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Purdue Global Nurse Practitioner Program

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Ratings And Student Satisfaction

Purdue Global University Family Nurse Practitioner online program unit two update pediatrics

Purdue Global University has ranked well among universities in the United States. According to the US News World Report rankings, the university ranks

  • #5 in Top Public Schools
  • #53 in Regional Colleges in the Midwest
  • #62 in Top Performers on Social Mobility

Even though programs are online, there are several ways for students to connect. You can join clubs based on your interests or study area. There are also student honor societies and student association groups.

Purdue Global University boasts of highly positive reviews from students. Over 90% of first-year and senior students describe their experiences as excellent or good.

And over 90% of first-year and senior students said they would definitely or probably attend Purdue Global again.

Family Nurse Practitioner Primary Care Postgraduate Certificate

If you are a registered nurse interested in expanding your knowledge as it relates to the role of the family nurse practitioner, consider the Family Nurse Practitioner, Primary Care Postgraduate Certificate program. This certificate program is designed to educate you on the topics of how to best deliver care as a member of an interdisciplinary team and how to improve the availability of evidence-based, culturally relevant health care in diverse communities.

How Is Purdues School Of Nursing Helping To Stave Off The Nursing Shortage Crisis

Purdue has a variety of offerings that we are providing to either new nurses coming into the profession, as well as established nurses that are wishing to advance their degree through advanced education opportunities or specialty certification.

At Purdue Global, we offer a wide pipeline of programs starting with our Associate Degree of Nursing, going on through our Baccalaureate Degree of Nursing all the way through our Doctor of Nursing Practice program, which is our terminal degree. So, we have many offerings for nurses at various stages of their career and thats really helping to fill the need with the great shortage that were experiencing across the country.

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What To Expect In This Role:

  • Providing a learning environment that supports student success.
  • Teaching synchronous or asynchronous seminars as assigned by school or program.
  • Posting course announcements in class and responding promptly to student messages in the virtual office.
  • Maintaining school-determined virtual office hours per week for each class.
  • Ensuring timely management and response to electronic correspondence from students, administrators, and other school officials.
  • Leading message board discussions and engaging students in relevant discussion and coursework.
  • Partnering with Academic Advisors to address student concerns.
  • Maintaining and submitting accurate and timely reports for student grades/progress.
  • Delivering mid-term and final grades to the Registrar’s Office according to the academic calendar.
  • Enforcing student conduct policies as outlined in the University Catalog.
  • Attending department and faculty meetings.
  • Additional duties as may be assigned by the School.

How Do You Hope The School Of Nursing At Purdue University Global Will Grow And Continue To Serve Its Nurses And Patients Over The Next Five

Online Nursing Degree

Were very confident in our vision and in the strategic planning that we have in place. I think that we have a wonderful pipeline available within the School of Nursing that has a robust amount of offerings. Again, ranging from the Associate Degree of Nursing Programs to the Baccalaureate to MSN to Doctorate of Nursing Practice as well as our various Nurse Practitioner tracks.

I think we will create and continue to create an opportunity for learners that desire this type of learning environment that is personalized that does provide flexibility and we know that we have a major shortage.

At Purdue, well continue on our end to expand on these offerings while delivering top-notch high-quality programs.

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Program Goals And Outcomes

Upon successful completion of the Purdue family nurse practitioner program, the graduate will be able to:

  • Evaluate client and family response to health and illness as a basis for promotion, restoration, and maintenance of health and functional abilities and the prevention of illness.
  • Synthesize theory and research in the management of the care of individuals and families in a specialized area of practice.
  • Use nursing interventions based on knowledge of the interrelationship among person, environment, health and nursing.
  • Demonstrate role competence as an Advanced Practice nurse in providing care to individuals and families including rural and vulnerable populations, and by successfully meeting national certification standards.
  • Provide leadership in effecting positive change in professional, social, political, and ethical situations to advance nursing, healthcare, and health policy.
  • Evaluate effectiveness of nursing and health systems based on outcomes.

