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South University Nurse Practitioner Pass Rate

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Student Debt Of Nursing Graduates With A Bachelor’s Degree

Purdue FNP Program â Accelerate your career with Purdue School of Nursing

While getting their bachelor’s degree at South University, Columbia, nursing students borrow a median amount of $15,278 in student loans. This is not too bad considering that the median debt load of all nursing bachelor’s degree recipients across the country is $23,387.

The typical student loan payment of a bachelor’s degree student from the nursing program at South University, Columbia is $159 per month.

Rn To Msn Family Np: Overview

RN to MSN FNP programs are designed for working RNs who have a diploma or an associates degree and want to pursue an MSN or MS to become a Family Nurse Practitioner . In addition, there are RN to MSN FNP programs for RNs with a bachelors degree in a field other than nursing.

Our directory includes:

  • Concentration/Track: RN to MSN Nurse Practitioner programs with a concentration or track in the Family Nurse Practitioner specialty. This is a common offering and youll have plenty of choice between on-campus and online degrees.
  • Dual Concentration: Dual focus RN to MSN programs that allow you to tackle two NP specialties . These can be great if you have specific career goal in mind .
  • Sub-Specialty: A small number of RN to MSN FNP programs that include specific sub-specialties .

Weve found a lot of variation in RN to MSN FNP programs , so examine the coursework & clinical components carefully to find the perfect fit.

Master Of Science In Nursing

Students enrolled in the MSN program courses are responsible for ensuring they have the minimum system hardware, software and equipment. In addition to meeting the SNHU Technology requirements, this track does have Minimum Technology Requirements as follows:

  • 20Mbps and 5Mbps
  • Ability to record (webcam and microphone are often built into laptop or computer
  • Government-issued photo ID is required for proctored exams
  • Browser plug-in for online proctored exams
  • A laptop is required during NUR-600 and all practicum courses

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Is Becoming An Np Worth It

Becoming an NP provides career advancement and independent practice opportunities. There are other benefits as well both personally and professionally in terms of pay, schedule, responsibility and long-term career goals.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, nurse practitioners reported a median annual wage of $111,680 in May 2020.2 In that same year, registered nurses received $75,330.2 This suggests much higher earning potential overall for those advancing their careers as NPs.

The BLS also reports promising career prospects for years to come. In fact, nurse practitioners are reportedly the 2nd fastest-growing occupation in the nation and the fastest growing in healthcare and nursing.2

Finally, as a job that can improve lives, particularly for disadvantaged or low-income populations, a career as an NP can be fulfilling on a personal level. In a sense, these roles are the face of equitable care and at a time when the industry is taking a closer look at how to expand access and improve outcomes for patients, this is arguably one of the most pressing issues of our time.

Narrowing It Down To The Very Best Msn

NCLEX: Nursing graduates post 100 percent pass rate

That still leaves a lot of schools on the board, though. So we got to work narrowing it down to our top 10 favorite programs in each region.

Success Rates on the National Certification Exams

One of the main things a school could do to get in our good graces is post a high pass rate for the national certification exams the American Nurses Credentialing Center FNP board certification exam, the American Association of Nurse Practitioners FNP exam, or both. Youre stuck in neutral until you get your national certification, so when you see a school with a track record that shows a vast majority of graduates going on to ace their exams, its a good indicator that youre looking at a program that takes exam prep and student outcomes seriously, even after graduation.

Convenience and Flexibility

Experiences that Support Specific Career Paths

Funding and Research Grants

Funding was another consideration. If schools are getting big grants, that means someone has spent enough time looking at them to decide they are worth the money. That means they are more likely to be worth yourmoney, too. Even more significantly, it means bigger, badder research work taking place there, training in state-of-the-art labs, and having more exposure to the latest technology in medicine today. These are all things any advanced practice nursing student would benefit from.


