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Online Second Degree Nursing Programs

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Why Choose The Accelerated Bachelor’s Nursing Program

Online Classes in a Second Degree BSN Program
Youve envisioned a different future for yourself and so have we. Youre ready for a career where you can make a positive difference in peoples lives, where you are respected for your professional skill, knowledge and compassion, and where you can continually learn and grow. Youre ready to be a nurse.

The Accelerated Programs for Non-Nurses from the University of Rochester School of Nursing were designed for students just like you. You already have a bachelors degree, but youre ready to make a rewarding career change. In just 12 months, you can earn a fully accredited nursing degree through our Accelerated Bachelors Program for Non-Nurses and be on your way to a new and exciting health care profession.

The UR School of Nursing is one of the most respected nursing schools in the country. Our nursing programs are distinguished for their strong academics and immersive clinical experiences. Yes, youll be challenged, but we offer exceptional support every step of the way to ensure that you reach your goals.

Perhaps the greatest benefit of getting your degree from the UR School of Nursing is our close association with the University of Rochester Medical Center. Many graduates are employed with the Medical Center and most clinical experiences are right in the neighborhood. Your cohort will become your professional network, and your classmates and professors may likely become your future colleagues.

Is An Accelerated Bsn In Nursing Right For You

As with any educational commitment, deciding to pursue an accelerated BSN is not a decision to be taken lightly. To start, its a big financial investment and theres also the fact that for the next 11-18 months, your life will revolve around the program on a full-time basis. That being said, here are some of the pros of choosing this type of program:

  • Although its possible to work as an RN without a BSN, many employers will indicate that a BSN is preferred. In other words, gaining access to more exclusive opportunities will likely require a Bachelors degree. The same goes for promotions and advancement opportunities.
  • Youll be ready to move forward should you decide to pursue Advanced Practice Nurse specializations, such as a Nurse Practitioner , Certified Nurse Anesthetist , or Nurse Midwife .
  • While your starting salary as an RN will likely be the same whether or not you have a BSN , there is more potential for higher earnings for those with strong educational credentials.

On the flipside, an associate degree in nursing is usually a less expensive option that can still get you into the profession in two years. This option may be more realistic for those who cant commit to the stringent, full-time student schedule that being an accelerated BSN student demands or if your goal is to strictly work as a bedside nurse. And many ADN RN-to-BSN programs are designed for working nurses and can be completed completely online.

Accelerated Bachelor Of Science In Nursing

The online Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree program at Wilkes University’s Passan School of Nursing is uniquely designed for those who currently hold a bachelor’s degree in a non-nursing field. Qualified students who have the necessary prerequisites and want to transition to a worthwhile and meaningful new career in nursing can earn their BSN in one year.

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California State University Long Beach

CSULB School of Nursing is a 322-acre campus with plenty of activities to participate in outside the classroom. The average class size is 25 students. A GPA of 2.7 must be maintained to graduate.

  • NCLEX-RN Pass Rate 100%
  • Accreditations CCNE, California Board of Registered Nurses, American Association of Colleges
  • Program length 16 months

Previous Penn State Students And Fall Penn State Graduates

3 Ways to Make Money as a Second

If you previously attended Penn State as an undergraduate student, you must:

1. Submit an Undergraduate Re-enrollment Form to the Registrars office at the campus to which are you applying. Re-enrollment forms will be accepted from August 1 December 1.

2. Submit the Second Degree Nursing Program Application between August 1 and December 1.

3. Send official transcripts for any non-Penn State course work that was not previously submitted to Undergraduate Admissions.

4. If you are taking classes in the upcoming spring semester, email a copy of your spring schedule to the Nursing contact at your preferred location no later than the third week of December.

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Applying To An Online Second Degree Bsn Program

Online second degree nursing programs mandate many of the same admission requirements as traditional on-campus programs.

All applicants should possess a bachelor’s degree. Although schools do not specify which undergraduate majors are allowed to apply, they often require applicants to have taken certain general education courses in topics like biology or anatomy. Programs also typically set a minimum undergraduate GPA requirement ranging from 3.0-3.5, although some schools may consider applicants with lower GPAs.

Other admission requirements often include recommendation letters, personal essays, and a virtual interview with faculty members. Prospective students don’t usually need to submit standardized test scores but requirements may differ depending on the school.

The Bsn: Not Just Another Bachelors

Your second bachelors will be quicker than the first one, and its not just because of the learning curve. Chances are that most of your first two years were spent in general studies . Expect to get credit for this work.

A lot of nursing schools have tracks specifically for second degree nursing students your whole cohort may be professionals seeking a second career! Its likely that the total program length will be about 60 semester hours. You can go at a traditional pace and finish a program within two years. There are also intensive or accelerated options that subtract out most breaks and get you through in about 15 or 16 months. There are even some programs that can be completed in a calendar year.

Prerequisites may add to program length. They vary by program, but anatomy and physiology, chemistry, statistics, nutrition, and microbiology are common requirements. The school may get you through these at an accelerated rate as well. Be aware that programs may carry a per-credit tuition rate well into the hundreds.

