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Rn To Msn Programs Nurse Practitioner

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What You Need To Get Into A Master’s Program: Msn Program Requirements

How to choose MSN Nurse Practitioner Program

Although the specific program requirements will vary based on the school and the extra degree you choose, the general requirements to be accepted into an MSN program include:

  • BSN Degree or an Associates Degree in Nursing/Nursing Diploma
  • Bachelors degree in a non-nursing field
  • GPA of at least 3.0
  • Completion of the Graduate Record Exam
  • Recommendations from colleagues or professors
  • Statement of Purpose
  • Proof of nursing license
  • Criminal background check upon acceptance

Some schools may also require a certain amount of time working as an RN, such as one to two years, while others with an RN-MSN track may allow you to proceed directly into the program without any RN work experience. Some schools, for instance, allow RN or BSN students to apply for the MSN program while they are still in school.

Much like an RN or BSN degree, the MSN degree focuses on core foundational classes before moving on to practicum courses. The specifics of the MSN degree will depend on the specialty, but as one example, the Family Nurse Practitioner program from the University of Texas at Austin lists a total of 48 education credit hours and 645 clinical courses to complete the degree.

Why Is It Important To Choose An Accredited And Credentialed Program

If you know that you want to continue onto a DNP program after your MSN degree, you absolutely must graduate from an accredited MSN program. Unaccredited schools may also not be eligible for federal student aid, so if you know you will need federal aid, youll need to choose an accredited school.

How Do I Select The Best Rn To Msn Program For Me

Potential graduate students may feel overwhelmed with options. Many programs are available both in-classroom, online, part-time and full-time.

After working as a RN in any chosen specialty for a while, most nurses will have an idea of what they like and don’t like about day-to-day job functions. Finding the true motivator and vision for the future is an important step in selecting the right graduate program. Some self-discovery may be in order!

Questions to ask yourself:

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San Francisco State University

Concentrations Offered:About the School:Program Details:Admission Requirements:Concentrations Offered:Adult-Gerontology Acute Care Nurse PractitionerAdult-Gerontology Primary Care Nurse PractitionerFamily Nurse PractitionerPediatrics Nurse PractitionerWomen’s Health Nurse PractitionerPsychiatric/Mental Health Lifespan Nurse PractitionerAbout the School:how to become a nurse practitioner with a non-nursing bachelors degreeProgram Details:Admission Requirements:Concentrations Offered:Adult-Gerontology Primary Care Nurse PractitionerFamily Nurse PractitionerPediatric Nurse Practitioner-Primary CarePsychiatric Mental Health Nurse PractitionerAbout the School:Program Details:Admission Requirements:

Can You Go Straight From Rn

20 Best Campus Nurse Practitioner Programs 2021

It is possible to go straight from an RN to an MSN without a BSN. Programs that offer this option typically take less time to complete. These programs provide RNs with the opportunity to become an advanced practice nurse in a short amount of time, opening up the ability to hold more advanced positions sooner.

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Excellence Everyday In Nursing Education Research And Practice

The Master of Science in Nursing is a degree that focuses on advanced knowledge in a particular focus area. ETSU offers specialty concentrations in Nursing Administration, Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner, Nursing Education, and the Family Nurse Practitioner.

  • 7 nurse managed health centers
  • Rural focus
  • 100% Pass Rate on PMHNP Certification
  • 98% Pass rate on FNP Certification for 2020

Rn To Msn Nurse Practitioner: Admissions

Generally speaking, RN to MSN Nurse Practitioner programs would like applicants to have the following:

  • A diploma or associateâs degree in nursing or a bachelorâs degree in a non-nursing field from an accredited institution.
  • A current RN license in the state where you plan to conduct your clinical practicums.
  • At least one year of prior RN clinical experienceâprograms may specify that it has to be in your field of concentration . We have seen a few programs that waive the work requirement.
  • An undergraduate GPA of 3.0 or higherâthis stipulation can vary.
  • Three letters of professional reference.

