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Should I Go Into Nursing

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Elizabeth Mason Rn Msn

Things you NEED to know before you go into NURSING

“I was not the person that grew up always wanting to be a nurse, I always wanted to be a teacher however, when I found out I was eligible for the nursing program at the college I was attending, I decided to pursue it as a possibility. I never imagined how that spur-of-the-moment decision would change my life. Once I started classes, I fell in love with every aspect of nursing.

“After working for a while, I went back to school and became a nursing instructor in the classroom and clinical. It is the perfect balance of hands-on patient care and teaching the next generation of nurses. I love my students have that ah-ha moment as they put together the big picture of the patient, their diagnosis, medications, and treatment plans. I love seeing the growth of new nursing students to their preceptorship. It is always a blessing to see them in the hospital later as nurses succeeding at their calling.”

Nursing Careers Offer Flexibility And Success

  • Programs are evolving. Depending on your goals and bandwidth, nursing programs can be completed in two to four years.
  • Nurses can choose their own specialty.
  • Nurses can expect to work in a stable industry that is expected to continue to grow.
  • Nurses can advance in their roles, pursue advanced degrees, and take on leadership and administrative roles.

Questions From The Should I Become A Nurse Quiz

  • Do you consider yourself detail-oriented?
  • Yes
  • What is your reaction when you see someone vomiting?
  • I want to throw up myself.
  • No real reaction its just throw-up.
  • How do you handle stress?
  • Really well. I have a high tolerance for stress and Im able to remain calm and stay motivated to get things done.
  • I freeze up in stressful environments. I need the environment to be calm for me to work effectively.
  • What would your friends say about your communication skills?
  • They would say Im an excellent communicator and rarely misunderstood.
  • They would say Im an OK communicator.
  • They would say my communication skills need a lot of work.
  • What would your friends say about your listening skills?
  • Its excellent!
  • It could use some work.
  • It sucks!
  • Do you like the biological sciences?
  • Yes
  • No
  • Which one best describes you?
  • Once I learn something I dont want to have to keep staying up to date with the latest practice.
  • I enjoy the idea of being a life long learner.
  • What are your thoughts on teamwork?
  • Teamwork all the way! It takes a village to get it done.
  • Forget teamwork I work best alone.
  • What are your thoughts on lunch breaks?
  • If I get one, thats great. If not no big deal.
  • Having a consistent 12pm-1pm lunch break is important to me.
  • Honestly, why do you want to be a nurse?
  • I want to help others.
  • Im looking for a job that I can serve others and make a good living doing it.
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    S To Becoming A Nurse

    The first step to becoming a nurse is getting a solid education, whether you hope to be a licensed practical or vocational nurse , registered nurse , or administrator. Every state and the District of Columbia require students to graduate from an accredited nursing program to become licensed.

    • Step 1:

    The Ability To Anticipate Issues

    Want to Go Into Health Care? You Should Start Here ...

    Emon says that nurses are the first line of defense for patients. Therefore, she says all nurses must have an innate ability to anticipate through examination and observation.

    Since nurses spend more time with patients than any other clinician on the care team, their ability to read between the lines is often a pivotal point in the outcome of health-related issues, says Emon, who gives an example of a nurse that recognizes a change in a patients tone, and then encourages them to seek medical attention.

    Early identification and escalation of potential concerns can, at times, be the difference between life and death, says Emon.

    According to Kieffer, nurses should possess a second sense of sight where they can read the unspoken messages and body language displayed by a patient that cannot be determined by vital signs and/or verbal communication.

    An effective nurse will know how to read those signs that can be spoken loud and clear without words, says Kieffer.

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    Nursing Grads Have Smoother New Hire Transitions

    All nurses experience a transition as they move from an academic to a clinical setting after graduating as a nurse. For many nurses working in large teaching hospitals, this transition may be eased by the hospital’s one-year nurse residency programs designed to help new nurses successfully transition from school to various work settings for nurses.

    Although there is a nursing shortage across the U.S., it is still challenging to get a premium job. You can improve your success by working while you’re in school to gain nursing experience and accept internships. Nursing students who gain volunteer experience and professionally network while in nursing school also have an advantage when it’s time to apply for their first job.

    Nurses Are At The Forefront Of The Telemedicine Movement

    In 1879 an article appeared in The Lancet discussing the use of telephones to reduce the number of unnecessary office visits. By 1925, inventors were envisioning the use of video-type devices that would enable doctors to diagnose and treat patients. Telehealth nursing advanced significantly during 2020 when healthcare providers began treating patients at home to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

    For instance, the need for remote telemonitoring for patients in the intensive care unit or at home continues to grow. Remote monitoring can reduce costs for a hospital or physician’s office without sacrificing patient care.

