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Schools That Offer Accelerated Nursing Programs

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Tips For A Successful Nursing Application

Marian University offers accelerated nursing program
  • Start Early! Nursing programs require a high GPA. Many look for demonstrated interest in healthcare in your application.
  • Improve your GPA: Visit the AA& CC and the Centre for Teaching & Learning to improve your academic skills. AA& CC Events & Workshops are available via CLN
  • Cultivate References: Get to know a few professors early so that they write a strong reference letter for you.
  • Get Involved: Join volunteer and cocurricular activities that demonstrate your skills and ongoing interest in a career in nursing.

Best 8 Accelerated Nursing Programs In Maryland In 2022

  • Baltimore, Maryland
  • Graduation Rate: 85%

The University of Maryland is well-known for offering some of the top nursing degree programs in the country, so its no surprise that it takes the top spot on our list of the best-accelerated nursing programs in Maryland. It offers an accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing program. Other degrees are also offered, including a traditional BSN program and several Master of Science in Nursing programs.

School Overview

  • Wicomico County, Maryland
  • Graduation Rate: 67%

Salisbury University may be one of the more underrated state universities in Maryland. It has one of the top accelerated nursing programs in the state. Its accelerated degree is a BSN. This program is designed for student who already has a degree in another field Salisbury Universitys nursing programs are only offered on-campus, not online. Its graduates pass the NCLEX nursing licensure exam at a rate of over 90%, which is above average. Salisbury also offers a traditional BSN program that accepts 65 students per year.

School Overview

  • Bowie, Maryland
  • Graduation Rate: 36%

School Overview

  • Frostburg, Maryland
  • Graduation Rate: 47%

School Overview

  • Baltimore, Maryland
  • Graduation Rate: 20%

School Overview

How To Become A Registered Nurse With A Bachelors Degree

Our Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing program is designed for career changers, new graduates, and many others who want to get a second bachelors degree and become a nurse. Building upon the undergraduate courses that you have already taken, you can jump directly into your nursing courses in the ABSN program.

This full-time, accelerated program located on our Weston, Massachusetts campus takes only 16 months to complete. Upon completion of the program, youll be able to sit for the NCLEX examination, become a registered nurse, and immediately enter the workforce.

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Accelerated Master Of Science In Nursing

A Master of Science in Nursing is a graduate degree for people who want to pursue advanced practice registered nurse careers. There are different types of MSN programs, including accelerated or direct-entry MSN programs.

Titles of accelerated MSN programs vary, but most programs offer the following:

  • Pathway to nursing for non-nursing bachelors or masters degree holders
  • Coursework that may lead to licensure as an RN in the first year of your program

An accelerated MSN degree may help nurses change careers and take on nursing roles as educators, clinical nurse leaders , health policy experts and nurse administrators.

Possible Careers with an MSN

Earning an MSN can lead to many new career opportunities. Some nurses who earn their MSN will provide advanced patient care in a number of settings. Other nurses with masters degrees work in education, administration or health policy. Examples of careers available to graduates include:

  • Science course prerequisites
  • Goal statement

Each university has different requirements depending on the state it is located in for licensure reasons or for accreditation purposes. Be sure to check with your preferred university for more information.

Top Universities In Canada Offering Bachelors Degree In Nursing

Unitek College Offers Accelerated Nursing Programs in ...

Having highlighted the leading schools and colleges in Canada that are offering accelerated 2 year nursing programs, here are, however, schools that are offering bachelors degrees in Nursing.

Also, the list contains the tuition fees each school charges their students on average per year. Note that the school fees are not fixed, its subjected to changes by the school management.

