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Online Nursing Programs For Military

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University Of Arizona Tucson Arizona

TAMUCC eLine Military (ELM) Program

Located in the beautiful southwestern USA, the University of Arizona takes the # 7 spot for military friendly nursing programs.

The University of Arizonaone of the countrys most respected research institutionsis a leader in health-sciences education and scholarship. The College of Nursing is ranked among the top 15 percent of graduate nursing programs in the United States.

As one of 21 colleges at the UA, and one of five colleges comprising the UA Health Sciences, the College of Nursing offers a wealth of educational resources. In addition, Banner University Medical Center Tucson provides exceptional clinical and research opportunities.

Source: University of Arizona

Does The Program Make Me Eligible To Sit For Specialty Certification In Community And Public Health Roles

Students enrolled in the RN-BSN Program at GCU receive exposure to community and public health content in their Concepts in Community and Public Health course and have an opportunity to apply their learning by way of a community teaching project however, the program does not prepare graduates for specialty certification in community or public health which is regulated by individual state boards of nursing. Students are encouraged to contact their individual boards of nursing to obtain specific information regarding additional content and clinical requirements to obtain community/public health certification in their state.

Corpsman/medic To Nurse Programs

With the nursing shortage expected to reach over 260,000 by the year 2025, tapping into the resources of the military’s medical corps seems a wise decision. The nursing program at Florida International University is partnering with the U.S. Health Resources and Services Administration to circumvent barriers to recruit, retain, and graduate transitioning veteran medics and corpsman to BSN nurses. The Veteran’s Bachelor of Science in Nursing program offers scholarships and allows the veteran to complete a BSN within a year.


Many schools, such as Texas A& M, offer military veterans with medical experience college credit to be used towards a degree in nursing. Another option is the Military Medic or Corpsman to ADN Transition Program at Montgomery College. A 13-week intensive course that allows the medic or corpsman to finish the ADN after two additional semesters. Prerequisites of biology, math, English and

Veteran corpsman and medics bring a sense of team and professionalism to the field of nursing. By capitalizing on prior education, experience and skills of military clinical personnel, projected nursing shortages can be diminished significantly. And when adding the benefit of providing skills and employment for veterans, the combination is a win-win.

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Requirements For Advanced Placement

Military Requirement

  • Honorable discharge from any of the United States Armed Services
  • At least one year experience working as a medical service technician in the US Armed Forces within the last two years.

AS Degree in Nursing Pre-requisites

Complete the Chabot College equivalent for each the following courses prior to admission into the nursing program.

  • Science courses: Anatomy 1, Physiology 1, Microbiology 1
  • Each must include a lab and must be 4-5 semester units.
  • Completion of one term of Anatomy/Physiology combined course WILL NOT satisfy this requirement.
  • You can earn only one C in combination of the three science courses.
  • A minimum 2.5 GPA is required.
  • There is a seven year recency on the science coursework. Incoming transition class
  • Fall 2022 courses must be taken AFTER August 1, 2015
  • Fall 2023 courses must be taken AFTER August 1, 2016
  • Fall 2024 courses must be taken AFTER August 1, 2017

Chabot College does not have a recency requirement. Comparable course from U.S. Regionally Accredited Colleges/Universities are accepted. Check the Equivalency Chart

Please meet with a counselor to review your transcripts for general education classes required for your nursing degree.

  • Fixed Courses: English 1A, Sociology 1, Psychology 1 and Communications 1 or 10
  • And other general education requirements


Passed ATI TEAS Test at adjusted individual score of 62% or higher.

  • An unofficial copy must be submitted with your application.
  • LVN-RN Transition Course 1.5 Units


    Discover The Nursing Programs For Military And Veterans At Norwich University


    Anchored in our legacy of military education and driven by our mission to provide the highest quality nursing education to our students at the BSN and MSN levels, our nursing programs are welcoming and equipped for veteran and active duty military students. To learn more about our culture of military education, visit our Military Students section. To learn more about our nursing degrees, visit the Online RN to BSN page, MSN program page, or request information today.

