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Rn To Msn With Non Nursing Bachelor’s

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What Is An Rn Bsn


An RN-to-MSN program is designed for RNs who want to pursue advanced nurse practitioner careers. Within these accelerated MSN bridge programs, nurses earn their BSN and MSN at the same time. Being able to complete both degrees simultaneously allows nurses to finish the program in less time than it would take to earn the BSN and MSN individually.

What To Expect With A Direct

You should expect the first year of the program to be focused on coursework and clinical experiences that will enable you to take the NCLEX exam and become a registered nurse . A passing score on the NCLEX is generally required before moving forward with the remaining graduate level coursework and practicum experiences required to complete your MSN. To become an advanced practice nurse such as a family nurse practitioner, you will need to pass the state board exam. Depending on the focus of your MSN degree, you may be required to obtain additional clinical experience and certificates prior to being eligible to obtain licensure as a nurse practitioner.

To practice in a specialty area such as surgical nursing, you will be required to gain significant experience and additional certification. Surgical nurses and surgical nurse practitioners have exciting careers! They provide preoperative evaluation and care, assist surgeons intraoperatively, and continue to care for patients postoperatively in settings such as medical surgical or intensive care units.

I wish you the best of luck as you begin your journey!

Rn To Msn Online Nursing Bridge Program

Drexel’s online MSN bridge program is designed for RNs who want to pursue an MSN but have a bachelors degree in a field other than nursing, or a BSN equivalent degree. The required “bridge course” is NURS 335: Genetics and Genomics: Application to Nursing Practice . As a 100% online course, it is convenient and accessible for at-work nurses, and is offered in all of our 10-week, quarter term sessions.

Once you complete all the application requirements and are offered admission to the MSN program, you will begin graduate-level nursing courses. The BSN degree is not awarded in this program. Learn more about earning your BSN and MSN in a combined program.

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How To Get Your Msn If You Have A Bachelors Degree In A Different Field

Known as a direct-entry Master of Science in Nursing MSN, this type of program is designed for people who are interested in getting their MSN but have a Bachelors degree in a field other than nursing.

Basic requirements: You’ll need a Bachelors degree in a non-nursing field, and potentially your GRE.

What Can You Do With An Msn

The Best RN

The purpose of our Direct Entry MSN program is to fully prepare you to take the NCLEX-RN and become a Registered Nurse .

The Direct Entry MSN pathway is designed to expedite the process for students who already hold a non-nursing bachelors degree.

While a masters degree is not required to become an RN, a masters-level education gives you a head start on advancing your nursing career.

Earning an MSN opens doors to many possibilities in advanced practice nursing. This is an opportunity for you to pursue graduate-level nursing pathways and minimize your cost and time.

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Option : Accelerated Bsn Program Or Direct

Step 1: Complete an Accelerated BSN Program OR Direct-Entry MSN Program

Accelerated BSN Program:
The Direct-Entry or Graduate-entry Master of Science in Nursing :

Step 2: Obtain Your Registered Nursing License

Step 3: Prepare for NP Education

Step 4: Earn Your Nurse Practitioner Degree

Full-time MSN-NP Program:
Post-masters NP Certificate:

Entry Level Master Of Science In Nursing

The Entry Level Master of Science in Nursing at SF State is a six-semester program. This program prepares students who possess a non-nursing bachelors degree for the national licensing exam to become a Registered Nurse. Students are eligible for the NCLEX-RN upon completion of four semesters and the program culminates with an applied research course or a masters thesis. Graduates will earn a BSN and MSN degree. Additional information about the program, including student learning outcomes, can be obtained in the nursing section of the SF State bulletin.

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What Is The Job Outlook For Advanced Practice Nursing As A Nurse Practitioner Nurse Midwife Or Nurse Anesthetist

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics Employment Projections program, APRN employment is projected to grow 31% from 2016 to 2026. This is faster than the average growth of all occupations. There is currently, and is projected to be an increase in demand for healthcare services. Bloomberg Businessweek reported in 2013 that the U.S. has a shortage of 13,000 doctors and could grow to over 130,000 by the year 2025. Advanced practice nurses, especially nurse practitioners, could fill that gap.

*Quick facts chart is from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics website.

Learn Through A Blended Curriculum

Getting a Masters in Nursing WITHOUT Getting a Bachelors in Nursing First

Weve designed our Direct Entry MSN program to thoroughly prepare you for a career in nursing in 1921 months.

William, on his decision to enroll in the Direct Entry MSN prog

At the foundation of our Direct Entry Master of Science in Nursing program is a blended learning model consisting of three main components:

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Clinical Practicum Requirements For Clinical Rn To Msn Programs

For APRN-focused RN to MSN programs, the number of clinical practicum hours students must complete varies depending on the program and studentsâ academic concentration. Certain clinical specializations may require more practicum hours than others. For example, while an adult-gerontology acute care nurse practitioner program may include 500 clinical practicum hours, a dual nurse midwifery/womenâs health RN to MSN program may ask students to complete 1000 hours or more at the graduate level. In general, RN to MSN programs require students to complete between 500 and 1000 clinical practicum hours in order to graduate.