A GPA of 3.0 or higher may be required however, students are sometimes admitted with less. Professional references and personal statement will be a part of the package. There will likely also be an interview.

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Careers: Second Degree Accelerated Program: Bsn For Bachelors Degree Holders

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistcs, the need for registered nurses is expected to grow by 12% from 2018 to 2028. With the rise of nationwide shortages, the enhanced role of nurses in the future of medicine, including growth in nurses providing primary care and in non-clinical roles like hospital administration, play into a job market thats trending in your favor.

When you graduate from the accelerated nursing program at Ursuline, you will have the clinical experience to function as a decision maker and caregiver within and across Ohio’s health care systems. Nurses today work autonomously in a variety of acute care hospitals, long-term care facilities, and community-based agencies. As a nurse, you might choose to pursue a career as a nurse practitioner, a nurse educator, administrator, clinical specialist, or consultant.

Nursing also offers professional, personal, and economic rewards, with flexible opportunities for hours and career patterns. Earning potential in the field of nursing is excellent, as most of our BSN graduates begin their careers earning nearly $60,000 annually with opportunities for growth.

How Do I Complete Clinicals Practicums And Internships During Online Nursing School

BSN-Accelerated Second Degree

Clinicals, preceptorships, or internships are required for all nursing degrees with the exception of the RN to BSN degree. However, this bridge degree often requires full-time employment as an RN. For these roles, the state requires an exam for licensure, and to be eligible to sit for the exam, clinical hours are required. The requirement varies by state.

For online programs, either the student will be required to find a willing healthcare provider to act as a preceptor, the school will arrange them in the student’s local area, or the student must travel to another area to complete the required hours. The school may have resources to help locate a preceptor and tips on the best ways to approach them.

Clinical hours are not required for RN to BSN courses, but many schools do require the student to work full or part-time as a registered nurse throughout the program.

Check out what we have to say regarding clinical hours during RN school.

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Our Accelerated Nursing Students

“The fact that we all bring different things to the table, in a program like this, that just really sold me on it.”
Willow Olivares, on the Accelerated Nursing Experience

Learn among a close-knit cohort of second-degree nursing students with diverse backgrounds and talents from all over the U.S. and the world. About 25 percent of graduating students are male, with students coming to the school from as far away as Oregon, Ethiopia and the Philippines. Many grads already hold advanced degrees, and some had established successful careers in other fields, including public health, the arts, and the military.

In your cohort, conduct clinical rotations in med-surg, obstetrics, pediatrics and psychiatry at the University of Rochester Medical Center, a four-time Magnet-designated hospital, and learn from supportive faculty who provide innovative learning experiences.

Prepare to pass the NCLEX-RN by honing your critical thinking and clinical judgment skills in an inclusive environment with like-minded peers who value equality of opportunity, diversity, inclusivity, and honest, respectful examination of ideas. Learn more:

Rn Requirement For Accelerated Bsn Online

Online nursing programs impose strict admission requirements. Most accredited online BSN programs require a valid RN license in the state where the applicant lives before admission. And, in most cases, online programs are open only to applicants who have completed at least an and hold a valid state RN license.

What you would like to know is if there are any accelerated online BSN degree programs that admit students who do not yet hold RN designations.

That question is complicated. Below are some of the career factors you will need to consider:

  • Why is the RN required?
  • Nursing education includes two components: theory learning and hands-on work in a hospital setting. The latter is referred to as clinical training.
  • If you already hold an RN license, colleges assume you have completed both the required foundation lab courses, such as chemistry, and the required clinical hours.
  • A local supervised clinical setting is required for all online degrees in nursing. Most RNs are already employed in a local healthcare facility. This means they can complete advanced courses online while continuing to work. Their work setting becomes the supervised clinical setting for the online BSN degree.
  • You can use online education to make a nursing career change. But first you will need to spend a few months to a year completing clinical experience and foundational science courses in a residential or campus setting.

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Accelerated Second Degree Bsn Programs Online

Nursing Degree GuideConsider one of the following online programs currently taking applications now:

Accelerated BSN programs are designed for people who already have a bachelor’s degree in another discipline and want to change careers. According to the American Association of Colleges of Nursing , the number of accelerated BSN programs is on the rise. In 1990, there were only 31 programs nationwide. Today there are over 200.

We have 217 Accelerated BSN Programs in our database.

Penn State Spring Graduates

second degree nursing programs #neonatalnursing

If you are a Penn State student who will graduate in the spring term before you wish to start the Second Degree program, you must:

  • Submit the Undergraduate Re-enrollment Form to the Registrars office at the campus to which are you applying. Re-enrollment forms will be accepted from August 1 December 1.
  • Submit the Second Degree Nursing Program Application between August 1 and December 1.
  • Send official transcripts for any non-Penn State course work that was not previously submitted to Undergraduate Admissions.
  • If you are taking classes in the upcoming spring semester, email a copy of your spring schedule to the Nursing contact at your preferred location no later than the third week of December.
  • File your Intent to Graduate on LionPATH as soon as you may do so.
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    Online Accelerated Nursing Program Coursework

    The University of St. Thomas Houston Second Degree Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing program online takes a hybrid approach to delivering students a quality nursing education. That starts with the coursework students complete online and continues with hands-on labs and clinical rotations in the Houston metropolitan area.

