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Passion Letter For Nursing School Admission

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Craft Your Nursing School Resume

Applying to Nursing School | Grades | Personal Statement | Tips

Before you sit down to put your resume together, it helps to outline the qualities every great nurse possesses, such as confidence, compassion, and commitment. Then, think of all the ways you were able to apply such traits in past experiences. For example, if youve ever worked in customer service, highlight your ability to empathize with clients.

And while you dont need healthcare experience to apply to our ABSN program, it doesnt hurt to have relevant volunteer experience on your resume. We want to see any skills that would position you as a standout nursing student. If, for example, youve spent time helping to care for the homeless at a local shelter or performed community service at a neighborhood food bank, be sure to tell us about it.

Formatting your resume can also be a challenge with so much relevant information to convey, but you can stand out in the applicant pool by submitting a well-formatted document that is both aesthetically pleasing and thorough. While you will want to structure your resume to highlight all your accomplishments, organization and brevity are the keys. Try to stick to a length of one page, and triple check your resume to make sure there are no obvious spelling or formatting errors. To learn more about the way a nursing student resume is formatted and how you can structure your own, read this article and take note of the displayed template examples.

Meet The Prerequisite And Admission Requirements And Apply

Once youve decided which schools and programs could be right for you, the next step is to make sure you meet their requirements for prerequisites and admission.

Is there a GPA requirement?

Requirements vary by school and level of degree, but in most cases, you can expect to need an acceptable high school GPA or have good grades from any postsecondary education youve already completed. CNA and LPN programs might not have a minimum GPA, while many associates programs require at least a 2.5. College and universities offering bachelors and graduate degrees often require a 3.0 or higher.The more advanced the degree and prestigious the program, the better your GPA will need to be.

What are the prerequisites for nursing school?

Youll also need to verify what prerequisites your programs require. Lower-level degrees will likely need you to have completed general education courses such as English and math, as well as a few science-focused studies like anatomy, chemistry, and biology. Advanced degrees will have more specific requirements depending on your concentration. If you dont already have the necessary courses under your belt, youll need to earn those credits before you can apply.

Entrance exams

How Do I Become A Nurse

Most people become a nurse by applying to study for a degree at university.

However, there are alternative routes available, such as Nursing Degree Apprenticeships, and starting out as an Associate Nurse.

You will also need to hold the correct entry requirements to secure a place on a degree course, and will also be expected to have some level of work experience.

Take a look at our blog post for more in-depth information on how to become a nurse.

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Read The Essay Guidelines

Get essential guide for nursing school statement of purpose by ...

Depending on how many nursing schools or programs you apply to, you may need to write a few versions of your application essay, as each may have specific rules or instructions to follow. Read all directions thoroughly and make a note of any word count minimums or maximums or specific topics that you must cover. Following instructions is a great first step in writing a good application essay and personalizing each one can also convey your commitment and desire.

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The Structure Of Your Essay

Like any other type of personal statement, your nursing school statement is an academic paper and, as such, it should follow the same guidelines as any academic essay. Here are some aspects to be considered:

1. Spelling and grammar: It might feel like we are stating the obvious, but your essay should be impeccably well-written. This does not mean using elaborate and sophisticated language but ensuring that there are no typos, grammatical errors, or spelling issues of any kind. These errors take away from the quality and professionalism that you want to convey, so be sure to pay attention to potential issues. In order to minimize them, you will need to read and proofread your essay several times. Of course, the more you read it the more sense it is going to make to you, but this does not necessarily mean that everything is in order. It just means that, after you have worked on it for several hours, you will have to let it rest for a couple of days before reading it again. Another good strategy is reading it out loud or reading it to someone else. This will help you identify errors, incoherencies, or elements that detract from your narrative.

2. Length: It is up to each program to determine the word limit they require from applicants. This information is available on the programs websites and will probably be given to you as part of your application package.

Now Offering Early Admission

Do you dream of joining the nations largest health care profession? Jumpstart your future at Research College of Nursing, now offering early admission admission acceptance. You know where you are headed. Let RCoN help you along the way.

A Bachelor of Science in Nursing is a critical first step for a career in professional nursing. Applying to Research College of Nursing gets you closer to building lasting relationships with faculty, staff and peers while completing impactful hands-on learning!

