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Online Msn Clinical Nurse Leader

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Clinical Nurse Leader Faqs

Drexel University Online: MSN in Clinical Nurse Leader

How much do clinical nurse leaders make?

According to recent surveys, clinical nurses average salary is $104,169 with a low end of $83454 and a high end of $104,169.

What is the difference between a clinical nurse specialist and a clinical nurse leader?

The difference between a CNL and CNS is that a CNL provides clinical care to patients in addition to supervising their care. In many states, a CNS also has diagnostic authority and often oversees facility systems, team structure, and acts as a point of contact for patients.

What A Clinical Nurse Leader Is : Cnl Vs Cns

Confusion about the professional role of a clinical nurse leader is nothing new, likely because of its seemingly close resemblance to a number of other nursing rolesnamely, the clinical nurse specialist. However, these two nursing roles play distinctly different roles in the delivery of healthcare.

The clinical nurse leader, unlike the clinical nurse specialist, is not an advanced practice registered nurse role. Clinical nurse specialists, as APRNs, are prepared with a specialized education in a defined area of practice. In other words, they provide care to specific patient populations and must hold national certification that reflects their chosen patient population.

Clinical nurse leaders, on the other hand, are not specialized providers but generalists, as their credentials allow them to practice across the continuum and in any healthcare setting. While clinical nurse specialists focus their profession on a specialized area of practice , clinical nurse leaders implement principles that ensure the consistency of clinical care across the board. Both roles require education at the masters level.

It is not unusual, however, for clinical nurse leaders to work alongside clinical nurse specialists, particularly when a specialist area of concern occurs.

Central Methodist University Fayette Missouri

Master of Science in Nursing-CNL Online

Student to Faculty Ratio: 17:1 Points: 5The top online CNL program offered by Central Methodist University is accredited by the CCNE. The program follows a cohort format with a minimum of 10-12 people per cohort. The CNL track includes coursework in areas like:

  • Evidence-Based Client Care Management
  • Health Care Finance/Policy/Economics
  • Epidemiology

CNL students complete a residency of 300 click hours, allowing them to work in the CNL role under the supervision of a mentor. Students then share their experience through online discussions.

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University Of Texas Medical Branch Galveston Texas

Program: Masters Clinical Nurse Leader Online Program

Average Tuition Payable: In-state students pay $6,630 per year, while out-of-state students pay $16,867.

The University of Texas Medical Branchs Clinical Nurse Leader program is a 43-credit hour online course that prepares students to sit for CNCs CNL certification exam.

The institutions part-time program for students with one year of experience as an RN will teach them about structure and process.

It also provides insight into outcomes associated with these two aspects when providing patient care.

They train the students by covering courses such as:

  • Quality and Safety

Affording The Cnl Program

Are Clinical Hours Needed in an Online MSN in Clinical Nurse Leader ...

Am I considered an in-state student or an out-of-state student for purposes of tuition?

This may seem like a straightforward question, but there are many factors that impact residency status. Please review the UMB’s residency information to understand the comprehensive documentation required to qualify for in-state tuition.

How do I pay for my CNL education?

Loans and ScholarshipsGraduate loans are generally offered per credit hour. There are minimum and maximum numbers of credits that can be taken each semester for loan eligibility. Please visit UMBs University Student Financial Assistance webpages or visit the office in person at 601 W. Lombard St., Suite 221, Baltimore, MD 21201 for more information.

To be eligible for loans and scholarships, you must submit a completed Free Application for Federal Student Aid . You should submit the FAFSA at the same time you apply to UMSON to ensure timely financial aid decisions.

Selected Funding Opportunities

UMSON Conway Scholarship: This scholarship is available to current students who will have completed 12 credit hours of graduate study by the start of the semester for which the Conway Scholarship is awarded and have at least half of their credit hours remaining. Scholarship funding covers in-state tuition and fees, and it is awarded for the remainder of your academic program. Learn more.

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Advantages Of Online Programs

Many students enjoy the convenience and flexibility that online programs afford, as they can move through the coursework on their own time and at their own pace. Others are grateful for the ability to complete their degree in large part at home, making it ideal for those who may live far away from a university. Unlike campus-based students, online students don’t have to factor in the cost of transportation, gas, parking, and other commuting expenses.

