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Rn To Msn Nurse Practitioner Online Programs

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Types Of Nurse Practitioner Msn Programs

Going To NURSE PRACTITIONER SCHOOL // ADN-MSN Online Bridge Program!

Nationally accredited nurse practitioner programs may help lead to certification by the American Association of Critical-Care Nurses , the American Nurses Credentialing Center , or the National Certification Corporation . There are several types of nurse practitioner degrees with specializations in different populations and approaches to care.

University Of Maryland At Baltimore

This universitys Master of Science in Nursing degree provides four specialties: Community/Public Health Nursing Health Services Leadership and Management Nursing Informatics and the entry-into-practice Clinical Nurse Leader option.

Whatever your current level of education, these programs will help you enhance your profession while providing a challenging and hands-on educational experience.

You will significantly enrich your nursing career if you enroll in any of the schools Masters degree programs.

U.S. News and World Report rates the University of Maryland in the top 10 in many areas. Students at UMSON are encouraged to pursue their research interests.

Its employees and professors maintain a close eye on global health objectives.

In turn, students can keep up with the current trends. Masters degree nursing programs at UMSON provide everything a student may want in a nursing school, including leadership opportunities and challenges that require students to apply their critical thinking skills.

The tuition is $824 per credit for in-state, part-time, and $1,461 per credit. Out-of-state, part-time.


Transitioning From An Rn To An Np

In order to become an NP, you will have to earn at least a Masters degree as an NP or CNM. At the bare minimum, you will need to be an RN before enrolling in an NP program, although there are different pathways available depending on if you already have your Bachelors degree or have earned an associates or diploma-based RN.

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Online Rn To Msn Pmhnp Programs & State Licensure

Were tempted to stick this caution in BIG, BOLD WRITING! Before you commit to an Online RN to MSN PMHNP program, check with your State Board of Nursing and the program coordinator about APRN state licensure. State Boards have specific rules and regulations regarding clinical learning experiences for students enrolled in distance education programs. Be sure your degree components will meet licensure requirements in your state.

For example, in its Program FAQ section, East Tennessee State University notes that is unable to accept applications from a number of states due to restrictions imposed on distance education programs by the board of education or board of nursing. Those states include Arizona, California, Florida, Kansas, Kentucky, Maryland, Massachusetts, Nebraska, New York, Oregon, and Washington.

Youll find info about out-of-state applications in the programs FAQ section or on the universitys State Regulation page. The language can be confusing, so feel free to ask for clarification!

Rn To Msn Family Np: Msn Curriculum

Online MSN

Once youve made it to the graduate level, standard MSN or MS degrees take around 1-3 years to complete. Approximately 70% of this degree is going to involve didactic coursework .

  • Foundation Courses: Almost every FNP program contains a Nursing Corei.e. mandatory courses in leadership, evidence-based practice, physical/healthcare assessment, pathophysiology, and pharmacology. These are usually required for certification.
  • Concentration Courses: The remaining courses will be in your FNP concentration. Universities sometimes split these courses into patient categories or stages of life . A few schools will offer a minor/focus .
  • Family Practice Courses: Some nursing schools also like to include courses with direct relevance to family practice

Finally, be sure the program meets the education prerequisites & covers the exam topics for FNP certification.

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How Much Do Aprns Make

Are you ready to earn your online nursing degree?

Most advanced practice registered nurses earn six-figure salaries, enjoy excellent career growth potential, and have high levels of professional autonomy. This guide explores APRN salary ranges, locations where APRNs earn the most, and how to increase your salary if you are already an APRN.

Average Salary For Aprns

APRN salaries vary greatly by specialty, setting, and role. For example, nurse anesthetists earn a median $195,610, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics , while nurse midwives earn a median $112,830. By contrast, the median RN salary is $77,660, and the median physician and surgeon salary is $208,000 or higher.

Aside from the APRN’s chosen specialty, other factors affecting APRN salaries include geographic location and local cost of living, type of workplace, education, and experience.


PayScale, April 2022

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Ways To Increase Pay As An Aprn

The BLS reports that the lowest 10% of APRN salaries were $79,870 or lower. The highest 10% of APRN salaries were $200,540 and above. Specialty, education level, certifications, experience, and geography all factor into salaries. If you want to earn more, consider these steps:

Certifications demonstrate your knowledge and experience in a particular nursing specialty. Most certifications require nurses to have a certain level of experience in that specialty and to pass the certification examination. You must maintain your certification through continuing education.

As of 2025, new nurse anesthetists must have a DNP, and the National Association of Clinical Nurse Specialists advocates that by 2030, the entry degree for clinical nurse specialists should also be a DNP.

Another approach to increasing your APRN salary is moving into administration and gaining leadership roles. You might start by becoming a nurse supervisor, then a nurse administrator, and possibly a chief nursing officer.

Once you have your MSN, you can switch specialties and practice settings with a postgraduate course. Psychiatry, urgent care, and acute care pay some of the highest APRN salaries, according to Clinical Advisor. Psychiatric NPs earn an average $138,445, urgent care NPs earn $120,139, and acute care NPs earn $118,959.

