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Second Degree Nursing Programs Kentucky

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How Much Do Absn Programs Cost

Second Degree Nursing Live Q& A 2017 – 2018

It always comes down to money. Luckily for you there are a ton of ways to pay for your nursing education. It is also worth noting that the price of doing a second degree BSN will depend on the school you attend. Private schools will almost always cost more than public ones and both offer comparative quality educations. There are also various programs listed below that can help you pay for your nursing education. Here are price examples from a public and private school:

The Nurse Corps Loan Forgiveness program and Public Service Loan Forgiveness are two examples of programs that will pay for your education if you commit to working in medically underserved areas. This can help take the financial pressure out of pursuing a second bachelors degree. Some other repayment options are listed here:

  • Individual Hospital Repayment Programs
  • Military Programs

Our handy state guides are designed to help you find scholarships offered in your state as well!

Grand Valley State University

Average Net Price: $16,175Graduation Rate: 65%NCLEX-RN Pass Rate: 90%

If you are not happy with your first Bachelors degree, its not too late to make a U-turn. Getting a second degree in nursing is an option for you if you enroll in one of the accelerated RN programs from Grand Valley State University. You must meet the criteria for admission through your GPA and pre-requisite courses, but all of this information can be found on the school website. Grand Valley State is located on the beautiful campus at Grand Rapids, Michigan and they have what you need to prepare for the rewarding career of nursing. Niche.coms college rating service gives them a B+ rating.

Advantages Of Bsn Programs

It’s advantageous to pursue a BSN! Those students with a 4-year degree will find that they have different and more mobile career paths, as well as the opportunity for more pay sooner than their ADN counterparts do. When pursuing a leadership role or graduate studies, those students with a BSN are considered more competitive due to their degrees.

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Second Degree Bsn Program Overview

You always dreamed of becoming a nurse. Your bachelors degree is proudly hanging on your wall. But, theres a problem. Your undergraduate degree is in something different, and youre not ready to commit four more years of college to pursue your lifes true passion. The good news is you dont have to!

If you have a qualifying college degree, you can enroll in our second degree BSN nursing program and graduate in as little as 16 months. With your Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree, you will be eligible to take the NCLEX-RN certification exam and begin your career as a Registered Nurse . To learn more, fill out an information request form today, and one of our friendly admissions representatives will contact you shortly!

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Key Factors That Affect Nursing School Tuition

Second Degree BSN

Keep in mind that colleges and universities reserve the right to change tuition rates at any time. The yearly tuition rates listed here will vary for each student depending on various factors including:

  • Transfer credits
  • Amount of credits taken per year
  • Financial aid awards

Check with the specific school for current tuition rates.

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Tuition And Costs Of Bsn Programs In Kentucky

Tuition and other costs associated with attending school can be considerable – there is also quite a bit of difference between different universities in the same state. In order to best prepare yourself for the investment in your future, be aware that you’ll have administrative fees, tuition, housing and food costs, transportation, materials and books, and nursing equipment to provision for.

Kentucky State University has a tuition of about $5,700 per semester, with room and board at about $7,000 per semester and books and supplies about $1,300 for the year.

California State Universitychannel Islands

Average Net Price: $14,834Graduation Rate: 59%NCLEX-RN Pass Rate: 92.68%

If you have completed one Bachelors degree, but you have decided you want to go for your Nurses license instead, youve come to the right place. California State University at the Channel Islands offers a rigorous program that will help you get ready for your licensure exam and prepare you for the world of work as a nurse. CSU at the Channel Islands is rated #8 in nursing programs in the state of California. You can verify this ranking at and also check out their ranking on They got a B- overall for outstanding achievements in their approach to learning.

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Accelerated Bsn Programs At Kentucky Nursing Schools

If youve ever wanted to work in a fast-paced environment that is constantly changing and challenging you, nursing may be the career for you. It used to be that there were only two options for Kentucky students that wanted to become nurses: two-year Associate Degrees in nursing and four-year Bachelors degrees in nursing. As nursing schools attempt to provide more options for nursing students, in an effort to strengthen the nursing workforce, you now have expanded options in Kentucky to become a nurse.

Find out about your options for an Accelerated BSN degree by requesting information from the schools featured below. We have compiled a list of both online and ground based programs, and encourage you to request materials from multiple schools in order to compare requirements, courses, costs, and feasibility. We at have taken the time to find the schools, so you can focus on finding out which one is the best choice for you!

With an accelerated, or fast track, nursing program, you may be able to earn your Bachelors of Science in Nursing degree in as little as 12-18 months.