How Much Time Is Spent Online By Purdue Global Students

The amount of time Purdue Global students have to be online will vary, depending on the program and enrollment status, too. For instance, students enrolled in a 10-week term will have to spend a minimum of 15 to 18 weeks per week per course. This includes time spent online and studying offline.

Many students choose online learning because they think that its the easier route schedule-wise. However, this is not always the case. In many instances, the students will still have to devote some of their time to attending classes, although via the internet, such as in the case of Purdue Global students.

And this brings us to a very important matter: Purdue Global vs. SNHU.

Both schools offer online education.

However, Purdue Global requires its students to spend time in front of their laptops to participate in real-time class discussions, quizzes, etc.

On the other hand, SNHU does not require its students to participate in real-time online classes, which is why its students can finish a program at their preferred pace.

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Certification State Board And National Board Exams

Certain state certification and licensure boards have specific educational requirements for programs to lead to a license or nongovernmental certification that is a precondition for employment in a recognized occupation.

Unless otherwise specified, Purdue Global’s programs are not designed to meet any specific states licensure or certification requirements. If certain licensed occupations, vocations, or professions are not explicitly listed, Purdue Global has not reviewed the licensure or certification requirements of those occupations, vocations, or professions, nor intended the program to meet such requirements. Licensure-track programs may limit enrollment to students in certain states please see Purdue Globals Program Availability Information to determine enrollment eligibility.

You are responsible for understanding the requirements of optional certification exams. Such requirements may change during the course of your program. You are not automatically certified in any way upon program completion. Although certain programs are designed to prepare you to take various optional certification exams, Purdue Global cannot guarantee you will be eligible to take these exams or become certified. Your eligibility may depend on your work experience, completion of education and/or degree requirements, not having a criminal record, meeting other certification requirements, or the program or the University itself having appropriate accreditation or licensure.

Is Purdue Global Regionally Or Nationally Accredited

Part 1 FNP program Purdue Global University!

Purdue Global is a regionally accredited school. The one responsible for its accreditation, which is HLC, is a regional accreditation body. Due to its accreditation status, Purdue Global has a better reputation compared to many schools with national accreditation, like technical or vocational ones.

In the US, a school can either be regionally accredited or nationally accredited. Between the two, regional accreditation is regarded as the more prestigious and widely accepted type of accreditation.

Being a regionally accredited school, transferring credits from Purdue Global to another school or vice versa should be trouble-free. Since credits earned from one school will be credited by another school, starting college from scratch can be avoided. However, both schools have to be regionally accredited.

Also, having regional accreditation means that some of Purdue Globals students may receive financial aid. We will talk more about this matter in a few, so dont stop reading now.

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Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner Postgraduate Certificate

The Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner Postgraduate Certificate is designed for masters prepared nurses who want to obtain further knowledge to provide comprehensive psychiatric mental health care through the assessment, diagnosis, treatment, and management of psychiatric mental health disorders, medical organic brain disorders, substance abuse problems, and complex co-occurring disease processes and disorders across the lifespan.

Tuition And Financial Aid

Undergraduate students attending Purdue University Global will pay $371.00 per credit for most programs. The nursing program is $315.00 per credit, and the undergraduate business, and information technology programs are $305.00 per credit. Students may qualify for the Purdue Global ExcelTrack program, which is a flat rate of $2,200 per term. U.S. Military service members may qualify for a reduced rate of $165.00 per quarter credit hour.

Meanwhile, students who enroll in graduate programs will pay a rate for their chosen program. For example, business students will pay $485 per credit hour, criminal justice students will pay $420 per credit hour, and students enrolled in the Doctor of Nursing Practice program will pay $700 per credit hour. The ExcelTrack program for graduate students is $1,700 per term for most programs.

Financial aid is available to students at Purdue Global University and may include student loans, grants, and scholarships. Students can access all their financial aid documents and information online through the university, as well as research the schools financial aid types and what options might work best for the student. One of the interesting features of Purdues tuition costs is its Purdue Global Tuition Cap option, which helps students understand the total costs of attendance before enrollment.

