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Pharmacology Resources For Nursing Students

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Nursing Diagnosis And Care Planning

Pharmacology: Introduction, General Pharm Study Tips – @Level Up RN

Nursing diagnoses related to drug therapy might include the following:

  • Diarrhea related to GI effects.
  • Risk for constipation related to GI effects.
  • Imbalanced nutrition: less than body requirements related to GI effects.
  • Risk for imbalanced fluid volume related to systemic effects.
  • Deficient knowledge regarding drug therapy.

Pharmacology Study Cards For Nursing Students

If you are a nursing student, you might be wondering which of the many pharmacology flash cards are available for your needs. This book is one of the best reference sources when studying for the NCLEX. It features straightforward and easy-to-read information about over 400 generic medications. It also includes photos and color codes. This book also includes a need-to-know section and can be purchased separately.

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This set of pharmacology flash cards features a unique design that will keep you focused. The pages are organized into different systems and feature cartoons and colorful images to help you learn. The content is perfect for nursing students and is available online. These printable, laminated cards are ideal for self-study and will make learning easy. The information on the cards is arranged by system, so you can find the information you need easily.

You can find both free and paid versions. The latter is a great choice if you are unsure of what your final exam will look like. It also helps if you have a set of test-yourself review cards that cover over 400 top generic medications. These are also great for nursing students who need to remember side effects and drug interactions. Aside from helping you study for the test, these pharmacology flash cards are also easy to carry around.

Try To Memorize Every Single Drug Name And Its Side Effects

When it comes to memorizing drug pre-fixes and names, their side effects, students need to know about every individual drug. Students need to prioritize learning drugs essential to learning compared to those unrelated to the nursing profession. Certain medications need only high school basic knowledge of taking care of patients to take the information.

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Focus On The Mechanism Of Action

Whatever it takes, learn the mechanism of action inside and out. If how your professor has explained it doesnt click, find some good videos, podcasts, or other explanations. Understanding this helps you to predict side effects, adverse reactions, antidotes, and more. If you understand the mechanism of action, you have a solid understanding of that class of medications, and be able to troubleshoot questions easier.

Heres an example of a great, free YouTube video of the mechanism of action behind NSAIDs.

Once you think you get it, try to explain it to someone else. If you dont have someone to explain it to, explain it to yourself on your phone and listen back to it to see if it makes sense.

Disease Spotlight: Gastroesophageal Reflux

A Nurse

Gastroesophageal reflux disease occurs when stomach acid frequently flows back into the tube connecting the mouth and the stomach .

  • GERD is a mild acid reflux that occurs at least twice a week, or moderate to severe acid reflux that occurs at least once a week.
  • Common signs and symptoms of GERD include a burning sensation in the chest , usually after eating, which might be worse at night chest pain difficulty swallowing regurgitation of food or sour liquid and a sensation of a lump in your throat.

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So How Do I Use This Resource

Practice questions: The best way I retain information is practice questions! So, the fact that this book has tons of practice questions and solutions has been my saving grace! The questions also emphasize critical, practical, and relevant information thathelps you absorb the material in the best way possible. Study and Test-Taking Tips: Another one of my favorite features are the study and test-taking tips throughout the book! In each chapter there is a section with a hint or trick to help you memorize the type of drug and what it does!

This is how I love to use myNursing Key Topics Review: Pharmacology book, as it has made one of the hardest nursing school courses one of the easiest and most fun to learn!

Take Charge Of Your Nursing Career

Your first year as a nurse is daunting. You need someone in your corner telling you what your managers really need from you, helping you learn to interact with your preceptor, and really just manage your life. Find all that an more with the FreshRN VIP – Membership.

Nursing students should not be afraid to ask professors questions if they find something confusing professors will always answer your question with a clear explanation instead of giving up studying altogether.

It is better to research pharmacology after discussing things with your classmates or friends than to learn alone without knowing what youre learning because you fear that you might get something wrong, leading to failing the course. You can find in-depth online tutorials on youtube about your subject.

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Impact Of Rlos For Pharmacology On Clinical Practice

An independent researcher was employed specifically to conduct telephone interviews with students one year after successful completion of the nurse prescribing course in order to gain an insight into the impact of the pharmacology RLOs on their continuing clinical practice. The independent researcher randomly selected students from among those who had attended the course as part of cohorts 2 and 3 for interview by telephone. 10 students were interviewed representing 15% of the total students from these cohorts, were interviewed by telephone. The interview was semi-structured and was piloted on two prescribers before being utilised in this study. Student responses to the questions shown in Table were noted down in written form and a summary table of responses was compiled.

Table 3 Students perceptions of the impact on their practice of RLO learning in pharmacology.

