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Schools That Offer Night Classes For Nursing

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Goodwins Flexible Nursing School

State College of Florida Nursing School receives more funding for night, weekend programs

Goodwin University is a comprehensive nursing school that offers flexible nursing degrees at the associate, Bachelors, and Masters level. For added convenience, the RN-to-BSN and MSN programs are offered entirely online. This helps accommodate the busy schedules of already-certified RNs who are working long, varying shifts at hospitals. Online courses allow busy nurses to advance their degrees, at their own pace and from wherever they are. If you want to sign online at night to complete a class after a day-shift, you can do so.

While online learning is a huge convenience for everyone, there are some perks to an on-campus learning format. With in-person courses, critical nursing skills and patient care techniques may be practiced and perfected. Hands-on experience in the lab and real healthcare settings are proven to be some of the best ways to build your foundation in nursing. This is particularly important for first-time nursing students.

First-time nursing students at Goodwin get the opportunity to work with real patients in active healthcare facilities in clinical rotations. The associate degree program may be completed in less than two years just 20 months, to be exact parttime. After completing this program, and getting that much-needed, hands-on practice, students can move onto online nursing coursework.

  • Community Health Centers
  • Nursing Supervision & Management
  • Occupational & Industrial Nursing

Success At South College

I chose the health science program because my ultimate goal is to become a Physician Assistant. This program prepares those who have the interest of continuing an education to the masters level of health science and fulfills all educational pre-requisites for acceptance into a Physician Assistant program. I was able to make my educational pursuits a reality with the financial assistance of the Post 9/11 G.I. Bill. South College made the process of enrolling into classes very easy.

I considered dozens of schools with similar online programs, but South College was just so proactive and more helpful than the others. It was stress-free for me to enroll and get started. Also, being a military-friendly institution made it easier for me to use my Post 9/11 GI Bill® benefits with the Yellow Ribbon Program.

While I was looking at programs, South Colleges DPT program had a unique atmosphere and was a program that was challenging the traditional brick and mortar DPT education model. It was something I wanted to be a part of, and I wanted to take advantage of the opportunity to learn from the top PTs and educators in the country.

What Are The Admission Requirements

MU typically likes to see students with a history of proven success in the classroom with a minimum high school grade point average of 2.5. Minimum *SAT requirement is typically an 850 , but other factors can be taken into consideration. A number of programs have requirements for direct entry that are higher than university minimums. We advise checking the admission requirements for your program of interest within its designated section of the website. View our list of majors to find your program. *Note: Misericordia will be Test-Optional for Fall 2021 Admissions

Your admissions counselor, or the Admissions Office at or 1-866-262-6363. View our list of Admissions Staff to find your counselor.

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Hands On Experience With Nursing Duties

A licensed practical nurse in Baton Rouge will be expected to monitor their patents health, administer nursing care such as changing bandages and inserting catheters, report patients statuses to registered nurses or medical doctors, keep clear and concise records on patients health, and provide for the patients comfort. Nurses can attest to the fact that this is rewarding work, even though it can be challenging.

General Asn Admission Criteria

Certified Nurse Aide Classes starts February 10th. Day and Night ...

Admission to the nursing program is competitive, and the number of students is limited by the number of faculty and clinical facilities available. Meeting minimal requirements does NOT guarantee acceptance. When faculty-to-student ratio limits the acceptance of all qualified students, students will be granted admission according to their qualifications and the completeness of their application packet.

