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Post Graduate Family Nurse Practitioner Programs

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How Do Pmcs Differ From Dnps

Xavier University – Graduate Programs – Family Nurse Practitioner

While both post-masters DNP certificates and doctor of nursing practice degrees equip nurses for advanced roles in nursing and medicine, they have important distinctions as well.

A post-masters certificate exceeds the academic level of a masters degree but does not reach as high as a doctoral degree. The DNP is a terminal degreethere is no higher degree in the field of nursing.

Students can typically complete a post-masters certificate more quickly than a doctor of nursing practice degree program.

To Be Accepted To This Program You Must Have:

  • A master’s degree. Hold a masters degree in nursing from an accredited college or university.
  • 3.0 GPA or above on a 4.0
  • A license/certificate required Possess a current unrestricted license to practice nursing as a registered nurse in the applicant’s state or country and specialty certification. Possess current certification from a U.S. National Certifying Board as an NP, CNS, CRNA or CNM.
  • Curriculum Vitae or Résumé
  • A written personal statement Submit a written essay that addresses the applicants career goals and motivations for additional graduate study in the selected area of specialty nursing practice nurse practitioner, or adult-gerontology clinical nurse.
  • 3 letters of recommendation The reference letters must be from a source that has direct knowledge of the applicants work and educational experience. Provide contact information for your recommenders and the MSU application system will provide instructions to them.
  • Official transcripts from all previous schools

Family Nurse Practitioner 19 Minimum Credits

Manage primary care for the whole family across the life span in a variety of clinical settings. Graduates who earn their post-doctoral/post-masters FNP certificate online will be qualified to manage all aspects of primary care, including diagnosis and management of common acute and complex chronic conditions.

  • Certification eligibility: Family Nurse Practitioner Board Certified

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Adult Gerontology Acute Care Nurse Practitioner 15 Minimum Credits

Serve adult and older adult patients in acute and complex care settings. Students who pursue this specialization will learn how to effectively communicate with families and manage multifaceted acute care situations.

  • Certification eligibility: Adult Gerontology Acute Care Nurse Practitioner Board Certified .

What Are The Job Outlook And Salary Estimates For Family Nurse Practitioners


According to U.S. News & World Report, nurse practitioner is the No. 4 Best Healthcare Job, No. 5 STEM Job, and No. 5 on the list of the Best Jobs Overall. Payscale reports that the average salary for a Family Nurse Practitioner is $95,311. U.S. News & World Report lists $107,030 as the median salary.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a 45% growth rate for nurse anesthetists, nurse midwives, and nurse practitioners through 2029. Thats over 10 times faster than the average rate of project job growth, which is 4%. The BLS also projects that there will be 24,200 openings for nurse practitioners each year.

The American Association of Colleges of Nursing states that the U.S. is projected to experience a shortage of Registered Nurses that is expected to intensify as Baby Boomers age and the need for health care grows. Nurses who achieve higher job satisfaction, increased role opportunities and a broader scope of practice are likely to stay in the nursing field longer, which will help address the nursing shortage.

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Are Postgraduate Certificates Worth It

According to Get Educated, graduates of post-masters certificate programs earn a higher income than their peers. A post-masters certificate can equip students for national certification exams. Graduates of post-masters certificate programs may experience higher rates of job satisfaction as their qualifications provide new pathways to previously unavailable career opportunities and positions.

When it comes to the family nurse practitioner post-masters certificate, advanced practice registered nurses who want to broaden their scopes of practice will find the certificate to be worth it as it empowers them to achieve their career goals. FNP certificate graduates will enjoy the work of providing comprehensive primary care for patients and families in such a way that makes a difference in the global community.

Post Master’s Family Nurse Practitioner Certificate

Advanced Practice Nursing Education for Working Nurses

UNCs Family Nurse Practitioner post-master’s graduate certificate provides working nurses with specialized expertise that can help you advance your career. Youll gain skills that qualify you for new professional challenges, expanded responsibilities, leadership opportunities, and readies you for advanced clinical practice as a family nurse practitioner .

