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Public Health Nurse Certification Mn

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What Does A Public Health Nurse Do

MN Community Health and Nurse Educator

Public health nurses provide a wide variety of services depending on the place of employment. Specifically, public health nurses:

  • Provide screening tests for specific populations
  • Provide immunizations to adults and children
  • Provide nutrition education for various programs, including the WIC program
  • Collect data and look for trends/patterns in disease outbreaks
  • Educate and treat infectious diseases, to include sexually transmitted diseases
  • Educate high-risk populations on healthy behavior and disease prevention
  • Assist patients and families in psychosocial health to include effective communication, intimate partner violence, and abuse
  • Respond and implement interventions in cases of natural disasters or community-wide emergencies
  • Administer medications

Public Health Nurse Licensure And Certification

How to become a public health nurse? First, you must become a registered nurse by graduating from an accredited nursing school and passing the NCLEX-RN examination. While not legally required, certification demonstrates your knowledge of and commitment to public health, and many employers strongly prefer or require it.

RN Licensure: The NCLEX-RN examination is a multiple choice examination. To be eligible for the examination, you must graduate from an accredited nursing school and apply through your local state board of nursing. The fee for the examination is $200 and there may be other fees to apply for a license, based on your state.

Certified in Public Health : The National Board of Public Health Examiners offers the CPH credential. To be eligible for the examination, you must either have a bachelor’s degree and five years of experience in public health or have graduated from an accredited master’s or doctoral public health program. The test, which can be taken with a live proctor or at a testing center, costs $385.

Communities Caring For Children:

  • This outreach and health promotion program is for pregnant women and parents of infants and young children.
  • Pregnant women will receive a newsletter for each trimester of their pregnancy in the prenatal pack they receive at the clinic. You can also view them here on our website!
  • After your baby is born, families can view age appropriate newsletters with information on well child checks, immunization reminders, feeding and safety tips, growth and development, and common illnesses your baby may encounter.

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Five What Is The Career Outlook For Public Health Nursing

Currently, there is no exact career outlook data for public health nurses. According to the BLS, in 2019 there were 3,059,800 Registered Nurses in the United States. By 2028, there will be a need for an additional 371,500 nurses, which is a projected growth of 12%. With the aging population, this number is expected to be even higher.

There is an increasing need for nurses throughout the United States and this number will only continue to rise.

The 8 Principles Of Public Health Nursing

DOH Orders Termination of Nurse Volunteer Programs ...

The Quad Council of Public Health Nursing Organizations developed the following eight tenets of public health nursing to advance the public health nursing goal of promoting and protecting the health of the population.

  • Population-based assessment, policy development, and assurance processes are systematic and comprehensive.
  • All processes must include partnering with representatives of the people.
  • Primary prevention is given priority.
  • Intervention strategies are selected to create healthy environmental, social, and economic conditions in which people can thrive.
  • Public health nursing practice includes an obligation to actively reach out to all who might benefit from an intervention or service.
  • The dominant concern and obligation is for the greater good of all of the people or the population as a whole.
  • Stewardship and allocation of available resources support the maximum population health benefit gain.
  • The health of the people is most effectively promoted and protected through collaboration with members of other professions and organizations.
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    Psyc 311 Life Span Developmental Psychology

    4 credits

    Life Span Developmental psychology reviews concepts, theories and principles of human development from conception and prenatal development through late adulthood. This course will emphasize cognitive and social development topics that will explore maturation, human growth experiences and the various stages of physical development as key components influencing human behaviors.

    Seven Where Can I Learn More About Public Health Nursing

    To find out more information about Public Health nursing check out theses websites:

    Public health nursing is a dynamic and ever-changing field. These nurses have the power to make real change when educating the public and helping solve potential crises. They are at the forefront of different pandemics across the globe and now more than ever they are of the utmost importance to the nursing profession.

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    Two What Do Public Health Nurses Do

    Public Health Nurses are involved in the prevention, education, advocacy, activism, assessment, and evaluation of Public Health. They are involved in the prevention of disease while promoting the publics safety and well-being. They educate the public about health issues and provide support to other medical professionals.

    Other duties of a public health nurse include:

    • Assessing health trends to identify health risk factors specific to communities
    • Assigning priorities for health-related interventions in order to provide the greatest benefit
    • Advocacy with local, state and federal authorities in improving the access to health services in underserved communities
    • Design and implement health education campaigns and activities for disease prevention
    • Provide information on local health programs and services that are available to improve access to care
    • Providing direct health care services to at-risk populations
    • Tell people about locally available health care programs and services to improve access to care
    • Educate and provide direct health care services to vulnerable and at-risk populations
    • Collaborate with healthcare professionals

    Public health nurses must be good communicators as educating the public and other health care professionals is a major part of the profession. Public health nurses have the ability to work in a variety of areas including:

    • Community health clinics
    • Hospitals
    • Academia

    What Is A Public Health Nurse

    Li’Toia Kendrick, DNP, CNM – Certified Nurse Midwife

    Public health nurses, also known as community health nurses, work to promote and protect the health of individuals within a community. While most nurses generally care for one patient at a time, public health nurses tend to focus on the care of entire populations. The American Public Health Association defines public health nursing as the practice of promoting and protecting the health of populations using knowledge from nursing, social, and public health sciences.’ Public health nurses seek out areas of concern within a community and assess and implement ways through which these concerns can be eliminated or minimized. Common areas of employment for public health nurses include county or state health departments, school districts, or departments of correction.