Applicants must:

  • FIRST, submit an application to Albany State University and be admitted in good standing.
  • AFTER being accepted as a student at Albany State University, submit the completed application, the $20.00 application fee money order, and an official copy of their TEAS exam scores by the application deadline.
  • Applicants who take the TEAS exam at Albany State Universitys West Campus Testing Center may submit a printed copy of their results page with the application and money order.
  • Applicants who take the TEAS exam at a testing site other than ASUs West Campus Testing Center will need to purchase the TEAS transcript through ATI Testings online store and indicate that they wish to have their scores transferred to Albany State University.
  • Successfully complete and exit all learning support courses.
  • Complete 10 hours of the associate program’s Core Curriculum with a minimum grade of “C” in the following courses: Anatomy and Physiology I, English Composition I, and an approved math course .
  • Microbiology courses will not have to be repeated.
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    Make A Difference As A Nurse

    The Direct Entry Master of Science in Nursing is for students who have successfully completed a non-nursing bachelors degree and provides the opportunity for individuals who want to transition from their current career into a career as professional registered nurse.

    Our School of Nursing delivers quality student-centered learning experiences for DEMSN students using a variety of instructional methods to allow students with different learning styles to achieve identified student learning outcomes. Clinical and non-clinical coursework within the DEMSN curriculum also provides learning opportunities to provide safe, quality nursing care across the lifespan and in a variety of clinical settings.

    When You Get Your Acceptance Packet From Mu

    Christopher Larson ’19B.S. Mathematics & Statistics

    The Math/Stats double major is very marketable for future professionals. Most employers are looking for strong mathematical and analytical skills, which this path will provide you. It makes you a more marketable professional entering the workforce.

    This program sets you up for success in graduate school. Having the background in both Math and Stats sets me apart from the rest of the students in my class. Instead of seeing information for the first time, you can build and reinforce prior knowledge making graduate level success that much more achievable.

    Gardyney Deshommes

    Senior, Government, Law, and National Security

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    Career And Transfer Outlook:

    Graduates of the Nursing Program are prepared to assume entry-level staff nurse positions in a variety of health care settings. Through articulation agreements, graduates can obtain bachelors degrees in nursing and advanced degrees that will provide opportunities to pursue careers in nursing administration, nursing education and advanced practice as nurse practitioners.

    Night Nursing School Degree Programs

    Behind the Scenes with a BAYADA Night Nurse | Chablis T., LPN

    Night nursing school programs provide similar coursework to full-time day programs, but the only difference is that it takes longer to complete because class times are shorter.

    Part-time associates degrees can take as little as two years to complete.

    If you are already a registered nurse, it will typically take three to four years to obtain a bachelors degree in nursing, but it will take significantly longer if you dont have any background in nursing.

    Masters degrees can take anywhere from two to five years to obtain for night school students.

    Lets talk about the three main night nursing school degree programs offered mostly in the colleges and their respective classes.

    • Associates Degree In Nursing

    Associate of Science in Nursing and Associate Degree in Nursing programs that are offered in the evening allows students to attend classroom lectures and gain clinical experience outside of regular working hours.

    Students in evening ASN or ADN programs learn about the practical skills and theoretical foundations of nursing, including medical diagnoses, patient care and vital sign measurement.

    They must also receive licensure before they can begin working in a medical setting.

    Night classes in ASN and ADN programs emphasize topics in the natural sciences, social sciences and medicine.

    Students learn to measure patients pulse and blood pressure, assist doctors in diagnosis and treatment, give patients wellness information and assess general health.

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    Get Started General Alt 2

    From accounting and health science to education and pharmacy, we offer certificates, associate, baccalaureate, masters, educational specialist, and doctoral degree programs that are all woven with the common thread of providing intellectual, social, and professional development to a diverse student body.

    Want more reasons for attending South College? Weve got an extensive 135-year history of educating tomorrows potential future leaders, and we provide campuses that are equipped with modern technology. Our supportive and experienced faculty members are dedicated to helping you reach your career goals.

    Financial Aid is available to those who qualify. Meet personally with a financial aid advisor and discover the financial resources through government aid, grants, and scholarships that may be available for you.

    Associate Of Science In Nursing

    • ASN Traditional Track

    • Hamilton County at Hamilton County
    • Lake County at Crown Point
    • Lake County at East Chicago
    • Lake County at Gary

    The Traditional Track of the Associate of Science in Nursing degree program is designed for individuals with no previous nursing education or licensure.

