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South University Online Nursing Program

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Online Master Of Science In Nursing

Online Nursing Programs at South University

The online Master of Science in Nursing degree program helps students prepare for opportunities for specialization in a variety of fields. Nurses build on their academic and practical credentials, using this knowledge to identify and solve patient care issues, leading to better health outcomes for individual patients and for society as a whole. Leadership, administrative, and quality improvement skills are incorporated throughout the program.

All MSN degree coursework is offered online. Students may continue to work while completing degree requirements. As with all South online programs, faculty members are available to support students via phone, email or using other forms of technology.

A state of the art simulation skills lab on campus helps students refresh and master skills and competencies required for the specialty.

Four of the courses in the master’s degree in nursing program are offered at a doctoral level, so that students moving on to a Doctor of Nursing Practice program will have already completed 12 credit hours required for the degree.

Salary Of Nursing Graduates With A Bachelor’s Degree

Nursing majors who earn their bachelor’s degree from South University, Columbia go on to jobs where they make a median salary of $64,200 a year. This is great news for graduates of the program, since this figure is higher than the national average of $61,050 for all nursing bachelor’s degree recipients.

Bachelor Of Science Inorganizational Leadership

Leadership is necessary for every organization to succeed, no matter the industry. Columbia Southern Universitys online B.S. in organizational leadership teaches students how to maximize the strengths of employees, enhance positive organizational change, establish continuous growth and more.

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University Of Central Florida Florida

The University of Central Florida is known for its growing space program, but its dedicated to providing talent to central Florida in all other areas as well. It is considered one of the top ten innovative universities through quality, access, impact, and value.

  • Tuition: $6,379
  • NCLEX Pass Rate: 100%

Bachelor Of Science Inenvironmental Management

Be the best you can be. Continue your education at South University ...

Columbia Southern Universitys online B.S. in environmental management applies theory, technology and collaborative practices to prepare students for a career in the environmental management industry. This degree program prepares students for positions including climate change analysts, industrial ecologists, environmental restoration planners and more.

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What Does Nonprofit Mean

At SNHU, it means our only mission is your success. Unlike for-profit universities, we dont answer to shareholders or larger corporations. So we have the freedom to reinvest our revenue in programs and services that benefit our students, and in initiatives that contribute to our mission of student success. Its why were able to offer some of the lowest online tuition rates in the nation, a best-in-class online experience, and some of the best support in higher educationfrom day 1 to graduation and beyond.

Capstone In Applied Practice: 4 Credits

Course Name NSG8100 Capstone in Applied Practice I 1 credit hour NSG8105 Capstone in Applied Practice II 1 credit hour NSG8110 Capstone in Applied Practice III 1 credit hour NSG8115 Capstone in Applied Practice IV 1 credit hour


**Minnesota residents are not eligible to enroll in the online programs for the Doctor of Nursing Practice, Post Graduate Certificates in Nursing, the Master of Science in Nursing or the RN to Master of Science in Nursing.


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Associate Of Science Inemergency Medical Services

Columbia Southern Universitys online A.S. in emergency medical services is fitting for new or seasoned professionals who are looking to advance their knowledge of the foundational aspects of working in EMS. This program integrates an academic groundwork in paramedicine. Students will assess effective clinical skills utilized in EMS organizations, evaluate effective EMS operational practices and analyze legal issues surrounding the EMS industry.

*Note: Individuals who wish to apply for this program must possess a current paramedic certification.

What Is The Best Online School For Nursing

South University’s Online Programs – Family Nurse Practitioner 2021 Commencement

The best online nursing school is the one that fits your needs. Time, cost and style will influence which school is the best choice for you.

If you have credits to transfer and make finishing your degree easier, it’s important to see if the school you’re interested in will accept those credits and how many. Southern New Hampshire University accepts up to 90 credits toward your bachelor’s degree. This means you can earn 45 credits for your RN license and up to 45 more for academic experiences like general education courses or other nursing courses. SNHU also accepts up to 12 graduate credits toward master’s degree programs.

