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Online Courses For Nursing Degree

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What Are The Universities That Offer Free Online Nursing Courses

Earning a Nursing Degree During the Pandemic with Online Courses

There are universities in the world that offer free online nursing courses to both national and international students.

These universities are experts in what they do and they are globally recognized.

Here is a list of Universities that offer free Online Nursing Courses

  • Open University
  • Colorado Christian University

What Career Opportunities Can Arise From Learning About Nursing

An education in nursing can help prepare you for numerous positions, including pain management nurse, critical care nurse, nurse educator, school nurse, or telemedicine nurse. Pain management nurses work with patients who suffer from chronic pain or pain resulting from a medical procedure. If you excel at keeping your cool under pressure, you can find work as a critical care nurse. Critical care nurses spend their time in intensive-care units, working to stabilize critically ill patients. Nurse educator is a less intense path to take. The job involves training other nurses, and it’s a suitable position if you have a talent for teaching others. If you like kids, you can work as a school nurse at a local elementary, middle, or high school. Telemedicine nursing is a task that involves counseling patients via telephone calls or the internet. The job requires excellent communication skills, as you won’t be present to physically assist the patient.â

What Is A Registered Nurse

A is a healthcare professional who has graduated from a nursing program, possibly online, and passed the the national licensing exam.

A registered nurse, often referred to as an RN, treats patients and helps educate the public about health. They are front-line providers who give emotional support to patients and their families. RNs also monitor patients medical symptoms, perform diagnostic tests and help with patient follow-up and rehabilitation.

RNs provide direct patient care or, with advanced experience and education, take on the following roles:

  • .

A registered nurses primary responsibilities are to provide care and educational resources to patients and their families.

Registered nurses often work in teams with other physicians and medical specialists in a wide range of healthcare settings including hospitals, homes, schools, community centers, or other non-medical environments. RNs often supervise other nursing professionals like licensed practical nurses , unlicensed assistive personnel and nursing students.

Nursing is considered to be a stressful job because of the direct involvement with suffering, high-pressure situations, emergencies and life or death decision making.

The field of nursing is growing exponentially and the occupational outlook for nursing jobs in the United States is excellent according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Many states are currently experiencing a shortage in nurses, while other states have a surplus.

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Do Nursing Programs Accept Credits From The Clep

Many programs do not accept credits from the College Level Examination Program .

The CLEP is an exam designed to curb the cost of college tuition by allowing students to “test out” of college classes. However, looking into each program individually is recommended as these rules are subject to change and programs vary.

Nursing And Healthcare Frequently Asked Questions

15 free Online Nursing Courses with Certificates in 2020 ...

Can you become a nurse online?

Yes, it is possible to complete most of your core nursing courses online. For instance, online degree programs like the ones found at WGU offer a prelicensure bachelor’s of nursing program for students in select states who want to become a registered nurse. There, about 60% of the degree is earned online, while the other 40% is made up of clinical time at a medical facility.

Are online nursing programs credible?

Many online nursing programs are credible and offer accredited and reputable degrees. That said, be sure to research the school offering the program before enrolling, as some schools may not offer legitimate or respected degrees. Accreditation is critical for ensuring your online nursing program will be well-respected and will teach you the skills you need to succeed.

What is the best online school for nursing?

These are the top nursing schools based on ROI:

1. Western Governors University ROI: 369%

2. Excelsior College ROI: 359%

3. University of PhoenixArizona ROI: 297%

4. Colorado Technical UniversityColorado Springs ROI: 264%

5. Arizona State UniversitySkysong ROI: 259%

6. Southern New Hampshire University ROI: 258%

7. Capella University ROI: 252%

8. Walden University ROI: 235%

9. Chamberlain UniversityIllinois ROI: 196%

10. Purdue University Global ROI: 183%

How much does it cost for online nursing school?

How can I get a nursing degree online?

What types of nursing degrees are there?

Can you get an RN degree online?

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What Do I Need To Study A Free Online Nursing Course

You cannot just hit the apply button of any nursing course you want to study and expect to be accepted because you were told that its free.

Generally, before you can have access to nursing courses online, you must meet the specific admission requirements.

Note, the requirements for any of the online nursing courses with certificate depends on the type of program.

For example, students entering a pre-licensure program have certain academic prerequisites that registered nurses enrolled in a BSN completion program wont need to complete.

How Do Instructors Teach Online Students To Practice Nursing

There are many misconceptions when it comes to online learning. One of those misconceptions is that online learning is an isolating experience. Teall counters that by developing an online community in her courses where her students can actively learn together.

Students are separated into small groups at the start of the semester. Throughout the course, the groups collaborate together online, using CarmenZoom, to complete case studies and prepare for exams. Students can analyze and discuss nursing case studies together using discussion boards on CarmenCanvas, as well.

Another popular teaching tool is called a branching activity. In these modules, nursing faculty create realistic scenarios and ask students to choose an option that represents the best action for the nurse to take. Their choice either leads them to a correct answer, sends them back to make another choice if the answer is incorrect or, in some cases, takes them further along in the simulation to an outcome they really dont want.