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How To Get Your Msn If You Have An Adn Or Diploma Rn

If you have your Associates Degree in Nursing, or if you have a diploma RN, you have a couple different options. Your first is the traditional route, earning your BSN and then applying to an MSN program. But as we mentioned, there are faster options available where RNs can earn both their BSN and MSN at the same time, known as RN-to-MSN bridge programs. These typically allow RNs to earn their MSN about a year sooner than the traditional route.

Basic requirements: You’ll need an RN or nursing diploma and an active nursing license.

Are There Online Rn To Np Programs

SAU Online MSN Program Nurse Practitioner

With today’s busy schedules, many RNs who would like to advance to a nurse practitioner role feel that they can’t swing a full load of classes on campus. Enter the online RN to NP program. This option is perfectly suited to the time-crunched RN who may wish to continue working, has family or other commitments, or who doesn’t live close enough to a university to make going back to school feasible. With flexible online classes and access to staff and faculty, RNs can complete the RN to NP coursework on their own time. As a bonus, any clinical requirements can usually be arranged in the student’s hometown.

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Nurse Practitioner Salary Potential

With the change in scope of practice comes a change in salary.

The mean wage for an RN was $77,460, or $37.24 an hour, in 2019. Those at the 10th percentile made $52,080 while those at the 90th percentile made $111,220.

The mean wage for a nurse practitioner, by contrast, was $111,840, or $53.77, in 2019. Those at the 10th percentile made $81,410 while those at the 90th percentile made $152,160.

2020 Bureau of Labor Statistics salary figures for Registered Nurses is based on state data not school-specific information. Conditions in your area may vary. Data accessed August, 2021.

Rn To Msn At A Glance

If you are a registered nurse with an active RN license looking to earn your MSN, Chamberlain University College of Nursing’s RN to MSN options can help prepare you for the next step in your career. Choose from RN-BSN to MSN or Accelerated RN-MSN Options.

  • Courses on your schedule
  • Group-specific tuition rates
  • Receive 77 proficiency credits

Registered nurses who have an active RN license can earn their MSN at Chamberlain faster, online and on their time. With options to customize your curriculum plan and participate in experiential learning opportunities, there is no limit to what you can achieve at Chamberlain University College of Nursing.

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English Language Testing & Toefl Ielts

Prospective students must demonstrate English Language Proficiency. The requirement is met through any of the following:

  • The applicant is a citizen of a country where English is the official language.*
  • The applicant has received an associate degree/diploma from an institution located in an English-speaking country in which the courses were taught in English.*
  • The applicant has earned appropriate scores on language proficiency exams taken within the last two years, as listed in the Academic Catalog.
  • *For more information about English proficiency, including a list of English-speaking nations, please visit our .

Nurse Practitioner Salary And Job Outlook

MSN Programs

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics , the job outlook for NPs is considerably higher than many other professions:

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What To Look For In An Online Nurse Practitioner Program

Be wary when NP programs offer a fast track to a six-figure salary. While NPs enjoy high pay, they earn their role through rigorous study. Classwork and clinical rotations prepare them to administer effective care, shape healthcare policies, and maintain professional standards. Candidates searching for a quality NP program should prioritize the following factors.

Master Of Science In Nursing Curriculum

Family Nurse Practitioner Track

Health Policy, Social Issues, & Theory
NU 508
Diversity, Ethics, Health Promotion, & Informatics in Patient-Centered Care
NU 607
Evidence Based Practice and Research
NU 640 Intro to Family Nurse Practitioner
NU 641 Family Nurse Practitioner I 1
NU 642 Family Nurse Practitioner II 1
NU 643 Family Nurse Practitioner III 1
NU 644 Family Nurse Practitioner IV 1
NU 645 Family Nurse Practitioner V 1
Total Hours
Clinical Component

NU 641-NU 645 have clinical hours associated with them. Each clinical course has a minimum of 120 clinical hours, for a total of a minimum of 600 clinical hours.

Clinical focus varies per clinical course.

