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South University College Of Nursing

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Change Of Major Into Nursing

South University’s Online Programs – College of Nursing (non FNP) 2021 Commencement

Any USC-Columbia student interested in changing their major to Pre-Nursing Lower Division within the College of Nursing must participate in the following change of major process and meet minimum academic requirements for consideration. Acceptance into Pre-Nursing Lower Division does not guarantee acceptance into Nursing Upper Division. A separate, departmental, application is required for consideration into Nursing Upper Division. Students accepted as a change of major will receive additional information regarding when and how to apply to Nursing Upper Division.

Students must meet the following minimum eligibility requirements to change their major to nursing:

  • A minimum Institutional and LIFE GPA of a 3.000
  • Grade Forgiveness will not be factored into the calculations of your GPAs
  • No more than one below C grade in a BSN required science course
  • Complete a minimum of 12 graded credit hours
  • IMPORTANT: Due to the capacity limits of the College of Nursing meeting the minimum requirements does not guarantee acceptance.

    TIMELINE: For spring semester, all change of major applicants must submit a change of major application by October 1st. For summer/fall semesters, all change of major applicants must submit the change of major application by March 1st. Applications go live on the College of Nursing website each spring and fall semester on the first day of classes. Notifications for both acceptances and denials will be sent via email by the 15th of each of the above months.

    Online Nursing Degree Programs

    Many of today’s nurses find that creating time for school is not as easy as it once was. Having families and employment obligations can put a serious damper on prospects of returning to full time education. By taking a nursing degree online, students can do their studies and even take exams without ever having to attend a classroom. This convenience gives a much greater ability to nurses to complete their degrees and lessen the burden on personal obligations.

    Master Of Science In Nursing With A Concentration In Pediatric Nurse Practitioner

  • South College Online
  • Pediatric nurse practitioners provide primary care for infants, young children, and adolescents up to 21 years of age. They analyze assessment data, lab work, and diagnostic tests to establish a diagnosis for their patients. PNP duties include a great deal of interaction with children and their parents, working alongside pediatricians in a variety of settings.
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    Message From The Dean

    Dear Students,

    On behalf of the faculty and staff of the South Georgia State College School of Nursing, I am pleased to welcome all new and returning students. We want your educational journey at South Georgia State College to be filled with new and exciting experiences. If you have been looking for a school that provides superior quality instruction that includes individual attention which is supported and enhanced by a rich clinical learning environment, then I invite you to join our SGSC School of Nursing family. Please take a moment to explore our website to learn about our excellent programs that are offered within the School of Nursing. Regardless of the path, please note that you have my best wishes for a wonderful and life changing career in the profession of Nursing or in Long-Term Healthcare Management.

    Dr. Jaime CarterDean and Professor of Nursing

    The ASN program is designed for individuals who want to earn an Associate of Science in Nursing and take the NCLEX-RN to be licensed as a Registered Nurse.

    The RN-BSN program is designed for graduates of Associate of Science in Nursing degree programs who wish to complete additional courses in order to earn the Bachelors of Science in Nursing degree.

    1. Must be fully accepted to SGSC and complete the SGSC School of Nursing admission requirements.

    2. Submit a completed SGSC School of Nursing Application Packet

    Contact information is below:

    Traditional And Accelerated Nursing Program

    Top 20 Best Online Masters in Nursing (MSN)

    The Bachelor of Science in Nursing program maximizes the value of each students educational background. Traditionally, the first two years are spent in meeting general university requirements with courses in science, math, arts and humanities, while the last two years are focused on the professional preparation in nursing. The CON offers an accelerated program for students who have earned a bachelors degree in another field. In addition, an RN-BSN pathway is available to RNs who have completed an Associate Degree in Nursing or a diploma.

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    What To Expect From The South University Online Fnp And Agpcnp Programs

    Admission Requirements: Allnursing students must have an unencumbered RN license in a US stateor territory. This license must be maintained throughout the nursingstudies. Application materials include three letters of referencethrough the Nursing Graduate School Appraisal Form, a resume,official transcripts, and the application itself. Statistics andnursing research courses with a grade of C or better areprerequisites. Students whose primary language is not English mustalso provide proof of English language proficiency.

    • Program Specific Admission Requirements
    • MSN FNP and AGPCNP: Applicants must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 for the last 60 semester hours of undergraduate coursework hold a BSN degree from an accredited US institution submit a 1-2 page essay or goal statement
    • RN to MSN FNP and AGPCNP Bridge: Hold an associates degree or a diploma in nursing from an accredited institution with a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher submit a 1-2 page essay or goal statement
    • Post-Masters Certificate FNP and AGPCNP: Hold a master of science in nursing degree from an accredited institution

    State Restrictions: While SouthUniversity accepts students from many states, applicants outside ofGeorgia should check with the admissions department to make sure theyare eligible for the nursing programs. The following staterestrictions apply at this time:

    Master Of Science In Nursing With A Concentration In Nurse Executive

  • South College Online
  • Nurses must be effective communicators and educators who assist patients and staff throughout difficult transitions while demonstrating financial accountability, systems thinking, and a constant awareness of patient care quality. As many nursing leaders, managers, and executives prepare to retire, its essential to prepare nurses who can exhibit these qualities to move into key roles.
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    Paying For The South University Online Fnp And Agpcnp Programs

    South University charges $540 per quarter credit plus fees for the online MSN and Post-Masters Certificates. The RN to MSN Bridge program costs $215 per quarter credit for undergraduate courses and $540 per quarter credit for graduate courses plus fees. Interested students should inquire with the College of Nursing and Public Health at South University for total costs.

