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Online Lvn Nursing Programs Texas

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Texas Lvn Program Curriculum

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LVN programs in Texas are regulated by the Board of Nursing to ensure that they meet certain standards. The BON education rules for vocational nursing programs require a clinically intensive educational approach that is focused on nursing theory and hands-on nursing skills.

The curriculum includes courses in biological, social, behavioral, physical, and nursing sciences, including microbiology, nutrition, pharmacology, body structure and function, human growth and development, signs of emotional health, and nursing skills. The Board approved curriculum also includes requirements for instruction in five core areas of nursing care:

  • Adults

Is an Online Nursing Degree Program Right for You?

University Of Texas Health Science Center

The University of Texas Health Science Center is one of the pre-eminent nursing schools in South Texas. The school boasts of innovative nursing programs instructed by a faculty that comprises 63% of them being doctorally prepared. Having strategic collaborations with all major San Antonio area hospitals and health care agencies, web enhanced programs and world-class simulation lab, its affordable nursing programs are much sought after.

The Accelerated BSN track spans over 4 semesters and is offered once a year in May. The program prepares students to provide nursing care to diverse patients and populations across the lifespan, healthcare settings and healthcare environments. This 15-month program is conducted on campus in San Antonio and to accept students the school considers the TEAs cumulative score, math and science GPA, cumulative GPA, essay responses, interviews and extracurricular activities.

How To Get Certified Nursing Assistant Certification In Texas

There are a few steps individuals must complete to be registered as a certified nurse aide in Texas. First, applicants must complete a state-approved nurse aide training program and a competency evaluation program. The Texas Health and Human Services department provides a complete listing of eligible programs for the CNA career path on their website.

Next, candidates must complete the competency evaluation program examination. For those who don’t pass the exam the first time, they may retake the exam up to two times. However, if they don’t pass it after three attempts, they must complete the coursework again. Alternatively, aspiring CNAs may qualify to be placed on the Texas Nurse Aide Registry either by waiver or reciprocity.

Unlike other Texas nursing licenses, CNAs don’t have specific expiration dates on their certificates. However, they are required to contact the Nurse Aide Registry every two years to verify employment. This ensures CNAs keep an active license in the state.

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Faqs On Online Nursing Programs In Texas

Can you do nursing completely online?

While you can earn any nursing degree online you will have to engage in face-to-face or hands-on practical learning at a clinic or hospital to gain practical skills. The college or university offering the online nursing program will arrange this practical learning for you at a health center close to you.

So, you cant do nursing completely online as part of earning the qualification includes completing clinical hours that will build your skills. This cannot be done online, although there are virtual simulations you will still be required to complete the clinical hours which requires a physical presence.

How do I become an RN online in Texas?

To become a Registered Nurse online in Texas, simply follow the process below:

  • Look for an accredited institution of learning in Texas and check if they offer online nursing programs leading to RN
  • Proceed to check the program requirements and begin an application. Also, ensure the RN online program is accredited by the Texas Board of Nursing
  • Complete your RN program, usually 2 years or 18 months
  • Sit for the NCLEX-RN exam and meet the score requirement
  • Complete other Texas-specific licensing requirements to obtain a nursing license to start practicing.
  • This brings an end to this blog post on the best online nursing programs in Texas, other areas related to the main topic were also discussed to help you further, which hopefully, theyve done.

    Texas Lpn Schools License Requirements Salary And Job Outlook


    Licensed Practical Nurse , also known as Licensed Vocational Nurse at some places, assists the physicians and Registered Nurses to accomplish the plans for patient care. These professionals aid the patients with dressing, bathing, feeding and also report about their health status and requirements to the seniors.

    Texas is amongst the largest states of the United States of America and has numerous job opportunities for LPNs. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment for Licensed Practical Nurses is estimated to grow 16 percent from 2014 to 2024. For encouraging more and more aspirants to enter the healthcare field, doctor offices, home health companies, and hospitals in Texas offer higher pay, educational benefits, flexible schedules, and other perks.

    There are several nursing schools in Texas, but one must choose the LPN program approved by the Texas Board of Nursing in order to be eligible to practice in the real work settings, without any hindrance. Courses in practical nursing are generally provided by private nursing schools, community colleges, technical and vocational training centers. Here we have enlisted the best schools for licensed practical nursing programs in the state on the basis of their NCLEX-PN pass rates.

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    Whats The Job Market Like For Registered Nurses In Texas Vs Licensed Vocational Nurses

    The job outlook for RNs in Texas is as favorable as the earnings. There are more RN positions available than LVN positions in Texas, and job growth is projected nearly 7% higher for RNs. These realities track with and exceed the national RN job outlook, which is already higher than the projected rate for all occupations nationwide. According to the latest BLS estimates, Texas has the second-highest employment level for RNs, second only to California. Similar data from the Texas Department of State Health Services shows that demand for RNs will soon eclipse the number of available candidates. Overall, this signals a positive job outlook for future RNs.