  • NU 641, NU 642, and NU 643: primary care in the adult and geriatric population.
  • NU 644: care of female patients across the wellness-illness continuum.
  • NU 645: pediatric population .

Clinical Preceptor Requirements

Students may participate in the identification of individuals to serve as clinical preceptors, as they are familiar with their geographical area. Students must hold a current, unencumbered registered nurse license in the US state in which they plan to complete their clinical hours. Additionally, students must fulfill all other clinical documentation requirements, including:

On Campus Requirement

Students are required to attend two on campus intensives lasting up to three days per visit. Travel, lodging, meals, and all other associated visit costs are the responsibility of the student.

NU 682 Practicum I :

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Types Of Nurse Practitioners

âNurse practitionerâ is an umbrella term. Once you have decided to become an NP, youâll be expected to specialize in a population focus area. That means youâll hold a job title such as:

After you have decided on your focus area, you may even wish to sub-specialize. For example, youâll see listings for both RN to MSN Adult Gerontology Acute Care Nurse Practitioner and RN to MSN Adult Gerontology Primary Care Nurse Practitioner programs in our directory. We talk a lot more about your options under each NP specialty page.

How Do I Know An Adn

Walden University MSN Program Cost (Masters in Nursing: NP and Non-NP route)

Accredited schools and programs list their credentials on their websites. Make sure your choice of ADN-to-MSN program has been accredited by one of the above agencies. If the school’s website hides or is unclear about its accreditation status, this may be a warning sign.

Please note that all the schools listed on this page or elsewhere on are accredited.

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How Does An Rn Become A Nurse Practitioner

There are a number of ways for current registered nurses to become nurse practitioners. Many schools have programs designed specifically for ADN-educated RNs to become an NP, or pathways for a BSN to NP. If you are an RN who currently holds an ADN, you’ll need to complete BSN coursework first, but many schools build this in to an accelerated ADN to MSN program in order for these RNs to earn their advanced degree more efficiently. RNs must also decide whether they want to earn an MSN, or the even more advanced DNP.

Applying To An Online Nurse Practitioner Program

Admissions qualifications and materials depend on the NP program and the applicant’s educational background. While the following list does not represent every NP program’s admission process, we have outlined a few common requirements below.

Admission Requirements:Program Length:Clinical Requirements:GPA Requirement:

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Careers For Masters Level Nurses

One can find many postings for advanced practitioners.

The following were among those that turned up in a recent job search with the designation masters preferred:

Assistant Nurse Manager for the labor and delivery and antepartum units of an academic medical center Patient Safety & Quality Specialist for a cancer alliance Infection Preventionist for an ambulatory care center affiliated with a major health system Nurse Educator for a Moms2B program Ambulatory Surgery Center Nurse Manager for a major hospital Lead of Clinical Education for a multi-specialty medical practice Nurse Specialist, Clinical Outcomes for a hospital that is seeking magnet status School Nurses for multiple Washington State districts

The following positions were among those listed as masters required in a recent job search:

Nurse- Health Care Ethicist for a unit of the federal government Chief Nursing Executive for an ambulatory care system heavily reliant on nursing care

The following asked for the ability to earn a master within set time period:

ICU Nurse Manager

Advanced practice positions are not included in the above list. In the case of APRN practice, its a given!

Master’s Entry To Nursing Practice Programs


The Master’s Entry to Nursing Practice pathway, also sometimes referred to as a Master’s Entry Program in Nursing , allows students with a non-nursing bachelor’s degree and no RN licensure or prior nursing experience to become high-level nursing professionals. This rigorous degree prepares students for RN licensure as well as advanced-practice nursing in various NP specialties. These programs are generally full-time and intensive and can be completed in around 2 years.

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Earn A Graduate Degree In An Np Population Focus Area

In plain English, this means you must earn a masterâs degree or a post-masterâs degree in your chosen NP specialty from an accredited institution & nursing program.