What Will I Study While Attending An Absn Program

Pivoting Your Career to Nursing: Online ABSN & MENP Programs Info Session

Earning your BSN whether in a traditional or accelerated format requires that you complete certain courses. These courses are necessary to be eligible to take the NCLEX exam to become an RN. The benefit is that since this is your second degree, you will not have to repeat core courses that are not nursing related. George Washington Universitys program offers a good example of what a typical second degree BSN curriculum will look like:

  • Pharmacology
  • Transition into the Nursing Profession
  • Children and Families

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Take The Next Step Toward Your Healthcare Future With Online Learning

Lauren is a Registered Nurse and Womens Health Nurse Practitioner who works in an OB/GYN clinic in the Boston area. She completed a Direct Entry MSN program at Boston College in May 2017 after obtaining a BS in Forensic Science and a BS in Biology from the University of New Haven, so she has special awareness of how confusing the many paths to nursing can be! She is passionate about enhancing and clarifying the nursing role globally as well as combatting human trafficking from a public health standpoint. In her free time Lauren enjoys writing and traveling.

Sources: 50 State Boards of Nursing, University Websites, U.S. Department of Education, Bureau of Labor Statistics. Ranking Methodology.

Useful Links

Kentucky Board Of Nursing

The Northern Kentucky University BSN nursing programs are approved by the Kentucky Board of Nursing

The Commonwealth of Kentucky Board of Nursing certifies that the Northern Kentucky University Baccalaureate Degree Program has met the requirements established by law and the Kentucky Board of Nursing. In alignment with the U.S. Department of Education regulation 34 CFR 668.43 for Nursing Education, the Baccalaureate Degree Program at Northern Kentucky University provides a comprehensive curriculum which prepares students to sit for the NCLEX-RN examination. Students seeking licensure in states other than Kentucky and Ohio should refer to for additional licensure requirements.

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Elizabethtown Community & Technical College

Located in Elizabethtown, Kentucky, Elizabethtown Community & Technical College is home to a well-respected ADN nursing program. The curriculum includes courses such as Medical Microbiology, Behavioral Health Nursing, and Pharmacology. Graduates of the program administer treatments and medications as prescribed, while advocating for improved health outcomes for patients.

University Of West Florida

Baccalaureate Programs

Average Net Price: $11,550Graduation Rate: 44%NCLEX-RN Pass Rate: 94%

If you live in Florida , you can take action today to become a nurse, even if you already received a previous degree in something else. They offer a B.S. in Nursing as a pre-licensure degree, or you can enroll in an RN-to-BSN online program if you hold an RN license. One reason you should look into the University of West Floridas fast-track nursing program is the fact that they are rated in the Top 60 nursing schools in the state of Florida. They are driven by a desire to care for their fellow man and to create the next generation of health professionals who are making a huge impact on their community and the world. Now, thats something pretty big. If youd like to be a part of this revolution, get started today by checking out their site. gives them a current rating of B.

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Best Ranked Rn Programs In Kentucky

To help nursing students in their search for a top RN program, the education experts at publish their annual findings of the best nursing schools for both Kentucky and the country. Schools ranked on our list have proven their ability to educate highly competent nurses.

To create our rankings, we evaluated 26 ADN degree programs and 14 BSN degree programs in Kentucky. We obtained each institutions first-time NCLEX-RN passing rates, the number of students taking the test, the program nursing accreditation and more. We then compared the results against other nursing programs in Kentucky to provide our state rankings. View our methodology.

Uofl Brings Back Its Accelerated Nursing Degree Program

The University of Louisville School of Nursing is relaunching its accelerated second-degree Bachelor of Science in Nursing program, as the need for nurses is critical right now.

Its vital to help ensure the workforce needs are met across the state of Kentucky, said School of Nursing Dean Sonya Hardin.

The accelerated BSN program, which is accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education, is designed to provide an expedited pathway into the nursing profession and ideal for those with a bachelors degree in another field who desire a career in nursing. The program will be offered in Louisville and the School of Nursings extension in Owensboro, Kentucky.

The program makes it possible for students to earn a degree in as few as 15 months, or four semesters. The program will be offered in a hybrid format, allowing students a more flexible format to embrace the benefits of online education and in-person learning. Lecture content will be offered online, with in-person clinical experiences. The blended instruction will provide students flexibility in completing their coursework. Graduates will be prepared for taking the national licensure exam upon graduation.

The School of Nursing faculty possesses a wide variety of teaching and practice expertise and incorporates opportunities for students to provide care to diverse patient populations in hospital and community settings, said Assistant Dean of Owensboro BSN Programs Amy Higdon.

More information is .

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Bellarmine Now Offers Accelerated Nursing Degree Program

The entrance to Bellarmine University.

  • Eric Crawford photo.

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — Bellarmine University has added a course to help address the nursing shortage.

The nursing school added a January start date for its one-year accelerated nursing degree program. This will allow 50 people with a prior bachelor’s degree in another field to earn a second degree in nursing by the end of the year.

The director of the program said the goal is to allow people considering a career change to quickly make a difference. She said there’s a severe shortage of nurses locally, meaning there are many job openings with competitive pay and benefits.

“Bellarmine is well-known for producing the best nurses,” said Kristin Pickerell, director of critical care and emergency services at Norton Healthcare, in a statement. “As a nursing manager, I always sought out Bellarmine nurses while I was hiring.”