The FNP emphasis area provides in-depth instruction in primary care health promotion and disease management across the lifespan. This program stands out for its strong emphasis on evidence-based care and direct primary care services to diverse populations and underserved populations particularly within rural communities.

Designed for nursing professionals who already hold an MSN, this certificate provides you with exceptional academic and professional guidance from our clinically active faculty. This program has been designed with advanced practice clinical simulations in addition to didactic coursework in order to prepare each student for the live clinical setting. A minimum of 660 clinical/simulation/lab hours are completed while enrolled in the clinical/practicum courses.

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Your Clinical Placement Is Our Pledge

We understand securing clinical placement as part of a post master’s certificate nursing program is one of the biggest concerns students face. At Herzing, we offer guidance and support through our step-by-step Clinical Guidance Process to ensure you can get the clinical practice experiences you need.

As a Herzing student, well encourage you to find your own preceptor and clinical sites as there are many benefits to doing so. However, we provide extensive support should you find difficulty along the way. With Herzing, you are never on your own.

Because of our strong relationships with healthcare providers across the U.S. and our comprehensive Clinical Guidance Process, we are confident in our ability to help you find clinical placement. So much so that if you are unable to find a clinical site on your own, we pledge to step in and help you secure clinical placement.*

* Subject to terms and conditions outlined in the enrollment agreement.

The post masters family nurse practitioner certificate program is open to registered nurses who:

  • Possess a Master of Science in Nursing degree from an accredited university or college
  • Hold a current, active and unrestricted license as a registered nurse in the state in which they live .

Classes Start January 10th

Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

Family Nurse Practitioner/Graduate Nursing Programs

Located in New York City, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center offers a 12-month clinical fellowship in palliative care to any masters prepared nurse practitioner. After completing this fellowship, the nurse practitioner will be prepared to sit for the advanced certification in palliative and hospice nursing. For more information, visit: Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

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What Is The Difference Between A Nursing Certification And A Post

When it comes to nursing certifications, there are several options for nurses based on their degree level. For example, nursing certifications differ from post-master’s graduate certificates for several reasons. First, the requirements for certification are different. Nursing certifications are offered to RNs with a minimum of 2,000 hours of practice in a specific specialty. Post-master’s certificates are offered to master’s degree nurses or higher. Second, nursing certifications usually only require a certain amount of clinical experience. Post-master’s certificates usually require completion of a curriculum in order to become certified.

Empower Patients As A Family Nurse Practitioner

The Family Nurse Practitioner Post-Masters Certificate allows students who already have a Masters of Science in Nursing to be certified as nurse practitioners for individuals and families. The post-masters certificate will prepare you for advanced practice nursing in home health agencies, physicians offices, health maintenance organizations, family health centers, and clinics in both urban and rural communities.

Upon graduation, you will be eligible to be certified as family/individual nurse practitioners across the life span.

As a certified nurse practitioner, youll diagnose and treat acute, episodic or chronic illness, working with a physician and as part of a health care team. Nurse practitioners may order, perform or interpret diagnostic tests such as lab work and X-rays and may prescribe medication.

On campus or online

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American Association For The Study Of Liver Diseases

This goal of this fellowship, offered by the American Association for the Study of Liver Diseases , is to increase the number of midlevel providers in clinical hepatology. This fellowship is offered to any nurse practitioner, physician assistant, certified nurse specialist, or advanced practice nurse who is board certified and licensed on or before July 15th. Applicants must be active members of AASLD, maintain membership through the duration of the award period, and have a mentor who is a Clinical Hepatologist. The fellowship period is July 1st through June 30th and an award of $78,000 will be provided . For more information, visit: American Association for the Study of Liver Diseases

Do You Like The Idea Of:

Top 5 Benefits of Being a Family Nurse Practitioner ...
  • taking your level of thinking and understanding about health and illness to a higher level?
  • working with patients, families and communities to obtain optimal health and wellness?
  • being a leader and change agent in the delivery of primary health care?
  • advocating for direct access to primary health care for citizens of all ages and cultures in Canada
  • utilizing research and best practices in decision-making and delivery of advanced nursing care
  • engaging in partnerships to promote health and healing while considering the unique needs of clients, families and communities
  • collaborating with other disciplines to engage in holistic and integrated care

The University of Victoria Masters of Nursing: Nurse Practitioner program might be right for you!