    Nurses are also integral to patient consultations, taking patient histories and coordinating care at home. They are often the primary source of health education and monitoring. Incorporating telehealth services has given nurses a new tool to improve patient outcomes and satisfaction.

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    Should You Become A Nurse 5 Things To Consider

    Nursing is a job of service to others when they are most in need.

    I have been a nurse now for 29 years, says Dana Valletta, a registered nurse practicing in Phoenix, Arizona. I have laughed, and I have cried. I have held the hand of someone in need when no one else would. I have been strong for someone when they couldnt be strong anymore. Nursing has filled my life with a truly grateful heart, and never once have I looked back to see if I made the right career choice. The career chose me.

    Is this the type of career satisfaction you desire?

    Every career has joys and frustrations. But nursing gets high ratings for job satisfaction83% of respondents in the AMN Healthcare 2017 Survey of Registered Nurses either agreed or strongly agreed with the statement that they were satisfied with their choice of nursing as a career. That view stayed consistent across all age groups 82% of millennials and Gen Xers agreed or strongly agreed, and 84% of baby boomers did as well.

    If youre thinking about becoming a nurse, here are five things to consider.

    The Possibility Of Pursuing An Online Education

    Should I go into Psychiatric Nursing? | A day in the life of a male nursing student

    Nursing allows for the possibility of studying online. Should you consider getting your BSN in nursing, you could opt for the blended distance format which allows learners to engage in online didactic instruction with on the ground experiential learning. Online learning options are more flexible and career friendly you can still learn while working full time theyre not limited by geographic boundaries and allow you to assimilate information in your own time.

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    Want To Make Yourself More Marketable Here Are A Few Tips

    • Learn another language: Many hospitals need nurses who speak more than English, with Spanish being the second language in highest demand.
    • Get certified: If you have expertise in a specialized area, earn professional certification.
    • Be flexible: Be open to working for different employers, even if you have your heart set on one in particular. The experience you gain could be valuable.

    Nursing Careers And Alternatives

    Because nursing is such a vocation-centred degree, most nursing graduates go on to become nurses working on hospital wards or in GP surgeries. However, there are a few other options.

    Careers in nursing

    To work as a nurse, you must be registered with the NMC. Students usually send off their registration applications during their third year at university. Once you are registered, career options include:

    • Working as an adult nurse on a hospital ward. This career is open to those with a degree in adult nursing.
    • Working as a neonatal nurse in an intensive care unit for babies. This career is open to those with a degree in adult nursing or childrens nursing. After six months, youll be encouraged to continue your professional development, which typically involves further study and training focused on different aspects of neonatal nursing.
    • Working as a childrens nurse on a childrens hospital ward, in a day care centre or in a child health clinic. This career is open to those with a degree in childrens nursing.
    • Working as a mental health nurse, either on a psychiatric ward, in an outpatient clinic, in a community healthcare centre or in a residential centre. This career is open to those with a degree in mental health nursing.
    • Working as a learning disabilities nurse on a specialist hospital ward, in a residential or community centre, in a workplace or in a school. This career is open to those with a degree in learning disabilities nursing.

    Careers outside nursing

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    Other Factors To Consider Before Studying To Be A Nurse

    Expect short summer breaks at university and shift work throughout your career

    The arrangement of hospital placements means that, as a nursing student, youre likely to get a much shorter summer break than other students. Nurses at all levels are expected to do shift work, which often involves long, irregular hours. You need to think about whether you are happy to make this commitment. If not, nursing isnt for you.

    Youll be expected to wash, dress and feed patients

    Also, when on placement and throughout your career youll need to maintain a keen, hands-on approach. Diane Clarke is a second year adult nursing student at Keele University. She comments: Before starting my nursing degree, I worked as a healthcare assistant. This was not only helpful during the application process, but also gave me a basic understanding of what nursing is really about. While on placement, youll be expected to wash, dress and feed patients alongside healthcare assistants and qualified nurses its an important part of the job. This came as a shock to some of the other students.

    Nurses have a huge amount of responsibility and that can be daunting

    Nursing involves a lot of commitment

    Should You Become A Nurse

    Nursing Or Physiotherapy: Which Career Should I Go Into ...

    Lets review the points weve explored:

    • The hours in nursing are flexible, but sometimes expand due to the national nursing shortage .
    • Career satisfaction is high, but nurses feel stress and pressure as well.
    • Career paths are plentiful, ranging from those in hospitals to private practices to nursing faculty.
    • Nursing is a profession well-suited to those with both hard skills, such as technique, and soft skills, such as empathy.
    • Youll always be learning continuing education is common in nursing.

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    Do You Have What It Takes Must

    Good nurses have a well-rounded set of skills that make them successful in their field and are crucial to their ability to save lives. Before we dive into what really makes nursing a good career choice, lets take a minute and explore some of the skills and qualities all great nurses have in common.

