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Second Degree Bachelor’s Programs For Non Nursing Students

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Clinical Requirements For Accelerated Nursing Programs Absn


The required clinical hours to become an RN are determined by your state board of nursing . In general you can expect to complete about 500 hours of supervised clinical practice during your 12 month education. During this time you will be able to gain confidence in your nursing skills by providing direct care to patients in a supervised setting. This will allow you to practice in a safe manner. That way when you go out into the nursing world you will have the confidence that you can provide safe care and you will also know your limitations as you continue to learn. In your clinical setting you will be supervised by an experienced nurse.

Why Choose The Accelerated Bachelor’s Nursing Program

Youve envisioned a different future for yourself and so have we. Youre ready for a career where you can make a positive difference in peoples lives, where you are respected for your professional skill, knowledge and compassion, and where you can continually learn and grow. Youre ready to be a nurse.

The Accelerated Programs for Non-Nurses from the University of Rochester School of Nursing were designed for students just like you. You already have a bachelors degree, but youre ready to make a rewarding career change. In just 12 months, you can earn a fully accredited nursing degree through our Accelerated Bachelors Program for Non-Nurses and be on your way to a new and exciting health care profession.

The UR School of Nursing is one of the most respected nursing schools in the country. Our nursing programs are distinguished for their strong academics and immersive clinical experiences. Yes, youll be challenged, but we offer exceptional support every step of the way to ensure that you reach your goals.

Perhaps the greatest benefit of getting your degree from the UR School of Nursing is our close association with the University of Rochester Medical Center. Many graduates are employed with the Medical Center and most clinical experiences are right in the neighborhood. Your cohort will become your professional network, and your classmates and professors may likely become your future colleagues.

Can You Work While Completing An Accelerated Bsn Program

  • You can work while in an accelerated program, although it may be difficult. Many accelerated programs can be seen as a full-time position in terms of time commitment. The scheduling may vary, but many programs hold classes daily, sometimes even Monday through Friday from 8 am to 5 pm. Programs typically discourage working during the length of the accelerated program however, many accelerated BSN students will find the time to work once a week, depending on their needs and availability.
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    Applying To The Accelerated Bachelor’s Nursing Program

    The University of Rochester School of Nursing uses a comprehensive, holistic review process during which each application receives individual consideration. We seek applicants who clearly understand the role of the nurse, are motivated and prepared to pursue a rigorous program of study, and committed to upholding the values of the school and the profession.

    How to Apply

    To complete your application, you will need to create an account and complete all sections of the application. Once you complete your application, you may receive a follow-up email to schedule an interview with members of our Admissions Review Committee. We look forward to reviewing your application.

    For details on how to submit your application, reference How to Complete an Application and the directions in the online application system.

    Ma Melita Hebert, RN, Loyd Stephen 14NAlexander Lee, current ABPNN student

    Mount Sinai Beth Israel

    Michigan State University Second Degree Nursing Program

    The Phillips School of Nursing at Mount Sinai Beth Israel offers accelerated nursing students an interesting perspective into the world of nursing. Most programs associated with a hospital do not allow students to earn a BSN however, this one does.

    One of the few programs in the country directly affiliated with a top-tier hospital, this program is regarded as one of the best in the country. Students are consistently given hands-on experiences that

    • Location: New York, New York
    • Tuition: $56,755
    • Length of Program: 15 months, hybrid
    • Acceptance Rate: Not reported
    • NCLEX Pass Rate: Not reported

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    What Are The Prerequisite Courses For The Second Degree Transfer Program

    For the Second Degree Transfer Program, you may complete some or none of the following, as you will be expected to complete remaining courses prior to the start of the nursing coursework at NYU.

    Anatomy & Physiology I or Human Anatomy Anatomy & Physiology II or Human Physiology Chemistry with Lab Microbiology

    Is An Accelerated Nursing Program Worth It

    Many employers value the varied range of skill and knowledge that graduates from accelerated nursing programs bring to their careers. In most cases, employers note that graduates from accelerated programs tend to be more mature, possess stronger clinical skills and are flexible in the work environment.

    A range of different employers across the country are entering into a partnership with schools to offer a scheme whereby they repay graduates the cost of tuition in a bid to attract graduates from accelerated programs.

    Visit our nursing career resource section to learn more about various career pathways in Nursing.

    • Find Accelerated BSN Programs by State

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    How Much Do Nurses With A Bsn Earn

    Having your BSN will give you a lot of flexibility in the type of salary you can earn. This, along with being an overall fulfilling career will makes nursing a desirable path. Your salary will change depend on where you work. Urban locations will pay more, but your cost of living will also likely be higher. Community health centers may not pay as much as private ones, but you will also be more likely to be eligible for the loan forgiveness programs. The Bureau of Labor Statistics shows RNs earning a median of $66,640 annually. You can earn the most in California, Hawaii, Alaska, Massachusetts, and Oregon at a salary between $80,000 to $96,000.

