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Post Msn Nurse Practitioner Certificate Programs Online

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Family Nurse Practitioner Post

MSN & Nurse Practitioner Concentrations & Certificate Programs at DeSales University

Each family nurse practitioner post-master’s certificate program sets forth specific admission requirements. While admission criteria can vary between schools, general requirements may include:

  • A master’s degree from an accredited school
  • Current RN/APRN license
  • Provide a written goal statement or statement of purpose
  • Have completed a specific number of clinical hours
  • Have completed advanced pharmacology, physiology, and health assessment courses

Adult Gerontology Acute Care Nurse Practitioner 15 Minimum Credits

Serve adult and older adult patients in acute and complex care settings. Students who pursue this specialization will learn how to effectively communicate with families and manage multifaceted acute care situations.

  • Certification eligibility: Adult Gerontology Acute Care Nurse Practitioner Board Certified .

What Does Drexels Post

  • Ranked #5 in 2020’s Best Online Graduate Nursing Programs: Family NP by U.S. News & World Report
  • Ranked #16 in 2020’s Best Online Graduate Nursing Programs for Veterans by U.S. News & World Report
  • The Family Nurse Practitioner Post-Master’s Certificate program at Drexel University is accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education
  • Upon completion of the program, students are eligible to sit for the Family Nurse Practitioner Certification Exam through AANP or ANCC
  • Graduates of Drexels NP programs have a 100% board pass rate
  • Synchronous online lectures offer a highly interactive learning format that challenges and engages
  • The FNP Post-Masters Certificate program is taught by industry-experienced and board-certified faculty from Drexels acclaimed College of Nursing and Health Professions

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What Are The Curriculum Components And Learning Outcomes For A Family Nurse Practitioner Post

The curriculum for a family nurse practitioner post-masters certificate program centers on training compassionate primary care providers for individuals and families through evidence-informed care. Students will learn from a curriculum that emphasizes critical thinking, engaging coursework, interactive lab experiences, and hands-on clinical skill-building. They will also develop a deeper understanding of the human experience and the needs of families and communities.

Program themes and outcomes include:

  • evidence-informed family practice

Online Np Certificate Program Coursework

RN (BS) to MSN Online Program

As noted above, most of the training in an NP certificate program is specific to an NP specialty. However, there may be several general core requirements that RNs must complete in order to qualify for an NP certificate if they have not taken these courses previously. These typically include classes in the role of the professional nurse, health promotion and disease prevention, and the three Ps . Again, students who have already completed these courses as part of their MSN program typically do not need to repeat them.

The table below provides an overview of the types of courses that are typically required by online NP certificate programs in various NP specialties.

NP Specialty
  • Gender and Womens Health
  • Womens Health Across the Lifespan
  • Advanced Practice Nursing in Perinatal Care Patients
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    Gap Analyses For Post

    Depending on their past MSN coursework and clinical experiences, students of post-MSN certificate FNP programs may need to take additional courses at the masters level to fill gaps in clinical knowledge. For example, an RN who received his or her MSN in Nursing Education or Nursing Leadership and who wishes to become an FNP may need to take core MSN courses such as advanced health assessment, advanced human physiology, and pharmacology before progressing to family nurse practitioner specialization courses. Whereas, a student who already completed these courses as part of their MSN program, such as an MSN program in a different APRN specialty, are typically not required to take these courses again.

    Post-MSN certificate FNP programs generally conduct a gap analysis of incoming students graduate school transcripts to determine if students need to take any courses from the core MSN curriculum before starting the classes that are specific to family primary care nursing. Students whose gap analyses indicate that they are missing coursework in certain areas of advanced clinical nursing should note that their post-MSN degree program may require more credits and take longer to complete than initially projected, due to the extra coursework they will need to complete.