Entry Level Masters In Nursing Programs

SAU Online MSN Program Nurse Practitioner

We have discussed many options for MSN entry into nursing programs.

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics , there is a high demand for qualified nurses in all areas of healthcare.

MSN direct entry nursing programs are also in high demand as the demand for highly skilled nurses grows.

Registered nurses would rather miss out on valuable work experience than risk losing their current positions to return to school.

As a result, it is crucial to find the shortest masters in nursing programs for non-nurses where available.

Through thorough research, we found online MSN programs that allow nurses to complete their graduate degrees in the shortest amount of time possible.

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How Do I Know An Adn

Accredited schools and programs list their credentials on their websites. Make sure your choice of ADN-to-MSN program has been accredited by one of the above agencies. If the school’s website hides or is unclear about its accreditation status, this may be a warning sign.

Please note that all the schools listed on this page or elsewhere on are accredited.

Can You Bridge From Adn

Many MSN programs offer a bridge RN-to-NP option if you already hold an ADN but not a BSN, or if you hold a bachelor’s degree in another field. Most RN to nurse practitioner programs require at least two years of experience as an RN. These bridge RN-to-NP programs typically take 3-4 years to complete, compared to two years for a regular MSN program.

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Should I Pursue An Rn

RN-to-MSN programs are necessary for nurses who want to become authorities in their fields. If you want to gain expertise, become a specialist working with specific populations and earn a higher salary, an RN-to-MSN program may be the best pathway for you.

The median annual wage for specialized nurses who must hold an MSN to practice was $117,670, according to 2020 data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics for nurse anesthetists, nurse midwives and nurse practitioners. The lowest paid 10% earned less than $84,120, while the highest 10% earned more than $190,900.

When considering this, note that the entry-level educational requirements for nurse practitioners will change by 2025. In 2018, the National Organization of Nurse Practitioner Faculties committed to making the Doctor of Nursing Practice degree the new threshold requirement for entry-level nurse practitioner education. A DNP is the highest practice-based degree that can be earned in the field of nursing. Its curriculum is designed to support the complex, ever-changing health care processenabling nurses to tackle clinical and administrative leadership roles.

Tuition And Costs Of Rn To Np Programs


Whether pursuing a master’s degree or a doctorate, online or in-person, students will need to cover the costs associated with an RN to NP program, including tuition, school/program fees, and course materials. These costs will fluctuate based on the school and type of NP degree chosen. Online students have the advantage of not needing to factor in costs for commuting and parking. To provide an example on what to expect expense-wise, Frontier Nursing University quotes the following for their NP programs:

  • Tuition for MSN Family Nurse Practitioner: $36,160
  • Tuition for ADN to MSN Family Nurse Practitioner: $48,025
  • Tuition for Post-Master’s DNP: $15,820

These estimates do not include extra mandatory expenses, including lab fees, technology fees, and more.

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Rn To Msn Family Np: Msn Clinical Hours / Practicums

Heres where your MS or MSN degree really gets interesting! On top of being required for state licensure & certification, clinical practicums are an excellent way to test your skills, build a reputation for nursing excellence, and find employment contacts. Schools will often aim to give you 600-800 total hours of direct patient care.

In order to expose you to the full range of family care, FNP clinical rotations often include work in settings that involve:

  • Pediatrics

In fact, youll frequently see FNP practicums divided into categories. For example:

  • Practicum in Infants, Children, and Adolescent Primary Care
  • Practicum in Womens Primary Care
  • Practicum in Adult Primary Care
  • Practicum in Older Adult Primary Care

Are Any Credentials Or Certifications Needed

With many NP specializations available, individual credentialing for an RN’s desired concentration is highly recommended, and in many cases required. Once an RN graduates with either an MSN or DNP in their specialty area, they will be eligible to take the credentialing exam in that field. The American Nurses Credentialing Center offers certifications for the following NP concentrations:

Interested in a traditional nurse practitioner program?

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School Nclex Pass Rate

The school NCLEX-RN pass rate tells you how many of the school’s graduates passed the NCLEX examination. A high pass rate is good, but a high pass rate combined with a high dropout rate can be a warning sign.

While the NCLEX-RN prepares students to become RNs, the pass rate can still be relevant in considering a nursing program’s overall quality, including its advanced degree programs.

What Is A Nurse Practitioner

Online Nurse Practitioner Programs

First off, let’s get into what a nurse practitioner is and what they do. Nurse Practitioners are masters-level educated nurses who work as practitioners in a variety of specialties, from womens health to surgical to cardio, and everything in between.

Many times, the average nurse practitioner student has been practicing as a registered nurse for 10 years or so, explained Ken Miller, the former president of the AANP. They just get to a point in their career that they want more autonomy. There is just such a need for this profession because of the Affordable Care Act.

Miller added that between 30 and 40 million more people have been added to the primary care system after finally getting health insurance. But no single discipline can handle that. So, the nurse practitioners are picking up a lot of that primary care that needs to be done, he said. They also can own their own clinics. In fact, there are 250,000 nurse-owned and managed clinics across the country.