    Founded in 1819, Norwich University serves students with varied work schedules and lifestyles. Discover our online degree programs, certificates and professional development offerings via our virtual learning platform. Connect with Norwichs exceptional faculty and students from across the country and around the world.


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    What Are The Benefits Of An Online Rn To Bsn Program

    For current ADNs in active duty, reserves or National Guard, earning a BSN provides a great deal of advancement opportunities. Pursuing an RN to BSN online allows military personnel to continue with studies even if they are deployed or transferred. The coursework is 100 percent online with any clinical practice requirements being completed on the job or in the student’s local community. Nurses with a BSN have the tools they need to practice in a broad array of healthcare settings, including critical care, mental health and public health. With a BSN, a nurse in the military has greater opportunity for advancement in the ranks as an officer. The Army, Navy and Air Force require nurses to complete officer training as part of the nursing corps admissions.

    Ramapo College Of New Jersey Mahwah New Jersey

    Earning our # 18 spot is Ramapo College of New Jersey.

    The highly-acclaimed and expanding nursing programs enjoy state-of-the-art labs that enhance the education of Ramapo College students in the nursing and sciences. Ramapos undergraduate nursing program has had significant increases in enrollment since its inception in 1993, a Master of Science in Nursing Education was added in 2002 and two new tracks in Nurse Administration and Family Nurse Practitioner were approved in 2016. More than 460 students are enrolled in all nursing programs and use the facilities of the Adler Center for Nursing Excellence on a daily basis.

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    What You Will Do

  • Improve performance in the professional nursing role by developing leadership, management, sound clinical judgment and communication skills to improve the health of individuals, families, and communities
  • Use interprofessional communication and collaborative skillswith patients, families, and members of healthcare teams to achieve effective and efficient coordination of care
  • Utilize evidence-based clinical practice guidelines and leadership principles to promote a culture of safety and achieve outcomes that are grounded in institutional values and professional ethics
  • Apply informatics and healthcare technologies to access critical information, to collaborate with other professionals, and to facilitate optimal patient-centered care
  • Apply scientific principles and the nursing process to evaluate responses to therapies and changes in patient health status
  • Integrate knowledge of human and organizational behavior to lead teams and promote cultures of safety
  • Analyze the impact of financial, regulatory, and political decisions on local, national and global health outcomes
  • Synthesize knowledge of ethical, socioeconomic, and cultural factors to decrease health disparities, to advocate for vulnerable populations, and to provide culturally relevant healthcare to individuals, groups, and communities
  • Employ a spirit of inquiry to embrace the value of lifelong learning and participate in professional activities that promote and shape the future of nursing
  • Nursing Careers: Military Nurse

    Army ROTC Nurse Training | GOARMY

    Those who pursue a career in nursing are answering a higher calling. Theyre drawn to a profession that plays a critical role in caring for others, shapes patients’ health and wellness and makes a meaningful impact in the healthcare field. This selflessness is present in nearly all nurses, whether they work in the ER, ICU, oncology or any department they choose to pursue.

    This sense of duty is especially pronounced among those who combine their passion for healthcare with their dedication to serving their country. Joining the military as a nurse provides a unique opportunity for nurses to be at the frontlines of research, take advantage of greater career opportunities and enjoy greater autonomy than can normally be found in the private sector.

    Making the decision to pursue nursing careers in the military isnt one that should be made lightly. Its important to understand the difference between private and public sector nurses and what impact becoming a military nurse can have on ones career. Lets take a closer look at exactly what military nurses do and the education the role requires.