Are You A Good Match

If you’d like to use clinical leadership strategies, data, and project management skills to improve patient outcomes and reduce health care costs, the MSN in Clinical Leadership is the perfect next step.

During your studies, you can look forward to academic coursework that develops critical reasoning alongside an understanding of ethics, professionalism, and integrity.

You’ll refine your leadership skills throughout the program. High-impact learningexperiences provide opportunities to collaborate with other students on projects and papers and take writing-intensive courses that help improve your written communication and reporting skills. And you’ll build experience in a practicum, where you’ll apply new skills and design, implement, and evaluate a capstone project.

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Msn Clinical Nurse Leader

The Clinical Nurse Leader is a registered nurse, with a Master of Science in Nursing who has completed advanced nursing coursework in pathophysiology, clinical assessment and pharmacology. C.N.L.s oversee patient care coordination, facilitate team communication, and implement evidence-based solutions at the unit level. The C.N.L. role allows nurses to practice at the masters level, but stay at the bedside coordinating the care of patients.

  • Promote health
  • Apply evidence-based practice to ensure innovative care delivery
  • Formal leadership roles in acute and outpatient settings

Rural Health Careers Scholarship

MSN students who are actively employed at a rural healthcare facility in New Hampshire are eligible for the Rural Health Careers Scholarship. You may receive a scholarship up to $1250 per academic semester/term, for a cumulative total of $5,000.

*available elective

Clinical Nurse Leader Curriculum
Advanced Role Development in Nursing*
GNUR 512 Health Care Systems, Policy & Leadership
GNUR 510 Evidence-Based Practice & Applied Nursing Research
GNUR 502
Health Assessment & Diagnostic Reasoning for the Advanced Practitioner
GNUR 503
Clinical Quality Improvement II
GNUR 598 Advanced Generalist Nursing Capstone I
GNUR 599 Advanced Generalist Nursing Capstone II

Powerful Partners

For additional information, please use this contact list to find contact information for each states Board of Nursing.

Program Information

Rn To Msn Cnl: Overview

MSN: Clinical Nurse Leader Clinical Practicum Experience

RN to MSN CNL programs are tailored to working RNs who have a diploma or an associates degree and want to pursue an MSN or MS to become a clinical nurse leader. There are also RN to MSN CNL programs for RNs with a bachelors degree in a field other than nursing.

Our directory includes ACEN and CCNE-accredited CNL programs in both of these categories. They are offered by strong schools and they all contain the words Clinical Nurse Leader in their degree title. Check the program website or talk to the program coordinator to ensure that the degree will prepare you for CNL certification.

Note: We just want to repeat that programs with the title of Nursing Leadership or Nurse Leader are frequently aimed at aspiring nurse managers or nurse administrators, not CNLs.

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Rn To Msn Cnl: Undergraduate Phase

Before you can get stuck into a masters degree, youll be required to earn good grades on upper-level undergraduate courses at the university.

The length of this period will depend on whether you have an associates degree, diploma, or a non-nursing bachelors degree, but most undergraduate coursework takes 6 months-2 years to complete.

Frequent titles for RN to MSN undergraduate courses include:

  • Foundations of nursing research & evidence-based practice
  • Concepts/foundations of professional nursing practice
  • Community health nursing
  • Health assessment

Schools of Nursing may allow you to transfer certain undergraduate credits if they feel your grades are strong enough. Talk to the program coordinator if you have any questions!

Drexel University Philadelphia Pennsylvania

MSN Clinical Nurse Leader

Student to Faculty Ratio: 11:1 Points: 3Drexel University features a top CNL online accredited by the CCNE. Faculty are experienced and board certified professionals from Drexels College of Nursing and Health Professions. The highly interactive online learning method allows students to feel challenged and engaged without the need to come to campus. The program consists of four-10 week quarters per year which means students can take more classes in a shorter time period. Courses cover areas like:

  • advanced pharmacology
  • quality and safety in healthcare

Flexible clinical practicum scheduling and settings are ideal for working professionals.

