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Online Nursing Programs West Virginia

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Online Certificates In Nursing

Emily Barnes, Online DNP Graduate, West Virginia University

programs could be available in many nurse practitioner specialty areas. Certificates are designed for nurses at different stages in their career who want to gain additional skill sets or refine their expertise in a certain area. Post-masters certificates are often considered stand-alone credentials which could help APRNs pursue extra licensure. Or, transition into an area other than the one they earned an MSN degree in. Post-bachelors certificates could be add-ons to a DNP degree. Either way, online certificates in nursing usually zero in on one content area and target it in a few courses.

Land A Rock Solid Nursing Job In West Virginia

Over 40 hospitals* in West Virginia employ a large number of licensed nurses. Jobs are usually quite plentiful in hospitals and medical centers. However, when you shop for a job a few factors can figure into the salary you’ll earn, including location, your education, level of experience and area of specialization. There are many other types of places to work outside of hospitals. Explore nursing jobs at long term and assisted care facilities, corrections facilities, doctors offices, in school systems and large businesses and companies. Non-patient work environments include insurance and pharmaceutical companies, in research, in healthcare administration, and in legal offices.

Fact is that nursing in West Virginia offers you a good way to stay right at home, living and working in your home state. The industry offers some of the most stable and in-demand jobs around and your salary is secure even in the face of economic yo-yo-ing.

For information on state licensure requirements visit the West Virginia RN Board.

Find Graduate Online Nursing Certificate Programs

Start searching for online nursing schools to earn your graduate certificate. Already know what you want to study? Then select your concentration from the menu above. Then read more about those programs, or review the sponsored program listings. Click on a program name to learn more about it or get in touch. Then you could schedule a phone or skype interviewor a visit if the school maintains a physical campusor start applying!

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West Virginia Needs Nurses

There are many ways to give back to your community and help others, but theres nothing quite like becoming a registered nurse.

Thats one reason why West Virginia Junior College is proud to announce the approval of the Bridgeport campus to start a Nursing program. West Virginia Junior College also has nursing programs at our Morgantown and Charleston campuses.

Earning an associate degree in nursing can allow you to work as a travel nurse, school nurse, or psychiatric nurse, provided you pass the National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses .

Before becoming a nurse, you need to receive well-rounded, specialized nursing education to help prepare you for the variety of patient challenges and medical situations you may encounter throughout your career.

As an ADN student I would highly recommend this school to anyone looking for a career in nursing! If you want the proper guidance into the medical field, this is the place to go!

Kayla Palmer, WVJC Student

The instructors were helpful and they genuinely cared about your education and provided the help you would need in any situation. They definitely go above and beyond!

Shaela Duley, WVJC Graduate

Wvu Nursing Programs Target Addiction Treatment

WVU School of Nursing to offer in

West Virginia University has two new online nursing programs that target Substance Abuse Disorder .

The Addiction Nursing Care courses were developed by Advanced Practice Registered Nurses within the WVU School of Nursing.

The courses are Office-Based Medication Assisted Treatment and Nursing Competencies in Addiction Care. Both emphasize a non-judgmental, empathetic and compassionate approach to their patients recovery, according to the course description.

Course facilitator, Dr. Susan McKenrick, leads one of two Comprehensive Opioid Addiction Treatment clinics at Milan Puskar Health Right.

No matter what venue a nurse is working in, she is going to encounter persons with substance abuse disorder , ” McKenrick said. They really need to be able to care for them not only in an educated way, but in a thoughtful way.

McKenrick said the courses are a direct response to the prevalence of substance abuse in West Virginia.

Particularly in the southern part of the state, the opioid epidemic – it really is at crisis level.

While the triggers that lead a person down the road to addiction are countless, McKenrick cited depression, anxiety and other mental health illnesses as top reasons many people choose self-medication to numb their pain.

To be able to watch them make those major milestones, and get to the point where theyve accomplished three months, then six months, and get to a year of being sober, she said. Its just amazing.

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Nursing Rankings By Degree Level

Since the program you select can have a significant impact on your future, we’ve developed a number of rankings, including this Best Nursing Schools in West Virginia list, to help you choose the best school for you.If you’d like to restrict your choices to just one part of the country, you can filter this list .

In addition to our rankings, you can take two colleges and compare them based on the criteria that matters most to you in our unique tool, College Combat.Test it out when you get a chance! You may also want to bookmark the link and share it with others who are trying to make the college decision.

If you want to learn more about how we derive our rankings, see College Factual’s Methodology.

Why Consider Online Nursing Graduate Programs

For current nurses and busy professionals, online nursing graduate programs in West Virginia could provide the opportunity to earn advanced credentials while continuing to work. Advanced practice registered nurses , including nurse practitioners, nurse midwives and nurse anesthetists, require graduate education to practice. Graduate-level online nursing programs could help nurses prepare to enter or progress in these fields, as well as take on managerial roles, go into academia, conduct research, or work in inter-professional teams.

There is no uniform structure for online nursing graduate programs, but in many cases the instructive courses might be completed online, with any practicum components completed in person at an approved site.