Rn Salaries In Kentucky

SECOND DEGREE ACCELERATED NURSING PROGRAM l My Experience and Tips to Succeed in the Program

The average mean wage of RNs in Kentucky is approximately $57,520. This figure will often fluctuate for nurses who have sought out higher education. There are over 60,000 nurses actively registered in Kentucky. It is also reported that more students than ever are pursuing a bachelors degree in nursing. The hospitals in Kentucky provide nurses with many job opportunities in areas such as management, utilization review, quality control, infection control, and wound care specialization. There are also case manager positions available within a hospital as well as home healthcare and community-based healthcare facilities.

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Why An Accelerated Nursing Program

In a recent report by Minority Nurse, nurses with a bachelors degree reported earning an average of $10,000 more per year than those with a diploma or associates degree in nursing .

The same report showed that many facilities are requiring their staff nurses to hold a minimum bachelors in nursing . These institutions pay higher wages to attract and retain nurses with a BSN.

Bsn Program Length In Kentucky

Eight semesters is the traditional length of time for an undergraduate degree. Students must successfully complete about 120 credit hours of classroom time, as well as their clinical placements in order to be eligible for graduation. Students can also pursue an accelerated degree, which is condensed to about 2.5 years of continuous education. RNs who have graduated previously from an ADN program and who wish to upgrade their qualifications may apply to the state’s RN to BSN programs, which are also shorter than the traditional 4-year track.

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What Is An Accelerated Nursing Program

The Accelerated Nursing Degree also known as Second Degree BSN program is specifically designed for people who have already earned bachelors degree in another field and wish to become a Registered Nurse. These programs may also be referred to Direct Entry or Accelerated BSN programs. Typically, a Second Degree BSN program will take about 9 to 14 months to complete. It may take longer if you choose to enroll part-time. By earning your BSN you will be regarded as a highly employable nurse.

Learn additional information about BSN programs in our Bachelors of Science in Nursing Guide. A BSN is one of the degrees you can earn in order to become a registered nurse . BSN programs prepare you through classwork and clinical experiences to sit for the NCLEX exam and work as an RN.

How Much Do Nurses With A Bsn Earn

Baccalaureate Programs

Having your BSN will give you a lot of flexibility in the type of salary you can earn. This, along with being an overall fulfilling career will makes nursing a desirable path. Your salary will change depend on where you work. Urban locations will pay more, but your cost of living will also likely be higher. Community health centers may not pay as much as private ones, but you will also be more likely to be eligible for the loan forgiveness programs. The Bureau of Labor Statistics shows RNs earning a median of $66,640 annually. You can earn the most in California, Hawaii, Alaska, Massachusetts, and Oregon at a salary between $80,000 to $96,000.

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Prospective Student Information Sessions

Interested students are invited to attend a Prospective Student Information Session to learn more about our programs leading to a Bachelor of Science in Nursing , a Master of Science in Nursing or a Doctor of Nursing Practice . These sessions will provide details on admission requirements, prerequisite coursework, student life, clinical experiences and other opportunities. Students are required to attend a PSIS prior to requesting an individual appointment.

  • Reservations are required to attend a session
  • Guests of registered attendees are welcome
  • Sessions last approximately an hour to an hour-and-a-half

Lpn To Adn/bsn Programs

The quickest route to an RN degree for a practical nurse is the LPN to ADN pathway. Students can receive credit for some of the LPN courses already taken, making it much faster than a traditional RN program. Kentucky LPNs can opt for a program such as Maysville Technical & Community College’s online LPN to RN offering. Those who want to earn a bachelor’s degree in nursing can pursue the slightly longer LPN to BSN program, which will reward them with expanded employment opportunities upon graduation. The University of Kentucky’s College of Nursing, for example, offers an LPN to BSN program that offers entry in the Summer and Fall semesters.

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Msn Programs In Kentucky

Nurses who wish to earn within the top range of salary for their profession should look to pursuing a Master’s of Science in Nursing or MSN degree. With specialties like Nurse Practitioner, Nurse Teacher, and roles in leadership and policymaking, MSN degrees are increasingly in demand.

About five graduate degree programs throughout the state lead RNs to an MSN degree. There is a mix of online, on-campus, and hybrid options available.

Bsn For Baccalaureate Degree Graduates Curriculum

Second Degree Prelicensure Program Information Session

Many of our BSN graduates can transition into entry-level Registered Nursing positions in a short time frame. As a nursing student, you will learn how to assess, plan, implement, and evaluate patient-care within various clinical settings.

Our 16-month program includes pre-professional nursing training and hands-on instruction in a variety of settings. Our nursing courses consist of classroom and laboratory activities integrated with clinical experiences and state-of-the-art simulations.

BSN students also receive clinical experience in hospitals, laboratories, and clinics to supplement their classroom instruction. Our goal is to help you develop the necessary skills and competencies to provide nursing care across the healthcare continuum.

Course Totals

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