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Registered Nursing Programs In California

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Nursing At Chabot College

Stanbridge University: BSN Program/Nursing School California

The Nurisng Program provides the necessary knowledge and skills on becoming a Registered Nurse . Nursing continues to be a popular job and is in very high demand. If you’re ready to take the next step of becoming one, our Nursing program can help you get there. Fall 2021 application is closed. Fall 2022 application through Class-Web will open on November 1, 2021 and will close on January 31, 2022. You must have a student Chabot Student ID to apply, attend mandatory information meeting and complete all pre-requisites by December 31, 2021 to apply for Fall 2022.

Military Personnel Policy Guidelines For Nursing Admission

Military Personnel and Veterans may be eligible for enrollment into a California Community College Associate Degree Nursing Program based on specific requirements.

I. Including but not limited to Basic Medical Technician or USAF Basic Medical Service Technician or Army Medical Specialist.

a) Challenge exam per college policy for the 1st semester of the ADN program.

i. Colleges have an established number of maximum units that can be challenged.ii. The course challenged are based on the needs and prior experience of the individual requesting.iii. Candidates must meet the same eligibility requirements for admission into the ADN program as other applicants, including completion of prerequisites and general education requirements.

II. Including but not limited to Basic Medical Technician or USAF Basic Medical Services Technician or Army Medical Specialist with an active California LVN license either through challenge or successful completion of an LVN program.

a) Admission credit may be given to applicants as an LVN to RN candidate per admission policies. This is normally full or partial credit for the first year of the nursing program but may vary from school to school.

b) An LVN to RN transition course is required and must be completed with a passing grade per individual program policy.

c) The program shall determine which course the veteran or corpsman will need to complete based on the criterion established by the program.

Welcome To The Nursing Program Homepage


In order to be in alignment with recommendations and mandates set forth from the CDC to reduce the rapid transmission rates of the COVID-19 virus, the nursing department is currently working partially remote. Therefore, we appreciate your patience during this challenging time in our response rate to your questions and concerns. We are monitoring our voice mails and emails closely and responding however, response rates may take a couple of days. Thank you, in advance, for your patience and understanding.


OUR APPLICATION CYCLE ended March 15, 2022.

The Nursing Department is in process of reviewing all applications.

Decisions will be made by late-June and acceptance notifications will be sent by email by June 27.

Those selected will be required to attend Orientation on . Mark the dates! More details to follow.



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Is It Hard To Get A Job As A Nurse In California

California is experiencing a shortage of RNs and NPs. Practitioners should note that they may need to explore less popular cities to find the best opportunities, as many job-seekers consider more popular parts of the state.

Highly prestigious institutions may require more experience or possess higher standards for candidates. Other factors could include NCLEX scores, applicants’ GPA, or letters of recommendation.

How To Get An Advanced Practice Nurse License In California

RN Programs in California

As the title implies, an APN is an RN who has completed advanced clinical and educational requirements. Individuals may also choose to specialize in a certain area of medicine. The state of California recognizes six different classifications of advanced practice nursing: nurse practitioner, certified nurse-midwife, clinical nurse specialist, psychiatric/mental health nurse, public health nurse and certified registered nurse anesthetist. They serve many roles in a healthcare setting and work closely with physicians to order diagnostic tests, determine certain types of treatment plans, prescribe medication, provide patient education, and manage preventive care.

The BRN certifies APNs. According to the BRN, to receive a California APN license, an individual must also be licensed as an RN. The first step is earning a masters degree in an advanced practice nursing specialty from an accredited school approved by the BRN.

Individuals should also earn national certification in one of the six different classifications of advanced practice nursing. These independent national certification agencies set their own education, experience, and examination requirements for certification.

APNs are not required to do additional continuing education hours beyond the 30 hours required for renewal of their RN license.

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How Much Does A Nursing Degree Cost

Tuition varies by school, degree type, and program length. Students pursuing an RN-to-BSN degree at a public college pay about $20,000 in tuition, as of Nov. 2021. Learners at private schools may pay significantly more. Degree-seekers should budget for other expenses, such as books and class materials.

Many online California nursing programs provide scholarships and other financial aid. Prospective students can research this aid on program websites or by contacting admissions advisors. Learners can also research nursing scholarships online. Deadlines and eligibility requirements vary.

What Nursing Knowledge And Skills Do You Learn In Adn Programs In California

Two-year nursing programs in California are designed to prepare graduates for entry level RN employment in a range of practice settings. Students gain knowledge and skills founded on the core nursing concepts of professionalism, patient-centered care, safety, leadership, communication, and teamwork. The result is safe, competent patient treatment through evidence-based decision making. To achieve this, the curriculum for two-year nursing programs in California combines nursing-related theory coursework with hands-on labs and clinical practice covering nursing fundamentals such as anatomy, microbiology, medical/surgical nursing, and professional ethics. Coursework in related subjects such as psychology, sociology, mathematics, and communication is also typically part of a two-year California nursing program.