Students complete their practicums under the supervision of an APRN who works at the site of their internship these supervisors are called preceptors and they both evaluate studentsâ progress and provide knowledge, support, and mentorship. Some RN to MSN programs ask that students find their own preceptor and medical facility at which to complete their internships, while other programs handle the clinical placement process for their students.

What’s Online And What’s In


All didactic courses are asynchronous, meaning you can complete them online on your own schedule.

You have flexibility throughout the program to complete general education or core nursing courses at your own pace.

Practicum instructor and peer collaboration requirements will be done via distance learning and offer flexible scheduling for the synchronous, or real-time, course elements.


Practical, hands-on training remains crucial and required preparation for earning a BSN and becoming a registered nurse. Our curriculum includes:

  • Clinicals. There are eight clinical courses, seven of which include precepted clinical hours. Youll complete the precepted hours in or near your geographic area. We have a dedicated team to help you find clinical placement.
  • Intensives. Youll be required to attend three 2-4 day intensives throughout the program at a designated Herzing or partner site. These sessions serve as crucial skill and knowledge checkpoints to ensure youre on the right track. Intensives will take place at our Kenosha or Atlanta campusesor a facility associated with a unique clinical partnership.

Tuition and Cost

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What Schools Offer Direct

Students can access direct-entry MSN programs through many schools. Prospective learners should consider what learning format works best for their schedule. For instance, entirely online programs may offer direct-entry MSN coursework, while students interested in traditional classrooms may want to narrow their search by selecting institutions with a brick-and-mortar location.

Obtain Your Rn License

RNs with Non

To legally practice as a registered nurse, you must pass the NCLEX-RN exam. Its a tough exam that uses complex multiple-choice questions to gauge how well you apply your critical thinking skills when making clinical judgments. Its best to sign up to take the exam one to two months after earning your BSN because everything you learned is still fresh in your mind.

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Becoming A Nurse With A Non

Do you dream of becoming a nurse? There is a tremendous need for new nurses across the country. The events of the past year have inspired many to change their careers to nursing. But what if you already have a bachelors degree in some other discipline? You might be wondering, How do I become a nurse with a non-nursing bachelors degree? The good news is that you dont have to start from square one. The Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing track at Concordia University Texas offers an online nursing degree for non-nurses. You can leverage your previous college credit to earn a BSN in as few as 16 months.

Earn Your Bsn In 16 Months

If you have a non-nursing bachelors degree, our full-time accelerated nursing program makes it possible to earn a quality BSN in as few as 16 months. And, just as long as you have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher, we dont care if you come from a science or liberal arts background. We leverage your existing education so you can jump right into nursing courses on your first day of the program.

Keep in mind that you must meet a series of prerequisite requirements before you can start our ABSN program. You must earn a C or better in eight prerequisite courses, four of which are science-based. Your previous field of study often dictates how many of the prerequisites youll need to take.

Once you begin our 16-month ABSN program, you can expect a rigorous blend of online coursework, hands-on skills and simulation labs, and in-person clinical rotations in diverse areas of nursing practice.

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Is Now A Good Time To Pursue An Msn

Due to the ongoing healthcare staffing crisis, increased demand for nurses, and an aging U.S. population, now is an excellent time to enroll in an online nursing masterâs program. The BLS projects a 52% job growth rate for NP positions through 2030, making NPs one of the fastest-growing professions in the United States.

Direct Entry Msn Programs Admission Requirement

Walden University MSN Program Cost (Masters in Nursing: NP and Non-NP route)

Applicants must possess a valid RN license, submit official transcripts from previous college courses, and document an overall 3.0 GPA. Many schools require GRE scores. Most applications ask for letters of recommendation, a resume describing relevant work experience in nursing, and a statement of purpose. Once accepted, MSN candidates must complete a criminal background check. Students are admitted to this pathway as Provisional Admission the admissions criteria are the same as for Provisional Admission to the MSN track for BSN prepared RNs.

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When You Complete Our Rn

Identify principles that relate to the delivery of competent, safe, quality, and outcome-centered care through the effective use of technology and healthcare resources.
Incorporate research, prior nursing experience, and a broad base of knowledge from the liberal arts and sciences into evidence-based practice.
Enhance communication and collaboration skills as professional nursing leaders.
Create plans for holistic nursing care as an advocate for diverse communities.
Prepare for graduate studies and life-long learning.

Msn Degree Program Considerations If You Are Not A Registered Nurse And Hold A Bachelors Degree In A Related Health/science Field

If you are currently not a registered nurse, but would like to pursue a career as an APRN , there are online programs available for you, also. These are called BSN to MSN programs. Typically, these programs first focus on the BSN portion and are normally 18 months. After completing this part of the program, the student will take the NCLEX exam . Following taking and passing this exam, the remainder of the program focuses on the MSN degree, which also takes about another 18 months. The total time depends on how long it takes the student to pass the NCLEX exam between the two portions of the program.