This researcher had had no previous involvement in the nurse prescribing course, was not known to any of the interviewees and is not an author of this paper.

Do What Works Best For You

Nursing Pharmacology – Why Get Level Up RN Flashcards? | @Level Up RN

Pharmacology doesnt have to suck. Be intentional and organized with your study time. Focus during this time close your apps, your phone, and focus. Do this for 20-25 minutes at a time, followed by a break. Repeat for a few hours, then take a long break.

Leverage resources that work for you, not your friends, your classmates, or your instructor you! That may look like listening to the MedMaster Podcast during your commute, a flashcard app while youre waiting for class to start, and the Khan Academy free YouTube vides to solidify the mechanism of action or that may look like the textbook for the mechanism of action, paper flashcards, writing things out, and quizzing yourself. Figure out your unique recipe for success and stick to it!

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How I Use My Favorite Pharmacology Resource To Study

We all know pharm is a tough class, but its something all of us nursing students have to go through! As new quarters are starting, it is always so important to look back at information from previous quarters, especially your drugs! And if you havent taken pharm yet, you should do everything you can to prepare yourself for whats to come! That being said, my favorite resource to use is the Nursing Key Topics Review: Pharmacology book! This is great for anyone who has taken pharm but needs those constant refreshers or are preparing for the NCLEX®! It covers everything from pharmacologic principals, to 19 different categories of drugs!

What Is The Best Nursing Drug Handbook

A drug handbook is a must for any nursing student and is particularly helpful for those who periodically forget some of the drugs that theyve been learning. I like using flashcards because I can grab them at a moments notice, easily discard and memorize the ones that I dont need , and use them not just for reviewing, but also for my extensive exam preparation. Free flashcards for pharmacology are also available, but they are not as easy to use or as effective when compared to the ones I have reviewed above.

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Study Strategies For Pharmacology In Nursing School

Learn drug pre-fixes & suffixes and classification of the generic drug name rather than trying to memorize individual drug names!

Most drug classes work on the same system of the body and have the same side effects. These classes tend to have similar pre-fixes and suffixes. If you try to remember similar pre-fixes and suffixes rather than individual drug names, you will be able to study the material easier. Furthermore, it helps eliminate trying to learn individual side effects and their pharmacokinetic abilities.

Lets look at an example:

Example: A set of cardiac medications known as beta blocker have a similar suffixes known as olol. Here are three beta blocker: Metoprolol , Atenolol, Propranolol.note how the all end with olol. These drugs also have same side effects such as slow heart rate, cold hands, feet, tiredness etc. and work on the body systems the same.

Another example can be applied to when you are studying antibiotics. Most antibiotics are broken down by classification such as macrolides. Macrolides include drugs ending is mycin such as Erythromycin, Azithromycin, Clarithromycin. These drugs are metabolized in the same areas as well and have similar side effects.

Make flash cards!

This is really one of the best ways to study for pharmacology. Either you can make your own flash cards by using index cards or buy some. If you choose to buy flash cards I recommend Kaplan, Lange,or Pharm Plash!*

Get a drug guide!

Spread Your Study Time Out

Level UP! Your Nursing Exams &  Careers

Dont just try to cram it all the night before thats too much to retain at once. If you know you have a med quiz in 7 days, use today to create your flashcards and your first time going over the mechanism of action. Schedule yourself for one focused hour tomorrow part of the time diving into the mechanism of action over again, take a 5-minute break, and then spend the rest of the time drilling cards.

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Websites And Blogs And Podcasts:

  • Ive gotten to know the nurse behind FreshR, Katie Kleber, personally, and she has some pretty great information about a variety of nursing topics.

  • Katie Kleber is a board-certified critical care nurse and has a Master of Science in Nursing , focusing on Nursing Education.

  • FreshRN also has a website/blog here, as well as a podcast here.

  • Transparency I am an affiliate for her video courses for nurses, meaning that I get a percentage of the cost for a new video course purchased via a link embedded into my social and such. However, I have found Katies content to be spot on and useful, even personally.

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    Pharmacology Study Guide For Nursing Students

    In nursing school, pharmacology class is challenging for most students. Pharmacology focuses on how drugs work, their effects, and how the body utilizes drugs. Most nursing students find pharmacology very tough. When they are in clinicals, they have to administer medicines to patients under the careful supervision of their instructors.

    Pharmacology is one of the most essential subjects in nursing school because nurses are the ones who dispense medicines to patients. Nurses are also the one who supervises how well the patient is tolerating certain medications.

