.

  • Diane Whitehead

    Senior Core Faculty

    Dr. Whitehead has been actively teaching and administering associate, bachelors, and graduate degree nursing programs for many years. She is a fellow in the Academy of Nursing Education. Dr. Whitehead received the Walden University Presidential Award for Faculty Excellence in 2020.

The Nurse Practitioner Msn In Psychiatric Mental Health

Walden University Week 9, 10, 11 Update | Nurse Practitioner | Advanced Health Assessment NURS6512

The MSN in psychiatric mental health NP program is the fourth specialty available from Walden University. This part-time program consists of 61 credits for the BSN-to-MSN and 86 credits for the RN-to-MSN pathway. As per the other specialties for the MSN degree, the credit requirement for the AIM program varies and includes 47 credits of BSN core courses and 45 credits of MSN courses, in addition to general education requirements.

The PMHNP program prepares nurses to work with children, adolescents, and adults with psychiatric disorders, substance abuse issues, and medical brain disorders. PMHNPs are prepared to evaluate, diagnose, and treat mental health patients using therapy and by prescribing medications as necessary.

As with the other three MSN specialties, students must have two years full-time RN work experience. Students also complete 640 clinical hours at approved locations where they live and work.

PMHNP courses include psychopharmacologic approaches to the treatment of psychopathology psychotherapy with individuals psychotherapy with groups and families psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner role I and psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner role II .

Applicants to the PMHNP program must be RNs and have a BSN or non-nursing bachelors degree, depending on the path they chose. As with the other specialties, no GRE scores are required.

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The Right Personality And Education Can Help You Reach Your Nursing Goals

Demand for nurse practitioners, including psychiatric nurses is expected to grow by 26% by the year 2028 with and additional 62,000 positions expected to become available in that same time frame,1 making psychiatric nursing one of the fastest-growing specializations in its field. And at the top of the psychiatric nursing profession are psychiatric nurse practitioners. These highly trained men and womenall of whom have earned at least a Master of Science in Nursingare serving communities around the U.S. and the world, bringing psychiatric care to those in need. Its a great profession for anyone who wants to make a difference in peoples lives. But how do you know if youre cut out for it? Here are some of the things it takes to become a successful psychiatric nurse practitioner.

Emotional Intelligence

Psychiatric nurse practitioners have many of the same responsibilities as a psychiatrist. They diagnose mental illness and prescribe medications, but they also provide mental and behavioral health therapy. This includes counseling patients suffering from depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, and other serious mental health issues. To be a good therapist, you need good emotional intelligence. This means you need the ability to understand other peoples emotions and then connect with them on a meaningful level. If youve often been told you have a lot of empathy, you probably have high emotional intelligence.




A Love of Learning

An MSN Degree

Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner Programs Online

This is a masters degree focused on advanced clinical work with psychiatric and mental-health patients. The education will train you to work in the medical industry, filling the important role of a nurse practitioner. However, with the focus on mental health, youll understand how to assess and diagnose mental health patients and provide therapy and treatment for people suffering from mental illnesses.

After completing online mental health nurse practitioner programs, students are able to provide high-quality mental care for children, adults, and the elderly, and plan healthcare strategies that reduce mental issues. When complete, youll be ready for testing for the appropriate certification, and youll have the skills to improve mental and psychiatric conditions among your patients.

People with nursing degrees focused on mental health work in a variety of settings. They are employed at psychiatric facilities, private practices, mental-health clinics, and correctional facilities. You can even find them at domestic-violence shelters, community-health centers, and schools of all levels.

Nurse Practitioner

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Meet A Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

There is a growing need for psychiatric nurses to help meet the mental health needs of children to senior adults.

Of the over 325,000 nurse practitioners licensed in the United States, only 4.7% are licensed psychiatric nurse practitioners despite the mental health crisis at hand.

If you’ve wondered about this specialized mental health field, below is inside information from a practicing psychiatric nurse practitioner. You’ll also discover what a psychiatric mental health nurse does each day and the education and experience you’ll need to be certified as a psychiatric nurse practitioner.

Build Your Mental Health Clinical Skill Set

2021 AANP State Excellence Awards

In this online DNP psychiatric nurse practitioner program, youll learn how to provide holistic mental health services and lead mental health wellness efforts for individuals, groups, and families. Develop the clinical judgment to make mental health assessments and learn how to use research to create, assess, and refine educational materials that resonate with the populations in your community.

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Q: How Have You Seen The Covid

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on the lives of many patients. Many families’ sources of income, jobs, and businesses have been impacted. We are living in unprecedented times, with variants of COVID-19 now infecting children and the unvaccinated population in particular. Adults and children alike are confronted with stressful, overwhelming challenges that trigger strong emotions.