Student Satisfaction

The Little Extras

Location is Relevant in Nursing Education, Even with Online FNP Programs

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What Percentage Of Np Students Pass The Certification Exam See Our Np Program Pass Rate List

After you complete your nurse practitioner degree program, in most states you will need to take a national certification exam before you are eligible to practice. As we have mentioned in earlier posts, you should be thinking about this exam from the beginning of your nurse practitioner education as passing the exam is essential to your ability to be employed as a NP. Which schools have the highest pass rates on the national certification exam? We asked 200 schools for their national certification pass rates and have listed responses below. Please note that many schools did not respond or refused to release their pass rates to us. As a reference, on the AANP certification exam in 2011, 89.3% of FNP graduates, 80.7% of ANP graduates and 88.3% of GNP graduates passed their respective national certification exams. Interested in information for a school not listed? Let us know and we will try to get this information for you.

Master Of Science In Nursing Family Nurse Practitioner Major

  • Accreditation: CCNE
  • Entrance exam requirement: GRE if your GPA is below 3.4
  • Ranked the best family NP program, second-best graduate school for nursing, and one of the top-10 best online graduate nursing programs for veterans by US News & World Report
  • Ranked the 20th-best nursing school in the world
  • Great networking opportunities, with graduates working in all 50 states and more than 19 different countries
  • $33 million in active research grants as of 2018, including 16 grants from the National Institutes of Health
  • Center for Nursing Research offers unique opportunities for scholarship
  • Extensive connections with the local community for healthcare opportunities
  • Possibility to earn clinical credit at an international site
  • Ranked 10thin the nation for funding and research by the National Institutes of Health
  • Scholarships available for masters students
  • Opportunity to study abroad through global clinical/cultural immersion experiences
  • Named the best school for men in nursing by the American Assembly for Men in Nursing
  • Possibility to add a specialty in an area such as cardiology, endocrinology, HIV/AIDS, oncology, orthopedics, and pediatric behavior and mental health
  • 49 credits with 728 clinical hours

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Salary Of Nursing Graduates With A Bachelor’s Degree

Nursing majors who earn their bachelor’s degree from South University, Columbia go on to jobs where they make a median salary of $64,200 a year. This is great news for graduates of the program, since this figure is higher than the national average of $61,050 for all nursing bachelor’s degree recipients.

Student Debt Of Nursing Graduates With A Master’s Degree

UTA’s Nursing Program Helping Meet Demand

At South University, Columbia, a typical nursing student working on their master’s degree borrrows about $41,000 in student loans. This is about the same as the yearly salary of allnursing master’s degree recipients across the nation.

Those master’s students from South University, Columbia on a 10-year student debt repayment plan end up paying a median amount of $478 per month.

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Rn To Msn Family Np: Admissions

All RN to MSN Nurse Practitioner programsregardless of the specialtyshare the same general prerequisites: a diploma or associates degree in nursing , a current RN license, at least one year of RN clinical experience, a baseline undergraduate GPA , and letters of professional reference. See our guide to RN to MSN Nurse Practitioner Programs for details.

For the FNP, schools will be pleased if your RN experience includes nursing patients across the age spectrum, especially in primary care settings. Community work, participation in professional organizations, and volunteer service are also valued!

How To Pick The Best Online Rn To Fnp

Finding the ideal online RN to MSN-FNP program will take a little bit of research. The program has to suit you, not the other way around! As youre browsing through the rankings, here are a few key questions to ask yourself.

If youd like even more choice, visit our Cheapest Online RN to FNP Programs section. Thats where we rank the most affordable online and hybrid RN to MSN-FNP programs in the country.

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Welcome To The Department Of Nursing

The health care field is complex and ever changing. The nursing profession is focused on providing patients with high quality care that reflects empathy, compassion and effective communication. At USD, we strive to live our values of excellence, professionalism, relationship-centered and service as we learn together and demonstrate our commitment to excellent patient outcomes.

Our faculty are committed to improving health care through research/scholarship, service and education. Our students learn to take a person-centered approach to care while clinical reasoning skills through clinical experiences, service learning and simulations in state-of-the-art facilities. As students at the state’s leading institution for health care education, they learn with other future healthcare practitioners which prepares them to be effective members of their health care teams. Our students graduate with confidence as they begin or advance their careers

Best Accelerated Rn To Fnp Programs Online

East Texas nursing students perform well on licensing exam

Our definition of Accelerated for online RN to MSN-FNP programs includes any pathway that takes less than 8 semesters to complete. Keep in mind that you will need a non-nursing bachelors degree to apply for these options.

