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Registered Nurse Schools In San Antonio Tx

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Are There Free Nursing Schools In San Antonio

Doctors and nurses at Uvalde hospital rotating out so staff can grieve

The education necessary to become an RN is valuable, and registered nurses make really good money in Texas. However, students can lower the cost of RN school with financial aid. There are numerous grants and nursing school scholarships in Texas. They might not make your RN degree free but it can at least be more affordable.

Contact one of the accredited nursing schools listed here to get information about the financial aid you qualify for. Find out more about online nursing schools in Texas.

Nurses Choice: The 6 Best Nursing Schools In San Antonio

When youre trying to pursue a career in nursing, its important to have a solid foundation. This makes choosing the right school a critical factor to your success.

There are a lot of nursing schools in San Antonio but each of them offers different options when it comes to completing programs. And since they have different approaches, be sure to be thorough in your search.

To help you out, here are the best and highest rated nursing schools in San Antonio.

Galen College Of Nursing

The Galen College of Nursing offers Vocation Nursing Programs as well as RN Bridging programs for licensed vocational nurses.

Their nursing programs have three main components the theoretical study which requires classroom or online learning, the laboratory learning which includes scientific and clinical simulations and the clinical part where students will be exposed to actual clinical settings. The Vocation Nursing Program lasts for 12 months while the LVN to RN bridging program last for 15-18 months.

Galen College of Nursing also offers an online RN to BSN program. You can find out more about it here:

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Nursing School Supplies Include:

  • Stethoscope, vary in cost and quality, from about $35 up to $500+
  • White shoes, most nursing schools require sparkling white sneakers or Dansko clogs
  • Pen light, usually just a couple dollars
  • Uniforms, 2 or 3 sets of scrubs in required colors and with schools name embroidered, approximate cost $200
  • Textbooks, up to $1000 but may be included in tuition
  • Meals and incidentals during classes and clinicals
  • School and/or clinical location parking permits

Also consider transportation to and from school and clinical locations . The schools location is obvious, but ask the adviser where clinicals might take place. Usual healthcare settings for clinicals are hospitals, especially teaching hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, and long-term acute care facilities.

Ask yourself:

  • Maternal and Child Nursing Care

What Is The Bachelor Of Science Nursing Program

Students Care for Veterans While Starting Nursing Career

The RN-BSN Bridge program consists of three semesters of nursing courses to be completed in one year. The program is designed to be lockstep, meaning there are specific courses based on the prerequisites required for completion prior to advancing to the next semester. The intent of the program is to allow graduates from the San Antonio College Associate Degree in Nursing to obtain licensure, begin working, and then continue furthering education while working in the community.

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Faqs About Online Nursing Programs In San Antonio

Can I earn my nursing degree in San Antonio completely online?

That depends upon the degree level. Those who are working toward licensure in the state of Texas will attend programs that are either on campus or those that are hybrids, with some courses taken online but clinical work handled in-person. However, students who are already licensed and pursuing their masters or doctoral degree might be able to find 100% online nursing schools in San Antonio.

Will my online San Antonio nursing degree be considered less valuable by employers?

As long as the online nursing school in San Antonio and its programs are properly accredited and/or approved by the Texas State Board of Nursing, employers wont care if it was online or not. In fact, they might expect many courses to be taken online, considering how popular the option has become in recent years.

Are online nursing programs in San Antonio more affordable than campus programs?

Its important to remember that online nursing schools in San Antonio might not be any cheaper just because they are offered virtually. However, there are still some cost savings associated with online learning, such as the lack of a commute to class and the ability to avoid certain fees, like getting a parking pass to park on school grounds.

Ila Faye Miller School Of Nursing And Health Professions

The traditional BSN program offered by Ila Faye Miller School of Nursing and Health Professions is fully accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education. Application to the program is possible in two ways by directly applying to the university or through Nursing CAS.

To be considered for the program, a minimum of 2.5 cumulative GPA in all coursework and 2.5 in all science coursework are required. A minimum score of 75 in all sections of HESI Admission Assessment exam is also required. The prerequisite coursework should be completed as well.

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Where Will I Attend Exams Labs And Other Sessions

While youll complete your nursing coursework online via our Canvas E-learning platform, youll travel to our ABSN learning site several times each week for skills and simulation labs, review sessions, exams, office hours and more. In addition to scheduled labs, we also offer open lab hours for students to gain additional practice, as well as quiet spaces to study and meet up with members of your cohort.

How Much Do Lvn Programs Cost In San Antonio

Texas state hospitals offering $5,000 hiring bonus to registered nurses

In most cases, LVN programs in San Antonio are based on a one-time payment for the training, which usually takes about one year. Some programs allow tuition to be paid quarterly, while others request tuition be paid in full at the start of the program. Keep in mind there are student loans, grants, scholarships, and other financial options that can help pay for the cost of the program. The programs highlighted below give you an idea of the cost of LVN programs in San Antonio.