    What Is A Post

    A post-masters certificate provides a nurse with an MSN the opportunity to hone specific areas of knowledge, expand their job opportunities, and grow their careers. For nurses whose MSNs are focused in management, education or healthcare administration, a family nurse practitioner post-masters certificate would help them become an advanced practice nurse who provides primary care to families throughout the lifespan.

    Nurses who have a masters of science in nursing degree, such as advanced practice nursing practitioners could pursue a family nurse practitioner certificate in order to broaden their scope of practice. For example, if an APRN has a certification in pediatrics or mental health, they could achieve a family nurse practitioner post-masters certificate and become eligible to provide primary care across the lifespan.

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    Online Np Certificate Program Curricula And Specialties

    The curriculum for NP certificate programs varies by specialty and may also depend on a formal evaluation of a students prior academic training. RNs who are accepted into a post-masters certificate program are typically subject to a gap analysis in which program administrators determine the courses and practicums that will be required in order to complete the certificate program. Students who have completed graduate-level coursework and/or practicums relevant to a certificate programs specialty are generally not required to repeat those courses or practicums.

    For example, students who completed advanced pathophysiology, advanced pharmacology, and advanced patient or physical assessment courses during their MSN program typically do not need to repeat these courses in a post-masters certificate program. However, students who have not completed these courses will have to take them as part of their certificate program.

    Note: There are a limited number of online post-masters NP certificate programs that require students to have completed the three Ps prior to enrolling in the program and that may not offer these courses online. Students who have not completed one or more of these courses may be able to take advanced physiology, advanced pharmacology, and/or advanced patient health assessment courses through a different institution or they can apply to programs that do not have this requirement.

    • Adult-Gerontology Acute Care
    • Psychiatric-Mental Health
    • Womens Health

    Take Advantage Of Transfer

    Info Session: Post Master’s Family Nurse Practitioner Certificate Program

    Do you already have your MSNor are you already an NP? You may be eligible to transfer credit from your previous coursework to reduce the number of courses you will need to complete the post-masters PMHNP certificate program. Contact an Enrollment Specialist to learn more.

    Program Savings

    Receive up to a $1,500 Grant if you reside in the U.S. and start this program on February 28, 2022. Contact one of our Enrollment Specialists to learn more.

    • Core courses
    • Specialization courses

    Start dates are offered each quarter so you can begin your program when it is convenient for you. Enrollment in this post-master’s nurse practitioner certificate program is currently open to new students in most states. Due to high demand, this certificate program has an enrollment cap in place for each start date. Please contact an Enrollment Specialist to find out more about available start dates and to be placed on the waiting list.

    This sequence represents the minimum time to completion. For a personalized estimate of the number of your transfer credits that Walden would accept, call an Enrollment Specialist at 844-398-6223.

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    Synchronous Vs Asynchronous Instruction In Post

    Online post-MSN FNP programs generally use one or both of two types of online instruction: synchronous instruction and asynchronous instruction. Synchronous instruction requires students to meet with their instructors and fellow classmates online at prearranged times to participate in course lectures and discussions in real-time. Such instruction typically involves the use of a web camera and microphone, and can provide a more realistic classroom setting for online students.

    In contrast, classes that use asynchronous instruction are generally composed of pre-recorded lectures and course materials that students can access on their own time. Classes with asynchronous instruction do not require students and faculty to attend lectures or discussions in real-time. Online programs that mainly use asynchronous instruction may be a good option for individuals who need more flexibility in their schedule, and who prefer to watch lectures and read through class materials independently. However, students should keep in mind that programs with asynchronous instruction still require students to complete assignments and exams by prearranged deadlines.