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    What Is The Vbsn

    Bachelor of Science in Nursing

    Davenport Universitys Veterans Bachelor of Science Nursing academic pathway is designed to help service members with military medical experience. This academic pathway into the BSN-Pre Licensure program will fast-track many military personnel by granting advanced standing of 40+ credits toward your BSN for transcripted military training or credit by exam. Only honorably discharged service members are welcomed into this highly competitive academic pathway if they can maintain the highest standards of excellence that are outlined in the VBSN Student Contract.

    How Will The Program Help Me Move From Military Health Care To Civilian Health Care

    VAP Students will take a Transition to Civilian Nursing course that will assist them in understanding differences in military protocol, chain of command, delivery of care and job descriptions. Two nursing instructors who are veterans will teach the course. Special advisors will assist students in the transition.

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    Chabot College Policy Guidelines For Military Personnel Into Advanced Nursing Program

    Please note that the Registered Nursing Program is severely impacted and returning Chabot College Nurse students have first priority for placement. It is wise to apply to several nursing program.

    Individuals who have held health care occupations while serving on active military duty in the Armed Forces of the United States and discharged under honorable conditions may be admitted to the Registered Nursing Program on a space-available basis following completion of all required courses and other requirements listed below.

    Basic Medical Healthcare Technicians are not eligible for advance standing placement, but must start at the beginning of our program. As a veteran, five points will be credited to the merit based criteria as part of the admission process to the generic nursing program.

    Applicants who may be eligible for advanced placement are those individual who have satisfactorily completed, within the last two years education and experience in the following:

  • Army HealthCare Specialty ,
  • Air Force Independent Duty Medical Technician,
  • USAF Basic medical Service Technician or Army Medical Specialist with an active California Licensed Vocational Nurse either through challenge or successful completion of an LVN program,
  • Navy Independent Duty Corpsman.
  • Applicants seeking advanced placement and apply for transfer credit must submit the following materials verifying education and experience:

  • Documentation of military experience and assignments.
  • How Long Do I Have To Be A Corpsman To Enter A Nursing Program

     Online Nursing Programs For Military

    To be considered for an accelerated Military Corpsman-to-RN program is less about time spent as a Corpsman and more about the courses and skills completed. For example, in addition to a letter of recommendation from a current supervisor, prospective nursing students applying to Montgomery College, who served as corpsman must also:

    “submit documentation of past or present status of a “Navy Corpsman” , “Army 91WM6”, or “USAF4NO” skill identifier for this advanced placement option into the Nursing Program. Additionally, Military Medics must submit SMART transcripts which document required experiences such as administration of medication, documentation of patient care, experiences with use of medical and surgical asepsis and maintaining safety in patient care.”

    Corpsman must also consider the completion time on their contract with the military when applying for nursing programs.


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    Online Undergraduate Nursing Programs

    Become a leader in the nursing profession and strengthen your knowledge of patient care. GCUs accredited online undergraduate nursing degrees help you gain knowledge in community health, healthcare management and professional nursing practice GCU also offers specialized programs to help prepare you for your desired field.

    Loading Degree Programs

    Chamberlain University Downers Grove Illinois

    Next, we have Chamberlain University taking our # 12 spot for military friendly nursing schools.

    Chamberlain University has many campuses throughout the country, including several Yellow Ribbon program members, and two of its campuses offer a military to BSN option.

    Veterans in Arlington, VA, and Jacksonville, FL, can take advantage of this nursing degree that is specifically designed for military members. The application fee for this program is waived for military members, and the degree can be completed in as few as three years.

    The program includes three military-specific courses that have been designed to help veterans transition from their service career to the world of nursing education. To qualify for this program, you must be a veteran, have a healthcare specialist rating classification for at least two years, and complete a number of prerequisite courses.

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    Accounts Of Care Partnerships With Wounded Ill Or Injured Service Members

    Are you a Caregiver of a Service Member receiving health care at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center?

    in an individual or care partner group conducted at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center.