    Without understanding how drugs work, a nurse might dose her patient with too much or too little medication, causing harm to her patient. A nurse must spend a significant amount of time in nursing school learning about hundreds of drugs. So lets talk about Pharmacology Study Guide for Nursing Students to help make mastering pharmacology a little easier.

    In this article, we are going to talk about:

    • Pharmacology Study Guide for Nursing Students
    • Common problems students have in Pharmacology in Nursing Program
    • Strategic ways and study plan on How to ace Pharmacology for Nurses

    But before, lets take a brief look at the pharmacology course.

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    Pharmacology: IBS Medications | Mnemonics

    Studying pharmacology is difficult for nursing students because they are afraid of getting things wrong. After all, it can reflect poorly on them even if they have the best intentions. However, being a bad student is never an option which makes studying pharmacology easier for everyone.

    Nursing students need to practice self-discipline and determination when taking this type of subject so that their grades wont go down because of poor study habits. As long as you know what you are studying, where to find information, or how to learn something new, everything will be okay dont ever forget that it is a lifelong process, and you will know things step by step.

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    Pharmacology Notes For Nurses

    Pharmacology is a challenging course for nursing students because it requires them to know how drugs work. During clinical, nurses need to have enough knowledge about medications to plan when giving specific doses to their patients. Nurses are required to be knowledgeable to prevent dangerous drug interactions.

    If a nurse does her patient the wrong way or has an inappropriate timing in giving medications, then that nurse will have problems with their nursing license and can even lose it if mistakes are big enough. It is crucial to learn pharmacology well so that nurses wont make any severe mistake of administering meds during clinical rotations.

    How To Ace Pharmacology: My Personal Method

    OK, now for my personal strategy. Please note Im not suggesting this is the best way, only a way that worked well for me.

    All my study is based on preparing as if I was doing the USMLE .

    Thats because they have the most succinct, clear, and high-yield study materials. With pharmacology its no exception.

    So heres what I did:

    • Bought the Sketchy Pharm series and watched most* of the videos
    • Did all the corresponding cards in the Zanki Anki deck
    • Kept up with my reviews every day
    • Practiced a ton of multiple choice questions from various sources

    In my opinion this was more than enough. It left me in a perfect place to sit the finals and I came out with an good overall grade .

    The only thing it left me possibly short-sighted on was the very minutiae-based questions that were confusing during the final exam.

    But I didnt break my back at all studying. Nor did I cram. The week running up to the final was a very relaxing one.

    I had faith in that strategy and ultimately I was right to.

    Note: In the final few months I skipped Sketchys videos and studied directly from Zanki itself. As the cards referenced the images, I learned the mnemonics that way .

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    Pharm Phlash Cards: Pharmacology Flash Cards

    Our rating: 6 / 10

    • 230 cards that contain information about the most important drugs
    • Large font and other designs make it easy to read
    • Color-coding helps to differentiate types of drugs


    • Paper cards are more flimsy than other similar products

    Unlike other listed cards, this particular type offers more information on each card. This can be an advantage or, for visuals learns, as a disadvantage, as they don’t have such a powerful impact. Great for review before your exams or when you’re in a rush and need to get a quick glimpse of a detailed description of a particular drug.

    Pharmacology Tips For Nursing Students From A Nurse

    Pharmacology Nursing Mnemonics &  Tips

    October 24, 2017 By Kati Kleber, MSN RN

    Pharmacology is challenging in nursing school, but it doesnt have to destroy your life, soul, and all that you hold dear. If you take a few steps in organizing yourself before you tackle this class, it will make it easier to learn and recall later down the line.

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    Personal Tips & Facts:

    • Most nurses never stop learning and improving their pharmacological knowledge. You will not be even close to being an expert in nursing pharmacology by the end of your pharmacology course, nursing school, or in the first few years as a practicing nurse. Pharmacology is an ongoing learning process, as are most things in nursing.

    • You will develop and hone your knowledge as you continue throughout school and practice. Learning it all in 1 semester is impossible. Your pharmacology course is meant to give you a comprehensive base understanding from which you continue to grow and develop your knowledge.

  • Learning drugs by class/category down is the optimal way to learn and maximize your pharmacology knowledge, in most cases. This means before I focus on the specifics of one drug, for example, metoprolol , I want to have a grasp of how beta-blockers work in a general sense. This understanding of commonalities amongst drug classes will enable you to identify drugs of this type, how they are used, and what specific actions and knowledge nurses need to work with these medications and keep themselves and patients safe.

  • A missing piece in many pharmacology courses in nursing education curriculums, both at the undergraduate and graduate,e is the social determinants of health on nurses use and pharmacology knowledge.

  • Review drugs, wherever possible, beforehand so that you can look them up.

  • Let me research the answer to this for you so that I can clearly explain it.

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