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How To Get An Advanced Practice Nurse License In West Virginia

An advanced practice nurse is a registered nurse who has acquired advanced clinical knowledge and skills by completing a graduate-level education program from an accredited program approved by the West Virginia Nursing Board. APRNs provide a wide range of preventive and acute health care services, including taking health histories, diagnosing and treating, prescribing medications and performing physical examinations.

Individuals may also obtain limited prescriptive authority by completing additional requirements specific to pharmacology training such as completing an advanced pharmacology graduate course with 45 pharmacology contact hours and completion of 15 advanced pharmacology contact hours within 2 years prior to the initial application.

The final steps to receiving a West Virginia advanced practice nurse license include completing a licensure application, submitting fingerprints for a criminal background check, and sending other information to the Board. Specific information can be found on the Board’s website.

All APRN licenses and prescriptive privileges expire June 30 of every odd year. Individuals must have an active RN license to renew their APRN license. If their RN license has lapsed, then their APRN license becomes inactive. APRNs must complete 12 hours of pharmacotherapeutics and 12 hours of clinical management practice each license renewal period. They must provide evidence of continuing education as well as current certification in their specialty.

What Are Types Of Online Nursing Administration Degree Programs

WVJC – The Big Picture

Online Nursing Administration Degrees are available as the following:

Online Masters of Science in Nursing Administration programs are often designed for nurses seeking to advance from RN or BSN to administrative positions.

Online Graduate Certificates in Nursing Administration, such as online Post-Masters Certificate: Nursing Administration may be a good way for nurses to boost their present credentials and develop expertise in a particular area.

Online Doctorate Programs in Nursing Administration are essentially research-focused programs where students gain an understanding of nursing economics, health care policy analysis, and patient care delivery systems.

  • Nursing administration

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Online Nursing Certificate Curriculum

The coursework in a certificate reflects the content area. For instance, students who pursue a post-masters nurse practitioner certificate are presumed to have taken the core MSN courses. As a result, the certificate could entail about 18 credits of focused content. Students might take courses in advanced pharmacology, pathophysiology, assessment and specialty clinical courses. Contact schools for a full course list.

End Of Program Student Learning Outcomes

The end of program student learning outcomes are the critical outcomes that the program targets that all nursing students achieve upon graduation. These outcomes are taught and assessed throughout the two-year program. All course learning outcomes are aligned to the end of program student learning outcomes.

  • EPSLO 1: Use the nursing process to provide patient-centered care to patients throughout the lifespan.
  • EPSLO 2: Advocate for patients in ways to promote health and wellness and ongoing growth.
  • EPSLO 3: Apply evidence-based practice in providing patient-centered care.
  • EPSLO 4: Use information and technology to communicate, document care, minimize error and support decision making.
  • EPSLO 5: Communicate professionally with patients, family members and members of the health care team.
  • EPSLO 6: Demonstrate responsibility and accountability for professional nursing.

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Admissions And Financial Aid

At WVJC, we have a variety of college degree and diploma programs that can give you the skills and hands-on training desired by employers. Our experienced instructors in Morgantown, Bridgeport, Charleston, and those who facilitate our online course offerings, will provide the knowledge and career-readiness youll need to excel in your chosen field.

WVJC offers fast track career training in a setting that works with your busy life. We understand the challenges that life can throw your way, which is why WVJC offers instruction at three campuses across West Virginia, as well as online degree programs for students in West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and surrounding states.

Whether you choose to pursue your career in-person or online, we believe in the importance of promoting hands-on training, individualized instruction and career-readiness for our students. If youre a recent high school graduate or someone looking to receive training to help you advance or change your career, our student-focused courses can help you succeed. Choose WVJC if youre considering career training and technical schools in West Virginia or a surrounding state!

Now is the right time to change your life for yourself and those that depend on you. Discover how WVJC supports you during the transition to becoming a college student by visiting our admissions and financial aid information page.

Wvjcs Nursing Program Is Direct Admission

25 Best Online Nursing Programs

Once you decide to earn an associate degree in nursing, its time to find the right nursing program and school to fit your needs.

West Virginia Junior College provides a structured Nursing program that will teach you the necessary information and skills to help you in your future career. West Virginia Junior Colleges Morgantown campus associate degree in nursing program was ranked the second best nursing program in the state by registerednursing.org in their 2019 List of the Best Nursing Schools in West Virginia.

Our Nursing program is a direct admission program, which means you wont waste time and money taking classes only to find out later that you are not accepted into the program.

With our program, you can earn your Nursing degree in just 18-19 months*, allowing you to take your licensing exam and enter the workforce sooner. This also means that we dont add unnecessary courses to your nursing training. Instead, the courses youll take relate to your future career.

*Length of program is dependent on start date.

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Discover Our Direct Admission Program

The WVJC Online Nursing program is a direct admission program. This means, once accepted, youre guaranteed a seat in the nursing training program and will not need to complete years of pre-nursing general classes.

It is well known that the healthcare industry is experiencing a critical shortage of qualified and caring nurses who can competently provide quality healthcare, meeting the needs of patients. This chronic deficiency of skilled nurses is especially a reality in rural areas of a state like West Virginia.