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Is A Family Nurse Practitioner A Doctor

A family nurse practitioner does not have a medical degree, so by definition, they are not a medical doctor. Some FNPs do have doctorates, but they are in nursing science. They all have at least a masters degree.

FNPs undergo rigorous training and credentialing similar to that of a medical doctor and perform many of the same tasks such as prescribing medication and performing physical exams.

FNPs have a wide range of responsibilities, from teaching patients about disease prevention to treating significant illnesses. They can also earn extra certifications in areas such as diabetes, pain management and obesity management. Specialization is not a requirement to be an FNP many cover general medical practice.

Nurse Practitioner Career And Salary

Certified nurse practitioners are in high demand and the job outlook is excellent for these roles. According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, nurse practitioner positions are expected to rise 28 percent between 2018 and 2028, an increase of over 53,000 jobs . Additionally, nurse-midwifery positions are expected to increase by 16 percent for that same time frame. The average across all occupations is 5 percent, for reference.

Nurse practitioners can expect to earn between $80,670 and $182,750 per year with a median salary landing at $107,030 . NPs play an important role in healthcare, and given their advanced practice training and their significant autonomy and practice authority, NPs can help mitigate the shortage of family practice doctors across the country.

NPs study a wide variety of subjectsincluding courses on:

  • Healthcare policy

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Advanced Practice Registered Nurse Gerontology

This 9 semester certificate provides practicing APRNs the opportunity to experience an interdisciplinary approach to managing the complex health care needs of older adults and their families with a specialty focus on culturally sensitive, evidence based care management strategies that include gerontology pharmacology, physiology and assessment considerations. A 60 hour interdisciplinary field experience is part of this certificate program. Students who hold a nurse practitioner certification without gerontology and wish to obtain gerontology certification will be required to complete an additional 4 semester hour clinical practicum course with a local preceptor in SARA participating states.

Santa Rosa Community Health Centers

Post Graduate Dermatology Program for Nurse Practitioners

This fellowship, offered by Santa Rosa Community Health Centers in California, is offered to any nurse practitioner that is a recent graduate from an accredited university. Fellows in this program will gain exceptional experience in caring for the underserved population across all life cycles. The application deadline is in November and the fellowship begins in January.

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What Is A Post

A post-master’s certificate is a pathway for nurses who have earned a master’s degree to gain specialized knowledge. This affords nurses more opportunity and career growth. Post-master’s certificates add another year or two of graduate study and are usually more specialized. Additionally, post-master’s certificates allow nurses with a master’s degree to become certified in niche specialties.

Nurses may also “cross over” to a different specialty than what they focused on in their original MSN program via a post-master’s certificate. For example, a nurse practitioner with an adult-gerontology specialty can become certified in family medicine. Sometimes the core courses they completed in their original master’s program can be applied towards the certificate program.

Mayo Clinic Of Arizona

Mayo Clinic of Arizona offers this extremely competitive nurse practitioner fellowship in cardiology to any recent graduate from a nurse practitioner program with experience in critical care, interventional cardiology, or telemetry. With clinics in Scottsdale and Phoenix, this 12-month fellowship aims to transition any nurse practitioner into a professional cardiovascular nurse practitioner. The application deadline is March 31st with sessions beginning in early September. For more information, visit: Mayo Clinic of Arizona

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Primary Health Care Nurse Practitioner Diploma

The Primary Health Care Nurse Practitioner Diploma program utilizes a combination of on-site and distance learning and offers full- and part-time options in collaboration with a consortium of Ontario universities. Graduates of the Primary Health Care Nurse Practitioner Diploma program are eligible to write the Canadian Nurse Practitioner Examination and are also eligible to practice in a variety of settings in addition to primary care upon graduation and successful completion of the CNPE. Students enrolled in this diploma program are normally not eligible for research and/or scholarship funding support through Western University. International students are not eligible to apply to the PHCNP diploma program due to the Ontario practice requirements .