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Master Of Science In Nursing And Master Of Business Administration Dual Degree Option

If you are a registered nurse interested in expanding your knowledge of nursing administration and business practices to better meet the challenges within the health care environment, the Master of Science in Nursing and Master of Business Administration Dual Degree Option could help you pursue your professional goals. This dual degree program is designed to prepare you to pursue managerial positions and leadership roles in hospitals, community health, long-term care facilities, and other competitive health care business systems.

How Is Purdues Two

The RN

Purdue offers all of our curricula online making it convenient and flexible to the nursing student.

The theoretical path of a nursing student enrolled in the two-step BSN includes,

  • Begin their coursework in the Associates Degree in Nursing program
  • Complete the ADN program
  • Graduate and pass the NCLEX – Purdues NCLEX pass rate is 100%!
  • Start working as a Registered Nurse
  • Receive tuition reimbursement benefits from their employer
  • Receive Purdues alumni discount that is offered to alumni to continue to the RN to BSN program.
  • Immediately continue working towards their Bachelors Degree in Nursing in our RN to BSN program.
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    Undergraduate Nursing Degree Programs

    • Associate of Science in Nursing

      Receive in-classroom and online instruction and prepare to sit for the NCLEX-RN exam. Complete lab requirements at an Iowa, Maine, or Nebraska location. Learn more about our two-step BSN pathway, an easy transition into our online RN-to-Bachelor of Science in Nursing program.

  • 60, 81, or 90 Credits
  • $420 per Credit
  • Master of Science in Nursing – DNP Path

    Get on a direct path to earning a Doctor of Nursing Practice. Choose a specialized pathway: adult-gerontology acute care nurse practitioner adult-gerontology primary care nurse practitioner family nurse practitioner, primary care executive leader psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner or nurse educator.

  • $420 and $485 per Credit
  • Is Purdue Global A Diploma Mill

    Purdue Global is not a diploma mill. The school is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission . The accrediting body is recognized by both the US Department of Education and the Council for Higher Education Accreditation . Purdue Global offers legit programs and diplomas.

    When it comes to going to an online school, there is one very important thing that any student should look into. Its none other than determining whether or not the online school is a diploma mill.

    A diploma mill offers bogus programs and diplomas. The students do not have to go through a learning experience.

    After shelling out a certain amount of money, they can get their hands on their diplomas already. The problem with the programs and diplomas from a diploma mill is that employers do not respect or accept them.

    Diploma mills are not accredited institutions, unlike Purdue Global. Some diploma mills may claim to be accredited. However, if you pry any further, you will learn the fact that the accreditation bodies responsible for the accreditation of these diploma mills are just as bogus as they are!

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    Is The Online Program More Cost

    Our two-step BSN is innovative in that it caters to flexibility and personalization. It is intended for nursing students who are pursuing their Baccalaureate degree and is designed to be completed quicker and more affordably.

    As a student-centric option, its driven by the learner. They have an opportunity to first earn their Associate Degree in Nursing, which is under two years, and enter the nursing profession. By enrolling in our two-step BSN program students are able to,

    • Earn a good income
    • Help to decrease the nursing shortage by entering the workforce sooner
    • Complete their nursing degrees, ADN and BSN more quickly
    • Obtain their BSN degree for cheaper

    Paying For The Purdue University Global Online Np Programs

    Purdue Global University Update FNP program

    The online MSN and Post-Masters Certificates cost $420 per credit plus fees. Travel expenses for the AGACNP on-campus visit are not included, and there may be other fees associated with the nursing degrees. Interested students are encouraged to contact the School of Nursing through Purdue University Global for current tuition costs and fees.

    Purdue University Global graduate students may be eligible for unsubsidized federal Stafford Loans and Graduate PLUS loans. The university also has a partner program in which employees of partner organizations may receive tuition reductions and may earn college credit through corporate training programs. In addition, tuition is reduced by 55% for currently serving military members and 38% for veterans. There are also reductions available for military spouses.