If you want to specialize in a certain area, find a school that offers the program you want and see if it’s designed in a way that works for you. For example, at SNHU, you can choose from 4 MSN tracks. Our online courses are flexible and affordable, making them a great choice for working nurses.

You can also choose to earn your degree faster with SNHU’s accelerated RN to MSN online program pathway. There are 3 options for the accelerated path: a generalist MSN degree, becoming a nurse educator and becoming a clinical nurse leader .

Bonnie Fecowicz ’12 ’16MSN applies the knowledge she learned from the program at her full-time position. “At Southern New Hampshire University, the quality of the program has allowed me to advance my career into more diverse roles as a director of nursing,” Fecowicz said. “I use everything I learned every day in my position.”

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Clinical Internship/practicum Experience Update

Many of the clinical programs offered by the Waters College of Health Professions require a clinical internship or practicum experience to fulfill degree requirements. Pursuant to the University’s legal agreements, participants in clinical experiences are required to abide by the workplace rules of the clinical site. The University is aware of recent federal requirements that would mandate vaccination against COVID-19 for those working in certain settings, including health care. At this time, we expect that these new requirements may significantly impact our ability to locate a placement for students who remain unvaccinated. As always, WCHP will continue to make every effort to place students at clinical sites. However, please be aware that we may be unable to locate a site to accept unvaccinated students, which may cause a delay or inability to progress and complete the program of study.

School of Nursing

James Madison University Virginia

James Madison University knows that happier students learn better, so theyre striving always to provide their students with the best experience possible. JMU has been ranked #1 in the nation and is full of long-standing traditions that link alumni through generations.

  • Tuition: $7,250
  • NCLEX Pass Rate: 96%

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The South Carolina Advantage

Although I am not physically in front of my professors, I can honestly say my learning has not been affected. If anything, it has been enhanced. All of my professors have been willing to go the extra mile to ensure Im receiving a quality education.

Robert Blackwelder, RN, Masters student

The College of Nursing offers online-only classes for students enrolled in the RN to BSN, Master of Science in Nursing, Doctor of Nursing Practice and graduate certificate programs. The Ph.D. program combines executive-style on-campus weekend courses with online assignments. Online course delivery provides you with the flexibility to earn your degree while you manage your personal and career commitments.

Our faculty are specially trained to create an interactive and collaborative online class environment that provides you with an in-depth learning experience. You and your peers will work in groups to explore a wide range of topics, create multimedia projects and presentations, participate in small group or whole class discussions, critique each others work and learn with and from each other.

Although all didactic material is delivered online, for some clinical courses, you will be required to visit the Columbia campus for immersion learning experiences or check-ins with faculty.

Course content is delivered using the Blackboard course management system and Adobe Connect. For navigational ease, online course material is organized in a similar manner.

Traditional And Accelerated Nursing Program

PNWs online nursing programs recognized by U.S. News &  World Report ...

The Bachelor of Science in Nursing program maximizes the value of each students educational background. Traditionally, the first two years are spent in meeting general university requirements with courses in science, math, arts and humanities, while the last two years are focused on the professional preparation in nursing. The CON offers an accelerated program for students who have earned a bachelors degree in another field. In addition, an RN-BSN pathway is available to RNs who have completed an Associate Degree in Nursing or a diploma.

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You Can Choose From These Emphases

BSN traditional

The traditional Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree at Charleston Southern University is a four-year program. The first year focuses primarily on general education and the sciences, while the following three years dive deep into nursing and clinical experiences. Students receive experiential learning from the start, with human patient simulators in CSU labs, as well as real-life clinical experience in various hospital and community agencies in the Lowcountry.

Students may enter the program as freshmen, transfers or with a change of major by the sophomore year. This is a highly competitive program, and the Charleston Southern BSN program has held a top state ranking with NCLEX pass rates.