    What You Will Learn

    Already have a Bachelors Degree but Want to go to Nursing School

    You will learn all aspects of health and well-being across a persons life span as you study nursing, health, and the health-care system through the creation and integration of knowledge from research, education, and practice. The nurse of the twenty-first century utilizes advanced technology to provide nursing care to individuals, families, groups and communities.

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    Is An Accelerated Bsn In Nursing Right For You

    As with any educational commitment, deciding to pursue an accelerated BSN is not a decision to be taken lightly. To start, its a big financial investment and theres also the fact that for the next 11-18 months, your life will revolve around the program on a full-time basis. That being said, here are some of the pros of choosing this type of program:

    • Although its possible to work as an RN without a BSN, many employers will indicate that a BSN is preferred. In other words, gaining access to more exclusive opportunities will likely require a Bachelors degree. The same goes for promotions and advancement opportunities.
    • Youll be ready to move forward should you decide to pursue Advanced Practice Nurse specializations, such as a Nurse Practitioner , Certified Nurse Anesthetist , or Nurse Midwife .
    • While your starting salary as an RN will likely be the same whether or not you have a BSN , there is more potential for higher earnings for those with strong educational credentials.

    On the flipside, an associate degree in nursing is usually a less expensive option that can still get you into the profession in two years. This option may be more realistic for those who cant commit to the stringent, full-time student schedule that being an accelerated BSN student demands or if your goal is to strictly work as a bedside nurse. And many ADN RN-to-BSN programs are designed for working nurses and can be completed completely online.

    Clinical Partnerships In Ohio

    Whether you enroll for our Cincinnati, Cleveland, or Columbus location, your clinical rotations start during semester one. We schedule your clinicals for you. However, we cant guarantee placement in a specific hospital or facility. We partner with some of the best health-care providers in Ohio, including Mercy Health, Cincinnati Childrens Hospital Medical Center, Ohio Health, and the Cleveland Clinic.

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    About Federal Direct Loans

    Given the various low-interest loan options available through the U.S. Department of Education, we encourage you, no matter your income level, to apply for financial aid by submitting a Free Application for Federal Student Aid its the only way to know what type of loan youre qualified to receive.

    Eligible parents of dependent undergraduate students. Borrowing parent must have a good credit history and apply for the loan every year.

    To be eligible for federal student financial aid, you must be:

    • Accepted into a degree program.
    • Enrolled in at least six credit hours per term.
    • A U.S. citizen in good financial standing.
    • Registered for Selective Service, if required.

    Why Should I Consider An Accelerated Nursing Degree / Second Degree Bsn

    Best Nursing Colleges in North Carolina 2019

    If you already have bachelors and are hoping to make a career change into nursing doing one of these programs may be just the path for you. You wont have to waste time taking core courses such as history and English. Instead you can just jump right in and focus on the nursing specific courses. Another advantage of getting your BSN is that if you decide to further your career even more later and earn your PhD or become an advanced practice registered nurse , you will have the required degree to apply.

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    Online Accelerated Bsn Programs

    Online accelerated BSN programs are a popular choice for many busy professionals looking to transition into the nursing field because they offer the opportunity to complete your coursework online.

    Although you will be able to complete the majority of your coursework online, you will still need to attend in-person clinicals at an approved site local to you, as well as some meetings on campus, as required.

    Who is an Accelerated BSN Program Right For?

    Students who will do best with an online accelerated BSN program are students who may want to attend a school that is not local to them or for students who need more flexibility for attending classes, due to family or other time obligations.

    How Long are Online Accelerated BSN Programs?

    Online accelerated BSN programs are similar in length to in-person programs, taking anywhere between 11-18 months to complete.

    What are the Requirements for Online Accelerated BSN Programs?

    Just like in-person accelerated BSN programs, the program can be competitive and the admission requirements are as strenuous, if not more.

    The good news is that many programs do offer online accelerated BSN programs, as they are increasingly becoming the preferred route for those pursuing their BSN degrees.

    Prospective Student Information Sessions

    Interested students are invited to attend a Prospective Student Information Session to learn more about our programs leading to a Bachelor of Science in Nursing , a Master of Science in Nursing or a Doctor of Nursing Practice . These sessions will provide details on admission requirements, prerequisite coursework, student life, clinical experiences and other opportunities. Students are required to attend a PSIS prior to requesting an individual appointment.

    • Reservations are required to attend a session
    • Guests of registered attendees are welcome
    • Sessions last approximately an hour to an hour-and-a-half

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    Where Is The Accelerated Program Offered

    Students enrolled in the campus-based Accelerated 2nd Degree BSN program attend nursing theory classes and nursing skills and simulation labs at the Notre Dame of Maryland University campus in Baltimore. Students enrolled in the hybrid ABSN program complete nursing theory courses online and attend nursing skills and simulation labs at the off-campus ABSN learning site.

    Contact us to learn more about the Notre Dame of Maryland University ABSN program for non-nurses.

    The Jacksonville University Advantagewhy Choose This Program

    SECOND DEGREE ACCELERATED NURSING PROGRAM l My Experience and Tips to Succeed in the Program

    Baptist Health is Magnet-designated, which is considered the gold standard among health care organizations that meet ANCC standards for quality patient care, nursing excellence, and innovations in professional nursing practice.