Teall also demonstrates skills via webcam and encourages students to practice on a friend or family member, while she supervises. With the rise of telehealth, the ability to utilize technology as part of patient care is critical for nurses.

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School Reviews From Nursing & Healthcare Students

We believe the best people to share about online learning experiences are students who have really done it, which is why we surveyed 600 unique students. Filter to find a student like you or sort to read the good, the bad, and everything in between. By leaving a review, students were entered to win a sweepstakes.

Free Online Nursing Courses

Nursing School Online Degrees | Online Classes for Nursing School

Alison’s free online nursing courses are designed to support your professional development so you can progress in your career in this vital healthcare field. Our series of courses have been specially designed to help you specialise your skills.

To meet the changes and challenges of health care delivery within the health service sector, we provide a vast range of subjects that will enhance your knowledge or skills in… Read more…

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Educate The Next Generation Of Exceptional Nurses

Our flexible masters program in Nursing Education prepares you for a career as faculty in pre-licensure and baccalaureate programs, as a staff development coordinator, or as an in-service and community educator. It also provides an excellent foundation for doctoral studies. Requiring only 36 credits, our newly revised curriculum allows you to graduate faster than most other Nursing Education programs. Full-time students can graduate in just three semesters!

If you love nursing and have a desire to teach others, this program is for you! Your courses will cover topics in leadership, policy, communication, ethics, diversity, advanced practice, technology, and scholarly inquiry. Youll also take electives and complete two practicums.

Rn Licensure & Certification

Once an individual has completed education and clinical requirements, they must pursue licensure to become a registered nurse.

Though licensure requirements do vary by state, passage of a state-approved training program and the National Council Licensure Examination are almost always needed.

The NCLEX-RN exam covers:

  • infection control
  • fundamental nursing skills.

RNs can advance their careers by earning certifications in specialty areas. The American Nurses Credentialing Center, a subsidiary of the American Nurses Association, offers a variety of certifications and specialties ranging from General Nursing practice to Public Health Nursing and Pediatric Nursing.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Nursing

Yes. Many of the best nursing schools offer fully online degrees. Students complete coursework through a distance learning platform. They fulfill clinical requirements locally.

RNs need a two-year or four-year degree to meet the educational requirements to become an RN.

Nurse practitioners are the most in demand. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects jobs for these nurses to grow 45% between 2020 and 2030, which is much faster than average.

Software Design & Architecture

Best Online BSN Programs 2021

Software Design and Architecture Specialization is a 4-lesson course designed for students and professionals alike.

Think like an expert architect and create quality software using design patterns and principles. Learn how to apply design principles, patterns, and architectures to create reusable, flexible and maintainable applications, as well as the expression and documentation of systems using a visual notation.

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Paleontology: Early Vertebrate Evolution

Paleontology: Early Vertebrate Evolution is a 4-lesson course teaching a comprehensive overview of the origin of vertebrates.

This course examines the evolution of major vertebrate novelties including the origin of fins, jaws, and tetrapod limbs. Students also explore key Canadian fossil localities.

Mdx Nursing And Midwifery Students Tell Their Stories From The Crisis Frontline

MDX has around 500 nursing and midwifery students who have been working through the crisis on placement, opted in to the government’s emergency register to make themselves available to care for COVID-19 patients, or have worked in their professional capacities as Health Care Assistants or in other roles in NHS Trusts.

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Online Bachelor Of Nursing

The Ingram School of Nursing has developed the first fully online academic program offered at McGill, and received its first cohort in September 2021!

Like the Bachelor of Nursing on-campus program, it is open to graduates of the 180 A.0 Diplôme détudes collégiales in Nursing from CEGEP. The admission requirements are identical, as is the Course of Study. With the exclusion of clinical courses, all courses in the BNI Online modality are online.

Prior to applying, students will be strongly encouraged to consider if they are good candidates for online learning. In order to succeed in an online program, students should be aware that they will need self-direction, a certain fluency with education technology, a personal up-to-date computer, and internet access. McGills TLS website offers very useful advice on how to become a successful online learner. As part of the program, students will receive support in the form of additional online modules to assist them in becoming successful online learners.

Who can apply?

This program is open to graduates of the 180 A.0 Diplôme détudes collégiales in Nursing from CEGEP. The admission requirements are identical to our on-campus BNI program.

Due to high demand for the Online BNI program, space is limited to the following admission maximums:

  • Fall 2021: 75 students
  • Fall 2022: 125 students
  • Fall 2023: 145 students

Please refer to Applying to Nursing page for instructions on how to apply.

For example:

Can You Get A Job With An Online Nursing Degree

Nursing Degree Programs Online

While a degree in nursing is required to get a job in the medical field, where you earned your degree is not as important as the amount of job-related, hands-on experience you have. Of course, do your due diligence and make sure you enroll in a reputable, accredited nursing program. However, once you earn your degree, you will still need to complete your clinicals and display the necessary skills to work at a hospital or medical facility. Earning your degree online shouldnt put you at a disadvantage when it comes to finding a job, as long as you have completed the required in-person training.