Who would choose to do this? This is normally someone who has a bachelors degree with experience in the work force, but decides after a number of years that they are drawn to a career in nursing. Some people also find that the field in which they got their degree is very limited with a lack of employment opportunities. They would like to become a nurse , but arent interested in starting all over with a traditional college education to earn a BSN, and then an MSN. People such as these can complete an online BSN to MSN program and have better employment opportunities and earning capacity.

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Applying To Rn To Msn Programs

Admission to RN to MSN programs can be selective, and the application process is often fairly rigorous. Candidates for RN to MSN programs must demonstrate maturity and a strong understanding of the responsibilities involved in entering their desired field of advanced nursing in their application materials.

The components of an application to an RN to MSN program may include some or all of the following:

  • Transcripts containing proof of completion of certain prerequisite courses in fundamental nursing concepts
  • An active and unrestricted RN license from oneâs state of residence
  • Fulfillment of minimum overall GPA requirements, or minimum GPA requirements in nursing-specific coursework
  • A personal statement explaining oneâs motivation for enrolling in graduate nursing school, academic and professional goals, and relevant nursing experience
  • One to three letters of recommendation
  • One or more interviews with admissions staff and/or course faculty

Some, but not all, RN to MSN programs require standardized test scores, such as GRE scores. As application requirements vary from program to program, students should contact the admissions staff of the programs that interest them for the most accurate information.

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How To Get Your Msn If You Have An Adn Or Diploma Rn

RN to MSN Online

If you have your Associates Degree in Nursing, or if you have a diploma RN, you have a couple different options. Your first is the traditional route, earning your BSN and then applying to an MSN program. But as we mentioned, there are faster options available where RNs can earn both their BSN and MSN at the same time, known as RN-to-MSN bridge programs. These typically allow RNs to earn their MSN about a year sooner than the traditional route.

Basic requirements: You’ll need an RN or nursing diploma and an active nursing license.

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Why Become A Nurse Practitioner

Becoming a nurse practitioner is a great career goal for nurses who aim to expand their reach and clinical independence. Nurse practitioners have an expanded scope of practice compared to nurses, and NPs can diagnose conditions, create treatment plans, and in some cases prescribe medications, and even practice independently in some states.

Nurse practitioners and other advanced practice nurses are in high demand. The rate of employment between 2020 and 2030 is expected to grow by 45% for NPs, nurse midwives, and nurse anesthetists, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics . Furthermore, these nurses are among the highest paid in the profession, with an annual median pay of $120,680 . And, according to Glassdoor, the average pay for nurse practitioners in the Boston area is $118,960 per year. In Charlotte, N.C., Glassdoor reports an average yearly pay of $120,140 for nurse practitioners.

Youll Make Even More Of A Difference

Few career paths give you the chance to have such a positive impact on the lives of others. No matter what nursing specialty you choose to pursue or how far you choose to advance your career caring for the injured, sick, and dying is part of your job description. Any shift you work could see you improving or potentially saving the lives of your patients.

As a nurse practitioner, youll have even more of a chance to make a difference in your patients lives. With their advanced clinical training and expertise, nurse practitioners have the authority to diagnose illnesses, treat conditions, provide evidence-based health education, and in some states, prescribe medications.

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Ready To Start Your Journey

A master of science in nursing program can help registered nurses advance in their careers. These programs typically take two years to finish. Some MSN programs have concentrations that can prepare RNs to work as advanced practice registered nurses . Other programs can help learners pursue administrative roles such as nurse administrator or nurse educator.

According to a 2021 report from, the average cost of in-state tuition at a four-year public college or university was $9,580 per year. The average cost of out-of-state tuition is around $27,440 per year. However, depending on your field of study, location, and other factors, costs can vary. For example, some schools may offer all online students in-state tuition rates.

Registered nurses who become APRNs can earn very lucrative wages. For example, these professionals earned a median salary of $117,670 per year, as of May 2020, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics . Additionally, the BLS projects 45% job growth for these professionals from 2020-30, which is much faster than average .

Accelerated Rn To Msn Programs In Leadership Education & Informatics

NURSES! Get Your MSN in 6 Months!

Youll see a lot of these titles in our listings:

  • Nursing Leadership & Management: Leadership is the most popular specialty for fast/short RN to MSN programs. Thats because universitiesusuallydont have to worry about certification requirements. Instead, they can offer a speedy program in management & leadership with an internship or relevant capstone project at the end.
  • Nursing Education: If youre interested in earning an MSN thats focused on education, make sure it aligns with employer requirements. For instance, some universities advertising for nursing instructors will want to see a DNP or PhD, not an MSN. You should also ask if the program prepares you for the CNE exam.
  • Nursing Informatics: Do a little digging into these accelerated RN to MSN programs. Some Schools of Nursing have strong data science departments or research centers & experienced informatics instructors others are just trying to offer a popular specialty.

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