  • McMaster University, Bachelor of Science in Nursing CAD 24,277
  • 2. McGill University, Bachelor of Nursing Integrated CAD 36,561

    3. University of Alberta, Bachelor of Science in Nursing Registered Psychiatric Nurse CAD 20,250

    4. McMaster University, Bachelor of Nursing Science CAD 23,876

    5. Calgary University, Bachelor of Nursing Science CAD

    6. Western University, Bachelor of Science in Nursing CAD 23,281

    7. Queens University, Bachelor of Nursing Science CAD 17,358

    8. The University of Ottawa, Bachelor of Nursing Science CAD 26,780

    9. University of British Columbia, Bachelor of Nursing Science CAD 22,650

    10. University of Prince Edward Island, Bachelor of Nursing Science CADb 31,898

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    Nursing Jobs And Salaries

    Depending on your certification, nursing careers may include fields like:

    • Acute care
    • Long-term care institutions
    • Hospitals

    Licensed nurses may also serve as practitioners, educators and managers in the health field. Nurses also have options in the travel & tourism industry, as travel nurses are often in high demand.

    Salaries in the field increase with experience. Registered nurses can expect starting salaries from $45,000 to $50,000 per year, and those that have a specialty like critical care, could start at $60,000 or more. Practical nurses have lower starting salaries, at around $43,000 per year.

    What Are The Important Differences Between Accelerated Nursing Programs

    The objective of every accelerated nursing program is giving students the coursework and training they need to practice nursing in the shortest time possible. Every accelerated nursing program offers a fast-track degree. But there are nuances between accelerated nursing programs that make a difference for choosing the right program.

    • BA or BS? Some programs dont care about their students undergraduate majors. A BA in any field may be fine. Other programs expect their students already to hold a BS in a science field.
    • Start date. Most US academic programs start sometime between the middle of August and the first week of October, depending on the part of the country where the courses are held. Accelerated nursing programs tend to start in January or October, although summer start dates are also popular.
    • Online or on-campus? Some highly motivated students dont have any trouble learning essential nursing concepts from online classes. They will still need to go to campus or a teaching hospital for their clinical work, but they dont need to go to a physical classroom for their didactic work. Some students learn better in person-to-person interaction. These students should opt for brick-and-mortar classes with professors they see in person and students with whom they can more easily form relationships.

    No matter what your undergraduate degree, you will need to have completed some accelerated nursing program prerequisites.

    Heres a sample list of accelerated BSN prerequisites.

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    What Are The Prerequisites For Accelerated Bsn

    Here are the common prerequisites that must be completed prior to joining the ABSN program. Each course must be completed with a grade C or higher and you must have at least 2.7 GPA when you complete the prerequisites.

    • English Composition I & II
    • College Algebra or Math for Liberal Arts
    • Chemistry or Biochemistry
    • Statistics
    • Anatomy and Physiology I & II
    • Human Growth & Development through the LifeSpan

    Please also keep in mind that prerequisites courses have an expiration date. Most colleges won’t accept prerequisite course completed more than 7 years ago. Again, most colleges require these courses to be completed in an accredited institution.

    Best Accelerated Bsn Programs In 2020

    Schools That Offer Accelerated Nursing Programs

    Accelerated BSN programs provide individuals looking for a change in careers to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. The intensive, accelerated course loads allow students to acquire a BSN degree in as few as 12 months, providing both in-class and online accelerated BSN programs. Each school has individual requirements, but the best accelerated nursing programs usually involve a bachelors degree from an accredited school in a non-nursing field along with a minimum cumulative GPA.

    The demand for nurses has never been higher. With the Baby Boomer generation at retirement age, more and more nursing positions will be opening up at hospitals, medical centers and a host of other healthcare institutions. Earning a BSN can uniquely position you for success in a career dedicated to the care of others. To help you take the next step, we have done the research for you and provided a list of accelerated BSN programs online and on-campus. Whether youre looking for an accelerated program in Florida, a nursing program in Massachusetts, or somewhere else, these schools will help advance your career as a BSN nurse.