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What’s Included In An Application Essay For Nursing School Admission

You often include experiences that have shaped you, personally, academically or professionally in your application essay for nursing school admission. It can be a specific instance from your past, a description of a few key life events or a look at your future goals and dreams.

Here are examples of what to include in an application essay for nursing school admission:

  • Specific examples of why the nursing industry interests you

  • Reasons you chose a nursing program or school in particular

  • Your visions and goals for a successful nursing career

  • Personal accomplishments, like exceptional test scores or achievements

  • Past medical experiences, like volunteer opportunities, internships or personal health ordeals

  • Character traits and academic interests

  • Other reasons to approve your admission

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Letter Of Recommendation For Nursing School From A Friend

Letter from Nursing School Application

The Admission Committee, Drexel university

Friday, December 17, 2021

Dear Sir/Madam,


I am writing this letter to give my highest possible recommendation for Irene White application to enroll in your University and pursue MSN in Nursing. Irene and I have known each other since October 2017 for many years as we are close friends after working for more than two years at Name of Company where I was her supervisor at the time she worked as a Certified Nurse Assistant. I can attest that she is a natural to be awarded admission. She is a brilliant lady with a lot of potential as she has achieved remarkable personal growth in all the years that I have known her.

Taking into consideration Irenes qualifications and experience over the years, she is a natural to be admitted to the program. Irene is a cautious and imaginative thinker with an eye for detail and a commitment to logic, which serves her well both in healthcare settings as well as outside healthcare settings. She possesses terrific competence to draw on her experience and observations to advance thoughtful views on different healthcare issues. She has always been aware that she wanted to advance her studies as she has persistently expressed that desire to those that are close to her.


Dear Sir/Madam,


Should you have any questions regarding this reference letter or Mr. James , please feel free to contact me through .


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Why Write A Nursing Letter Of Intent

When making the application to a nursing school, you want to do everything it takes to convince the admission board that you are a better applicant for the program.

In most cases, nursing schools create the specific guidelines for the nursing letter of intent that you must adhere to when writing it. You should follow the provided guidelines to better your admittance chances.

The admission committee in most nursing schools seeks an applicant that has a keen interest in the nursing field.

The nursing school wants to read about your long-term goals, the factors that influenced your career choice, why you are interested in the field, and your passions.

Your nursing letter of intent should also include why your application should be accepted, the skills, character traits, schooling, stories, and experiences. It also has positions that would help you to become a successful nurse as well as why you choose the nursing program, or school.

Do some research about the nursing field before you start writing the nursing letter of intent. Remember that your letter of intent should be engaging and well-structured.

The nursing letter of intent is evaluated based on the expression of ideas, clarity, as well as paragraph and sentence structure. Some of the things that you should consider when writing a nursing letter of intent include:

How To Write A Nursing Letter Of Intent For Nursing School Admission Program

Institutions follow a higher degree of professionalism and legal ethics. When you are seeking to get admission in a nursing school, you need to write a nursing letter of intent.

Ideally, the nursing letter of intent is submitted alongside the transcripts and other documents submitted while applying for admission in nursing schools.

The primary purpose of the nursing letter of intent is for you to express your interest in enrolling in nursing school. A nursing letter of intent informs the nursing school about your experiences, aspirations, and goals.

This article provides an explanation of a nursing letter of intent as well as the tips to help you write a nursing letter of intent that will impress the nursing school.

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What To Include In A Nursing School Letter Of Intent

Take the time to plan to write this letter due to its significance in your application. Like any other statement of intent, you should write a nursing school letter of intent in a formal tone. Focus on providing the most accurate information as per your nursing schools requirements, including the following sections:

Remember, as we already emphasized, every school will have its own requirements, formats, and prompts, so please make sure to follow them closely. The sections we outline above are the most common talking-points of this application component, but your chosen programs may require something different.

Take Advantage Of Admissions Assistance

Pin on EDU

When you apply to our ABSN program, we pair you up with a dedicated admissions counselor who is there to support you every step of the way. They will first get to know you as a person and ensure that you are a good fit for the program. When speaking with them, be prepared to answer why you want to become a nurse and why you might be a good fit for the program. Nursing is a demanding career that requires plenty of patient care and advocacy, so its their priority to make sure you have the right qualities to succeed as a nursing student and beyond.

