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Second Degree Nursing Programs Nj

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How Long Is An Accelerated Nursing Bsn Program In New Jersey

Traditional vs Accelerated Nursing Programs

Accelerated programs move faster than a typical college experience, which means a lot of information and skills packed into a few semesters. Also, many core courses are often already covered in the first bachelors degree earned. With these considerations, most programs take three or four semesters of full-time, consecutive study. This results in a completion time of 14 to 16 months. Some schools, like Fairleigh Dickinson University, offer an even shorter timeline where students can graduate in 12 months.

Affordable 60 Credit Workload

The RMU Second Degree Nursing program features 120 overall credits, including only 60 in the second-degree curriculum. Our program features more pre-requisite credits and fewer RMU credits, leading to lower tuition and cost savings. Candidates choose where to take the pre-requisite courses. Pathophysiology is a pre-requisite course at RMU and not part of the required curriculum, whereas competitor programs may include it as part of the necessary curriculum.

Earn Your Adn & Bsn At The Same Timeearn Your Adn & Bsn Simultaneously

Choose an all-in-one nursing school and earn both your associate and bachelors degree in nursingin just four years. First, youll earn your ADN from Geneva College, in cooperation with the Community College of Beaver County . Then, youll transfer to the ADN to BSN college program at our Beaver Falls campus and earn your second degree in nursing. Youll graduate with the nursing skills you need to sit for the NCLEX-RN licensure exam and start a career of healing and hope.

If youre looking for RN programs in PA, consider this unique opportunity to earn two in-demand degrees at once. Your Geneva College education will prepare you for entry-level opportunities in the growing field of nursing. Youll also get ready to pursue advanced careers for ADN to BSN degree holders and make an even bigger difference in patient lives.

Nursing career forecastAccording to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment opportunities for RNs are expected to rise 7% by 2029a faster-than-average growth rate. RNs with a BSN may qualify for even more opportunities, authority, and higher pay. Plus, research from the American Association of Colleges of Nursing found that nurses with a BSN have better patient outcomes.

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Rowan College At Gloucester County

Rowan College at Gloucester County, located in thriving Sewell, New Jersey creates the next generation of excellent nurses. Competent faculty train nursing students in the art and science of nursing practice with contemporary care models and diverse clinical experiences, Rowan graduates excel in the workforce.

Benefits Of Becoming A Bsn

Best 9 Accelerated Nursing Programs in New Jersey in 2021 ...

Nurses generally receive a nice benefits package for themselves and their families and you have different shifts to choose from, which can make your home life more enjoyable.

With the opportunity to travel, traveling nurses can take assignments that last anywhere from 6 weeks to six months. Traveling nurse jobs pay nearly double the amount that a regular nurse gets working at his/her local hospital. Travel agencies also offer day one benefits, a safe and clean apartment near the hospital, sign on bonuses, completion bonuses and much more.

Attending a second-degree nursing program opens up the opportunity for working in prestigious specialty areas and pursuing a higher level of education such as a masters degree in nursing, Nurse Practitioner, midwife etc.

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St Francis Medical Center

Saint Francis Medical Center College of Nursing is the proud home to an exemplary extended program designed for students coming directly from high school, and a general diploma program, and an LPN to RN bridge program. Incorporating faith and service into the curriculum means that St. Francis graduates are responsible for their team and accountable to their profession.

Tuition And Costs Of Msn Programs In New Jersey

Costs can fluctuate wildly depending on which school and MSN program you are interested in. Be sure to properly compare program costs, including direct costs like tuition, as well as indirect costs like lab fees, books, transportation, room and board, and more. To provide an example of cost, the tuition and fees for the MSN program at Ramapo College of New Jersey in Mahwah are roughly $736 per credit.

For NP programs visit:

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Why Should I Consider An Accelerated Nursing Degree / Second Degree Bsn

If you already have bachelors and are hoping to make a career change into nursing doing one of these programs may be just the path for you. You wont have to waste time taking core courses such as history and English. Instead you can just jump right in and focus on the nursing specific courses. Another advantage of getting your BSN is that if you decide to further your career even more later and earn your PhD or become an advanced practice registered nurse , you will have the required degree to apply.

Warren County Community College

6 Ways to Pay for Nursing School (Especially Accelerated BSN – Second Degree Seekers )

Warren County Community College, located in the city of Washington, boasts an ADN pathway aimed at preparing students for entry-level positions in registered nursing. This highly competitive program offers predominantly daytime courses, with some clinicals in the evenings at sites around Warren County. Grads are poised to find gainful employment in the field, or they can eventually complete a bachelors degree in nursing.

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Lpn To Adn/bsn Programs

The LPN to ADN program pathway is the basic option for LPNs. This program type can be completed in a few semesters, often taking less than a year to complete, and poises the graduate to take the NCLEX-RN exam. Rowan College at Gloucester County offers a selective-admission LPN to ADN pathway for interested students. Those looking for a more intensive nursing education may opt for the LPN to BSN pathway, in which students complete baccalaureate coursework. Woodland Park’s Berkeley College offers the only on-campus LPN to BSN program in the state.