    The great thing about online accelerated nursing program coursework is that it gives students some latitude over where and when they learn key nursing theory concepts. With this approach, students can attend class when it works best for them.

    While this does offer a certain level of convenience and flexibility, its important to understand that youll be completing coursework in real-time with other students in your cohort and will be held accountable for meeting instructors deadlines and sitting for in-person proctored exams at our ABSN program site in Houston.

    Its also important to understand that just because part of our accelerated BSN program is online doesnt make it any less rigorous than what youd experience in an on-campus program. You can expect to graduate from our program in 12 months just as ready to enter the profession as you would be had you enrolled in a traditional ground program.

    Innovative And Specialized Faculty

    Students have access to innovative Patient Simulation and Standardized Patient Centers. Faculty have the highest qualifications and conduct research in their areas of specialization.

    Upon program completion, students earn a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree and are eligible to take the National Council Licensure Examination for registered nursing licensure.

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    Explore The Best Online Second Degree Bsn Programs And School Info

    Marian offers online accelerated second-degree BSN programs through both its campus in Indianapolis and its campus in Nashville. Although theory classes take place online, students must live in the areas surrounding the schools they choose. The university partners with local medical facilities for in-person components and does not allow learners to take these requirements elsewhere.

    Full-time students can complete the program in just 16 months. This structured program includes four semesters of 16-weeks. Each semester contains online courses and in-person components, such as labs and clinical hours. The online classes offer asynchronous learning and cover subjects like pathophysiology, health assessments, statistical methods, and research informatics. During skills labs, degree candidates run simulations of patient scenarios. Clinical rotations give students first-hand experience with patients and the chance to learn from practicing registered nurses.

    Applicants should hold non-nursing bachelors degrees from regionally accredited institutions and complete prerequisite courses, including abnormal psychology and human anatomy.

    UTA offers a 15-month BSN program for students with at least 70 credit hours, including prerequisites. Like many online second-degree BSN programs, UTA requires learners to live in the surrounding area. Students complete in-person components throughout the Dallas-Ft. Worth region, but they can choose the areas inside the metroplex they prefer.

    How Do I Know If An Accelerated Online Texas Bsn Program Is Of High Quality

    Online Nursing Degree

    Proper accreditation and state approval are the best indicators of a solid, high-quality online BSN program in Texas. Interested students should first make sure that the school administering the program maintains accreditation from an agency recognized by the U.S. Department of Education or the Council for Higher Education Accreditation. Well-regarded nursing programs in Texas typically hold programmatic accreditation from the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing or the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education . Verify that your program is approved by the Texas State Board of Nursing . The board is responsible for nurse licensure in the state. The BON publishes a list of formal education requirements and a directory of approved programs.

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    The Desire For A New Career Path As A Nurse

    For individuals that are not satisfied with the degree they hold, these feelings of ambition and accomplishment can be replaced by feelings of regret or failure. Since the medical field is such a popular source of employment for individuals, more and more people are feeling the urge to gear their future towards the field of nursing. This field is famous for its huge opportunity.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Nursing

    Yes. Many of the best nursing schools offer fully online degrees. Students complete coursework through a distance learning platform. They fulfill clinical requirements locally.

    RNs need a two-year or four-year degree to meet the educational requirements to become an RN.

    Nurse practitioners are the most in demand. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects jobs for these nurses to grow 45% between 2020 and 2030, which is much faster than average.

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    Career Opportunities For Second Degree Bsn

    After completing the second degree BSN nursing program, you will be eligible to take the State Board Examination in Nursing and be prepared to practice as a generalist in a variety of health care settings. Second degree BSN graduates are prepared to practice as generalists in a variety of health care settings, in entry-level nursing positions and nurse residency programs.

    The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts jobs for registered nurses will grow 7% from 2019 to 2029 due to an increased emphasis on preventive care increasing rates of chronic conditions, such as diabetes and obesity and demand for health care services from baby boomers.

    How Many Of My Current Bachelors Degree Credits Can Be Transferred To My New York City Accelerated Nursing Program

    Best Online Second Degree BSN Programs

    Most, if not all, of your credits will transfer to these programs, depending on the schools individual policy. Virtually all accelerated NYC nursing programs require an accredited bachelors degree. For example, the program at SUNY Downstate calls for at least 65 credits. In most cases, your study will involve 50-60 credits of intensive nursing classes and clinical rotations. Prerequisites and remaining credits can be applied via transfer. These programs usually treat incoming students as transfer applicants. Individual schools follow different policies and procedures, so its best to check with program administrators well in advance for the most up-to-date information.

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