    Employment Outlook

    • Its expected that there will be 3,190,300 nursing positions by 2024
    • Registered nurses with a BSN can expect an estimated salary of around $69,000 per year
    • Salaries for nurses with a BSN can make around $8,000 more than those with an ADN

    *Estimated Tuition+Fees listed are for the school year unless otherwise noted.

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    Accelerated Nursing Program Tips For Success

    See below for various ways students can increase their chances of success.

    Time Management
    With an accelerated program, it is crucial to be able to manage your time effectively so deadlines can successfully be met.
    It is vital that you are dedicated to the nursing profession and are motivated by the work. Those who are passionate about their work tend to succeed more than those who are not.
    It is beneficial to create relationships with those in your cohort to take advantage of academic collaboration, such as study groups and future networking.
    Mental Health
    Even with an accelerated program that is extremely rigorous, it’s important to find ways to remove yourself from the pressures of academia and recharge your mind.
    Solid Support Network
    You will rely on family and friends to provide understanding and support throughout the program. You may need their help with finances, or extra understanding when you require space and time to study or complete long clinical hours. You may even need willing test subjects for practicing your skills!

    Accelerated Bsn Survival Tips

    Its no secret that accelerated BSN programs are fast-paced and intense, but for the nurses we talked to, it was the best decision they ever made.

    The program was the most challenging thing I have ever completed in my life, Mooney says. But still to this day, I smile when I see my diploma. Mooney offers these accelerated BSN program survival tips to get the most out of your experience:

    Have a dedicated place to study.

    Be comfortable in the space as you will spend every Friday and Saturday night here for 18 months!

    Get to know your professors well. Email them frequently and visit during office hours.

    They are nurses too. They want you to succeed. They can offer guidance if youre struggling. Stay visible.

    Stay ahead of your work.

    Know your to-do list a week ahead so that you can anticipate how much time youll need to study.

    Make time to meet with your friends and support system, but dont take a day off.

    Even if you have an R& R day, read for 20 minutes at some point in the day to stay focused.

    Talk to your professor if you do poorly on a test/simulation.

    Find out where you made your mistakes.

    Find a small study group with no more than four people.

    If you find yourself in a group that is not focused, get out ASAP.

    Get to know the staff nurses you meet in clinical.

    They may be able to help you get a clinical nursing assistant job and or even a staff nurse job in the future. Get their email, ask them informed questions and keep in touch with them.


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    Georgia College & State University

    Average Net Price: $20,055Graduation Rate: 66%NCLEX-RN Pass Rate: 95.96%

    The Georgia College and State University accelerated program of nursing offers a way to engage in a fast-paced study curriculum to get your BSN in record time. You must hold a previous degree and this is a four-semester program. You need to be ready to commit to around 81 hours per week of coursework and clinical practice. The staff recommends that you not hold a full-time job while you are attending school so that you can commit to your school and clinical work. The coursework is closely aligned to the things you will be doing as a nurse after graduation and includes 60 hours of coursework. gives this school a B+ overall rating.

    Will I Take The Same Classes As Traditional First

    Top Accelerated Nursing Programs for Pennsylvania Residents

    It depends on the program. Some programs have crafted courses for accelerated students, covering content in a shorter time frame. Other programs integrate accelerated nursing students into the traditional semesters, yet with a heavier course load or a different semester-to-semester structure.

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    University Of New Brunswick

    The four-year Bachelor of Nursing program at the University of New Brunswick provides students with the requirements to meet the worlds future and present healthcare needs.

    As a top choice when in search of the best universities to study nursing in Canada, the University of New Brunswick offer hands-on clinical experience to students in their first year. Therefore, students graduate from this nursing school with the merit of more clinical practice, experience as well as one on one attention from their professors.