    Jacksonville University faculty and expert clinical faculty from Baptist Health will teach you the necessary healthcare delivery skills in a strategic, purposeful and flexible model that allows you to attend class and maintain balance in your personal life.

    Along the way, University faculty and Baptist Health clinical faculty will guide, mentor and prepare you to successfully enter the nursing profession.

    Qualified individuals will also be given the opportunity to earn a work-promise agreement from Baptist Health upon graduation and licensure.

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    Can I Schedule An Individual Meeting With Someone At Nyu Meyers To Discuss My Application

    Interviews are not a part of the admissions process for applicants to NYU Meyer’s baccalaureate program. Due to the volume of applications received, staff and faculty are not able to meet individually with potential applicants to answer questions about the program. Applicants are encouraged to attend an information session to learn about the admissions process.

    Absn Admissions And Financial Aid

    Admission to the accelerated BSN is competitive, with an average of 48 spaces available in each cohort. Applicants will need to fulfill prerequisite coursework prior to starting the ABSN program. Visit the ABSN admissions page for additional information.

    Students who complete the FAFSA may be eligible for federal student loans.

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    Ready To Use Your Bachelors Degree To Become A Nurse

    Now that you know how our 16-month ABSN program works, your next step is to contact our admission team to set your nursing education in motion. Once youve satisfied the admission requirements, you can enroll for a spring, summer, or fall term at our ABSN Learning Center in Cincinnati, Cleveland, or Columbus.

    Employment Outlook And Salary

    Nursing: Second Degree (Bachelor

    Nursing is one of the most rewarding, fastest growing, and well-paid occupations. According to the Bureau of Labor Statics the demand for nurses is projected to rise by at least 15% over the next decade.

    The salary in each state varies, but the average salary for a BSN is $63,000 $70,000 a year. You can visit Payscale and enter your state for a more accurate income amount.

    When choosing a school, its important to pick from the best nursing programs around. The following schools list tuition cost per year for in-state residents unless otherwise stated and does not include room and board.

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    Transfer Credits Courses & Gpa

    • Students beginning a second degree are normally exempted from first year of the degree requirements by being granted 5.0 credits towards the completion of the degree , regardless of the number of previous degrees held. To earn the second degree, students must complete a minimum further 15.0 credits as U of T Scarborough students.
    • Second degree candidates may not repeat courses taken in a previous degree however, they may count such courses towards satisfying prerequisite and program requirements with the approval of the department offering the program.
    • Candidacy in a new degree program of study will be established, and a new grade point average will commence with the second degree courses.
    • Students are governed by the rules in place at U of T Scarborough at the time they commence their second degree.

    S To Register For The Nclex

    Be sure to talk to your school about the requirements for signing up for the NCLEX. They can help you with timing and steps. The process can take some time, so dont wait until the last minute. Here are some important steps you need to take to register for the big day:

  • Check out your states Board of Nursing website to sign up so that you are eligible to take the NCLEX. The NCBSN website has information you need on your states BON.
  • Your NCLEX eligibility requirements can be found through your BON.
  • After this you should register for the test through Pearson VUE. Dont forget to find your program code when doing this! If youre not sure where to find it, contact your school.
  • The last step is to use our NCLEX tips and practice exams to study!
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    What Is An Accelerated Second

    An accelerated second-degree bachelor of science program like the Notre Dame ABSN allows qualified students to apply credits from their undergraduate degree so they can earn a BSN in as few as 15 months through a blended curriculum comprising nursing theory coursework, nursing skills and simulation labs, and clinical rotations.

    Online Versus Traditional Nursing School


    Needless to say, this program is most appropriate for students who are ready to dedicate full-time, on-site study. It would be practically challenging for a student to take an online study mode for such a crushed program where maximum attention to coursework is needed. However, this does not rule out the option of taking online classes for the same, but a mere show of how dire it would be to do so for your success.

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    Nd Entry Bachelor Of Science In Nursing

    Effective Fall 2022, we will be introducing a modified 2nd Entry BScN Program.

    Subject to Senate approval, the School of Nursing will launch optional BScN undergraduate streams covering topics in areas including leadership and elder care, mental health, and acute/critical care.

    Bachelor of Science in Nursing
    Major Nursing
    Program Option

    The School of Nursings 2nd Entry Program, which is approved by the College of Nurses of Ontario, builds on prior university learning and is available to students who have completed a university degree in any discipline or have 60 credits or more toward a university degree. The program builds on this prior university learning thus enabling students to complete the program in two calendar years through concentrated and continuous learning in six-semester.

    The program uses transformative teaching/learning strategies that blend theory and practice to develop intentional, reflective and socially responsive practitioners to ensure health for all through nursing excellence. Interprofessional thinking and collaboration are integrated throughout the program, culminating in a nursing capstone course which aligns with a final practicum experience. Students learn to partner, advocate and lead in the provision of care though opportunities that foster in-depth knowledge, critical thinking, lifelong scholarship, and professional development.

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