  • University of Alabama at Birmingham: UABs Online RN to MSN fits the bill for a speedy program, with ~1 semester of bridge coursework and ~6 semesters of MSN studies.
  • Loyola University New Orleans: LOYNOs Online Accelerated RN to MSN has a similar calendar to UAB. RNs will be expected to complete at least 6 bridge credits before they tackle their masters degree. The affordable Online MSN-FNP can be finished in 6 full-time semesters.
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    How Much Does An Np Program Cost

    SNHU is proud to offer some of the lowest online tuition rates in the nation. Our FNP program is only $627 per credit, or $1881 per course. Within 51 credits or 17 courses, this means you’ll pay less than $32,000 in tuition for a profession with significant earning potential. At SNHU, we do not increase tuition for clinical courses and we do not have recurring fees by course.

    Additional costs for students include books and resources to complete coursework, the immersion experience and travel-related expenses related to it as well as any additional costs to meet organizational requirements for clinical practice experiences/practicums.

    Bachelor Of Science In Nursing

    The online RN to BSN program can help you to grow your healthcare delivery skills and prepare you to unlock new employment opportunities in hospitals, private practices, military service, community clinics/agencies, research organizations, and more. Throughout your RN to BSN courses, get the opportunity to learn leadership and management skills that you can apply throughout your nursing career.

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    South University Online Reviews

    • Degree:Business Administration
    • Graduation Year:2022

    Reggie P Weston

    • Degree:Criminal Justice
    • Graduation Year:2022

    Alicia M. Rincones

    • Degree:Counseling
    • Graduation Year:2015

    Tina Kennimer

    • Degree:Nurse Practitioner
    • Graduation Year:2017

    Holly Y Porter

    • Degree:Business
    • Graduation Year:2021


    • Degree:Healthcare Management
    • Graduation Year:2022

    Mr. C

    • Degree:Business
    • Graduation Year:2021

    Keri Lee Burgess

    • Degree:Paralegal
    • Graduation Year:2022

    New Chamberlain College Student

    • Degree:Accelerated BSN
    • Graduation Year:2023


    • Degree:Nurse Practitioner
    • Graduation Year:2018


    • Degree:Healthcare Administration
    • Graduation Year:2021

    Lokesh Vempalli

    • Degree:Information Systems
    • Graduation Year:2020

    CJ Professional

    • Degree:Criminal Justice
    • Graduation Year:2018

    Rebecca Kelly

    • Degree:Business Administration
    • Graduation Year:2021


    • Degree:Health Sciences
    • Graduation Year:2021

    Worst mistake I’ve made.

    • Degree:Criminal Justice
    • Graduation Year:2021

    Seth R.

    • Degree:Psychology
    • Graduation Year:2019


    • Degree:Ministry
    • Graduation Year:2022

    Krista Will

    • Degree:Healthcare Management
    • Graduation Year:2019


    • Degree:Nurse Practitioner
    • Graduation Year:2021

    Why Enroll In South Universitys Online Msn Program

    Family Nurse Practitioner â APRN at U-M School of Nursing

    South Univeristys online MSN program appears to be heavily focused on providing positive outcomes for their students.

    This is evident by the emphasis they place on showing off alumni success on the degree pages from their website.

    Not only do they feature former students prominently, but they also clearly lay out the learning outcomes for each degree pathway. This is a nice touch, as it allows potential students to understand just what they can expect to gain by enrolling in the program.

    Of course, there are other reasons to consider Souths online MSN program. Well discuss some of the advantages later on in this review.

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    You Can Choose From These Emphases

    BSN traditional

    The traditional Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree at Charleston Southern University is a four-year program. The first year focuses primarily on general education and the sciences, while the following three years dive deep into nursing and clinical experiences. Students receive experiential learning from the start, with human patient simulators in CSU labs, as well as real-life clinical experience in various hospital and community agencies in the Lowcountry.

    Students may enter the program as freshmen, transfers or with a change of major by the sophomore year. This is a highly competitive program, and the Charleston Southern BSN program has held a top state ranking with NCLEX pass rates.