  • Are You an RN with a Diploma or Associateâs Degree in Nursing ? There are a large number of accelerated programs that are designed to get you to graduate school and prepare you for state APRN licensure. Many RN to MSN programs in our directory fall into this category.
  • Are You an RN with a Bachelorâs Degree in an Area Other than Nursing? You can apply for plenty of Post-Baccalaureate RN to MS or Pre-MSN programs in our directory. These programs often include upper undergraduate or graduate foundation courses in nursing that will prepare you for the masterâs degree curriculum.
  • Are You an RN with a Bachelorâs Degree in Nursing ? Youâll have even more choice! With a strong GPA and a bachelorâs degree from a nursing program that is accredited by ACEN or CCNE, you can have your pick of MS & MSN degrees. Our directory focuses on RN to MSN programs, but feel free to use the links to explore a universityâs masterâs-only options.

Some nurse practitioner programs will get you to an MSN without earning a BSN some will allow to you earn a BSN along the way.

What Can You Do As A Nurse Practitioner

Thanks to their advanced training and education, NPs hold more clinical autonomy than RNs. NPs make key decisions in patient care and serve as primary caregivers, much like physicians. They hold hospital admitting privileges and may prescribe medication in collaboration with a physician, although NPs may prescribe independently in some states.

While some 47% of these advanced practice registered nurses work in physicians’ offices, others find jobs in hospitals, outpatient care centers, educational services, and health practitioners’ offices. Around 90% are certified to work in specialized primary care areas like family, adult-gerontology primary care, and acute care.

An NP’s earning potential depends on their specialty area and their work setting. Emergency departments are the top-paying setting for NPs, offering $135,000 a year. Read about other lucrative career options on this page.

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Practicum & Clinical Hours

This program of study requires clinical hours with patients across the lifespan. The minimum number of clinical hours per course are noted in red on each plan of study below. Students should anticipate spending an average of 16-20 hours each week in clinical rotations .

The Moffett & Sanders School of Nursing has affiliation agreements with hundreds of clinical agencies across numerous states, with the majority being in the Southeast. Students may request additional affiliation agreements based on preceptor availability and proximity. Professional and personal connections are essential to help secure clinical placement opportunities close to home.

Clinical placements can be very competitive and similar to obtaining employment. Many facilities require an application, resume and/or interview with prospective clinical students. Professionalism and good communication skills are critical for successful placement. Traveling for clinical opportunities is sometimes needed to meet requirements and/or learning needs. The school does not arrange or provide reimbursement for travel.

Paying For Rn To Np Bridge Programs

MSN & Nurse Practitioner Concentrations & Certificate Programs at DeSales University

Tuition is the most expensive part of an RN-to-MSN program, but as you consider your budget, be sure to include whether you can work while attending school, whether there are any travel expenses for on-campus programs or clinical hours, and your future earning ability with your degree.

Options for financial aid include scholarships, grants, or loans from the school, foundations, banks, or the government. You can also explore work-study programs and tuition assistance from some healthcare employers.

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Benefits Of Becoming A Nurse Practitioner

Why become an NP? There are many reasonsboth personal and professionalthat may drive a nurses decision to pursue an advanced degree. The opportunities abound for this profession.

Becoming an NP allows for increased autonomy, more specialized and intense training in your field of interest, more freedom and flexibility with your career, and usually, a higher wage.

Nurse Practitioner Salaries & Job Outlook

AANP publishes an AANP National NP Compensation Survey report on a fairly regular basis. This report is free for AANP members and available for purchase by non-members. You can compare these figures to Payscaleâs data on Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner Salaries.

Better yet, the Bureau of Labor Statistics provides annual occupational statistics for Nurse Practitioners, including a list of industries with the highest published employment and wages for this occupation.

  • Physiciansâ offices tend to be the largest employer group of NPs, followed by general medical & surgical hospitals and outpatient care centers.
  • In 2017, the average wage for NPs in these physicians offices was ~$50/hour. For NPs in hospitals and care centers, the average wage went up a little to ~$54/hour.

The BLS also has handy national maps that show you states & metro areas with the highest level of employment and the best wages for nurse practitioners.

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