    Reasons To Get An Online Msn Nurse Practitioner Degree

    Nursing students have several options when it comes to nurse practitioner degree levels. Many decide on the MSN route for personal, financial, and professional reasons. Other common reasons to choose an MSN-level NP program include:

  • Nurses that complete an online MSN nurse practitioner degree have the ability to continue working, compared to restrictions of a traditional MSN nurse practitioner program.
  • Savvy nurses sometimes discover online nurse practitioner programs that offer a pathway to a dual degree. This allows nurses to reach their career goals in considerably less time than if completing only one program.
  • The MSN pathway is generally the shortest pathway to a Nurse Practitioner education, compared to earning a Post-Graduate NP Certificate or a Doctor of Nursing Practice degree, which is a longer and more in-depth program pathway.
  • Online MSN degree programs are widely available in many specialties. Students have a wealth of choices as this is a popular graduate degree pathway for NPs.
  • Other reasons for pursuing the online nurse practitioner MSN degree, in addition to earning a higher salary, include the fact that nurses often wish to specialize in a particular area of interest.
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    Tuition And Cost Of Attendance

    While the cost of attending nursing school can be quite high, you should look at it as an investment in your future. According to the Florida Gulf Coast University School of Nursing, a typical nursing certification program through their school would be $373/credit hour for Florida residents. While this might seem like a final figure, you need to take into account additional commuting, living, books, supplies, and other expenses when making your investment. Keep in mind that tuition and fees will vary from school to school, so it’s a good idea to research these costs before selecting a program.

    Master’s Of Science In Nursing And Post Master’s Certificate Programs

    Become a Nurse Practitioner by Earning a Post

    The Patricia A. Chin School of Nursing has six master’s options for students interested in furthering their nursing education. In addition, for applicants who already have an MSN degree, each of the six options has a post masters certificate available. See roadmaps for pre-requisites below.

    All programs are offered pending sufficient enrollment.

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    Choosing The Right Online Nurse Practitioner Program

    Prospective NP students need to choose an online program based on their interests, professional goals, budget, timeline, and more. Some might opt for an in-state program to save money on tuition, but others might need to look out of state to find the concentration they want to pursue. These are just a few program features to consider for future NPs.

    Why Should I Pursue A Post

    If you already possess a master of science in nursing degree and feel ready to broaden your scope of practice and grow in advanced practice nursing, a post-masters certificate is a great next step. In such a program, you will delve into:

    • Advanced practice nursing competencies: Examine the role of the advanced practice nurse and develop knowledge in topics such as pharmacology, pathology, and physiology.
    • Compassionate primary care of the family: Gain knowledge and critical thinking competencies to provide evidence-informed primary care for patients of all ages.
    • Critical thinking and research: Develop an analytical framework to facilitate evidence-informed practice and knowledge integration.

    According to an article entitled Theory of Nurse Practitioner Job Satisfaction in The Journal for Nurse Practitioners, nurse practitioners are satisfied with independence, interdependence, quiet moments, and challenging work. And the American Association of Critical-Care Nurses reported in Nurse Practitioner Job Satisfaction and the Healthy Work Environment that a healthy work environmentone in which factors that positively influence job satisfaction are capitalized and negative factors are reducedcan increase job satisfaction and staff retention and can ultimately improve patient outcomes.

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    Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner Post

    Why choose the UMass Amherst PMHNP Online Certificate?

    There is a great need for more advanced practice PMHNPs in the United States to meet the needs of the community by offering treatment for mental health and substance disorders.

    The UMass Amherst Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner Post-Master’s Online Certificate prepares nurses to obtain psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner certification. This accelerated online program is designed for nurses who have completed a Master’s degree and who wish to expand their scope of practice to include the care of individuals, families and groups with psychiatric and mental health needs. Preference is given to nurses with experience in psychiatric mental health nursing.

    The program may be completed in as few as two years, with individualized plans of study which recognize each student’s clinical practice experience. Students benefit from the College of Nursing’s focus on integrated mental health care and from classes taught by the Elaine Marieb College of Nursing’s expert faculty. Students are expected to find their own clinical preceptors. Please review the graduate clinical placement page to read more about what types of preceptors you will need.