    APPLY NOW Request More Info

    Preparation for the NCLEX-RN Exam

    The ASN Traditional Track prepares students for the NCLEX-RN exam, which is the exam taken to secure licensing as a Registered Nurse . Graduates who successfully pass the NCLEX-RN exam have opportunities to obtain entry-level nursing positions in a variety of healthcare areas, including hospitals, nursing and residential care facilities, home health care, physician offices, schools, and health departments.

    Once admitted to the program, an Associate of Science in Nursing degree can be achieved in 4 semesters, or about two years.

    Transfer as a Junior

    Note that admission is not guaranteed just by enrolling in the ASN Traditional Track. You will need to be admitted to the institution you intend to transfer to. Learn more about Transfer as a Junior programs

    Required Courses

    ASN Traditional Track graduates must complete a total of 68-71 credit hours:

  • 37 nursing course credits
  • Completion Guide

  • Lake County at Crown Point
  • Lake County at East Chicago
  • Lake County at Gary
  • Required Courses

  • 44 nursing course credits
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    Lead And Put Your Skills To The Test

    Student Nurses Association

    The SNAs mission is to explore professional growth, promote mutual respect in collaboration between the different levels of nursing, and serve as a channel for the exchange of ideas to promote holistic health and provide for both patient and student education.

    Student Organizations at Penn College

    Your college experience is about more than the classroom. Join one of 65+ clubs and organizations, or create your own.

    Student nurses initiative leads to crucial procedure for young patient

    Nursing students humbled by volunteer work in Guatemala

    Five Pennsylvania College of Technology nursing students and their instructor recently stepped away from the familiar environs …

    Nursing programs to simplify selective admission criteria

    Beginning in December, Pennsylvania College of Technology will no longer require the Test of Essential Academic Skills as a …

    Clinical Experience

    Your Knowledge In Practice

    Delta College Offers LPN Schools in Louisiana

    Get career defining exposure to diverse specialties through clinical experiences at all types of healthcare facilities within a one-hour radius of campus.

    Dual Degree

    Students get perspective on patients real-life struggles

    Nursing students participated in a simulation in that made them think about the choices they would make and that many of their future patients will face given the constraints of poverty.

    During a poverty simulation, students were assigned to families with specified incomes and adhered to rules such as: working caring for children paying for transportation and bills and providing adequate food, clothing and health care for their dependents.


    The associate nursing program at Pennsylvania College of Technology located in Williamsport, Pennsylvania is accredited by the:

    Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing 3390 Peachtree Road NE, Suite 1400 Atlanta, GA 30326 975-5000

    The most recent accreditation decision made by the ACEN Board of Commissioners for the associate nursing program is continuing accreditation.

    View the public information disclosed by the ACEN regarding this program at .

    More Information
    Special Admissions Requirements
    Performance Standards
    Notice of Conviction
    Transfer Procedures
    Alternative Credit
    Tools, Uniforms & Supplies

    Technical Requirements

    Supporting Information

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    Associate Degree Nursing Program

    • You’ll get clinical experiences and hands-on learning within Atrium Health facilities such as Carolinas Medical Center.
    • Our ADN program is consistently ranked one of the best nursing programs in Charlotte and in North Carolina.
    • 98% of graduates pass the NCLEX licensing exam on their first attempt.
    • 90% of our students step into a career at Atrium Health after graduation.
    • Small class sizes mean greater connections to our faculty.
    • The Atrium Health Loan Forgiveness program is available.

    Become a Registered Nurse With Our Associate Degree Nursing Program

    Youre Much More Than A Number

    At Herzing, we believe that providing you with a caring, supportive community will have a positive impact on your learning experience. We know our students by name and are committed to your academic, personal, and professional success. Discover why Herzing’s student-first approach, individual attention and caring community set us apart from other colleges and universities.