Master Of Science In Nursing With A Concentration In Pediatric Nurse Practitioner

  • South College Online
  • Pediatric nurse practitioners provide primary care for infants, young children, and adolescents up to 21 years of age. They analyze assessment data, lab work, and diagnostic tests to establish a diagnosis for their patients. PNP duties include a great deal of interaction with children and their parents, working alongside pediatricians in a variety of settings.
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    What Is The Best Online University

    At SNHU, we think the best online university is likely different for different students. When youre thinking about what the best online university may be for you, youll want to consider the best combination of high-quality education, low cost, a generous transfer policy , a best-in-class online experience, and the best student support. And, of course, the availability of the degree you want.

    Because SNHU is a nonprofit, accredited university with over 200 affordable, career-focused programs, thousands of students think SNHU is the best online university for them. Our only mission is student successso were always working to provide the absolute best education, online experience, and value for our students.

    Master Of Science In Fire Executive Leadershiphuman Resource Management Concentration

    South University’s Online Programs – College of Nursing (non FNP) 2021 Commencement

    Columbia Southern Universitys online Master of Science in fire executive leadership with a concentration in human resource management provides students with the tools necessary to lead, grow and assess the personnel needs of fire service organizations. This comprehensive degree program concentrates on topics including trends in training and development, employment law, succession planning and more.

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    Western Carolina University North Carolina

    Western Carolina University believes that nothing is impossible, so the sky is the limit when it comes to higher education. WCU offers experienced faculty, state-of-the-art curriculum, and cutting-edge technology to give students the best university experience possible.

    • Tuition: $3,452
    • NCLEX Pass Rate: 88%

    Associate Of Arts Ingeneral Studies

    Suitable for any occupation, Columbia Southern University’s A.A. in general studies provides students with a strong foundation in the arts and sciences. The course material in the general studies degree program provides students with the knowledge to take on many tasks found in today’s workplace including effective communication, problem-solving, research interpretation and more.

  • Health
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    Associate Of Science Inbusiness

    Columbia Southern Universitys A.S. in business prepares graduates for entry-level business management positions and expands the knowledge and skills of individuals who are currently employed. Students will learn to apply practical and foundational managerial concepts that will prepare them for advanced business studies.

    Bachelor Of Science In Nursing

    South Georgia Technical College Licensed Practical Nursing program ...
  • South College Atlanta, South College Knoxville Parkside, South College Nashville
  • The LPN to BSN program prepares Licensed Practical Nurses to earn a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree and qualify for NCLEX-RN examination in as little as 39 months. Our LPN to BSN program is a great way for working healthcare professionals to earn their BSN degrees.
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    Bachelor Of Science Inpsychology

    Columbia Southern Universitys online B.S. in psychology provides theoretical coverage in the science of psychology while introducing critical skills necessary to perform in an applied service facility setting. This degree program provides a general survey of psychology and builds upon an integrated foundation of general and applied science, human relations and development, research methods and technical writing.

    Master Of Science In Fire Executive Leadershipemergency Services Management Concentration

    Columbia Southern Universitys online Master of Science in fire executive leadership with a concentration in emergency services management prepares students to develop plans and procedures to efficiently respond to natural disasters and other emergencies. This degree programs comprehensive curriculum focuses on addressing and minimizing risks to responders, the public and the environment through ethical, management-level decision making.

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    University Of Mobile Alabama

    The University of Mobile is a Christ-centered academic community that wants to help students come to know themselves and know God. UM promises strong academics and small class sizes to help students get the individual attention they need and succeed in their lives.

    • Tuition: $11,125
    • NCLEX Pass rate: 89%

    Pathways To A Master Of Science In Nursing

    Go Far with South College’s Nursing Programs – Online

    The College of Nursing has several pathways to enter the online MSN program to accommodate many educational backgrounds.

    • Post BSN
    • Post Graduate Certificate
    • RN to MSN
    • RN to BSN/MSN A special program to prepare associate and diploma prepared Registered Nurses earn the Master of Science in Nursing degree. On completion of the first phase of the program, students earn a BSN degree. On completion of the second phase of the program the student will earn the MSN degree.
    • Accelerated BSN Students who have a bachelors degree in a non-nursing field and who are not RNs may qualify for the Accelerated MSN degree program.