    South University offers unsubsidized federal student loans to graduate students according to the FAFSA. Nursing students should also inquire with their employers as to a tuition reimbursement program. Additionally, South University nursing students may seek outside opportunities for funding including organizational, community, or religious scholarships and grants.

    Keys To Success In The Bachelor Of Science In Nursing Program

    USF College of Nursing CRNA Program Turns 10

    To deliver the highest-quality education, we use tools such as case studies, presentations, Assessment Technologies Institute resources, and other creative teaching approaches.

    The BSN program requires you to be committed, focused, and eager to provide the best possible patient care. A commitment to lifelong learning, critical thinking, inquisitiveness, and collaboration are all important as well. This program entails extensive work outside of the classroom, including reading and analysis. For every hour of class time, students should expect about 2 hours of independent study. You must use your time wisely and develop a strong work ethic to meet the programs demands.

    South College is dedicated to supporting all of our students during their academic journeys. Our experienced instructors are available to mentor each student, and we also provide tutoring and help with core skills through the Math Lab and Writing Lab. Our relationship with local healthcare providers allows us to arrange excellent clinical placements that offer a variety of experience, including the latest cutting-edge techniques and equipment. We are committed to preparing each student to take the NCLEX-RN exam, utilizing proven teaching and testing methods to help ensure success.

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    Msn Certificate And Dnp Handbook

    Welcome to UofSC College of Nursing . We are here to help you be successful in your graduate nursing education endeavors. The College of Nursing MSN/CGS/DNP Graduate Student Handbook provides students with current information about curricula, policies, and other important information concerning the graduate programs in the College.

    Grading & Progression Policy

    In addition to the Universitys policies on progression, The College of Nursing holds a progression policy for all students within the nursing undergraduate program. Students admitted to all nursing pathways at The College of Nursing are required to earn a minimum grade of C in didactic courses and an S in lab/clinical courses. Progression in the pathways is based on GPA, course content and overall performance in lab/clinical. Failure to meet the grade minimum may result in dismissal from the College.

    For further information on progression and grading policies, please visit the College of Nursing Handbook:

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    Master Of Science In Nursing With A Concentration In Adult

  • South College Online
  • The role of the adult-gerontology acute care nurse practitioner is to provide advanced nursing care to adults, older adults, and elderly patients with acute, chronic, and critical conditions. The AG-ACNP must work collaboratively with a host of different healthcare professionals in order to stabilize and improve the health of patients.
  • University And Student Media

    Online Nursing Programs to Consider in 2020

    Beginning in 1961, a local afternoon newspaper, The Tampa Times, covered university news in the one-page weekly “Campus Edition”. Now defunct, the newspaper was succeeded by The Oracle. First published in 1966, the weekly broadsheet was distributed every Wednesday. Housed today in the Student Services Building of the Tampa campus, the student-run newspaper is published four times a week during the Fall and Spring semesters and twice a week during the Summer semesters. The 12,000 circulation newspaper has been recognized by the Society of Professional Journalists and the Associated Collegiate Press for excellence in journalism.

    Owned by USF, WUSF first began airing in 1963. A member station of National Public Radio, the broadcast studio is located on the USF Tampa campus. Currently, the FM station broadcasts NPR and local news during the day and jazz music in the overnight hours. The station is funded by local corporate and private contributors, as well as the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and is affiliated with the Public Broadcasting Service. In 2003, WUSF 89.7 became the first public radio station in the nation to broadcast a digital signal. Today, WUSF Public Media offers local and national news coverage, educational programming, and jazz and classical music through WUSF 89.7, WSMR 89.1, WEDQ, IntellisMedia, and WUSF New Media.

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    Master Of Science In Nursing With A Concentration In Psychiatric

  • South College Online
  • Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurse Practitioners provide assessment, diagnoses, and treatment to individuals or families with psychiatric disorders while also identifying related risk factors. PMHNPs are crucially aligned to contribute to policy development, improvement in quality of care, practice evaluation, and healthcare reform.
  • Dr Kezia Lilly Named As Dean Of College Of Nursing And Public Health

    I am pleased to announce that Dr. Kezia Lilly, after serving nine months in the role on an Interim basis, has been named as South Universitys Dean of the College of Nursing and Public Health.

    I know that all of you join me in congratulating Dr. Lilly, and will join me in doing all we can to support her and the College moving forward.

    Brian McAulay, Ph.D.