Over the past year, I have seen the impact of the pandemic on the mental health of my patients leading to worsening levels of depression and anxiety. There are parents who are struggling with teaching their children from home, people juggling unpaid bills, families losing sources of income, and loved ones passing away. There is no question that the mental health of patients has been impacted.

Paying For The Walden University Online Nurse Practitioner Programs

Walden University charges $715 per credit plus fees for the online MSN courses and $395 per credit for the 26 RN foundational quarter credits, plus fees. The DNP program charges $850 per quarter credit for the DNP courses, $450 per quarter credit for the essential courses included with the BSN to DNP programs, and $715 per quarter credit for the NP specialization courses, plus fees. Prospective students should contact Waldens School of Nursing through the College of Health Sciences for current tuition costs as tuition generally changes from year to year.

Walden University offers unsubsidized federal Stafford loans and Graduate PLUS Loans in accordance with the FAFSA. In addition, a $3,000 grant is available to residents of the U.S. Nursing students may also seek outside scholarships and grants for their graduate nursing degree and should inquire with their employers regarding a tuition reimbursement program.

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The 24 Most Affordable Online Pmhnp Programs

Online PMHNP programs prepare registered nurses with a BSN for a challenging, rewarding, rapidly expanding career as an advanced practice nurse. Holistically caring for patients with mental health needs calls for adaptive leaders with mountainous clinical experience. Psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner programs online are becoming more and more readily available to registered nurses seeking their MSN, providing the opportunity to build the skills and experience necessary to become a practicing PMHNP.

Online PMHNP programs are designed to give you the flexibility to work while you learn, expanding your real-world experiences and making your professional development more accessible. ZipRecruiter reports that psychiatric-mental health nurse practitioners earn a median annual salary of $142,454. Take into account the Bureau of Labor Statistics which predicts a 45% job outlook for nurse practitioners in various areas of medicine, and youve got one of the best paying, promising professional careers a NP can pursue.

Least Expensive: Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center ~$15,192Most Expensive: Ohio State University ~$72,701.30

Earn Your Online Dnp From The Leader In Doctoral Nursing Education1

Walden University NURS-6630 PMHNP Psychopharmacologic Approaches Treatment Psychopathology #4

Our DNP – Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurse Practitioner specialization empowers you to support your patients mental health wellness. Learn from practicing PMHNPs as you gain the training and expertise to meet a critical need in todays society.

A DNP-PMHNP program prepares nurses to deliver a full spectrum of care to patients with their mental health needs, including those with psychiatric disorders, organic brain disorders, and substance abuse issues. As a graduate of this CCNE-accredited program, youll be academically prepared to sit for the national psychiatric-mental health nurse practitioner certification exam.

Manage Mental Health

Experience the challenge and reward of managing the complex mental health needs of your own patients.

Work With Children and Adults

Learn how to assess, diagnose, counsel, and prescribe medications for patients across the life span.

Practicum Advantage

Get the support you need for a successful experience at all stages of your nursing practicum.

Start With Your BSN

Many of our DNP specializations offer a BSN entry point if youre ready to move your career forwardbut dont have your MSN.

Walden Grand Rounds

Meet virtually with faculty and classmates to critically examine real-life scenarios youll encounter in your specialty.

Be Supported at Each Step

The Walden Doctoral Degree CoachTM helps you find the right support when you need it and stay on track throughout your journey.

Program Savings

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Are Online Rn To Msn Pmhnp Programs Available

Yes. A modest number of universities in our directory now offer Online RN to MSN Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurse Practitioner degrees. However, we should point out that youll find much more variety in Online RN to MSN Family Nurse Practitioner Programs. Feel free to compare the two!

  • Undergraduate Phase: Just like an on-campus RN to MSN program, youll be required to earn credits in upper-level undergraduate courses before you can proceed to the MS or MSN. These courses are usually offered through distance learning, making it easy to work while you study.
  • Graduate Phase: Its relatively easy to take standard MS or MSN courses online, but remember that you must participate in clinical practicums in order to graduate. You can earn your clinical hours in your own community. On the other hand, you may be expected to find the site and a clinical preceptor who is willing to supervise you.

Another thing to watch out for? Any program that claims its 100% online. A number of universitiesespecially the ones with good reputationswill expect you to visit the campus for training and assessment. For example:

We give two thumbs up to online programs with on-campus componentsthe hands-on training and networking opportunities are invaluablebut they will involve extra costs . Budget for every part of the degree.

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