    Overview Of Fnp Certification

    To become an FNP, start with the first four steps outlined in How to Become a Nurse Practitioner. Once you have decided to pursue your graduate degree in Family NP and looked into state licensure , you can tackle national certification.

    In the field of family nursing practice, there are 2 major FNP certifications: the ANCCs Family Nurse Practitioner Board Certified credential and the AANPs Family Nurse Practitioner credential.

    ANCC is probably more established, but both certifications are well-regarded in the marketplace. In fact, lots of FNP nurses say that it makes no difference which letters you have after your nameas long as you have the letters. If youre worried about the choice, talk to your mentors/employers and consult your State Board of Nursing for advice.

    Strong accredited RN to MSN FNP programs will prepare you for both FNP certifications. Be sure to ask about certification exam pass rates!

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    Rn To Msn Family Np: Undergraduate Phase

    Its worth remembering that you must earn good grades on prerequisite undergraduate courses before the university will allow you to tackle the masters degree. The length of this phase will vary , but you may be able to transfer course credits from previous undergraduate work.

    Check out our guide to RN to MSN Nurse Practitioner Programs for more info.

    Articulation Agreements For Courses Transferring Into These Campuses

    Nursing Programs Los Angeles

    Many students have previous education experiences and may have earned credits at other institutions. We are providing a listing of the Articulation Agreements that we have entered into with other institutions that describe the courses that may transfer into program at this campus. Articulation Agreements are developed to identify what specific courses will transfer into specific programs at this campus from other institutions under the circumstances described in the actual articulation agreements. An Articulation Agreement by itself does not mean every course will transfer into a program at this campus. It is at the discretion of the receiving institution as to which credits will or will not be accepted for transfer. The student should review the Articulation Agreement to make sure they understand whether courses they wish to transfer in are included in the Articulation Agreement. Please contact a campus admissions representative, registrar or an academic advisor with any questions or for more detail on specific articulation agreements or to review the actual articulation agreement.

    Students should understand that Articulation Agreements may be modified or eliminated by either the sending or receiving campus.

    South University Articulation Agreements:

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    Bachelor Of Science In Nursing Master Of Science In Nursing Doctor Of Science In Nursing Post

    State Authorization The South College Bachelor of Science in Nursing program offered at the Parkside Learning Site received initial approval from the Tennessee Board of Nursing in December 2003, with full approval granted in September 2008. Approval for the addition of the Nashville Learning Site was granted in November 2016. The Master of Science in Nursing program received approval in November 2016. The Doctor of Nursing Practice program received approval in February 2020. The Post-Graduate Certificate programs received approval in August 2021. The South College Bachelor of Science in Nursing program offered at the Asheville Learning Site received initial approval from the North Carolina Board of Nursing in February 2016, with full approval granted in May 2019. The Bachelor of Science in Nursing program offered at the Atlanta Learning Site received initial approval from the Georgia Board of Nursing in September 2018. The Bachelor of Science in Nursing program offered at the Orlando Learning Site received initial approval from the Florida Board of Nursing in November 2021.

    South University West Palm Beach Nursing School Review

    South University was founded in 1899, and in 1976 the West Palm Beach campus of South University was developed. With just under 1,000 students enrolled, students will enjoy small class sizes and a personalized learning experience.

    With a brand new campus and new laboratories, students will enjoy modern state-of-the-art facilities. In addition, students can enjoy off-campus activities such as attending cultural events, playing sports and of course, visiting the beach. South University, West Palm Beach is accredited by the Commission on Colleges, Southern Association of Colleges and Schools .

    Nursing Degree Programs

    Nursing programs at South University, West Palm Beach are accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education and approved by the Florida State Board of Nursing. Nursing programs focus on instilling concrete career skills such as delegating responsibility, effective decision making and establish priorities to ensure nursing graduates are able to flourish in their careers.

    South University, West Palm Beach Undergraduate Nursing Programs

    In general admission to undergraduate programs at South University requires one to be a graduate of high school and have an SAT score of 900 .

    Bachelor of Science in Nursing

    Registered Nurse to Bachelor of Science in Nursing

    South University, West Palm Beach Graduate Programs

    Master of Science in Nursing


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