    This certificate will prepare students to:

    Objectives for PMHNP Post Masters Certificate

  • Provide the instructional foundation for students to obtain professional certification as a Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner.

  • How Onlineeducationcom Identifies And Classifies Online Nurse Practitioner Certificate Programs

    MSN & Nurse Practitioner Programs at DeSales University researches post-masters NP certificate programs and classifies them based on several important criteria. To be listed on the site, a program must be offered by a regionally accredited college or university with a nursing school that has programmatic accreditation from the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing or the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education . Online post-masters certificate programs in non-NP specialties are classified separately from online NP certificate programs, and post-masters NP certificate programs that require students to attend more than three campus sessions per year are currently not listed on the site.

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    Definition: What Is An Online Msn Nurse Practitioner Degree

    The online nurse practitioner MSN degree program allows nurses to complete program requirements online, rather than in the traditional classroom. Some programs potentially require a face-to-face clinical or practicum.

    The online nurse practitioner MSN program has strict admission requirements. Some general requirements for admission to a nurse practitioner MSN program include:

    • Graduate of an accredited BSN program
    • Submit proof of current RN licensure
    • Submit transcripts from all colleges previously attended, demonstrating a minimum of a 3.0 out of 4.0 in an undergraduate degree
    • Provide required letters of recommendation
    • Submit current resume or Curriculum Vitae

    Online nurse practitioner MSN programs may have additional requirements specific to the school or specialty.

    How Does The Fnp

    The FNP-PMC prepares the advanced nurse in several ways, including:

    • Teaching the essential primary care competencies for patients of all ages.
    • Broadening the scope of practice for APRNs who have specific certifications like pediatrics, mental health or adult/gerontology so that they can provide primary care across the lifespan.
    • Providing advanced clinical education and service-oriented learning experiences.

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    Adult Gerontology Primary Care

    The AGPCNP post MSN certificate program prepares students to comprehensively assess, diagnose, and treat common acute illnesses and manage chronic stable health conditions of adolescents, adults, and older adults. Our program places an emphasis on health promotion, evidence-based practice in support of quality outcomes, guidance and counseling of individuals and families, and caring for the vulnerable and underserved. Students are required to complete 500 direct care hours. Currently certified NPs who are expanding into this area of practice may request a waiver of selected courses and clinical experiences. This is individually determined upon admission by gap analysis. This is individually determined upon admission by gap analysis. Upon completion of this program, students will be eligible to take the Adult Gerontology certification exam offered through ANCC or AANP and obtain additional specialty certification through the State of Michigan.

    Family Nurse Practitioner 19 Minimum Credits

    Online MSN FNP Degree

    Manage primary care for the whole family across the life span in a variety of clinical settings. Graduates who earn their post-doctoral/post-masters FNP certificate online will be qualified to manage all aspects of primary care, including diagnosis and management of common acute and complex chronic conditions.

    • Certification eligibility: Family Nurse Practitioner Board Certified

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    Your Clinical Placement Is Our Pledge

    We understand securing clinical placement as part of a post master’s certificate nursing program is one of the biggest concerns students face. At Herzing, we offer guidance and support through our step-by-step Clinical Guidance Process to ensure you can get the clinical practice experiences you need.

    As a Herzing student, well encourage you to find your own preceptor and clinical sites as there are many benefits to doing so. However, we provide extensive support should you find difficulty along the way. With Herzing, you are never on your own.

    Because of our strong relationships with healthcare providers across the U.S. and our comprehensive Clinical Guidance Process, we are confident in our ability to help you find clinical placement. So much so that if you are unable to find a clinical site on your own, we pledge to step in and help you secure clinical placement.*

    * Subject to terms and conditions outlined in the enrollment agreement.

    The post masters family nurse practitioner certificate program is open to registered nurses who:

    • Possess a Master of Science in Nursing degree from an accredited university or college
    • Hold a current, active and unrestricted license as a registered nurse in the state in which they live .

    Classes Start January 10th

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