Working as a nurse practitioner is so desirable that the U.S. News & World Report ranked the profession as #2 Best Health Care Job of 2021 and #3 in the 100 Best Jobs overall in 2021.

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Benefits Of Online & Hybrid Delivery

Fast RN to MSN programs are almost always delivered in an online or hybrid format. You can take advantage of shortened semesters, 24/7 access to online content, and asynchronous learning. In a few cases, you may even be able to study & take exams at your own pace.

Before you sign on the dotted line, have a look at the fine print and talk to the program coordinator about how the accelerated RN to MSN actually works. Do you have to log-in at certain times for virtual meetings or lectures? Will you be expected to visit the campus? How many assignments will you have to tackle per week? Can you handle the reading requirements? How much extra time will you have to spend on your capstone project?

Family Nurse Practitioner Salaries

Glassdoors page on Family Nurse Practitioner Salaries, Indeeds page on Family Nurse Practitioner Salaries, and Payscales page on Family Nurse Practitioner Salaries will give you ballpark salary figures for FNPs. In 2018, the average annual salary ranged from $90,000-$117,000.

Another resource is the AANP National NP Compensation Survey report. This report is free for AANP members and available for purchase by non-members.

You can match these numbers against the Bureau of Labor Statistics , which provides annual occupational statistics for Nurse Practitioners. Unfortunately, the BLS does not go into NP specialties, but it does include NP salary data for different work settings. For example:

  • In 2017, the average mean wage for NPs in Outpatient Care Centers was $111,690 .
  • In 2017, the average mean wage for NPs in Offices of Physicians was $105,730 .

The BLS also has handy national maps that show you states & metro areas with the highest level of employment and the best wages for nurse practitioners. Big cities pay better, often to account for higher living costs.

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University Of San Diego

Master of Science in Nursing students who already have a bachelors degree in a different discipline are encouraged to apply to the University of San Diegos program.

The Masters Entry Program is a rigorous 21-month program that prepares students for careers as nurses and leaders. Clinical Nurse Leaders who complete the program are awarded the Master of Science in Nursing degree.

Graduates of the program can also sit for the National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses .

A state-of-the-art nursing simulation center at the University of San Diegos Hahn School of Nursing accredited nationally and internationally.

The Dickinson Nursing Simulation Center is intended to instruct graduate nursing students in their Masters degree programs by allowing them to practice in a clinical scenario.

Clinical scenarios are simulated using actors under the guidance of faculty members who have undergone specialized training in this area.

The International Association for Clinical Simulation and Learning has accredited the facility. The estimated tuition is $47,100.


Nurse Faculty Loan Program

Post MSN Nurse Practitioner Graduate Certificate at Wilmington University

The Nurse Faculty Loan Program provides financial assistance to nurses enrolled in the Clarkson College Doctor in Healthcare Education & Leadership program or Master of Science in Nursing Nursing Education program option. The NFLP aims to assist registered nurses as they complete their education to become qualified nursing faculty. Recipients are required to teach for at least four consecutive years following graduation to be eligible for loan forgiveness through NFLP.

Nurse Educator

The goal of this program option is to educate nurses who wish to become academic or clinical nurse educators. The evidence-based curriculum offers students the opportunity to acquire information about teaching and learning theories and strategies, curriculum or program development, and evaluation or assessment strategies while fostering an ethical perspective. These learners will also encounter technologies being used to deliver nursing education content and experiences, from classroom technologies to skills lab and simulation technologies. The nurse educator assumes the role of mentor, coach, guide and expert, nurturing student nurses and/or providing continuing professional development to registered or licensed practical nurses.


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Rn To Msn Family Np: Overview

RN to MSN FNP programs are designed for working RNs who have a diploma or an associates degree and want to pursue an MSN or MS to become a Family Nurse Practitioner . In addition, there are RN to MSN FNP programs for RNs with a bachelors degree in a field other than nursing.

Our directory includes:

  • Concentration/Track: RN to MSN Nurse Practitioner programs with a concentration or track in the Family Nurse Practitioner specialty. This is a common offering and youll have plenty of choice between on-campus and online degrees.
  • Dual Concentration: Dual focus RN to MSN programs that allow you to tackle two NP specialties . These can be great if you have specific career goal in mind .
  • Sub-Specialty: A small number of RN to MSN FNP programs that include specific sub-specialties .

Weve found a lot of variation in RN to MSN FNP programs , so examine the coursework & clinical components carefully to find the perfect fit.

Get Ready To Lead: Take The Fast Track From Rn To Msn Online

American Sentinel College offers a streamlined progression from RN to BSN and MSN. This pathway is specifically designed for registered nurses with a passion for knowledge and the desire for continuous career advancement. Instead of taking the BSN and MSN separately, this program is designed to save you time and money. Youll earn your BSN and go on to earn your MSN within the same program. After you complete your BSN course work you can choose from 5 MSN specializations in our CCNE-accredited RN to BSN/MSN program: Case Management, Infection Prevention and Control, Nursing Education, Nursing Informatics, Nursing Management and Organizational Leadership. Nurse Practitioner specializations are not an option for the RN to BSN/MSN program.

Are You Eligible

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