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Two Year Nursing Degree Programs

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What Are The Benefits To An Accelerated Nursing Program

Two Year Degree Programs In Practical Nursing | Media Pa

If you have a passion for helping people and an interest in health care, there may be no better place for you to begin your journey than an accelerated nursing program.

Because the benefits are real.

A lot can change over the course of four years. Sometimes, life’s circumstances can get in the way of your education. Enrolling in an accelerated program reduces that chances that you’ll have to put your dreams on hold.

You might also get to graduate, land your first job, and start earning a paycheck as a nurse much, much more quickly. This alone offers an array of advantages:

  • You may experience less stress about your future
  • You might be able to know more quickly if nursing is really for you
  • You could be able to take advantage of the job market sooner

At the end of the day, nursing school is a way for you to achieve your dream of becoming a nurse. An accelerated program allows you to strive towards that goal at a quicker pace.

Graduate Ready For Nursing Practice

Build the skills and experience to become a registered nurse ready to care for adult or pediatric patients in hospitals, clinics, and other practice settings.

Take courses in adult medical/surgical nursing, maternal/newborn health, pediatrics, psychosocial nursing, professional nursing practice, and pharmacology from experienced, supportive nursing faculty.

Upon completing the program, sit for the National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurse . Jeffersons Nursing A.A.S. program offers:

  • Personalized instruction from faculty with real-world experience
  • High-tech classrooms and a fully equipped clinical practice simulation laboratory
  • Full-time weekday or part-time weekend options
  • 100 percent licensure exam pass rate and job placement rate among recent grads

How Much Does Nursing School Cost

With such a vast range, exactly how much does nursing school cost? This guide explores the answer to that question, considering the many factors that contribute to the wide variation in nursing degree costs.

Are you ready to earn your online nursing degree?

The question “how much does nursing school cost?” doesn’t necessarily come with a straightforward answer. With nursing degree costs, tuition rates vary greatly. For many aspiring nursing professionals, the high earning potential of the career outweighs the high costs of nursing school.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics , registered nurses earned a median annual salary of $73,300 in 2019. Advanced practice nurses made even more money, bringing in median earnings of $115,800. Nurses also work in an in-demand industry: the BLS projects that employment within healthcare occupations may increase by 14% from 2018-28.

Nevertheless, degree costs can still seem intimidating. In fact, total tuition costs can range from $6,000 for an associate degree to over $100,000 for an advanced degree. With such a vast range, exactly how much does nursing school cost? This guide explores the answer to that question, considering the many factors that contribute to the wide variation in nursing degree costs.

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Associate Degree In Nursing

The profession of nursing holds a special place in todays U.S. healthcare system. Nurses are taking on expanded roles in order to provide comprehensive care to patients across the lifespan, with complex needs and various health conditions. While there are a number of educational paths and specializations that you can pursue within the field, earning your associate degree in nursing is one path that can lead to becoming a licensed registered nurse.

What Will The Classes Be Like

Two Connecticut colleges combine to offer 2

The curriculum of accelerated nursing programs is every bit as comprehensive, rigorous, and necessary as that of a traditional program. The only difference is you could move through them more quickly.

You should study and learn nursing concepts, practices, and protocols. You should also develop the skills needed to help patients in a variety of disciplines, from mental health to maternal to newborn to acute care to medical surgical.

Once you have completed the program, you could be well-prepared for, and qualified to take, the RN-NCLEX exam through the State Board of Nursing.

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Information Session Dates For 2022 Applications Will Be Posted By September 1 2021

A few things to know if you are interested in applying for 2022 admission to the ADN program:
  • TEAS Exam: If you are interested in admission for 2022, you may take the TEAS exam twice between March 1, 2021 and the application deadline for 2022 admissions.
  • The ADN Program will only accept science classes completed with 7 years prior to the application deadline.
For 2022 admissions, all prerequisite courses must be completed by the end of the fall 2021 semester. All prerequisite courses are indicated in ADN degree plans.

Help Meet The National Demand For Registered Nurses

Nurses are in demand virtually everywhere, and completing your A.A.S. degree and becoming a registered nurse can be the start of a rewarding career.

RNs practice in hospitals, clinics, care facilities, clients homes, schools, and other settings. With advanced training, they can become nurse practitioners, clinical nurse specialists, certified registered nurse anesthetists, certified nurse midwives or nurse educators.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics expects demand for registered nurses to grow 15 percent by 2026, faster than most other professions. RNs nationally earned a median salary of $68,450 in 2016.

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How To Become An Rn In 2 Years


Pursing an Associate Degree in Nursing is the best way to become a registered nurse in two years. If you enroll in an accelerated program, you may be able to earn a Bachelor of Science in Nursing in just three years. If you already have a bachelor’s degree in another field, you can earn your BSN in as little as 16 months.

Becoming a certified nursing assistant or a licensed practical nurse are two other titles you could obtain in a short period of time to enter the health care industry.

