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Online Cme Courses For Nurse Practitioners

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Live Q& a: Rethinking Routines In Multiple Sclerosis Management: What The Future Holds For Dmts And Cognitive Assessment Strategies

Vascular Dementia Online CEU CME Course Credit for Nurse Practitioner
Participate Now Although rheumatoid arthritis and psoriatic arthritis are associated with irreversible joint damage and physical disability, remission is now an achievable goal for the majority of patients, owing to advances in early diagnosis, new therapies, and improved treatment strategies.This CME Outfitters Live and OnDemand webcast focuses on integrating a multidisciplinary approach to treating PsA and RA through case-based learning, with expert faculty discussing management strategies and how to integrate shared decision-making into practice to facilitate appropriate treatment selection and empower patients.

Giving Shingles Immunization Your Best Shot: Implementing A Shingles Vaccination Protocol In Your Practice

Participate Now Chronic idiopathic constipation affects 35 million adults in the United States, making it one of the most common gastrointestinal disorders. Despite the high prevalence, CIC is often underdiagnosed and undertreated, which exacts a functional, psychosocial, and economic toll on patients and their loved ones. The current treatment goal in CIC is multi-symptom relief, but only 16% of patients with CIC are on prescription therapy, and they often only obtain partial relief, with many using laxatives on a regular basis without medical supervision.This CME Outfitters OnDemand features evidence-based dialogue that focuses on guideline recommendations for diagnosing patients with CIC, assessing the efficacy and safety of novel pharmacotherapeutic options, and implementing strategies for multidisciplinary collaboration, with the goal of providing full relief to patients with CIC.

Best 5 Nurse Practitioner Cme Conferences To Attend In 2021

Many nurse practitioners were not able to attend a CME conference in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. With more of the population starting to get vaccinated and coronavirus cases declining, many CME providers are planning to host nurse practitioner CME conferences in 2021 to give NPs a safe and unique learning experience to complete their nurse practitioner CE requirements.

Nurse practitioners often opt in to attending a CME conference because they provide networking opportunities, feature renowned speakers in their field, feature focused learning, and provide the opportunity to earn CME credits in a relaxing setting. With the abundance of conferences every year, it can be difficult narrowing it down to the conference that best fits your need. To make the search easier, we have identified the top nurse practitioner CME conferences to attend in 2021 to meet your career NP requirements.

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Weighing The Evidence: A Pharmacy Approach To Stroke Prevention In Obese Patients With Non

Participate Now In this CME Outfitters On Demand webcast, expert faculty review key aspects of the prescribing information, guidelines, and recently published safety and efficacy data for DOACs and warfarin in order to enable pharmacists and other clinicians to support evidence-based therapeutic treatment decisions in obese patients with NVAF.

Enhance Your Knowledge And Further Develop Your Skills

CME vs. CEU for Nurse Practitioners: What is the Difference?

You know the health care field changes rapidly. Thats why its so important that you have current, evidence-based education you need to enhance your knowledge and improve your practice skills so that you may provide the best possible care to your patients.

From live, AANP-developed activities to online video presentations and articles, there are hundreds of continuing education opportunities available to help you stay on top of your field and shape your practice.

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The Best 5 Nurse Practitioner Cme/ce Courses To Take In 2022

Like all clinicians, nurse practitioners need to fulfill continuing medical education and continuing education requirements to stay up-to-date on current practices and provide the best patient care. All clinicians are busy caring for the many patients returning to the clinic to catch up on neglected health maintenance from disruptions during the COVID-19 pandemic. As a convenience to you, Pri-Med offers free online CME/CE that can be completed on your schedule and even during short work breaks. We have chosen the five best and most helpful CME/CE courses for NPs for 2022. Read highlights about each course below.

Over 34 million Americans live with diabetes , and over 70 million adults have obesity.1 One in three people has prediabetes.1 NPs can gain insight into the latest treatments for both diabetes and obesity with our course:


  • Silvio E. Inzucchi, MD Professor of Medicine at Yale University School of Medicine Clinical Chief of Endocrinology at Yale-New Haven Hospital and Medical Director at Yale Diabetes Center
  • Anne Peters, MD Professor of Clinical Medicine and Director of the USC Clinical Diabetes Programs at USC Keck School of Medicine






Test Your Knowledge: An Interactive Session On Emerging Data And Expert Insights On Hepatitis B

Participate Now Live Webcast | Wednesday, April 7, 2021 | 12:00 – 1:30pm ET | Chronic hepatitis B imposes a significant disease burden, and identifying those at risk for HBV is imperative to implementing effective care. Test your knowledge during this interactive CME Outfitters Live and OnDemand webcast featuring augmented reality animations that will reinforce the fibrotic consequence of untreated HBV. Data presentation and translation will showcase the importance of implementing routine screening protocols, optimizing efficacy and safety profiles of current agents when initiating or switching treatment, and routinely monitoring patients with HBV for disease progression, hepatocellular carcinoma, and HBV reactivation.