Check out these current curricula from Mendocino College and the College of San Mateo to get an idea of the subjects youll cover in your ADN program in California.

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Nurse Salary And Job Outlook

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics ,

  • California employs 307,060 nurses, by far the most in the nation.
  • Nurses in California earned an annual mean wage of $120,560 in 2020, making it the highest paying state for nurses.

Along with large cities and natural wonders, nurses in California can enjoy the high pay especially if they specialize in their practice.

However, the downside to California is that its one of the lowest employers of nurses per capita. Only 18.69 nurses are employed per thousand jobs, as compared to 21.69 in Florida and 26.60 in Pennsylvania.

No state is without its drawbacks, though, and theres no denying that California is a top destination for nurses looking for a long, successful career in an excellent area.

Accelerated & Master’s Entry Nursing Programs

Stanbridge University: LVN Programs in California

The Master’s Entry Nursing Program , sometimes referred to as a Master’s Entry Program in Nursing or an Accelerated MSN program, allows students who have non-nursing bachelor’s degrees to enroll in an MSN program that progresses at an accelerated pace. California schools like UC Irvine offer these programs, which are rigorous in scope and culminate in eligibility for an RN license as well as an advanced nursing degree in the student’s specialty of choice.

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How Much Does An Online Rn Program Cost In California

Costs for online degrees can vary widely and its important to have a sense of how much a degree will cost before enrolling in a program. Online nursing programs in California can cost anywhere from $6,000 to over $25,000, depending whether or not students have transfer credits and whether they are attending a public or private college. Heres a look at the costs of three online RN programs in California to give you a better idea of how much your degree will cost.

Cost: $19,220

Find Accredited Rn Programs In California

Are you looking for a career in California that offers job stability and an excellent salary? Can you picture yourself working in the healthcare industry? If you answered yes to both of these questions, a career as a Registered Nurse may be the perfect occupation for you. With an average salary of $71,000 per year, California offers one of the highest wages for RNs in the U.S.

While some aspiring RNs choose to earn a Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing , one of the fastest tracks to becoming an RN in California and in other states as well is earning an Associate Degree in Nursing . By completing an ADN program, you learn everything you need to know to pass both parts of your two-part licensing exam and obtain an entry-level position as a Registered Nurse.

The licensing exam, which is known as the NCLEX-RN, consists of a written test and a clinical evaluation, both of which you need to pass to obtain an RN license.

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Cna Classes & Programs In California

As the nations most populous state, California has hundreds of Certified Nursing Assistant training programs. CNAs support RNs by providing basic hygiene and patient care. To date, 98,500 CNAs currently work in California and earn $33,500 annually, higher than the national average of $23,050, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor. Wages can vary widely throughout the state depending on location and type of facility.

How To Choose A Nursing Program In California

How to Find RN Programs in California

Aspiring nurses in California gain access to many programs across the state. However, applicants should identify what they value in a school to narrow down their options. For instance, students should look at tuition rates. This may also influence their decision about attending classes in person or online.

Students considering online programs may also want to explore field experience requirements and program length. Many nursing degrees offer accelerated options that allow students to launch their careers quickly.

Other important factors include pass rates for the National Council Licensure Examination , acceptance rates, nursing school and program accreditation, and financial aid options.

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Rn Salaries In California

The RN-BSN Programs are known as bridge programs or BSN completion programs. They are designed to give credit to experienced RNs based on the knowledge they already have. The experience they gained working, as an RN will help move them towards a Bachelors degree. Courses in humanities and medical ethics can prepare even the most well informed professional nurse to seek out a career in advanced practice. A typical nursing school in California offers RN to BSN programs that include curriculum such as:

  • Developmental psychology and sociology
  • Health assessment and diagnostic reasoning
  • Pathophysiology concepts for nursing

Becoming A Nurse In California

As an important liaison between patients and doctors, nurses work in hospitals, long-term care facilities, clinics, physician’s offices, schools and even people’s private homes. There are many paths to becoming a nurse in California, with several nursing specialties and degrees, including registered nurse , certified nursing assistant , licensed practical nurse and advanced practice nurse.

With 545,852 people currently licensed by the California Board of Registered Nursing, this state leads the country in individuals holding an active nursing license. California also leads as the top paying state: RNs earn an average mean salary of $102,700, while NPs earn $126,770. LPNs can earn an average of $53,600 .

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Palomar College San Marcos

Palomar College in San Marcos, California offers a highly-rated Nursing Education Program that takes a holistic approach to learning. The program available here focuses heavily on ethics and the ability to think critically, which are both crucial in any nursing career. Unlike many of the other schools, Palomar College offers two different associate degree options for nursing students an Associate in Science in Nursing and an Associate in Arts in nursing. These programs are mostly identical, but the AA program requires additional units in American History and Institutions.