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Which Are The Best Online Nursing Leadership And Management Programs

Clinical Nurse Leader programs online come highly recommended.Worthwhile mentions for nursing students include Augusta University, University of Texas, Washburn University, University of Central Arkansas, and Montana State University.These universities have the infrastructure and systems to cater to online students.

Cnl & State Licensure

Clinical Nurse Leader

The CNL is a generalist role without prescriptive authority or a defined area of practice, so state licensing boards dont consider it to be in the same category as nurse practitioners and other advanced practice roles .

However, the CNL is still a clinical role, so you will need to hold an RN license before you can apply for CNL masters programs and achieve CNL certification.

A number of RNs decide to become CNLs because theyre quite happy with their RN designation but they want more leadership responsibilities.

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Nursing Leadership And Management Ms

This program for RNs includes a BSN component and is a…

This program for RNs includes a BSN component and…

This program for RNs includes a BSN component and is a substantial leap toward becoming a nurse leader.

  • Time: 75% of RN-to-MSN grads finish within 42 months.
  • Tuition: $3,998 per 6-month term during undergraduate portion, $4,367 per 6-month term during graduate portion, plus a Health Professions Student Fee of $350 in both the undergraduate and graduate program.

Some careers and jobs this degree will prepare you for:

  • Director of Nursing
  • Clinical Nurse Leader
  • Project Manager

If you’re driven to lead, this online nursing degree will provide you everything needed to make that career a reality.

Compare degreesThis program is not the only degree WGU offers designed to create leaders in the field of healthcare. Compare our health leadership degrees by clicking the button below.

Sacred Heart University Fairfield Connecticut

MSN Clinical Nurse Leader Online

Student to Faculty Ratio: 14:1 Points: 3The top online CNL program at Sacred Heart University features a leading Clinical Nurse Leader MSN program that prepares students to become leaders in health care delivery. Courses are offered in a convenient asynchronous format, allowing students 24/7 access to course content. Classes are eight weeks long and most students can complete the program in two years. Students complete core coursework in areas like:

  • healthcare policy and ethics
  • comprehensive health assessment methods
  • care management

Clinical Nurse Leader students complete a 348 clock hour role immersion experience that prepares them to sit for the AACN CNL certification exam.

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Course Spotlight: Nur 652 Management Of Clinical Outcomes

Focuses on the theory and application of advanced nursing therapeutics and evaluation of their effectiveness in improving client health outcomes. Content includes pharmacotherapeutics, teaching and learning theory, risk anticipation analysis and evidence supporting both traditional and complementary therapies. .

University Of Detroit Mercy Detroit Michigan

MSN CNL Exam | Certification Overview | Clinical Nurse Leader

Clinical Nurse Leader Master of Science in Nursing

Student to Faculty Ratio: 10:1 Points: 4The top online Clinical Nurse Leader program at the University of Detroit Mercy prepares students to address contemporary healthcare issues. This 38 credit hour program leads to an MSN. This student-centered online program is open to both part-time and full-time students. Courses cover areas like:

  • business planning for nurse leaders
  • population health and care transitions management
  • outcomes management and decision support in nursing advanced pharmacology

Students can complete their clinical immersion experience at a site near their home, making this program convenient for working professionals. Graduates are eligible to sit for the CNL exam offered by the AACN Commission on Nurse Certification.

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Online Rn To Msn Cnl Programs & State Authorization

As we mentioned in our section on CNL & State Licensure, state licensing boards do not consider CNLs to be in the same category as nurse practitioners and other advanced practice roles.

That also means that a lot of the headaches involving distance learning & nursing programs vanish. Because CNL clinical practicums dont lead to advanced practice licensure, you should be eligible for a number of online CNL programs, regardless of your state of residence.

Having said that, we recommend you visit the School of Nursings State Authorization or State Regulation page and talk to the program coordinator before you select a degree. Because of interstate agreements, schools still cannot accept certain applicants. For example:

  • Washburn Universitys State Authorization section explains that its authorized to offer its Online MSN-CNL program in most states.
  • On its Online MSN-CNL program website, Southern New Hampshire University notes that its nursing programs are not authorized in Washington.