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Browse Open Nurse Practitioner Jobs

To maintain their national board-certification and their state licensures, all nurse practitioners must complete a certain amount of continuing education on a recurring basis. For some NPs, a percentage of their continuing education must be pharmacology-related and another percentage must be specific to their medical specialty. Nurse practitioners should check with the Board of Nursing in the state that they are licensed to determine the continuing education requirements for their registered nurse and NP licensures. They should also check with their certifying board to ascertain the requirements to maintain their specialty certification.

After figuring out your requirements, the next step is finding the best continuing education. Whether it’s a live conference, online video, or text-based article, locating the best content can be difficult. Well, look no further! This post discusses six of my favorite places to find high-quality, evidence-based post-professional education for NPs.

Experience Qualityprocedural Trainingthat Makes You More Valuable

Opioid Depression Online Continuing Education for Nurse Practitioners

We provide the Best in Continuing Education for Primary and Urgent care Providers! Train on Realistic Synthetic Skin, NO ANIMAL PARTS used in any of our Hands-on Workshops! Practice Joint Injections on Smart Synthetic Models that give you feedback to improve your accuracy! Knees, Arms and Shoulders! Our Realistic Digital Smart Models Provide a High Quality learning experience, this will help you become the Best Provider in todays competitive industry! Lean to Suture Like a Pro! Quality Materials and Individualized Assistance! We provide you with a take Home Suture Kit! Your continued Practice at home will reinforce confidence in your new skills! Our Professional Hands-On Training is in a Relaxed Environment, our limited number small Class will make a big difference in helping you become the BEST Provider in the Healthcare Industry! AANP Approved! Register Today!

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Cme For Nurse Practitioners

Skin, Bones, Hearts & Private Parts is a leading provider of nurse practitioner continuing education. Our CME for nurse practitioners conferences are a unique and modern approach to the traditional method of earning CE credits. Come join us at one of our in-person CME conferences or learn on your own time with our CME NOW Live Streaming and On-demand events and programs.

At each event, nurse practitioners from across the country come together to network in an interactive and intimate group setting, while obtaining new perspectives in the medical field and gaining knowledge & expertise from engaging speakers.

NPs can take advantage of the opportunity to develop, learn, network, and unwind all in the most beautiful & relaxing locations!

Try One Of Our Free Questions From Our 25 Hour Pharmacology Ce Package For Aprns

Upon completion of the activities in the 25-hour Pharmacotherapeutics CE package, participants should be able to:

  • Satisfy your national certification requirement for 25 pharmacology hours
  • More confidently manage chronic and acute illnesses commonly seen by FNPs
  • More effectively coordinate their patients medications
  • Safely perform their professional duties as a prescriber

Customer review:

Why waste time traveling to a conference and miss spending time with your family when you can get all of your CE and CME credits at your own convenience?

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How Many Ceus Do Nurses Need Per Year

To determine how many CEUs nurses need by state, has compiled a complete list of CEU requirements and state board contact information. Some states specify requirements for specific educational classes, including child abuse, narcotic, and COVID vaccination, as part of the total mandatory CEU credits.

On average, nurses will need to earn 20-30 contact hours with every nursing license renewal . Once your renewal window passes, your CEU accumulation starts over again. You cannot carry over CEUs from previous years and use them throughout your career. This forces nurses to truly educate themselves in a consistent manner year to year.

What Online Continuing Education Courses Are Best For New Nurse Practitioners

Guide: Continuing Education for Nurse Practitioners (Requirements ...

Nurse practitioner continuing education is required for every licensed nurse practitioner. As a continuing education company, Skills On Point offers a broad assortment of courses covering many areas of education. We frequently get asked by our audience what courses are best for new graduate nurse practitioners and experienced nurse practitioners and the answer is the same: Any of them! Here is a brief dive into some of the most popular courses we offer and why they may help you out regardless of your level of experience.

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Streamlining The Journey To A Cure: Optimizing The Hepatitis C Virus Care Cascade

Participate Now Recent studies have shown persistent gaps in the HCV care continuum, with underdiagnosis and undertreatment being the major barriers toward achieving the goal of eliminating HCV. With primary care clinicians and community health workers representing an important front-line resource for early screening and treatment for HCV infection, it is imperative to educate primary care providers and community health workers to expand the HCV workforce and linkage-to-care opportunities.This CME Outfitters on-demand webcast features expert faculty hosting an interactive discussion on implementing HCV screening, developing new methods of coordinated care, and addressing barriers to treatment access.