Courses include Nursing Foundations and several levels of generic Nursing courses designed to provide students with all the information they need to not only pass the NCLEX-RN examination, but to enjoy a successful career. These courses are combined with clinicals designed to provide real nursing experience in a supervised setting. If you are interested in attending Palomar Colleges Nursing Education Program, Informational Meetings are held in the spring of each year.

List Of Msn Programs In California

California Board of Registered Nursing – Intervention Program

Becoming a specialized nurse such as in oncology, private practice sector, patient education, etc. can all be career aspirations if you were to obtain your MSN degree. Within the state of California there are more than 10 different colleges offering RN to MSN programs that can be taken traditionally, online or a blend of both options. Becoming an MSN nurse does not have to mean giving up your current employment, with all kinds of schooling options you can have the best of both worlds.

MSN Programs By City:

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Choosing The Best Cna Programs In California

With hundreds of CNA programs to choose from, it’s essential that applicants choose one that is recognized by the California Department of Public Health . Such programs are offered by community colleges, allied health institutes, career colleges, and stand-alone CNA training centers from Sacramento and San Francisco to Los Angeles and San Diego. For specific information, click on our CNA Training Programs Admissions page.

  • Program Length: CNA career programs in Californiaare 6 to 12 weeks in length and require more hours than programs in many otherstates. Programs include classroom and clinical work. They also preparestudents to complete the NNAAP Competency Exam required by the state.
  • Program Cost: Though tuition pricing will varyby each institution, applicants can expect to spend approximately $1,800, whichmay or may not include testing and other fees. Organizations such as the RedCross in Los Angeles offer free CNA training options. In addition, some nursinghomes offer to cover the cost of tuition in exchange for a work commitment.
  • Board Approved Programs: Successfully completing a CDPH-approved program is crucial in order to qualify for employment at California healthcare employers. The state requires CNA applicants to complete both an approved training program and pass an examination. To learn more, check out the CNA certification requirements in California.

Best Nursing Schools In California

The state of California is continually ahead of the curve and striving to provide the best patient-oriented nursing care. When obtaining RN status, California is encouraging students to look further into the future of nursing and the direction in which their career path may take them. A BSN gives candidates the advantage to accept job opportunities more readily, as well as provides a competitive edge when applying for advancements. The market currently shows an upward trend of an estimated 15% increase in BSN nursing opportunities, salaries, and professional development over the next 5 years. You could be part of the movement toward innovative patient-oriented nursing.

For RN bridge programs visit:

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Recommended Online Nursing Schools

  • London School of Economics and Political SciencePROGRAM: BSC BUSINESS AND MANAGEMENTDesigned by LSE, earn an online BSc Business and Management from the University of London, without relocating. Ranked #2 in the world for social sciences and management, analyse international and local managment issues through the lens of various social science disciplines.
  • Online Rn Programs In California

    Registered Nurse Schools in California: Entrance to a Job That

    Today there are very few disadvantages to earning an online RN degree in California. With advances in online learning coupled the need to educate more nurses because of the nursing shortage, many nursing schools are offing online nursing programs.

    For nurses needing to complete clinicals, nursing programs usually help a nurse to find one.

    Be sure to choose an accredited program that meets quality standards set by either the ACEN or CCNE accrediting agencies. An accredited online RN Nursing program will help ensure that your units pass can transfer to another accredited college and help you in gain employment. Learn more about online RN programs.

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    What To Look For In An Adn Program In California

    California ADN programs are renowned globally for progressive education and evidence-based practice that they impart to graduates. For students who are beginning the research process to select a community or private college for post-secondary education, consider the following to ensure that the program outcomes are a match with their expectations:


    A nationwide evaluation system of ADN programs ensures that every program is created and managed with the stateâs best practices and patient protection processes in mind. Each ADN program is accredited through the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing , which has a national evaluation framework for nursing programs. Community and private colleges are also part of the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges , which oversees colleges and 2-year programs that award Associatesâ Degrees in a variety of disciplines.


    A division of the California Department of Consumer Affairs, the California Board of Registered Nursing has grown in scope and authority since its creation. With several main branches including advocacy for patients, resources of applicants and the public, regulatory enforcement, and assistance for nurses who require intervention, the Board also manages and regulates ongoing licensure of RNs and teaching programs for RNs.

    Program Outcomes

    • Rate of graduation
    • Salary and career information
    • Satisfaction data from each school

    How Long Is The Rn Program In California

    The length of most nursing programs is pretty standard across the country, but will always vary by the institution . You can expect a typical registered nursing program to take anywhere from two to four years to complete. A BSN takes about four years to complete, while you can usually earn an ADN, ASN, or diploma in two to three years.

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