    Online Vocational Nursing Programs In Texas

    If you are looking for online vocational nursing programs in texas, then you are on the right page. It contains lvn program online near me. Suppose you want online lvn programs in houston, texas instead. Then this article is what you need.

    Are you looking for online vocational nursing programs in texas? If you are then there are a lot of things that you need to know. Before we get started there are some questions I have to ask who, when, where is it going to be taught, and how? These are all important questions to answer before jumping into a program like this.

    Are you looking for online vocational nursing programs in Texas? If so, youre probably aware that there are several different ways to go about this. This is because there are numerous types of degrees and vocational specialization programs available, so it makes sense that there would be numerous options as to how you could earn your desired degree. Below we will cover many of the top ways to go about earning your degree in Texas.

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    How Do Online Lvn Programs In Texas Work

    Online LVN programs in Texas with 100% online coursework are relatively few in number, at least presently. The good news is that Texas colleges and vocational schools are beginning to incorporate distance learning into their LVN programs. You may be able to find online study options available for the LVN program at your local schools campus. If so, you can expect an online curriculum identical to that of the traditional on-campus one. Most online LVN programs consist of fully-online or hybrid formats, with online work that can be completed when it fits your schedule.

    Online LVN students will typically have in-person clinical experiences scheduled at the same time and at the same local facilities as their on-campus counterparts. In some cases, online students may be able to complete their clinicals on weekends. Most online LVN programs require 12 months of full-time attendance, although longer part-time study options may be available. Graduation from your online LVN program will qualify you to sit for the NCLEX-PN exam , just like traditional on-campus programs. For a more detailed look at LVN distance learning, check out EduMeds Inside Online LPN and LVN Programs guide and explore programs near you below.

    Find Texas LVN Programs in a City Near You

    Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center Lubbock & El Paso

    WGU 2022 Dallas Master’s Commencement – Graduate Speaker Melanie Kerr

    The Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center, Lubbock & El Paso offers one of the top accelerated online nursing programs in Texas. It is a 12-month accelerated second-degree BSN program designed to prepare nursing students for the demands of a rapidly changing healthcare environment.

    The curriculum is taught entirely online, with online clinical hours supervised by nursing clinical staff. Basic nursing skills, chronic care nursing ideas, mental health nursing, acute care nursing, and developing family nursing are among the courses offered over the course of three semesters.

    There are many accelerated nursing programs offered offline or traditional mode but these are the only ones offered online and they are provided by some of the countrys best.

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    Top Lpn/lvn Schools In Texas

    Houston, TX 77089281-998-6350 x7128

    San Jacinto Colleges full-time vocational nursing program attracts students from across Texas to one of its two campuses in Houston. Approved by the Texas Board of Nursing and Texas Education Agency, the school has a high NCLEX-PN pass rate, combining academic learning with hands-on nursing experience. The course comprises 560 classroom hours and 864 clinical hours.

    12000 Richmond Ave, Suite 130Houston, TX 77082 636-2659

    For almost 20 years, Bell Tech Career Institute has welcomed nursing students to its Houston campus, and its LPN/LVN graduates have had successful careers in various healthcare disciplines. Students, who learn from Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. in a contemporary classroom environment, can earn their LPN in just one year and then provide long-term care to patients.

    St. Johns Campus of Shannon Medical Center3501 N. US Hwy 67San Angelo, TX 76905 481-8300

    A popular 12-month vocational program that offers college credit and prepares students for a rewarding career in nursing. Approved by the Texas Board of Nursing and the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board , this school has provided nursing training for over 50 years.

    7434 Louis Pasteur Dr #15San Antonio, TX 78229 396-8733

    A practical nursing program that prepares students for the NCLEX-PN. Students learn the skills required to work in a healthcare setting, including nutrition, medical terminology, and medical administration.

    Texas Lvn Program Online Spotlights

    Weve surveyed online LVN programs throughout Texas to find some of the best ones for 2020, including the two featured below. These programs were selected based on several factors including accreditation, study flexibility and convenience, strong student support services, high NCLEX-PN exam pass rates, and affordability. Both of these programs are fully approved by the Texas Board of Nursing. If you live near one of these schools, the online LVN program they offer may be perfect for you. If you dont live nearby, these two spotlights will give you a good idea of what you should expect from the online LVN program at your local college.

    Blinn College District

    Blinn College District, located approximately halfway between Austin and Houston, offers an online-blended vocational nursing certificate program that prepares graduates to become highly-competent LVNs capable of working in a range of nursing settings. The curriculum consists of online coursework, on-campus labs, and in-person clinical experiences completed at program-affiliated facilities located throughout the La Grange and Brenham areas. This 12-month, 39-credit program begins with the fall term and continues through the spring and summer terms. Blinn online LVN students have access to the same support services as on-campus students, including admissions, academic and career counseling, and job search services.

    North Central Texas College

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    S To Become An Lvn In Texas

    The first step to becoming a vocational nurse in Texas is to complete an approved vocational nursing program. You must make sure that the program you choose is approved or you will not be eligible to take the NCLEX-PN exam and apply for licensure in the state of Texas. Upon graduation, you will be eligible to practice as a graduate vocational nurse for a period of 75 days. It is important to schedule a time to take the NCLEX-PN exam as soon as possible because you will not be able to extend this 75 day period. Once you have passed the licensing exam, you will be eligible to practice as a vocational nurse in Texas.