Most LPN to RN programs in New Jersey will require the following:

  • Graduation from a board-approved LPN program
  • Current, unencumbered New Jersey LPN license
  • Some programs require prior work experience as an LPN

William Paterson University Of New Jersey

William Paterson University of New Jersey offers an accelerated BSN to students who have already achieved a bachelors degree in another field. The ABSN program consists of 60 credits that are completed within 15 months.

If students need to complete any of the prerequisite courses, then they will need to enroll and take those before entering the program. Students who begin in May 2020 are expected to graduate in August 2021.

  • Tuition : $13,086
  • Enrollment: 10,105

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Tuition And Financial Aid

Tuition costs for the second degree BSN program can vary depending on your individual situation . For the second degree BSN at Brookline, we offer a number of financial aid options to qualifying students. Reach out to one of our school representatives for more information.

More than 80% of Brookline College students use some form of financial aid to help cover the cost of their education. Thats why we offer personalized counseling from a Student Finance Advisor to help make your college experience more affordable.

We have also provided The Net Price Calculator that will provide preliminary, non-binding estimates of federal, state, and institutional aid eligibility based on federal methodology.

Second Degree Nursing Programs Ranking Method

Second Degree BSN Information Sessions

To determine the ranking of each college/university, we researched and assessed certain factors. These factors included the NCLEX-RN pass rate, tuition, acceptance rate and graduation rate. Ultimately, the NCLEX-RN pass rate was the highest determining factor, while the other factors played a part in the ranking of each institution the higher the NCLEX-RN rate determined the rank of each college/university. If you are interested in learning more about our ranking system please feel free to visit our methodology page.

If your college/university did not make our list of best second-degree nursing programs or you would like edits made to your school if it was reviewed please feel free to contact us.

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What Are The Admission Requirements For Accelerated Nursing Programs In New Jersey

Aspiring BSN students who already hold a bachelors degree will see some of the same requirements as with their first degree. Admissions for an accelerated nursing program in New Jersey typically include:

  • Official transcripts showing completion of a bachelors degree
  • A minimum GPA
  • A completed application
  • A personal essay or letter of intent
  • Resume or C.V.

In more competitive programs, an interview might also be required. Faculty want to know that a candidate is dedicated to this new career path and able to handle the rigors of an accelerated course load.

Bsn Program Length In New Jersey

A traditional BSN program will take 4 years to complete. If you are looking into nursing as a second degree, an accelerated BSN can take as little as 15 months from start to finish, depending on the school. Lastly, RN to BSN programs, for those who already hold an ADN or nursing diploma, typically last around 2 years. It’s always a good idea to inquire directly with any prospective school about their specific program lengths.

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Accelerated Bsn Programs In New Jersey

  • New Jersey
  • Explore Nursing Programs

    There are 10 nursing schools in New Jersey that provide Accelerated BSN program.We gathered some key information about each school to help you learn more about the schools’ characteristics and the programs they provide.

    Where applicable we also list weighted average NCLEX pass rate of the students who attended the schools in the last 3 years.

    Average NCLEX pass rate

    • RN: 79.60%

    Caldwell University is a private Roman Catholic institution in Caldwell, New Jersey. The Sisters of St. Dominic founded the school in 1939 as the Caldwell College for Women. The university received university status in 2013 and changed its name to Caldwell University in 2014. The campus is in the suburbs of Caldwell, which is about 20 miles from Manhattan. The campus buildings are spread …

    Average NCLEX pass rate

    • RN: 90.90%

    Fairleigh Dickinson University-Metropolitan Campus was founded in 1942 in Teaneck, New Jersey. It is a private institution with both undergraduate and graduate degree programs. The university currently offers more than 100 different degree programs and maintains four campuses. It is also the largest private institution in New Jersey, serving over 12,000 students annually. The metropolitan …

    Average NCLEX pass rate

    • RN: 90.30%

    Average NCLEX pass rate

    How Many Of My Current Bachelors Degree Credits Can Be Transferred To My New Jersey Accelerated Bsn Program

    Nursing Accelerated Second Degree in 15 months

    Graduating from an accredited institution with a bachelors degree indicates you completed appropriate general education courses, and the majority of these will likely transfer to your accelerated nursing program. This leaves the nursing curriculum and certain other prerequisites like nutrition, professional development, microbiology, or human anatomy and physiology. If these prerequisites were also taken within a certain amount of time, such as five years before admission for Seton Hall Universitys program, they might transfer as well.

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    Bsn Programs In New Jersey

    A Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing is another educational option for becoming a registered nurse. This program is traditionally 4 years in length and typically offered at larger universities in more urban areas. A registered nurse with a BSN has the opportunity to hold a wider variety of nursing jobs, including management positions, and has the potential to earn a higher salary. Additionally, many schools are now offering an accelerated BSN program as well as an RN to BSN program, making it one of the most versatile nursing degrees out there.

    New Jersey has more than 12 schools throughout the state that offer an accredited BSN program.