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    Doctor Of Nursing Practice With Concentration In Nurse Anesthesia

  • South College Knoxville
  • The South College Doctor of Nursing Practice Nurse Anesthesia Program is a 36-month , full-time BSN-to-DNP course of study, with the goal of producing full-service, independent graduate nurse anesthetists eligible to sit for the National Certification Exam and become board-certified, Registered Nurse Anesthetists .
  • Virginia Commonwealth University Virginia

    Virginia Commonwealth University has been diverse and ambitious since it was founded in 1838. VCU is committed to the teaching of healthcare that strives to restore health to all people as well as push the boundaries of research and science in search of new knowledge.

    • Tuition: $14,596
    • NCLEX Pass Rate: 100%

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    Master Of Business Administrationhealth Care Management Concentration

    Columbia Southern University’s online Master of Business Administration with a concentration in health care management prepares students for leadership and managerial roles within health care organizations. Well-suited for business professionals who are prepared to advance within their current roles, this degree program covers pertinent topics necessary to lead within a health care environment including financial management, legal foundations of health care and more.

    Associate Of Science Incriminal Justice

    St. Johns University Planning to Open Nursing Program This Fall

    Columbia Southern Universitys online A.S. in criminal justice degree program prepares graduates for entry-level positions in local, state and federal criminal justice programs. This study provides students with a working comprehension of constitutional and criminal law in contract to the judicial process, providing graduates with the theoretical foundations, knowledge, skills and practices of criminal justice operations.

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    Bachelor Of Science Incriminal Justice Administration

    Columbia Southern Universitys online B.S. in criminal justice administration is suitable for both entry-level and seasoned professionals who are pursuing careers in criminal justice administration. This degree program prepares criminal justice professionals to make rational decisions and informed responses to the daily challenges in law enforcement and prepares students to pursue a career in law enforcement, courts and corrections.

  • Forensics
  • Bachelor Of Science Inemergency Medical Services Administration

    Columbia Southern Universitys online B.S. in emergency medical services administration provides graduates with the knowledge and skills needed to pursue leadership and administrative roles in EMS organizations. This degree program incorporates the legal, political and regulatory frameworks in EMS settings including leadership, planning and development, risk management and administration in EMS systems.

  • Fire Science
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    Master Of Science In Nursing With A Concentration In Psychiatric

  • South College Online
  • Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurse Practitioners provide assessment, diagnoses, and treatment to individuals or families with psychiatric disorders while also identifying related risk factors. PMHNPs are crucially aligned to contribute to policy development, improvement in quality of care, practice evaluation, and healthcare reform.
  • How Can I Become A Registered Nurse

    MS in Nursing | South University | Dr. Sandra Jones, Program Director

    Becoming licensed as a registered nurse requires an associate degree, bachelor’s degree or diploma, any of which require in-person training and labs as well as significant clinical hours completed at a healthcare facility for clinical experience.2

    After successfully completing a pre-licensure program in the form of a diploma, ADN or four-year BSN program, graduates must sit for the National Council Licensure Examination . The exam is taken at a Pearson test center, with locations around the country and some internationally as well3. You must pass the NCLEX for licensure.

    Once achieving nursing licensure, registered nurses should consider continuing their education. Due to the fast-paced and evolving needs of healthcare, there is an increasing demand for nurses with further education and training that comes from a bachelor’s or master’s degree.1 This increasing demand is emphasized by healthcare organizations.

    An online nursing degree can be the best choice for those already working as a registered nurse, as it offers work-life flexibility. At Southern New Hampshire University, there are no set meeting times, and resources like the technology help desk and chat with a librarian are available 24/7. Asynchronous classes mean you can complete your tests and assignments on your own time and keep your life more balanced than a traditional classroom format would allow.

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