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    Public Health Nurse Certificate

    All TBSN, ABSN and RN-BSN Graduates ONLY

    Students are encouraged to apply for their California Public Health Nurse Certificate just as soon as you have graduated with your BSN degree and have received your RN license. This is a lifetime certificate and you will be eligible to apply for this certificate just as soon as you have received your permanent RN license number. The BSN program at CSUSM covers the required content to receive the Public Health Nursing Certificate.

    Students will be completing the Public Health Nurse Certificate application process on their own after they have graduated with their BSN degree and obtained their RN license number.

    Refer to attached link for information: Public Health Nurse

    Application for Public Health Nurse Certification is a three-step process.

    Advantages Of Online Msn In Public Health Nursing Programs

    If you are like the many MSN students who plan to continue working while you take classes or if you have other family and personal obligations that limit your availability for studying, an online program may be the right fit for you. Distance learning programs offer students the unmatched flexibility to complete their coursework when it is convenient and from wherever they live. Many schools also offer self-paced learning that allows students to complete their degrees and begin working in less time than traditional classroom programs.

    Another advantage of online learning is accessibility. Thanks to fully online programs, students have access to a wider range of schools and program options than what is close to their homes or jobs. Additionally, in some cases, online programs are more cost-effective than on-campus programs. While tuition rates vary, online students do not have to factor in commuting costs, campus housing or worry about traffic patterns and parking costs.

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    Nurs 464 Nursing Leadership Ii

    4 credits

    This course reinforces and expands leadership concepts introduced in previous courses and focuses on how nursing leadership influences client care and practice in the larger health care delivery system. Emphasis is on use of outcome data to evaluate care delivery systems and to propose performance improvement initiatives, considering enduring practice issues, policy debates and historical solutions.

    What Are The Roles & Duties Of A Public Health Nurse

    M.S. in Nurse Anesthesia

    Public health nurses are a crucial part of the health care world. Many patients, especially those in underserved, rural, or underprivileged communities do not seek health care, or cannot afford to. Public health nurses reach out to educate and treat patients and families in need. Roles may include:

    • Assessing psychosocial, mental health, physical and nutritional needs of a population
    • Educating on the importance of preventive health, and preventive health screening
    • Recognizing and intervening in cases of abuse or violence
    • Motivating members of the community to adopt healthy behaviors and lifestyles
    • Acting as a role model to the community
    • Intervening and educating in cases of infectious disease outbreaks
    • Utilizing and educating patients on available community resources
    • Providing leadership within a community, especially in the cases of emergencies

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    Nurs 361 Acute And Complex Care

    7 credits

    This course focuses on the nursing care of clients experiencing acute disruptions of health and/or end of life issues. Emphasis is placed on understanding and application of theory and skills required to provide nursing care to clients with complex and/or unstable conditions. Evidence-based practice is used to support appropriate focused assessments, and effective, efficient nursing interventions. Knowledge of life span, developmental factors, cultural variables and legal aspects of care guide the ethical decision making in delivery of care.

    Ati Test Of Essential Academic Skills

    The ATI Test of Essential Academic Skills is a national, standardized examination of basic learning skills. Research has shown that applicants who do well on the ATI TEAS are more likely to be successful in nursing school.

    This exam is for students who are ready to apply to the nursing program at Minneapolis College. The test will last approximately four hours. The exam includes reading, science, math, and English/language usage. Minneapolis College requires an ATI TEAS composite score of 70% or higher, taken within two years of the application deadline, as part of the application criteria.

    Applicants must register and pay for the exam at the ATI TEAS website.

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    Public Health Nurse Salary & Employment

    While there is no official data on the outlook for public health nurses specifically, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that registered nursing, in general, is expected to grow 16% by 2024. Additionally, opportunities for health educators and community health workers, in general, is expected to grow 13% by 2024. This is promising to nurses interested in the field of public health nursing.

    According to, the average salary for a public health nurse is $56,111 annually. This figure can vary depending on degrees/certificates held, and city/state of employment.