Jobs In Nursing You Can Get With A Two

Nursing School Comparison 2 year vs 4 year RN program!

The jobs in nursing are many and varied, and as mentioned above, there are many specializations, from ER nurse to pediatric nurse. Here are some of the broader job categories in nursing, starting from ones that need the least amount of education up to a two-year associates degree:

Nursing assistant

A nursing assistant basically does almost everything a nurse does in the course of the day, except for administering medicines. While you dont actually need a two-year degree to become a nursing assistant , you could certainly apply to become a nursing assistant even if you had a two-year degree.

With some nursing assistant training programs, you may be able to get the designation certified nursing assistant or CNA The average CNA salary is $12.98 per hour.

Licensed practical nurse or licensed vocational nurse

To become a licensed practical nurse or licensed vocational nurse , you need to take a state-approved non-degree program that typically takes about one year. You will need to pass an exam to become an LPN or LVN.

Registered nurse

The most common job you can get with a two-year nursing degree is as a registered nurse, provided you pass the licensure examination.

An associates degree in nursing is the minimum amount of education you will need in order to be able to sit for the registered nurse exam. Once you have finished this exam successfully, you will be able to work as a full RN.

In-demand nursing specialties

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What To Expect From A Career In Nursing

Nursing programs at Ontario colleges come at varying levels for those in or interested in the field. Courses meet the needs of current Registered Nurses looking to diversify their skills as well as future nurses looking to get started.

Patient care demands exceptional attention to detail and a compassion for those in need. If you have these things and you see yourself starting or continuing in nursing education, heres what you need to know.

Year Degree In Nursing

2 Year Degree in Nursing: Do you want to become a nurse fast? Are you asking if there is a nursing course you can complete in 2 years?

Well, the short answer to this question is YES!!!

There are many ways to train to be a nurse. An Associates Degree in Nursing gives you a solid foundation for a career in healthcare. This degree is popular with Registered Nurses and offers the opportunity to work in entry-level positions in nursing.

When you think of a career that is stable and rewarding, nursing comes to mind. Research shows that nursing is a career path that will never go out of style and need.

As long as health remains a priority, nursing will always thrive. However, the time required to gain a nursing degree can be lengthy.

Nurses make up the bulk of the healthcare workforce and play a vital role in providing quality care, from an emergency nurse assistant to a senior nurse on a hospital leadership team.

Not sure where to start your nursing career or wondering what your next step should be? Check out our guide on 21 Schools offering 2 year degree in nursing in the world.

You can also learn how to prepare for nursing school here that way, you are better equipt for the medical school

Thus, this article will enlighten you on how to become a nurse in 2years, their salary, and the difference between 2 years and a 4-year nursing degree.

Without further Ado, lets dive in!!!

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After Acceptance/admission To The Mane Nursing Program

Evidence of having completed the following criteria will be required prior to the start of MANE nursing courses and must remain current throughout the program. Requirements include, but may not be limited to:

  • Documentation of current American Heart Association CPR Healthcare Provider.2.Completed health and immunization record, including proof of current immunizations and tuberculosis testing, and/or other requirements as defined by the clinical agency.3.Completion of current Minnesota Human Services Net Study 2.0
  • Minnesota Department of Health requires any individual having contact with patients to complete a background study prior to starting the clinical experience. An individual may be disqualified or have restrictions placed on patient contact and would not be permitted to participate in the clinical experience if a clearance is not issued. A background study with no restrictions is required to successfully complete the requirements of the nursing program. Call MN Department of Human Services with specific questions, 651-431-2000.
  • Whats The Difference Between 2 Year And 4 Year Nursing Degree

    2 Year Associate Degree Nursing Program in MA

    In professional skills, one can say that an 2-year prepared nurse is a technical nurse, while a 4 year trained nurse is a professional nurse. However, the major difference is that the two year trained nurse has more clinical skills, while the other focuses on leadership, nursing research, management as well as clinical skills training.

    But both prepare nurses to provide patient care that meets accepted standards. The four year trained nurse will have a better understanding of cultural, economic, and social issues that affect patients and influence healthcare delivery systems.

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    How Much Do Online Nursing Programs Cost

    While the cost of classes and programs varies greatly by school, many students discover that online programs are less expensive than traditional programs after considering the time and money saved on commuting and incidentals. The convenience of completing classes from the living room often outweighs the downsides.

    Many schools will require electronic books to be purchased as well as uniforms, stethoscopes, and white nursing shoes or other items needed for clinicals, if required.

    Online courses require each student to have access to a computer which is fast enough and has enough memory to support the program. Purchasing a new computer may be required if the standard is not met.

    See our guide discussing the cost of RN programs.

    Ntc Nursing Programs Ranked Among Most Affordable In The Nation

    Ranked by EduMed, a site that connects students with affordable online degrees in medical and health fields, NTC was one of only two Minnesota colleges listed in the ranking.