Galen College of Nursing

$12,900 Total Tuition

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Life And Career Options In San Antonio

There are currently 14,460 employed RNs in San Antonio. The bulk of these RNs are employed by hospitals, however other good opportunities may be found in physician offices, home health care, residential care facilities and schools. If you are a Spanish speaker, your services as a nurse are especially important in San Antonio, as much of the citys population needs access to nursing care that can be provided in the Spanish language. Hospitals benefit by having a bilingual nurses on staff, so be sure to let your future employers know if you possess this crucial language skill.

What Will I Learn

The RN-BSN Bridge program consists of courses pertaining to leadership, community health, research, and ethics. Students enrolled in the program will learn essential tools to be a nurse leader and transition into the new role designated for a Baccalaureate-prepared nurse. The coursework will provide a foundation for students interested in advancing education and leadership opportunities.

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What Can I Do With This Course Of Study

Associate-prepared nurses have assumed the role of the bedside nurse. Opportunities for leadership and community health are limited to baccalaureate-prepared nurses. With this course of study, the student will be expanding their knowledge and skills set to assume another role in the community. Students will be able to understand and apply research to practice. Gain the skills and knowledge to assume leadership roles in the clinical practice setting. Lastly, students will be able to assess a population and determine the appropriate recommendations that are necessary to support health promotion and illness prevention.

How Much You Can Earn As An Lvn In San Antonio

San Antonio Independent School District

Licensed vocational nurses in San Antonio make slightly under the average for LVNs in Texas and the United States as a whole. However, remember that other factors come into play as well, including the cost of living. Consider that living in Dallas costs an average of 23% more than living in San Antonio, which explains why LVNs are paid a higher wage in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Those living in San Antonio can live comfortably on slightly lower pay.

Annual Earnings for Licensed Vocational Nurses in San Antonio

10th Percentile

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Open House And Galen Day

Discover the Pure Nursing difference at Galen! Join us for an on-campus Open House and Galen Day, where you can tour our state-of-the-art facility, meet faculty, and learn more about our nursing degree programs. Current students and alumni, bring in your friends and family to show them the campus and ask any questions.

Baptist Health System School Of Health Professions

Students who attend the Baptist Health System School of Health Professions have the option of pursuing a diploma, associate, bachelors, or masters degree in nursing. The Associate of Applied Sciences in Nursing is for those wishing to become an RN or for those who are already an LVN and wish to be an RN. The LVN to RN pathway applies a blend of in-class and online teaching. Additionally, this schools BSN is available completely online.

  • Tuition Per Credit Hour: $711-$1,200
  • Graduation Rate: unavailable
  • # of Nursing Programs: 5

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Rankings: The 10 Best Nursing Schools In Nebraska

The Nebraska healthcare community recognizes nursing as a vital service. Nurses enjoy competitive salaries, numerous job openings, and outstanding opportunities for advancement. Fortunately, nursing programs are abundant in Nebraska, especially for students interested in becoming a certified nursing assistant , licensed practical nurse , or registered nurse .

Registered Nurse Job Activities

Despite pandemic, San Antonio nursing schools see record applications

Registered nurses are the most significant occupation in the healthcare delivery system. RNs practice in a large number of different medical environments, including San Antonio TX hospitals, private practices, outpatient clinics, nursing homes and even schools. Their primary function is to aid doctors in the treatment of their patients. Having said that, the particular duties of a registered nurse will be dependent on their job or specialization as well as where they work. A portion of the functions of an RN may include:

  • Providing medications
  • Supervising LPNs, LVNs and nurse aides
  • Educating patients and their families
  • Managing health records and charts

Nurses with a more advanced degree may have more advanced job duties and accountabilities. Nurse practitioners , for example, must hold a Masters Degree and generally work more independently than their RN counterparts. They can deliver primary or specialty care services, prescribe medications, and diagnose and treat common illnesses or injuries.

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Nursing School Waitlists Are Common

Due to the high demand for nursing programs many students find themselves on a waiting list before they can start the actual nursing program.

Some schools will allow prerequisite classes and volunteer hours to be completed while the student is on the waitlist and others require all prerequisites and volunteering to be completed prior to being listed. This is an important distinction when comparing schools because it may take up to a year to complete prerequisite classes for some institutions.

Online Vs Traditional Programs

RN programs in San Antonio can be completed online or at campuses around the city. Clinical experience is required for licensure, regardless of which route a student takes to complete his or her degree. While both of these formats are good options, one may be a better fit than the other.

Online programs can be beneficial because students can view lecture materials and submit coursework anywhere and at anytime. This gives students a great amount of flexibility. Online programs also make it easier to carry on a full-time job while earning a degree.

Traditional, campus based RN programs also have advantages. These programs allow students and instructors to interact face-to-face in a classroom. Some students also benefit from the structure that these programs provide.

After completing a nursing education program, one must pass the NCLEX exam before he or she is eligible for licensure.

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San Antonio Nursing Schools Spotlight

The six accredited nursing schools in San Antonio feature many benefits such as state-of-the-art simulation labs, international learning opportunities, and faculty from the top of the field. There are opportunities to earn degrees at every level at San Antonio nursing schools. Programs include CNA certification or LPN, BSN, MSN, DNP, and Ph.D. degrees.

