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School Nurse Master’s Program

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Health Services Leadership and Management Master’s Program

Nurse Administrator Or Executive

This trackalso known as Nurse Leadershipprepares a nurse to manage a team of other nurses and/or healthcare members. A Nurse Administrator, sometimes referred to as a nurse manager or executive, may serve as a unit manager, for instance, or in even more expanded leadership roles. Additional advanced certification for Nurse Administrators and Executives are available as well.

Salary: According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics , the median annual salary for medical and health services managers is $119,840 as of May 2022.

Advance 2 Msn Program

The Advance 2 MSN program is situated to attract bachelors degree students who have attained an academic goal but are looking for a new career direction. The A2M program fulfills an interest in moving forward academically while opening the door to a professional career with countless opportunities. Importantly, it supports a glaring need in our healthcare delivery system to educate more nurses to fill the growing demand for skilled bedside nurses at the graduate level. This need is acute throughout our hospital systems but is especially glaring in the community setting of underserved poor and rural populations.

The mission of the A2M program is to increase the number of graduate level nurses from diverse background begins with the recognition that second-degree, nursing programs historically report a greater diversity in applicants than traditional nursing programs . Recruits can be shown that a move into nursing is not a start-over but rather an opportunity to take their academic and work experience into a new direction. The Advance 2 MSN program is designed to enroll students from all backgrounds which can be a pipeline to provide increasing numbers of graduates to match the growing size of diverse communities.

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How To Become A School Nurse

You probably remember a time when you werent feeling good, you got a bee sting, or had an allergic reaction. When you were in school, where did you go? To the nurses office! You went and the nurse would help take care of you, let you call your mom, and help you feel better.

School nurses are important additions to school staff. They are there to lend medical support, which is crucial when there are hundreds of young children or teenagers on the campus. School nurses give important support, medical help, and health direction to the entire school. If youre currently in a nursing program, its valuable to learn about different career options and how you can pursue them.

Master Of Science In Nursing

Online masters program helps nurses in other states

The MSN program offers two options: Nursing Education and Adult-Gerontology CNS. Students can complete the MSN curriculum on a full-time or a part-time basis however, all requirements for the degree must be completed in six years or less. The course format for both MSN programs is primarily online, however, students may have to attend classes on campus, please refer to individual syllabi or faculty regarding scheduling. Both the Nurse Educator and Adult-Gerontology CNS require practicum hours at the end of the program. The online courses offer synchronous and asynchronous formats to enable working professionals the flexibility to pursue a graduate degree while still maintaining their full-time employment.

Graduates of this program may seek employment in educational settings, acute or long-term care settings, or community health care agencies. The MSN curriculum of West Chester University is accredited by theCommission on Collegiate Nursing Education through 2029.

Please check the Graduate Catalog for complete descriptions of the MSN curriculum, courses, requirements, and program outcomes.

Admissions Process:

The MSN program accepts applications for both the fall and spring semesters. Completed applications are reviewed on a rolling basis. Applicants should submit the following materials to the Graduate College:

  • Completed graduate application, including goals statementApply Online

Please go to theGraduate College pagefor more information on our program and how to apply.

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School Nurse Program Benefits

The completion of this programs requirements meets the Ohio Department of Educations requirements to apply for the Professional Pupil Services License as a School Nurse. Ohio licenced nurses will be eligible to submit an application to the Ohio Department of Education for licensure as a School Nurse .

Other program benefits include:

  • Rolling admission with five starting points per year
  • Flexibility in speed of program completion
  • Innovative curriculum aligned with NASN
  • Framework for 21st Century School Nursing Practice
  • Direct contact with the program director
  • Complete at your own pace
  • 13-16 credit hours

***The amount of internship credit required is determined by verification of the type of previous experience as a nurse in a school setting

Types Of Master’s In Nursing Degree Specializations

There are several types of master’s degrees in nursing: Advanced Practice Registered Nurse degrees prepare a Registered Nurse for an advanced clinical role. Other types of MSN degrees focus on preparing nurses for non-clinical roles such as public health or nursing informatics.

  • MBA in Healthcare Management
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    Msn School Nursing Overview

    The CSUF Nursing Faculty recognizes that school nursing practice requires significant autonomy and skill. The school nurse has responsibility to influence the health and well being of individual students and to advance their academic success and lifelong achievement. The school nurse also influences the health and well-being of families, communities and school district faculty and staff. Well prepared school nurses are critical to the health of our society.

    The concentration provides quality advanced practice education that emphasizes development of safe and effective school health care providers for a diverse population of children and families through acquisition of knowledge and skills that are commensurate with current evidence. Faculty are dedicated to preparing school nurses as advanced practitioners with skills to address the complex and unique role of the school nurse and with a strong foundation in school health care research, theory and practice.

    What To Expect In The School Nurse Program

    New Grad RN Residency Program

    The National Association of School Nurses defines school nursing as a specialized nursing practice that:

    • Protects and promotes student health
    • Facilitates optimal development
    • Advances academic success

    The School Nurse program at Ashland University will ground you in ethical and evidence-based practice and prepare you for proper care coordinating and advocacy for quality student-centered care.