Dont be shy about asking for their assistance or sharing your concerns about the application process and nursing school in general. After all, your admissions counselor is there to help keep you on track and guide you in submitting the most competitive application possible. They can help explain how previous academic experiences affect your chances of acceptance and the traits you have that will allow you to succeed in nursing. Whatever you need as an applicant, they are here to help you achieve it.

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Competition For Entry Is Stiff Use These Tips From Admissions Officers To Make Your Application Stand Out

Given the nursing shortage, it’s unfortunate that nursing schools reject many eager prospective nurses each year. In 2008, nearly 28,000 qualified applicants were turned away due to a shortage of faculty and resources, according to the American Association of Colleges of Nursing.

In Maryland, nursing schools are “bursting at the seams,” says Tracy Jamison, director of admissions at the University of Maryland School of Nursing in Baltimore. At her school, the BSN program typically receives eight to nine applications for every one it can accept.

Even with this stiff competition, applicants can learn how to stand out with these tips from nursing-school admissions officers:

High Schoolers: Performance and Passion

High school applicants need to demonstrate strong academic performance. Grade point average is more important than class rank, the significance of which varies depending on a school’s class size. Holding a leadership position in a student organization, such as student government or band, makes a positive impression.

Some nursing schools also scrutinize attendance records. Too many tardies and absences raise a red flag. “We want students dedicated to coming here prepared to study,” says Ann Schiele, PhD, RN, president and dean of Mount Carmel College of Nursing in Columbus, Ohio. “Nursing is a difficult curriculum built on the sciences.”

LPNs: Show Patient-Care Skills

Career Changers: Communication and Teamwork

Is Early Admission Right For Me

Different from other nursing schools, our students are given the flexibility to complete nursing pre-requisites at a college or university of their choice. Students meeting criteria are guaranteed entrance into Research College of Nursing to gain nursing skills and knowledge that complement premier clinical experiences.

Completing two years of pre-requisites and two years of the clinical nursing component culminates in a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. We prepare graduates for NCLEX-RN licensure where they are able to seamlessly transition into practice as a Registered Nurse.

If you are a high school student or college freshman who meets ACT and GPA requirements you are eligible to apply for early admission admission.

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What Degree Program Is Right For You

It is important to know that there are a variety of nursing degrees that can be applied for, even within a single university. Each of these offers a different career path, and potential for further education or future job promotion. Before you decide which program you want to attend, you should research the many options available within the nursing field. An example of the options that should be considered can be found at the University of Rochester website:

This may not be a comprehensive list, but it gives you an idea of the level of diversity available to you. Become familiar with the programs at each institution you apply to and ensure that they will give you the appropriate foundation to achieve your long-term goals, both in your career and in potentially continuing your education further.

Choose The Right Program For You

How To Write An Appeal Letter After Academic Dismissal

Another way to increase your chances of getting into nursing school is to ensure you choose a program that aligns with your goals. The first thing to consider is what kind of degree youll get. Bachelors degree programs are ideal for most students because a BSN gives nurses more specialty options, a higher salary, and more growth opportunities compared to an associate degree.

Next consider the quality of the program. Its important to choose a program with accreditation as well as state approval, like Northeasterns ABSN program has. This ensures youll receive a high-quality education. Next think about format and timing. Do you want a partially online program, like Northeasterns ABSN, or do you prefer a traditional classroom setting?

It matters where you go to nursing school. Learn how to choose the right nursing program.

How much time do you have? If youre looking to finish your degree sooner, narrow down to the accelerated programs. For example, Northeasterns ABSN program lasts 16 months, and you can start at three different times during the year.

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What Do Nurses Say

Discussions with successful nurses who have completed this process have revealed that, unlike personal statements for academic programs, this essay has a more personal bent. Revealing your altruism and desire to help people, as well as your motivation toward expanding your knowledge and personal growth are appropriate in these essays. You should also highlight how your increased knowledge and growth will allow you to help your patients and become a more effective practitioner. Emphasizing these things while telling an anecdotal story about volunteer work, an aid job, or other experiences will allow you the ability to express these things while demonstrating your unique skills and understanding of the field. Another point often made by individuals who have been successful in furthering their education, and therefore in writing these letters, is that it is sometimes appropriate to discuss your background disadvantages perhaps you did not achieve top grades because you also had to work full time, for example. Communicating this to reviewers demonstrates that you can persevere in times of hardship and remained committed to your education.

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