    Tip: Research NCLEX-PN pass rates for LVN programs in Texas prior to committing to a program.

    Texas is one of 24 Nurse Licensure Compact states, meaning that once the NCLEX-PN exam is passed an LVN in Texas can be issued a multi-state LVN/LPN license allowing that Licensed Vocational Nurse to practice as an LVN/LPN in another NLC state.

    Lvn Programs In Texas Online

    Overview of LPN

    Nursing programs are increasingly using the Internet to make education accessible to busy professionals. The trend of adding online learning options to traditional classroom curricula is prevalent in all nursing concentrations, including LVNs.

    Online LVN programs provide the same theoretical and clinical instruction as brick and mortar institutions, but students can arrange their schedule around personal commitments like work and family life. Online courses typically follow a blended format, in which students complete online lectures and readings, and practice skills in a simulated environment. These modules are usually intertwined with weekly on-campus sessions to reinforce classroom learning with hands-on practice.

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    A Variety Of Learning Materials For All Types Of Learners

    Everyone has their own learning preferences. Some people need to see concepts presented visually in order to remember them. For others, listening is the best way to learn. To ensure our online coursework is engaging for a wide array of students, we present material in a variety of formats, including:

    • Video and audio activities
    • Interactive learning and review modules
    • Traditional reading assignments
    • Virtual office hour chats with nursing tutors

    Simply reading about the assessment of a fetal heart rate is something entirely different than hearing that heartbeat for yourself. And reading about the stages and risks of pregnancy is not as engaging as making assessments based on patient data.

    Concordia University Texas Austin

    Concordia University Texas, Austin offers an accelerated BSN Track, which is a 16-month curriculum that combines online courses, lab training, and clinical experience. The program is offered three times a year, in January, May, and August, and there is no waitlist, so students can begin their studies sooner.

    With all of the flexibility it offers, its no surprise that this program is a popular choice for a career change. Child and Family Nursing, Maternal/Newborn Nursing, Adult, Community, and Global Health Nursing are among the courses offered throughout the course of four semesters.

    To be qualified for this program, you must have a minimum of 60 credits, either from past schooling or from Concordias online prerequisites. Concordia University, located in the heart of Austins music scene, is a private, non-profit Christian higher education school. Its nursing schools encourage students to practice professional nursing while also emphasizing compassion and caring.

    Concordia is suitable for anyone looking for faith-based education in the heart of Austins bustling metropolis and also for those looking for accelerated online nursing programs in Texas.

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    Career And Earnings Outlook For An Lvn In Texas

    The salary range for licensed vocational nursing varies quite a bit, based on geographical location, and where you work. LVNs in big cities tend to earn more, as do those who work in high pressure environments like ICUs.

    On average, however, you can expect to earn anything from about $32,000 upwards working as a Licensed Vocational Nurse in Texas. You will also find that with a high demand for LVNs in the state, there are plenty of employment options, from working with infants in maternity hospitals, to caring for the aged in nursing homes, and everything in between.

    Top 5 Lvn To Rn Programs In Texas

    Erica Gooding

    Our Ranking Methodology

    The LVN to RN programs in Texas noted above include the majority of available programs that would allow each Licensed Vocational Nurse to complete a program in which they become eligible to sit for the national Registered Nursing exam. However, the programs listed include those LVN to RN programs in Texas only includes those programs with an NCLEX-RN pass rate that exceeds 80% for first-time test takers.

    The LVN to RN programs in Texas are ranked with those programs offering the most cost-effective program alternatives listed first. The data that was used to rank LVN to RN programs in Texas were obtained from each programs most current costs. These tuition expenses represent the cost of attending that program for the school year 2020/2021 unless otherwise indicated.

    Note, however, that pass rates for the NCLEX-RN have been pulled from the Texas Board of Nursings website and represents the pass rate for the calendar year 2019 for first-time test takers unless otherwise noted. Additional data has been gathered from the National Center for Education Statistics website. It is noted that the average

    • NCLEX-RN for Texas RN Candidates is 91.90%
    • NCLEX-RN National Average is 88.07%.

    Is a program or school noted above in need of an update to its information?

    Please contact if you would like to edit/comment on the program or school information noted above.

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    The University Of Texas El Paso

    Known for offering one of the best online nursing programs in Texas, the University of Texas, El Paso offers a variety of BSN programs, including a fast track online BSN program for those who already hold an RN license and a regular 4-year on-campus program for new students.

    UTEP has one of the best nursing programs in the Southwest, including a top-rated online nursing program. Students can use the knowledge they obtain in their BSN program to pursue further study as FNP, MSN, or even a DNP.

    If you want to get an online nursing degree in Texas, these are the schools you should consider, they offer the best online nursing programs in Texas and will make nursing education exciting for you.

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