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Accelerated Nursing Degrees And Bridge Programs

Accelerated and bridge nursing programs help students with prior experience or a nursing license earn their degree faster. They also allow individuals with an undergraduate degree in another field to more easily transition into the nursing profession. According to an AACN survey, about 18,000 students were enrolled in an accelerated bachelors of nursing program in 2016, with another 7,000 enrolled in an accelerated masters program. Recent increases in scholarship fundings for these programs should increase enrollment even further.

Nursing Leadership And Management Post

A certificate for registered nurses with a master’s degree in…

A certificate for registered nurses with a…

A certificate for registered nurses with a master’s degree in nursing who are ready for greater responsibility in a leadership and management role.

  • Time: 12 months.
  • Tuition and fees: $4,385 per 6-month term, plus a one-time Health Professions Fee of $350. The cost to sit for the NAHQ Certified Professional in Healthcare Quality exam is included in tuition.

Sample careers and jobs this degree program will prepare you for:

  • Director of Nursing
  • Clinical Nurse Leader
  • Project Manager

The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects employment of medical and health services managers to grow 17% by 2024, much faster than the average for all occupations.

College of Health Professions

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The Best Online Nursing Programs

The national nursing shortage continues to fuel the demand for qualified nurses in nearly every area of practice. Online nursing programs are here to help. is an advertising-supported site. Featured or trusted partner programs and all school search, finder, or match results are for schools that compensate us. This compensation does not influence our school rankings, resource guides, or other editorially-independent information published on this site.

Online Nursing Courses And Programs

healthcare certificate programs #nursingschoolsintexas ...

Nursing school includes courses in biology, chemistry, psychology, sociology, pharmacology and other sciences along with the development of clinical nursing skills through the delivery of actual patient care. Students learn human anatomy, human physiology, infant care, critical care practices and much more in nursing degree programs that combine months of study with hundreds of hours of clinical experience.

EdX offers many free online science courses that can introduce you to areas of medical science important for the study of nursing. Learn about human biology, bioethics, biochemistry, human anatomy, medical genomics, global health and more with self-paced online courses from Harvard, MIT, the University of Toronto and other top institutions around the world.

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Can You Really Get A Nursing Degree Online

Can you really get a nursing degree online? The short answer is an emphatic yes! It is possible to get a nursing degree online. You can earn a variety of nursing degrees online from Ohio State, ranging from a Bachelor of Science in Nursing to a Doctor of Nursing Practice.

Technology is changing and challenging what universities can do when it comes to higher education. Thanks to these advances, it is now entirely possible to attend nursing school online. At this point, you might be asking, How? Read on to learn more about how the expert faculty at the College of Nursing teach online nursing programs, and reach out to us for more information about these nationally ranked programs.

The Ohio State University College of Nursing is a top nursing school, home to some of the best online degrees in the country. In 2021, Ohio State’s graduate online nursing programs were named among the best online nursing degrees by U.S. News & World Report, with the Master of Science in Nursing ranked No. 3 in the nation. The online RN to Bachelor of Science in Nursing was also ranked among the top five programs nationally.

We sat down with Alice Teall, an Instructor of Clinical Practicein theMaster of Science in Nursing , to learn more about what it’s really like to attend nursing school online.

She broke down our question into four parts:

Alzheimer’s Disease And Dementia Care

Salisbury University’s course on Alzheimer’s disease and dementia was developed for current or future caregivers, nurses, and other healthcare professionals interested in learning more about the disease. Participants learn to identify risk factors and key symptoms and select the best medications and treatment plans.

The self-paced course takes five weeks to complete, with approximately 2-3 hours of material presented each week. Five modules address pathology, risk factors, stages, symptoms, and diagnosis.

Participants may purchase a verified certification after completing the course.

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List Of The Free Online Nursing Courses With Certificate

Earning a free online nursing course with a certificate of completion is the best step to building a nursing career. Even while you stay at home, there are online courses that the classes cover the same topics as a traditional college course with little or no cost attached.

These courses are offered by Universities in a way of helping nursing students gain additional degrees and also help them stay aware of developments in the field.

Here is a list of free online nursing courses with certificates.

  • Caring relationships

How Do Clinicals Work In Nursing School

Online Nursing Courses for Undergraduate and Graduate Programs

Clinicals are similar to an internship or work-study experience. Clinicals allow students to gain practical, hands-on experience and are a requirement to work in the nursing field. Clinicals may be organized through your degree program, or you may need to arrange this yourself if your online program does not offer clinical hours. You will have an instructor with you during your shift or rotation to answer questions, but you will mainly be shadowing a member of the nursing staff with his or her patients.

Most clinical programs conclude with a practicum or preceptorship where you will be required to demonstrate the skills you have learned during the program. You may spend this time dedicated to a single unit or work with a small group of patients. This practicum is usually around 180 hours.

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