    Knowledge gained from your caregiver experience is invaluable to improving patient health and outcomes in the education of health care providers and to inform health care policy. If you, or someone you know, assists or provides care to someone who has sustained an injury or who is ill, we would very much like to hear from you. This will be a one-time commitment of 60-90 minutes.

    For more information or to participate, contact Jill Speer at 412.396.2308 or .

    Financing Your Nursing Education

    Military to RN Program | Howard Community College (HCC)

    Beyond military benefits, nursing students at Norwich University have many options for financing their education and bringing their dreams within reach.. Norwich accepts many outside scholarships designed for military and veteran students. To see the full list of available and accepted scholarships, please review our information about paying for your education

    Norwich also offers a $1,200 Military Scholarship to qualified students enrolled in a Norwich masters program. Students who complete their online RN to BSN at Norwich and wish to go on to earn their MSN with us as well can apply for this scholarship before enrolling into the MSN program.

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    Can I Complete An Online Nursing Degree Without Clinicals

    Online nursing programs complete classwork 100 percent online, with the practicum capstone hours accomplished in your local area. Clinicals are an essential part of most nursing programs, as they allow you to apply your knowledge and gain hands-on skills. Many of GCU’s online nursing programs contain a clinical practicum and an evidence-based capstone course, which are designed to help put your knowledge into practice. At GCU, the Office of Field Experience can help you set up your clinical/practicum experience.

    Florida State University Tallahassee Florida

    The FSU Seminoles take the # 5 spot for military friendly nursing schools.

    The Florida State University College of Nursing, is the nursing school of the Florida State University. About 553 students are enrolled in classes, including undergraduates and graduate students. All programs are accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education.

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    Advantages Of An Online Program For Military Spouses

    Perhaps the biggest advantage to pursuing an online degree program is the flexibility to access lectures and course materials from anywhere with an internet connection. This means military spouses who are forced to relocate midway through the curriculum can continue with the same program no matter where they move, as long as the school is authorized to offer online instruction to students in that state. For Kathy Newell, MSN, NP-C, a graduate of the University of Cincinnatis online Master of Science in Nursing program, this was the primary motivation in choosing to pursue her degree online. I chose University of Cincinnatis online MSN/ANP program because my husband was in the military and we could get orders at any time to move, says Ms. Newell. I was concerned that if I was enrolled at a local college, the difficulty of relocating during such a program would make it very difficult for me to complete.

    Ashlee Quick, MSN, APRN, FNP-C, who graduated from UCs MSN program in 2013, had similar concerns when finding a graduate degree program. As a military spouse, you are often required to relocate on short notice, she says. If I was going to further my education I needed a program that would allow me to be mobile. Ms. Quick ended up moving multiple times throughout her program, and still managed to graduate on time. She notes, In the two years it took to complete my masters degree, I held residence in three separate states.

    University Of Texas At Austin Nursing School

    online graduate certificate programs # ...

    The University of Texas at Austin made # 20 on our list of the most military friendly nursing schools.

    • The major center of nursing education and scholarship in Texas
    • More than $20 million in extramural funding
    • Ranked #15 among Schools of Nursing receiving funding from the National
    • Institutes of Health
    • Ranked #1 in Best Value PhD in Nursing Programs
    • Ranked #5 in Best Value BSN Programs
    • Ranked #7 in Best Value DNP Programs
    • Ranked #16 among public schools of nursing and #24 among all schools of nursing in Best Nursing Schools: Masters and DNP Programs

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    What If I Am Deployed During The Program

    UNCG allows withdrawal from courses without academic penalty in cases of deployment. Further, the UNC system has a liberal policy of transfer credit between campuses, and if persons are deployed to domestic installations, UNC system credit is available in many parts of the state. Transfer credit from other universities will be reviewed in conjunction with the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs, the UNCG VA Certifying Official, and the Dean of the School of Nursing. It is possible that courses may be delivered through electronic mechanisms. See the UNCG Military Call-Up Policy for additional information.

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