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    Bachelor Of Science In Nursing

  • South College Atlanta, South College Knoxville Parkside, South College Nashville
  • The LPN to BSN program prepares Licensed Practical Nurses to earn a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree and qualify for NCLEX-RN examination in as little as 39 months. Our LPN to BSN program is a great way for working healthcare professionals to earn their BSN degrees.
  • Doctor Of Nursing Practice With Concentration In Nurse Anesthesia

    USF College of Nursing Leads in CRNA Training
  • South College Knoxville
  • The South College Doctor of Nursing Practice Nurse Anesthesia Program is a 36-month , full-time BSN-to-DNP course of study, with the goal of producing full-service, independent graduate nurse anesthetists eligible to sit for the National Certification Exam and become board-certified, Registered Nurse Anesthetists .
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    South University College Of Nursing Rn To Bsn And Rn To Msn

    In 1899, Dr. John Draughon launched Draughon’s Practical Business College in Savannah, Georgia. The new college had a rather modest beginning but with Draughon’s dream of a higher educational facility that focused on education and personalized attention to its students his vision continued to grow through the years. In 1974, John T. South purchased the college and renamed it Draughon’s Jr. College. It wasn’t until 2001, after the college became a four-year degree college and then received accreditation for a masters program, that they changed its name again to South University, as its known today.

    South University, one of the nation’s leading higher educational facilities has experienced many changes throughout the years. Their online degree programs have bridged the gap to allow many individuals to further their education while continuing their everyday lives. Whether you’re looking to acquire an associate degree or complete your masters, South University has a program that fits your needs.

    The College of Nursing at South University was created to give students the ability to become professionals in the nursing field. With a “concept of caring” dynamic, students will also become experts in communication and critical thinking. Whether beginning a new career in nursing, or advancing a current career, South University’s nursing programs are sure to be the right choice for any student looking to enter any nursing workforce immediately upon graduation.

    University Of South Florida System

    USF was previously identified as a university system from 1965 until 2020, but is now chartered as one university geographically distributed across three campus locations: Tampa, St. Petersburg and Sarasota-Manatee. Before being consolidated into one university geographically distributed, the University of South Florida System included three member institutions: USF Tampa, USF St. Petersburg, and USF Sarasota-Manatee. Each institution was separately accredited, had a distinct mission, and its own strategic plans.The USF System once included three other member institutions: one in Fort Myers, one in Sarasota, and one in Lakeland.

    USF Fort Myers opened in 1974 and closed in 1997 with the opening of Florida Gulf Coast University.

    The Sarasota institution was originally a private college called New College which sold itself to USF in 1975 to pay off debt, and became New College of the University of South Florida. As part of the deal, New College was allowed to keep its unique grading system. It shared a campus with USF Sarasota-Manatee, which opened in 1975, but was accredited differently as USFSM was considered a branch campus rather than a member institution. New College became the independent New College of Florida in 2001.

    USF Lakeland opened in 1988 and split off from the USF System in 2012 to become the independent Florida Polytechnic University.

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    Center For Urban Transportation Research

    Founded in 1988, The Center for Urban Transportation Research conducts over $13 million in research annually for a variety of public and private sector sponsors in Florida and the United States, including the Florida Legislature, the Florida Transportation Commission, and state and local governments, agencies, and organizations. CUTR houses the National Center for Transit Research, designated by the U.S. Congress in 1991, and reaffirmed in 1998, 2002, 2012 and 2013. Areas of research include public transportation, transportation planning, intelligent transportation systems, transportation demand management, transportation economics and finance, geographic information systems, access management, alternative fuels, and transportation safety, among others.

    Rn To Msn Degree Online At South University

    Top 30 Online Masters of Science in Nursing (MSN) Degrees ...

    Today’s nursing profession allows for a great deal of advancement. However, most institutions hold those advanced positions for nurses holding a MSN degree. Students accepted into the RN to MSN degree program can look forward to a long and rewarding career in nursing, and can be ready to fill those advanced positions. Jobs in nursing administration, research, and leadership positions await those holding an MSN degree.

    Learn how you can get a degree for less money, and up to half the time. Achieve Test Prep can help you “test-out” of many of your required courses. Using an instructor led program, students can choose to do their course work online or at one of over 65 training centers. Gain college credits from the college of your choosing, while doing it faster and conveniently.

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    Outstanding Education For Remarkable Careers

    We’re committed to helping our graduates make an impact in their professional and personal lives. We applaud our nursing alumni and the difference they make. Check out what some of our nursing graduates have to say.

    Shirrelle EverettClass of ’15 Bachelor of Science in Nursing

    It took me almost ten years to realize that without an education I would be stuck working for minimum wage at dead-end jobs, I was a single mother of two children living on welfare. South University allowed me to gain the knowledge and skills needed to advance my career at my own pace. My education has enabled me to take care of my family.

    Lisa GodwinClass of ’09 Bachelor of Science in Nursing

    When I graduated, I passed the NCLEX and quickly got a great job as an RN. I felt very prepared for my new role and within less than five months, I was a charge nurse for a 36-bed med-surg unit. I’m very glad I chose South University for the start of my nursing career. My education gave me a great foundation and has made me a better nurse and practitioner.

    Samira Monet’ Hayes

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