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    Who Can Take Lpn Classes At Night

    Basically, anybody can register and take LPN classes at night but before you do you want to make sure you will have the energy and determination to go to the end. Otherwise, you may lose money and time.

    If 6 month LPN program is not suitable for your study needs you may want to investigate LPN night classes. You will need support from your family and friends to pull through. The whole time you are in LPN classes at night you will want to only see the outcome of your decision and in only xx days they will be over and you will get the training as well as education to become LPN.

    Not all classes can be taken at night. Hands-on education requires you to be in person with training under a registered nurse to learn more about how to handle patients and other important factors of an LPN that cant be learned via textbook. You may take these classes in the hospital setting.

    Being a Licensed Practical nurse youll have to take an examination every year to recertify and after you receive your diploma from an accredited LPN school you will need to take and pass NCLEX-PN before you are allowed to work.

    Month Lpn Program Topics You Want To Know

    Dallas College Announces Four-Year Bachelor’s Degree Program In Nursing

    6 month LPN program is created for those very ambitious LPNs. All that you have to do during this 6 month period is to study, take exams, eat and sleep. You will not be able to have normal interaction with family even. Once you find a school of your choice you can put in an application to be accepted by that school the sooner is the better.

    Six month LPN program is designed to accommodate those highly ambitious LPN students to take and pass NCLEX-PN in less than a year and it is not for the faint of heart. You may have to take exams twice in any given week. This program required you to focus 100 percent to take and pass all the tests.

    It is highly recommended to nursing students take a six-month LPN program because this can help them to be proficient in nursing and the medical field the fastest.

    However, it is important to know that there are some differences in these programs and there are different requirements that are being fulfilled when taking up this course.

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    Mgccc To Offer Evening/weekend Options For Associate Degree Nursing

    Associate Degree Nursing student Claire Ladner in the simulation center at the Bryant Center.

    Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College received approval through the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing to begin offering an Associate Degree Nursing Program option on evenings and weekends beginning summer 2020. The program was granted approval from ACEN in November 2019 and from the Mississippi Institutions for Higher Learning on February 7, 2020.

    The Transition into Professional Nursing Pathway will encompass the existing LPN-to-RN program option, as well as adding an EMS/Paramedic-to-RN option, and a Respiratory Therapists-to-RN option for qualified EMS/Paramedics and Respiratory Therapists desiring to transition to the role of registered nurses. Two options for Licensed Practical Nurse students to transition to registered nurse already exist.

    Application for the associate degree nursing evening/weekend options must be submitted between April 1 and May 15, 2020. The first day of classes is set for May 30 at the colleges Bryant Center.

    For more information, call 267-8637 or email .

    A Proven Path To Professional Success

    The Lourdes University College of Nursing has a 95% graduation rate as of 2019. Students graduate with the knowledge, clinical skills, leadership qualities, and compassionate nature needed for excellence in the nursing profession.

    Prepare to become more than a nurse with a masters degreeprepare to become a nurse with a Lourdes University masters degree.

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    Become A Practical Nurse With Herzing’s Brookfield Campus

    Earn your Practical Nursing Diploma at Herzing University’s Brookfield Campus and develop the skills and confidence to begin your nursing career.

    • Earn your diploma in as little as 12 months!
    • Experienced, accessible faculty

    Start Preparing for Your Career Today

    Earning your diploma in Practical Nursing is a great way to start your nursing career sooner. With our practical nursing programs, you’ll develop the skills and confidence to be on your way to a nursing career in as few as 12 months. You’ll gain real-world skills and emerge from our LPN program fully prepared to take the National Council Licensing Examination for Practical Nurses exam and become a Licensed Practical Nurse.

    As a Herzing practical nursing student, you will:

    • Practice in simulation labs
    • Gain hands-on clinical experience
    • Learn from nursing instructors with real healthcare experience

    You’ll also have support every step of the way! Our faculty’s #1 job is to support your success in and outside of the classroom.

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