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    School Nurse Certificate Course Offerings:

    In our School Nurse Certificate program, Ashland University offers graduate-level coursework including:

    • Advanced Study of Child Development
    • Educational Strategies for Healthcare Providers
    • Health Care of the School Community
    • Introduction to Educational Intervention
    • Health Determinants and Academic Indicators
    • School Nurse Internship

    What To Expect From A Career In Nursing

    Nursing programs at Ontario colleges come at varying levels for those in or interested in the field. Courses meet the needs of current Registered Nurses looking to diversify their skills as well as future nurses looking to get started.

    Patient care demands exceptional attention to detail and a compassion for those in need. If you have these things and you see yourself starting or continuing in nursing education, heres what you need to know.

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    School Of Nursing Accreditation

    The baccalaureate degree in nursing, masters degree in nursing, and Doctor of Nursing Practice at Azusa Pacific University are accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education. The traditional baccalaureate nursing program, upper-division transfer programs, entry-level masters program, and the nurse practitioner program are approved by the California Board of Registered Nursing. Azusa Pacific University is accredited by the WASC Senior College and University Commission .

    Note: This information is current for the 2022-23 academic year however, all stated academic information is subject to change. Please refer to the current Academic Catalog for more information.

    Family Nurse Practitioner Program

    25 Most Affordable Online Graduate Schools for a Master

    The distance-based, online masters in nursing FNP program prepares students to manage care for individuals and families in primary care settings. Upon graduation, students will have the competencies to assess and manage common acute and chronic illnesses, promote health and wellness, and prevent disease.

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    Rn Bridge To The Msn For Nurses

    RNs who hold a non-nursing bachelors degree may take advantage of a bridge sequence of courses to the MSN.

    Course Format, Locations, and Times

    Course offerings will be face to face, online, or blended and are available on a full- or part-time schedule.

    The School of Nursing at The College of New Jersey places great emphasis on its role in developing a community of nursing professionals through intensive mentoring and fostering of collegial relationships. We have found that the interactions necessary to achieve these goals occur best in an interactive classroom setting.

    All face to face lecture and seminar classes are held on TCNJs campus, except for the Neonatal NP specialty courses. The NNP program is a consortium based program and NNP specialty courses are offered on the Thomas Jefferson University campus in Philadelphia.

    Most classes are offered during the evenings, although some required classes and activities may be offered during the day.

    Clinical Practicum Experiences

    All MSN and certificate options include clinical practicum experiences. Clinical practicum hours are during the day, usually on weekdays. Clinical experiences take place under the guidance of experienced advanced practice nurses, school nurses, clinical nurse leaders, physicians, or other advanced nursing practitioners as appropriate to the area of specialization and to the program. Required practicum hours for each course are listed in the course descriptions.

    Dual Master’s Degree Programs

    Who is it right for? Nurses who want advanced leadership or healthcare administration roles

    If you know that you want to one day become a hospital CEO or a Chief Nursing Officer, you may want to consider a dual master’s degree in nursing program. With these, you can earn an MSN at the same time as you earn a more leadership-focused degree like an MSN/MBA, or an MSN/MHA — Master’s in Healthcare Administration. You can also earn an MSN/MPH if you want your career to take a public health route.

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    School Nurse Certificate Program

    At this time, La Salle University is not accepting or enrolling new students into this program. Please complete this form as an expression of interest and to receive information about this program from La Salle University at a later date.

    La Salle Universitys School Nurse Certificate Online Program prepares nurses to serve children from infancy to 21 years of age in school settings. The specific programmatic focus is the needs of school aged children and adolescents. School nurses provide preventive health teaching and manage primary health care needs. They deliver services that improve the health status of children based on the principle that healthier children achieve greater academic success. The La Salle Universitys School Nurse Certificate Program enables registered nurses who have earned baccalaureate degrees in nursing to prepare for and receive initial certification as school nurses.

    Standards for Admission

    Please note: N.B. Graduate Record Examination and Miller Analogies Test are NOT required for acceptance to the School Nurse Certificate Program.

    Nursing CoursesNUR 581 The School Nurse and the Exceptional ChildNUR 582 School Nurse PracticumEducation CoursesEDC 503 Lifespan Human DevelopmentEDC 510 Educaiton and Human Exceptionalities

    Course Credits

    Nursing Jobs And Salaries

    Nursing school graduate a trailblazer for Oregon health care workers with disabilities

    Depending on your certification, nursing careers may include fields like:

    • Acute care
    • Long-term care institutions
    • Hospitals

    Licensed nurses may also serve as practitioners, educators and managers in the health field. Nurses also have options in the travel & tourism industry, as travel nurses are often in high demand.

    Salaries in the field increase with experience. Registered nurses can expect starting salaries from $45,000 to $50,000 per year, and those that have a specialty like critical care, could start at $60,000 or more. Practical nurses have lower starting salaries, at around $43,000 per year.