Rn To Msn Cnl: Msn Curriculum

When it comes to coursework, CNL programs typically try to match their curricula to AACNs outline of Competencies and Curricular Expectations for Clinical Nurse Leader Education and Practice and AACNs Recommended CNL Practice Experiences . Thats because they want to prepare you for CNL certification.

In plain speech, that means your classroom work will be split into three parts:

  • Core Courses: ~3-5 courses in advanced clinical work and leadership training .
  • Advanced Clinical Practice Courses: 3 courses in advanced pharmacology, advanced pathophysiology, and advanced health assessment. Some schools may add informatics.
  • Specialty/Concentration Courses: 3-4 courses that specifically focus on CNL topics. Clinical outcomes management and care environment management are popular concentration courses, but topics can vary widely

Depending on the school, you may be able to take a course in a focus area . Many CNL programs also include a thesis or research/action project.

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Is The Charge Nurse A Cnl

CNLs are prepared to assume roles in nursing administration, research, and education. They possess the knowledge and skills necessary to provide high-quality patient care and to improve the overall efficiency of the health care system. The Charge Nurse does not need to be a CNL but may benefit from CNL.

Enhance Your Nursing Expertise

Clinical Nurse Leader Online Program for RNs (MSN)

Graduates of the MSN in Clinical Nurse Leader track will be equipped with the skills you need to coordinate patient care, evaluate patient outcomes and manage risk and improve quality with a focus on evidence-based practice.

Theoretical Foundations for Leadership

This course provides an examination of theoretical models of nursing and leadership along with selected theoretical frameworks for understanding role development, organizational behavior, decision-making and conflict resolution in the health care environment.

Clinical Outcomes Management

This course provides the opportunity for the student to focus on clinical outcomes management for clinical populations through the delivery of evidence-based nursing practice in the areas of illness/disease management, health promotion and disease reduction/prevention. This course includes a 60-contact-hour clinical integration experience.

Academic Clinical Residency

This course provides the student with a 300-hour immersion experience to become proficient in applying concepts from all previous courses with a specific population. Students will select settings to practice the role of the Clinical Nurse Leader on a full-time basis guided by a designated clinical preceptor and faculty partner.

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University Of Massachusetts Amherst Massachusetts

Online Master of Science Clinical Nurse Leader

Average Graduate Tuition: $13,606/year in-state and $28,669/year out-of-state Student to Faculty Ratio: 18:1 Points: 4UMass Online features a top online CNL program with first rate faculty who have a commitment to the student experience. Full-time students can complete their degree in about two years. Courses cover areas like:

  • informatics
  • epidemiology
  • health care quality

Students will develop the skills needed to lead intra- and interdisciplinary teams and meet the demands of a complex care delivery system. Students planning to continue their medical training will find this program lays a strong foundation for future doctoral education.

Western University Of Health Sciences Pomona California

Master of Science in Nursing, Health Systems Leadership Clinical Nurse Leader track

Student to Faculty Ratio: 1:1 Points: 4Western University of Health Sciences features a flexible online MSN with a CNL program track. Students will learn to put evidence-based practice into action using the latest in health care delivery. Students come to campus twice each semester for intensive weekend seminars that include didactic instruction, student presentations, and group project work. The curriculum includes courses in:

  • Management Principles and Leadership Theories
  • Biostatistics and Epidemiology
  • Advanced Health Systems
  • Advanced Nurse Leaders as Educators

Most students can complete the program in two years, but students can choose an extended track option if they feel this pace would better fit their professional goals.

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Courses You’ll Take: Spring Admission Plan Of Study

For financial aid purposes, there are credit minimums for full-time status that may differ from the plans of study. See details.

Students admitted in the spring semester may enroll in classes for:

  • four semesters and one summer or
  • four semesters and two summers.

Students choosing to enroll in both summer courses in the first summer may have the opportunity to apply for a residency or certified nursing assistant position at a health care facility for their second summer in the program.

This plan of study is for students entering the CNL program in spring 2017 and subsequent spring semesters. This option is four semesters and one summer session.

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