    Nursing students are encouraged to inquire with their employers as to the option of a tuition reimbursement program. Additionally, students may seek outside opportunities for funding.

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    Are Purdue Global Degrees The Same As Purdue University Degrees

    Purdue Global degrees are not the same as Purdue University degrees. Purdue Global is part of the Purdue University system alright. However, the two schools have different accreditations, although they are both regionally accredited. Purdue Global degrees are as legit as Purdue University degrees.

    Its been more than 100 years since Purdue University was established. On the other hand, Purdue Global, which is a part of the Purdue University system, was established back in 2018 only.

    Because of this, many people wonder if the degrees they can earn from Purdue Global are just as legit as the ones they can earn from Purdue University or other members of the Purdue University system. Although a relative newcomer in the higher education world, Purdue Global degrees are accredited degrees respected by employers.

    Since they are both regionally accredited, credits earned from one of them are transferable to the other.

    Family Nurse Practitioner Certificate Program

    A post-masters Family Nurse Practitioner Certificate is available for individuals who hold a masters degree in nursing from an accredited institution. The certificate programs allow nurses with a masters degree to enter the program to prepare to function as family nurse practitioners.

    The total credit hours required for the certificate program vary depending on the students academic record, clinical experiences and objectives. The certificate program is a minimum of 10 credit hours. Typically a student will complete 10-34 hours of course credit. The certificate program requires a total of 645 clinical hours for those individuals who do not currently hold certification as a nurse practitioner in another specialty.

    Applicants who are already certified as primary care nurse practitioners in another specialty area will complete 300-645 clinical hours, to be determined on a case-by-case basis.

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    What Are Online Classes Like At Purdue Global

    Online classes at Purdue Global are divided into one-week units. Students, during every unit, participate in class discussions, take exams and submit at least one paper. Because Purdue Global offers online education primarily, every learning activity takes place or is carried out via the internet.

    Some online schools offer online classes and on-campus classes. The combination of the two classes allows online students to also experience what its like to have traditional classes.

    Just because Purdue Global offers online classes only doesnt mean that its students will miss out on the unique experience of having traditional classes. Class discussions, for instance, happen in real-time while all the participating students are in front of their laptops. Purdue Global refers to this experience as seminars.

    Also, Purdue Global professors have online office hours at designated times, allowing the students to consult them.

    Is Purdue Nursing Hard To Get Into

    How Do Online Nursing Programs Work at Purdue Global?

    Enrollment into a nursing program at Purdue is straightforward. However, you need to meet specific requirements to enroll in certain programs. And not every program is available in all states, so its also important to check state availability.

    For example, students who want to enroll in the following programs need to meet the accompanying requirements:

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    Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner Postgraduate Certificate Overview

    Are you a registered nurse with a masters degree who is interested in making an impact in one of the most critical areas of health care? With the shortage of psychiatrists along with an increased demand for mental health care, the nation is facing an urgent need for nurses equipped to provide such services.

    Learn to assess, diagnose, monitor, treat, and manage psychiatric mental health disorders, medical organic brain disorders, substance abuse problems, and complex co-occurring diseases and disorders across the lifespan.

    Gain the skills to:

    • Collaborate with the individual and other health care professionals to provide high-quality, holistic psychiatric mental health care services.
    • Serve as an advocate for individuals as they interact with the health care system.
    • Demonstrate the safe, effective practice of psychiatric mental health through management of both health and illness states.
    • Provide culturally sensitive care in a manner that is responsive to the client’s cultural and spiritual beliefs.

    Note: At this time, residents of the following states and territories may not enroll in this program: Arizona, District of Columbia, Hawaii, Louisiana, New York, Oregon, Tennessee, Utah, Washington, Guam, and Puerto Rico. In addition, international students are not eligible to enroll in the program.

    The postgraduate APRN certificate programs at Purdue Global are accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education .

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