    You dont necessarily need to check all the boxes, but if youre considering a career in nursing you must work to nurture and improve these qualities.

    Become A Lifelong Learner

    With new technologies and treatments, the healthcare industry is constantly evolving. Working on the front lines of healthcare requires nurses to stay informed and educated so they can remain effective as their responsibilities change. Nurses who pursue their careers from the perspective of lifelong learners can take advantage of new opportunities and roles as they arise.

    • Takecontinuing education courses: Nurses are required to complete continuing education courses, usually every two years. Check with your state nursing board for requirements.
    • Get certified: If you decide to specialize in a certain area of nursing, consider earning professional certification. This cements your commitment to the field and demonstrates your skill set to employers.
    • Earn an advanced degree: Earning a masters degree will qualify you for a career as a nurse practitioner, clinical nurse specialist, certified nurse midwife, and certified nurse anesthetist.

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    Labor And Delivery Nurse

    Labor and delivery nurses guide women through childbirth, coaching them through sometimes difficult contractions, administering medication, watching for any potential complications, and helping new moms breastfeed their newborns for the first time.

    Its a nursing role that can be by turns intense, stressful, and joyful. Every new moms delivery is different, and that means labor and delivery nurses must be critical thinkers who can quickly switch from coaching a laboring mother to taking charge if a complication arises.

    They must also be prepared for the times when there is a heartbreaking outcome and be able to accept loss.

    Witnessing Patient Suffering Is Never Easy

    What YOU should know before going into nursing|10 things I WISH I knew !

    Even if youve never felt squeamish at the sight of blood or injuries, seeing people in pain can be much less clinical than you think. I wish I knew how difficult it was going to be to see people suffering in physical, mental and emotional pain, says Jeanne Dockins, RN, BSN and CNOR.

    Consider your specialty with care, and give some thought to how you will react when your patients are hurting or dealing with grief. Certain types of nurses will deal with more severe health issues on their shifts than others.

    As a surgical nurse for over 30 years, I saw some horrific traumas which affected me deeply. Some things you can never un-see, Dockins says.

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    Reasons Why Nursing Is Great For Men

    1. Nursing is a steady job market. Ive never had the up-and-down job market, Hamilton says. And that isnt changing anytime soon. Job growth in nursing is projected to continue at a rate of 9% between 2020 and 2030, according to BLS.

    2. The nursing field offers a variety of career paths. Whether youre easily bored or a lifelong learner or looking for a career, nursing fits the bill. Its really amazing the variety of roles you can end up exploring, says Falletta who has worked as a bedside nurse, charge nurse, nurse practitioner and educator.

    3. Nursing professions are flexible. For men looking to balance other interests or even childcare with work, nursing offers a tantalizing level of flexibility. As nurses, for example, Hamilton and his wife were able to schedule their shifts around each other so that one of them could be home when their children were young.

    4. Male nurses stand out for all the right reasons. Because there are so few males, people get to know you a lot better, Hamilton says.

    5. Men make nursing more accessible. Patients sometimes prefer nurses of one gender or another, which means male nurses answer an important demand from the patient population.

    6. Nursing is a rewarding field. Male or female, nurses get perhaps one of the biggest payoffs out there: being able to heal other human beings.

    Nurses Have Many Leadership Opportunities

    The skills you learn caring for patients can help as you take on the charge nurse role on the unit. Charge nurses must assign patient care and monitor the staff, making adjustments as needed during the shift. Nurses who exhibit strong nursing leadership skills may go on to take positions in administration, such as unit manager, clinical nurse leader, or patient care director.

    You can also take advantage of leadership roles in clinical practice, including advanced practice nurses, clinical specialists, and case managers. Nursing offers several avenues to take additional responsibility and progress up the career ladder.

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    How Long Does It Take To Become A Nurse Practitioner

    Becoming a nurse practitioner will require you to earn a graduate degree in nursing such as a Master of Science in Nursing or Doctor of Nursing Practice , on top of your bachelors degree. Therefore, how long it takes to become a nurse practitioner will vary depending on which degree you choose to earn. To give you some context, below are some average time frames for earning each degree:

    • Bachelor of Science in Nursing : two to four years
    • Master of Science in Nursing : two years
    • Doctor of Nursing Practice : two years

    That being said, a number of accelerated degrees exist which can make completing your education quicker. For example, students who enroll in the Accelerated Direct-Entry MSN at Regis, for example, can earn their BSN and MSN in three years. It is then possible for those students to complete their DNP in as little as an additional two years, if desired.

    Ready To Start Your Nursing Career

    5 Things to Know Before the First Day of Nursing School

    To find out more, give us a call or fill out the form to have an admission representative call you. If nursing seems like a good fit for you, and you have at least 60 college credits from an accredited institution, Madonnas accelerated nursing program in Michigan can help you become a nurse in as few as 16 months.

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