WVJC Onlines direct admission Nursing program precludes students from enduring the wait and stress of taking unnecessary and unrelated classes while waiting to be accepted into the Nursing program.

The accelerated, hybrid Nursing online classes and clinical practice, combined with the direct admission acceptance policy, allows WVJC Online nursing students to earn their Associate Degree in Nursing while preparing for the National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses . *

*Passing the NCLEX RN exam is required to become a Registered Nurse.

It has been a great experience going back to school with WVJC! The instructors have been very encouraging, supportive, and helpful. The online program has been the best experience for myself.

Courtney Wilson, WVJC Student

Schedule For Consideration Into The Adn Program

  • Fall Semester | the 4th Wednesday in May
  • Spring Semester | the 4th Wednesday in August
  • Summer Semester | the 4th Wednesday in January

Note: Only applications received by the published deadline will be guaranteed a review. However, if seats remain in a cohort after the application deadline, additional applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis until all seats are filled

To be considered for admission, a transfer nursing student must submit the following requirements:

  • Confirmation of your acceptance as a student to UC*
  • A copy of all of your previous college/university transcripts*
  • A copy of your high school diploma, GED or TASC*
  • Transfer equivalency from the UC Admissions Office with verification of a 2.0 cumulative transfer grade point average
  • A copy of your score on the Nursing Entrance Exam , applicants must achieve a minimum TEAS score of a 60% or higher
  • Visit our general transfer admission requirements page to learn more.

*Must complete UC general admission requirements with UC Admissions Office before submission of this application.

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Online Nursing Certificate Programs Vs Nursing Certification Programs: Whats The Difference

An online graduate certificate in nursing is an academic credential, earned via successful completion of a specified curriculum. A certification program is a little different. A nursing certification is a professional credential, generally earned through a combination of experience and passing a standardized credential exam. Often, these certifications are specialized, and are designed to demonstrate expertise in a particular work area or type of nursing.

In some cases, employers may express preference for or even require professional certifications. Also bear in mind that professional certification is still different from licensure, which is generally administered by the state and a primary requirement to work as a nurse in any capacity.

While many graduate online nursing certificate programs may support students in preparing for credential exams, theyre not directly related, and the requirements, standards and content may vary. As such, if youre interested in doing both, it may be a good idea to compare the certification requirements and exam content with the curriculum of your selected online certificate programs. Reach out to the online program for more information.

West Liberty University Accelerated Nursing Program:

Defining the Future – Advanced Practice Nursing at the WVU School of Nursing

Address: 208 University Drive West Liberty, WV 26074

Telephone: 304.336.5000

Website: Visit Here

The next on school our list of institutions offering accelerated nursing programs in West Virginia is West Liberty University. West Liberty University , also known as Hilltoppers, is a public university located in West Liberty, West Virginia.

Named after the town in which it is located, West Liberty University is known to be the oldest higher institution in West Virginia. The institution offers more than 70 undergraduate majors plus graduate programs, including a masters degree in education and an online MBA.

West Liberty University also has an accelerated BSN program for those with bachelor degrees who want to become nurses. This program is for graduates who have met prerequisite courses and want to study intensively with zero breaks.

The program requirements include a baccalaureate degree from an accredited college or university, with an overall grade point average of at least a 3.0 on a 4 point system.Completion of the following prerequisite courses: General Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Chemistry, Anatomy and Physiology I and II, Microbiology, and Statistics.

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Salary And Job Outlook For Nurses In West Virginia

The average RN salary in West Virginia is $65,130, lower than the national median of $75,330. At $105,220, the average nurse practitioner salary is lower than the national median of $117,670. However, the cost-of-living index in West Virginia is 90.5, below the national index of 100.

Between 2018 and 2028, the BLS projects 14.9% growth for RNs, compared to 12.1% nationally. Job growth for NPs in West Virginia could be slower than the national average at 24.8% compared to 28.2% nationally.

How To Get Certified Nurse Aide Certification In Virginia

The Virginia Board of Nursing uses the National Nurse Aide Assessment Program to qualify its certified nurse aides. This is an examination developed by the company Pearson VUE, and candidates applying for a Virginia CNA license must sit for this exam before their application will be considered by the board. Both the registration for this industry-standard exam and the application can be completed on Pearson VUE’s website. CNA candidates can expect to pay anywhere from $45 to $120 to apply, depending on the version of the NNAAP they take. There are approximately two dozen testing locations in Virginia where students can sit for the NNAAP test.

Certification can also be obtained by certified nurse aides who qualify by endorsement. This is appropriate for CNAs who have already passed the Nurse Aide exam and who have been certified in another state. For these candidates, the application process can be completed entirely online by visiting the Virginia Board of Nursing website. Candidates attempting to obtain an Advanced Nurse Aide certification by endorsement should also follow the same procedure.

A Virginia CNA certification is valid for two years. Renewal can be completed on the board’s website, and applicants will be required to pay a $30 fee. The renewal process is generally accessible 45 days prior to certification expiration.

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