The PHCNP Diploma program is ideal for master’s-prepared registered nurses with a strong interest in the clinical aspects of primary health care nursing delivery at an advanced level. It provides students with the opportunity to expand their nursing scope of practice through advanced evidence-based practice and training and prepares them for certification and practice as a Nurse Practitioner.

The PHCNP Diploma program is ideal for registered nurses with a graduate degree seeking an NP diploma to further advance their nursing practice, Graduates who obtain a PHCNP diploma are eligible to write the CNPE licensing exam.

Program Objectives

To facilitate leadership in the:

To facilitate the students’ ability to:

Tuition And Financial Assistance

New program launched for Family Nurse Practitioners in ...

Cizik School of Nursing is proud of its commitment to graduate education through the offering of merit and need-based scholarships and grants. The application process is competitive and begins during the application review cycle. To be considered for a Cizik SON award, please submit the School of Nursing Scholarship Application after applying for admission. To receive the greatest amount of consideration, interested students are encouraged to apply by the MSN priority application deadline date.

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Emory Center For Critical Care

Emory Healthcare, located in Atlanta, Georgia, offers this residency to any recent graduate from a masters or doctorate accredited nurse practitioner program that is a board certified. This 12-month residency is designed to teach the residents to be leaders in their specialty field. Residents receive a highly competitive stipend and full-time employee benefits. The application deadline is June 1st for spring admission and September 1st for winter admission. For more information, visit: Emory Center for Critical Care

What Makes Walsh’s Fnp Certificate Program Unique

  • Whether you come from an educational or clinical background, Walsh will customize your coursework to best match your level of experience and expertise.
  • Access to excellent faculty with real-world experience
  • Option to participate in a global experience
  • Interprofessional venues with state of the art teaching modalities including simulation and active learning lab experience
Program Objectives Include:
  • Demonstrate approaches that enhance the family nurse practitioner’s effectiveness in working in an interpersonal manner
  • Synthesize theoretical, scientific and contemporary knowledge for the assessment and management of both health and illness states, health promotion, disease prevention, and treatment of all patients
  • Ensure quality of care through consultations
  • Analyze situations to improve health outcomes for patients, communities and systems by overseeing and directing the delivery of clinical services within an interprofessional system of health care

Program Delivery

The FNP Certificate program is offered using a distance learning methodology*. Face to face classroom experiences are held at the main campus in North Canton, Ohio in conjunction with online methods.

Find out more…

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Durham Veterans Affairs Medical Center

In conjunction with Duke University School of Nursing, the Department of Veterans Affairs offers this 12-month residency program to any board certified psychiatric nurse practitioner that has less than one-year experience in the field since graduating. Residents receive a monthly stipend and benefits. Visit the site below for application information. For more information, visit: Durham Veterans Affairs Medical Center

What Is A Family Nurse Practitioner

FNP Program Q& A Creating a Culture of Community

A family nurse practitioner is an advanced practice registered nurse who delivers a variety of family-focused health care services to patients of all ages, from newborns to seniors.

FNPs conduct physical examinations, order or perform diagnostic tests, prescribe medications, create treatment plans, and treat acute and chronic diseases, ailments, and injuries. They can do just about anything that falls under the purview of primary care.

FNPs work in a number of settings, such as community health clinics, private practice, health care systems and universities. In some states, they can have their own private practices. In others, they must work under the direct supervision of a medical doctor.

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