Below, find highlights of some of San Antonios most noteworthy nursing schools:UT Health Center at San Antonio

The School of Nursing at UT Health Center San Antonio is part of the only Tier 1 research university in South Texas, and the only school in the region to offer Ph.D. in nursing degrees. The Office of Practice Engagement offers a research and learning laboratory for evidence-based practice. The UT Nursing Clinical Enterprise allows faculty members and students to engage in a comprehensive practice environment. The graduation rate is 82.7 percent, ranking the school 8th of 25 schools of nursing in Texas. Programs offered

  • Traditional BSN

San Antonio College School of Nursing offers a Career Mobility Track for nursing students with prior education and work experience in the medical field. The new technology in the school’s Simulation Lab provides opportunities for patient care in a safe, controlled environment. The facility contains triage, primary, intermediate care, and intensive care beds and pediatric and obstetrical units. Programs offered

  • Associate of Applied Science in Nursing
  • LVN-to-RN

How Our Accelerated Bsn Track Works

Grant helps advance the education of nurses

UIW ABSN was designed specifically for students with a non-nursing bachelors degree, making it possible to graduate ready to sit for the NCLEX in as few as 16 months. Additionally, with three starts each year and seats available now, you may be able to start your journey toward becoming a registered nurse much sooner than with other programs.

As a UIW accelerated nursing student, youll become immersedin both the art and science of nursing through a blend of:

  • Online coursework that allows you to learn the concepts and theories fundamental to nursing, when and where its convenient for you.
  • Hands-on skills and simulation labs, where youll hone your nursing skills, become familiar with advanced medical equipment, and develop sound clinical judgment.
  • Clinical rotations at a variety of San Antonio-area healthcare facilities, giving you real-life experience under the guidance of experienced clinical instructors.

Keep in mind that this accelerated format, while flexible, is not for everyone. Earning a BSN in as few as 16 months takes a lot of hard work and dedication, which is why we recommend students treat our accelerated nursing track as a full-time job.

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Rn To Bsn/msn Programs In San Antonio Tx

Spend less time in the classroom and more time at patients besides when you go back to school and earn your degree via an RN to BSN or RN to MSN program in San Antonio, TX. Many of these bridge options can be completed partially or fully online during timeframes that are convenient to you, the working professional nurse.

Enroll In The Right Nursing Program Near San Antonio Tx

Enrolling in the ideal nursing degree program is arguably the most crucial phase to beginning a new career in the healthcare industry. There are various aspects that you should think about when picking a nursing school. These aspects will be prioritized differently depending on your existing career objectives, lifestyle, and economic situation. As we have pointed out within this content, it is critical that you choose a nursing school and a degree program that are both accredited and have exceptional reputations within the health care community. By utilizing our checklist of qualifying questions, you will be able to create a short list of schools to select from so that you can make your ultimate selection. And with the right degree and training, combined with your hard work and drive to succeed, you can become a licensed RN in San Antonio TX.

More Nursing School Locations in Texas

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San Antonio Nursing Careers: By The Numbers

How many nurses currently work in San Antonio?

Approximately 24,440 nurses work in the San Antonio metro area.

What percentage of all healthcare workers are nurses?

Nursing jobs in San Antonio make up 44.7% of the areas healthcare workforce.

What are the primary working environments for nurses?

Nurses in San Antonio work primarily in outpatient care centers, physician’s offices, home health services, and academic institutions. Hospitals in San Antonio include the nationally-ranked University Hospital and regionally-ranked Methodist Hospital.

How is the job outlook for nurses in San Antonio?

The U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics projects job growth for registered nurses at an incredible 26% between 2010 and 2020. Of the 52 largest metro areas in the US, San Antonio is ranked third of 23 for outpacing the projected rate of job growth.

The majority of nursing jobs in San Antonio belong to registered nurses , followed by licensed practical and licensed vocational nurses . The following chart illustrates the breakdown of various nursing careers in the San Antonio metro region. 28%70%Licensed Practical andLicensed VocationalNurses28%Registered Nurses70%Nurse Practitioners2%


Occupational Employment Statistics, Bureau of Labor Statistics

Inside Look At Online Lvn Programs In San Antonio

UT Health San Antonio School of Nursing hosts caregiver training workshops

Earning an online LVN in San Antonio is often not an option since most programs are entirely in person and require classroom time. However, in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, some programs have hybrid options that allow students to take many classes online. Clinical hours are still expected to be completed at a designated site. Some may find hybrid learning a bit easier than traditional learning since they dont have to commute to school, dont have to be in the classroom at a set time, and have more flexibility with juggling work and school responsibilities. However, online courses are just as rigorous as those on campus and require just as much time. For some, they are more difficult given that self-discipline and motivation are absolute requirements for succeeding in online learning. Learn more about how remote learning works in our guide to online LPN/LVN programs.

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