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    Online School Nurse Certificate Program

    Ashland Universitys School Nurse Certificate online is made for nursing professionals who have already completed a bachelors degree and are interested in working in a school environment. The School Nurse Certificate Program prepares Bachelor-prepared nurses who wish to focus their career on the application of knowledge and skills in the school setting. The program provides a strong foundation in community health and education foundations, as well as preparing the nurse to practice as a member of an interprofessional team member in a non-healthcare setting.

    Successful completion of this program allows students working in Ohio to apply for the Ohio Department of Education Professional Pupil Services License as a School Nurse. Students from other states with educational requirements would need to check with their state agency for equivalency. The SNC is offered completely online to allow for maximum flexibility, with an internship completed in the district of employment or near students home, if not currently employed.

    Here at Ashland, we recognize that school nursing is an expertise and specialized practice within nursing! Our program helps students develop expert skills needed to support the health and academic needs of students of all ages in diverse school settings. Ashland University has been ranked as the second best online college in Ohio by, a nationally recognized publisher of college resources and rankings.

    School Nurse Specialty Program

    The Rutgers School of NursingCamden School Nurse Specialty Program prepares registered nurses to fill the important role of a school nurse in K-12 educational institutions across New Jersey, to advance the academic success of their students, and to contribute to the well-being of families and communities. Our graduate program offers a school nurse certificate alone or as a pathway toward the Master of Science in Nursing with a specialty in school nursing. A second MSN track is offered for post-baccalaureate certified school nurses.

    The MSN Program prepares the graduate to:

  • Utilize research and evidence-based models that will enhance the practice of school nursing in the community and school health office.
  • Develop their role as school nurses with a commitment to holistic evidence-based care that meets the needs of students, faculty, and the community, aligning with the RSNCs core values of social justice, respect, rigor, and resilience.
  • Evaluate the impact of the social determinants of health on students to enhance quality health outcomes and academic success.
  • Integrate nursing knowledge, ethical principles and evidence-based practice in school nursing that reflects the pursuit of knowledge, cultural competence, and the holistic care of the student.
  • Utilize population health theory to sustain a healthy school community.
  • Participate in process of health policy development and build a culture of health for continued quality improvement of schools and communities.
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    Meet Additional Requirements Such As Advancing Your Education

    Educational requirements are subject to the state of employment. Due to this, it is common for state requirements to vary greatly. Furthermore, it is very common for school nurses to possess a Masters in Science of Nursing or a Masters in Education.

    A few examples of school nurse pre-employment requirements include:

    • Arizona: School nurses must obtain a school nurse certificate issued by the Arizona Department of Education
    • California: Must possess a current credential in school nursing, which requires 26 credits beyond the bachelors degree in nursing
    • New Mexico: School nurses must possess an RN license and a bachelors degree, whereas a school nurse supervisor must also possess a masters degree.

    States that require a credential in school nursing often take the certification examination during an MSN program.

    Individuals interested in school nursing in the aforementioned states should fully investigate the requirements to become a professional school nurse. Those interested in a supervisory role are generally required to have an MSN and Certification in School Nursing.

    Choose The Specialization That’s Right For You

    Nursing Programs
    • Nurse Practitioner: Does your passion lie in providing direct patient care? Choose from five specializations that prepare you to pursue certification and credentialing as a nurse practitioner.
    • Specialty Practice: Position yourself for advanced leadership or educator roles in one of several critical areas of nursing and healthcare.

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    What Are The Admissions And Certification Requirements

    Nurse anesthetist MSN and DNP programs typically have the following requirements:

    • BSN or MSN from an accredited college or university
    • Minimum GPA of 3.0

    Certification as a CRNA is obtained through the National Board of Certification and Recertification for Nurse Anesthetists . Criteria for the examination includes:

    • Hold an unrestricted RN license
    • Must have completed an accredited nurse anesthesia program
    • Must submit a completed application and an electronically prepared record of academic and clinical experience signed by both the student and a program administrator within 30 days of completing the program

    Certification as a CRNA is awarded upon successful completion of the examination.

    Admission Criteria For The Master Of Science In Nursing Degree Programs:

    • A completed graduate application form, including a $55 non-refundable application fee
    • A 250-500-word essay discussing your goals and objectives for pursuing admission to the degree program to which you are applying
    • Official transcripts from all previous U.S. colleges attended or official NACES course-by-course evaluation of any foreign transcripts*
    • Two letters of recommendation
    • Professional Resume or CV
    • Official copy of GRE scores or waiver
    • A copy of current US nursing license
    • Official documentation of English Language Proficiency


    • Official copy of GRE scores or waiver
    • A copy of current US nursing license
    • Official documentation of English Language Proficiency

    The primary goal of the School Nurse Certification Program at NJCU is to prepare registered nurses with the advanced nursing knowledge and skills required to care for diverse populations of students in the K-12 educational setting. Using the Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child Model approach, the program emphasizes graduate-level competencies identified in School Nursing Scope & Standards of Practice , and prepares nurses to apply principles of the Framework for 21st Century School Practice in the provision of required school health services for students and families.

    There are two paths to School Nurse Certification at NJCU!

    • School Nurse Certificate Only Program
    • The Master of Science in Nursing with a Specialization in School Nursing

    Scope and Standards of Practice. Silver Spring, MD: Author.

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