    Requirements For Licensure In Minnesota

    Public Health Nurse: How to Apply for PHN Certificate in CA| Degrees Needed, Costs, Process

    To be a licensed school nurse in Minnesota, a nurse must obtain a school nurse license issued by the Minnesota Board of Teaching. The Board of Teaching requires submission of the nurse’s public health nurse registration from the Minnesota Board of Nursing as part of the application process for a school nurse license.

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    Combined Master Of Nursing/primary Health Care Nurse Practitioner Certificate

    Accelerate your nursing career with a Combined MN/PHCNP Certificate

    If you want to pursue the many career-enhancing opportunities open to Nurse Practitioners, but dont already hold a Master of Nursing, our Combined Master of Nursing/Primary Health Care Nurse Practitioner Certificate is for you.

    In this program, youll earn a Masters degree and prepare to write the College of Nurses of Ontario, external links NP Primary Health Care exam at the same time.

    Its a demanding, career-enhancing program that:

    • Prepares students to provide care to individuals, families and communities.
    • Provides opportunities to analyze and integrate theories, models, concepts, and frameworks from advanced practice nursing and related disciplines.
    • Incorporates principles of evidence-based practice and contributes to knowledge development for the role of the Primary Health Care Nurse Practitioner.
    • Prepares nurses to practice in an ethical and legal manner that reflects an understanding of human values, diversity, and health and social policy related issues.

    Students who complete this program are well positioned to accelerate their careers in nursing as Primary Health Care Nurse Practitioners in a variety of practice and leadership roles and settings.

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    What Is A Dual Msn/mph Degree

    A dual MSN/MPH degree combines nursing and public health as two related disciplines. If you are interested in a leadership role and want to develop your expertise in both of these fields, the combined MSN/MPH degree is excellent preparation for these roles. However, because it is a dual degree and covers two different disciplines, it is even more demanding than either program individually, especially since many people might find one field or the other more challenging.

    Comm 233 Introduction To Intercultural Communication

    Public Health Nurse

    3 credits

    This introductory course explores definitions of intercultural communication, traditional spheres of influence that shapes intercultural encounters globally and locally, and skills that can assist students to improve intercultural communication. Students experience intercultural communication situations and episodes in class and in the community. Skill building for interculturally sensitive communication in a variety of settings including work, family, and daily encounters are discussed and analyzed. Current events involving the Twin Cities and greater Minnesota are explored for students’ responses and recommendations for improved communication strategies.

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    One What Is A Public Health Nurse

    A public health nurse works to promote and protect the community and their health through disease prevention, health education, and collaboration with other healthcare professionals.

    Public health nurses do not focus on acute health care but rather long term health and safety and ways to prevent illness and improve a communitys access to care. Public health nurses can work directly with patients to conduct health screening activities or work in a community health clinic.

    Public health nurses generally serve the underprivileged and disproportionate populations in the United States and around the world.

    Nurs 285 Applied Pathophysiology For Nursing I

    2 credits

    This course introduces a holistic perspective of pathophysiological processes and the disruption in normal body function. Emphasis will be on objective and subjective manifestations of common chronic health problems resulting from environmental, genetic, and stress-related maladaptation to provide a foundation for nursing care. This course complements selected topics addressed in Chronicity and End of Life to provide a comprehensive understanding of disease processes.

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    Nurs 282 Pharmacology And The Role Of The Professional Nurse

    3 credits

    This course introduces theoretical concepts that enable students to provide safe and effective care related to pharmaceuticals and natural products to diverse clients across the lifespan. A framework is presented for approaching the study of pharmacotherapeutics including pharmaceutical research and regulation, quality and safety, major drug classifications, and clinical management.

    Job Description & Information

    Jill Kocher, CNM – Certified Nurse Midwife
    • Essential Skills Needed – Psychological and emotional strength and stability, patience, strong assessment skills, excellent critical thinking abilities, well-honed interpersonal communication skills, ability to work independently, leadership qualities, compassion, empathy
    • Job Outlook – The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts overall employment for registered nurses to increase by 16% between 2014 and 2024. Individuals in the public health nursing specialty can expect to see their field grow at a rate that’s comparable

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    Required Public Health Nurse Certifications/credentials

    Certification in public health nursing is generally required by most employers. Interested parties can seek out certification through the American Nurses Credentialing Center which offers an Advanced Public Health Nurse-Board Certified credential. Although no certification examination is required, to be eligible for the certification you will need to have fulfilled the following requirements:

    • Possess an active and unrestricted RN license
    • Have at least two years of full-time experience working as an RN
    • Have at least 2,000 hours of experience within the specialty of public health nursing in the previous three years before application is submitted
    • Along with a BSN degree, possess a graduate degree in nursing or a graduate degree in public health
    • Have undergone at least 30 continuing education credits related to advanced public health nursing in the previous three years before application is submitted
    • Fulfill two of the following professional developments:
    • Publication or research

    APHN-BC credential is valid for five years.

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