    Other merits of studying in the universitys nursing school include

    • Small class sizes
    • Support for Indigenous nursing students
    • Our 12-week practicum in the final year of study
    • Most clinical courses offer a 7:1 student-to-faculty ratio
    • Peer support from the Nursing Society

    Where Can I Study Nursing To Become An Rn

    There are 14 Bachelor of Science in Nursing programs in Ontario, which lead to registration as an RN. Several universities offer the second entry/compressed/accelerated option for students who started degrees in other subjects and want to transfer to nursing:

    • Lakehead University
    • McMaster University
    • Queens University
    • Trent University
    • University of Ottawa
    • University of Toronto
    • Western University
    • York University

    There are typically specific course requirements to be earned in advance .

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    Quinnipiac University Department Of Nursing

    The Quinnipiac University BSN and MSN programs are Accredited by the National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission , and are approved by the Connecticut Board of Examiners for Nursing.

    Programs Offered: BSN, Accelerated BSN, Part-time MSN, MSN , Post-Masters Certificate

    275 Mount Carmel Avenue,


    School Of Nursing Undergraduate Petition Form

    Schools In Florida That Offer Accelerated Nursing Programs

    Petitioning Courses

    For any course that does not transfer into ISU as equivalent, students are welcome to submit a petition to the School of Nursing to see if the faculty will accept their course in place of the given School of Nursing undergraduate requirement. Students are also welcome to submit a petition for a course they would like to take to see if the School of Nursing would pre-approve the course for our undergraduate requirements.Petitions must include:

    • A completed form, including a signature and date
    • A copy of the course description for the course
    • An unofficial transcript with course completion

    Please send the completed information to the School of Nursing via email at . Staff will process your petition and send to the faculty for review for the final decision. If the faculty approves your petition, an approved nursing petition means that your course will satisfy the undergraduate nursing requirement but will not show as equivalent to the ISU course in your ISU transcript. The petition process usually takes 2-3 weeks.

    Petitioning Other Requirements

    In some cases, students may want to petition School of Nursing requirements other than courses. These may include, but are not limited to, undergraduate nursing application requirements, undergraduate nursing admission requirements, or graduation requirements. These petitions must include:

    Students should contact the School of Nursing Academic Advisor for guidance on their nursing petition and/or University Petition.

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    University Of New England

    The University of New England first began in 1939 on the banks of the Saco River in Maine. Now encompassing three campuses, over 40 undergraduate majors, and six Centers of Excellence in Research, UNE is the only university in Maine that has a dental and medical school. UNE offers three options for those choosing to study nursing: the traditional four year BSN, the accelerated BSN for double majors, and the Nursing Completion program for RN to BSN candidates. UNEs RN to BSN Program is designed for those who currently hold an RN license, and the curriculum will consist of some required courses such as Health Assessment, Ethical Issues in Nursing, and Nursing Leadership & Management.

    • Location: Biddeford, ME

    The 30 Most Affordable Accelerated Nursing Programs

    • Tallahassee, Florida
    • Graduation Rate: 80%

    Florida State University takes the top spot on our list of the most affordable accelerated nursing programs due to its low tuition and the excellent education its programs offer students. It offers an accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing program that students can complete in less than two years. Students will have the opportunity to work in FSUs labs and simulated clinics.

    School Overview

    • Miami, Florida
    • Graduation Rate: 72%

    Florida International University is known for its low tuition and excellent health sciences programs. It offers several BSN options, including an accelerated degree program. This program allows students to complete their degrees in roughly a year and a half.

    School Overview

    • San Diego, California
    • Graduation Rate: 83%

    San Diego State University is one of the top public universities in Southern California, so it is no surprise that it takes third place on our list. It offers a four-year BSN program that students can enter straight out of high school. Students can complete this program at an accelerated rate by taking a heavy course load in the first two years of the program.

    School Overview

    • Jacksonville, Florida
    • Graduation Rate: 61%

    The University of North Florida makes it three Florida-based schools in the top four of our list. UNF offers a BSN with an accelerated track. Standard and RN-to-BSN tracks are also available.

    School Overview

    • Chapel Hill, North Carolina
    • Graduation Rate: 91%

    School Overview

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