    NTC’s placement was based on a mix of affordability, support services and availability with affordability being weighed the heaviest.

    The college’s one-year LPN Step-In program was recognized for its primarily online instruction and the training it provides for current licensed practical nurses to become registered nurses, a release said.

    NTC’s two-year nursing degree was also included for its partially online offerings for students with no previous nursing experience who wish to attain licensure as a registered nurse.

    More information on NTC’s nursing program can be found at

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    What Is An Associate Degree In Nursing

    ADN two-year nursing degree programs include clinical topics such as pharmacology, medical surgical nursing, geriatrics, and mental health. They also include nursing practice fundamentals, such as how to care for patients, administering tests and medication, monitoring patient health, patient communications, and legal/ethical issues.

    Earning an ADN usually takes two years, but can take longer depending on the program. Students with advanced placement credits from high school can often apply those credits to ADN programs and receive the degree in less time. ADN programs do include clinical hours.

    Many nurses begin their careers with an ADN and then earn their BSN after developing nursing experience. This approach lets them start nursing as a career without the full financial and time commitment a BSN requires. However, some healthcare providers require or strongly prefer nurses with a BSN degree for positions beyond entry level.

    Whats The Salary Structure For The 2 Year 0 Degree

    What to Expect in an RN Program

    The salary for 2 year nursing degree can differ base on factors such as location, accompanying degree, and experience. Registered Nurse with a 2 year nursing degree earns about $71,730 a year according to PayScale. Also, Nurses who start with a two-year degree and move on to a Bachelors degree will increase their earning potential.

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    Is An Accelerated Nursing Program Right For You

    At the end of the day, you are the only person who knows for sure whether an accelerated program is a fit. But there are some characteristics that successful students share:

    • an unwavering and exceptional work ethic
    • the ability to commit to a program for between 18 months and two years
    • a desire to join the profession sooner rather than later
    • the willingness to pour your energy and effort into a rigorous curriculum
    • passion for helping people.

    What You Can Do With This Degree

    Earning an Associate Degree in Nursing will make you eligible to take the NCLEX-RN, a prerequisite for RN licensure in all U.S. states. With RNs in high demand, nurses can often then secure jobs that offer tuition reimbursement to continue their nursing education at a reduced personal expense.

    After earning their license, the BLS says more than half of all RNs go on to work in hospitals, but you can use your credential in many types of environments. Consider pursuing a career in:

    • Ambulatory healthcare services


    Salaries for nurses vary widely depending on their education, level of experience, setting in which they work, and any specialty they may have. That said, the BLS reports the median annual salary for RNs to be $75,330. Those working in high-level roles within the government, research facilities, or pharmaceutical companies could earn significantly more.

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    Bachelor Of Science In Nursing

    A Bachelor of Science in Nursing is a four-year degree designed for RNs who want to pursue supervisory roles and qualify for higher-paying jobs. With a combination of academic classwork and on-site clinical training, youll learn about scientific areas such as anatomy, biology, and chemistry, as well as specific duties related to patient care, laboratory testing, designing treatment plans, and assisting with surgery.Some schools even offer programs that allow you to earn a BSN in a particular specialty of nursing such as acute care, geriatric nursing, infectious disease, pediatrics, and psychiatry, just to name a few. Specializing can often increase your job opportunities and potential earnings.

    Prerequisites And Admission Requirements Tests For A Two Year Nursing Course

    Orlando 2 Year Nursing Program: Become an RN in Two Years ...

    Most ADN programs have math, science, and humanities qualifications to prepare you for the basic nursing program.

    Some schools and programs accept high school courses or transfer credits to meet the requirements. So check their websites to see if your previous studies are legitimate.

    Admission requirements also vary by school. They could include:

    • Application essay
    • Passing score on the Health Education Systems Inc. Admission Assessment Exam
    • Essential Academic Skills assessment test to determine preparedness to enter a health field
    • National League for Nursing Pre-Admission Examination standardized entrance exam for prospective nursing students

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    What Is An Rn Diploma Or Certificate

    RN certificate programs include clinical topics such as human biology, caring for patients, administering tests and medication, patient communications, and ethics. They also require clinical hours. RN diplomas are offered by hospitals or other healthcare facilities, rather than colleges or universities, and usually take up to two years.

    Credits earned for an RN diploma, however, may not transfer to a BSN program unlike an ADN. If your primary concern is how long it takes to be an RN, an RN diploma is the fastest approach, but an ADN or BSN can lead to more career opportunities.

    Adn Program Admission Requirements

    Admission requirements will vary by school. It is best to take time to review the admissions requirements and process for your desired ADN program. Some admissions processes will require interviews, and others wont. Requirements to gain admission into an ADN program may include:

    • A high school diploma or GED. Many schools will require prospective students to have earned a minimum GPA for entry into their program.
    • High school Chemistry and Biology
    • SAT scores
    • HESI exam

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