    Examples Of Quality Online Accelerated Bsn Programs In New Jersey

    To get an idea of the timeframe, format, course load, and program structure for an online accelerated BSN program in New Jersey, check out the descriptions for the two nursing programs below.

    Thomas Edison State University

    The 15-month Accelerated BSN Program through the W. Cary Edwards School of Nursing at Thomas Edison State University offers courses in a hybrid format. This 60-credit program is divided into three parts: class, clinical/lab, and online coursework. Students attend classes two days per week at the Trenton campus for in-person learning activities and complete one day a week of clinical experience. Online coursework, which students complete at the own pace in between in-person sessions, is also be assigned.

    The program has two start dates, May and September, and courses are in eight-week terms. Before the program begins, students enroll in the BSN Prep Program where they complete the prerequisites required for admission. If students pursue a higher degree, nine credits of the accelerated program transfer for the Master of Science in Nursing at TESU.

    Felician University

    This hybrid Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing program at Felician University allows students to complete their program in 16 months. The ground option is entirely on campus, starts only in the spring, and takes 18 months. Both programs are open to students with a bachelors degree or a minimum of 60 credits and a 3.0 GPA in their undergraduate coursework.

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    Frontline Nursing Alumni Honored

    College of Nursing hosted a gala event to celebrate its nursing alumni serving on the frontline of the COVID-19 pandemic.

    The College of Nursing provides a wide variety of undergraduate and nationally ranked graduate programs that have prepared students for leadership in the nursing industry since 1937. We are pioneers in evidence-based practice, servant leadership and cutting-edge technology, and encourage our students to integrate their values into their daily nursing practice.

    Foundations For Graduate Study

    Nursing Programs: BSN &  MSN Nursing Degrees

    The 2nd Degree program provides a solid foundation for graduate study, which is essential for those who wish to pursue careers in advanced practice positions , research, and health care management. It is estimated that growth for nurses with graduate degrees will top 50%: many of Pitts 2nd Degree students go onto to pursue graduate studies.

    The Accelerated 2nd Degree BSN program has attracted students from all over the country.

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    Make A Change In 2021

    If youre looking to take the first step in your education, we have programs that can get you started in a new career in as little as six months. And if you have previously earned credits, whether from a community college or a traditional four-year university, you may be able to complete your education at Eastwick in much less time than you think.

    See below for the NY/NJ Metro Area salary potential in fields we train for, based on average annual wage figures by the U.S. Department of Labors Occupational Outlook Handbook.*

    Second Degree Bsn Program Overview

    You always dreamed of becoming a nurse. Your bachelors degree is proudly hanging on your wall. But, theres a problem. Your undergraduate degree is in something different, and youre not ready to commit four more years of college to pursue your lifes true passion. The good news is you dont have to!

    If you have a qualifying college degree, you can enroll in our second degree BSN nursing program and graduate in as little as 16 months. With your Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree, you will be eligible to take the NCLEX-RN certification exam and begin your career as a Registered Nurse . To learn more, fill out an information request form today, and one of our friendly admissions representatives will contact you shortly!

    No Wait-List

    Our Admissions team will contact you shortly.

    Thank you! Your submission was successful.

    All form fields are required.

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    California State University San Marcos

    CSU San Marcos is another top-rated California nursing school, that is taking a slightly different approach to its nursing program by creating cohorts. The university believes this will allow for each nursing student to have a strong support system during and after their college career. A GPA of 2.8 must be maintained to graduate.

    • NCLEX-RN Pass Rate 99%
    • Accreditations California Board of Registered Nurses, American Association of Colleges, CCNE
    • Program length 24 months

    What Can I Do With This Degree

    SECOND DEGREE ACCELERATED NURSING PROGRAM l My Experience and Tips to Succeed in the Program
    • Accelerated Program

    Students who earn a BSN degree may explore the following careers:

    • Careers for graduates who earn a BSN degree include:
    • Acute Care: Hospitals
    • Adult Day Care, Assisted Living Facilities, and Retirement Homes
    • Public Health
    • Home Healthcare, Hospice, Palliative Care
    • Long-term care: Skilled Facilities
    • Outpatient Facilities
    • Eligible for Leadership and Management Positions in Long-Term Care, Hospitals, and Community Settings
    • Specialty Areas: ICU, ER, CCU, NICU, Pediatrics, Medical-Surgical, Rehabilitation, Occupational Health, Perioperative Practice, OB & Women’s Health, & Mental Health, School Nurse, Clinical Research, Health Policy, Health Coach, Physicians’ Offices & Clinics, Travel Nursing, Educational Units, and Staff Development

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    Can I Get Financial Aid To Help Pay For My Accelerated Nursing Program In New Jersey

    Aspiring nurses in New Jersey can receive scholarships, grants, and loans to pay for their BSN. Though some federal or state grants might be unavailable due to use during their original bachelors degree, there are likely other options. There is also the potential for loan forgiveness plans. To learn more, visit our nursing scholarship guide and financial aid guide.

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