Advanced Practice Education Associates

Advanced Practice Education Associates is a nurse practitioner founded company that offers certification preparation resources, continuing education, books, and an online clinical reference library. Throughout the year, they conduct live courses across the United States. Their books include pocket references, clinical practice guidelines, and certification practice questions. My favorite aspect of APEA is their online resource called CareOnPoint. Nurse practitioners pay a subscription to access an online database of primary care clinical guidelines, and they earn contact hours just by searching and reading the content.

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Dual Diagnosis: Understanding Co

About: Behavioral health professionals have a responsibility to be aware of the complex relationship between mental illness and substance abuse or dependence, known as dual diagnoses or co-occurring disorders. Topics include characteristics and prevalence, theories, screening and assessment, and treatment of dual diagnosis.

Hitting The Target With Il

Alzheimers Disease Online Nurse Practitioner NP CEU CNE Course Credit
Participate Now Psoriatic arthritis is a chronic, inflammatory, musculoskeletal disease with a significant impact on quality of life and functional ability. Despite the data showing the overall impact of PsA, delays in diagnosis are common, which can lead to long-term joint damage and functional disability.In this CME Outfitters OnDemand activity, expert faculty focus on assessment, treatment, and management strategies to provide patients with the best treatment aligned with evolving evidence and expert recommendations.

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The Online Ce Portal Is Where Its At

We use a dedicated learning management software for the online continuing education for nurses and nurse practitioners which can be found HERE and unlike many of our competitors, we do not force you to subscribe for a set duration of time for access to our content. With Skills On Point, you are building a practice for the rest of your life with our knowledge and training and we value that as a durable resource for the duration of your career! All of our courses come with lifetime access and with any update that may occur, the content will also be provided in an updated fashion without any disruption or additional cost to you as the consumer!

What Are Cme Requirements For Nurse Practitioners

There are not as many variables in CMEs for nurse practitioners as there are for physicians, but there are four. The differences come from the four national boards that award and maintain nurse practitioner certifications. Each nurse practitioner must obtain recertification through the same board that awarded the original certification after graduation from nurse practitioner school. Each board differs in the specialties they certify, their renewal cycles, specific CME requirements, and cost. The four boards are:

  • American Nurses Credentialing Center
  • Pediatric Nursing Certification Board
  • National Certification Corporation
  • American Academy of Nurse Practitioners Certification Program
  • To determine your specific CME requirements check with your specific board. There can be detailed differences you need to know about. For example:

    • The ANCC requires either 1000 practice hours in the NPs specialty or the retaking of the certification exam. Seventy-five hours of CME is also required and 25 must be related to pharmacology.
    • That AANPCP requires that a nurse practitioner choose to either retake the certification exam or document 1000 hours of clinical practice and earn 100 hours of continuing education .

    Although there are differences, generally NPs can combine CMEs with practice hours gained through clinical work. All NPs must have proof of an active registered nurse license as well.

    To learn more, check the following resources:


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    The Road To Remission: Assessing Todays Treatment Goals In Crohns Disease

    Participate Now In Crohnâs disease , an inflammatory bowel disease that affects at least 780,000 people in the United States, management goals have recently evolved from controlling symptoms to early treatment and achieving endoscopic and histologic remission, which can help a patient avoid progressive bowel wall damage. The only treatments effective in achieving endoscopic remission are novel targeted therapies, which makes it imperative for clinicians to have a working knowledge of these treatments and to optimally incorporate them into their clinical practice.This live webcast will feature case-based learning supported by expert faculty translation, providing a real-world roadmap for the management of CD that reflects these changing treatment goals. Special attention will be paid to identifying predictors for treatment response, differentiating targeted therapies, and translating available efficacy data into real-world effectiveness so that clinicians will be able to choose the appropriate therapies at the right times for individual patients.

    Targeted Therapy For Her2 And Her3

    Nurses Expand Scope of Practice, Study Acupuncture
    Participate Now Breast cancer is a heterogeneous disease with human epidermal growth factor receptor 2 overexpression and/or amplification observed in 20%-30% of cases. HER2-positive BC correlates with poor clinical outcomes unless appropriately treated with targeted therapy. Despite significant therapeutic advances, many patients experience disease progression with resistance to targeted agents developing over the course of treatment.This CME Outfitters OnDemand webcast will provide up-to-date education on this rapidly evolving field, in order to better tailor treatment strategies, leading to improved patient outcomes. Additionally, faculty will discuss COVID-19 and its impact on patients with BC.

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    Starting Your Career As An Advanced Practice Rn

    About: The current healthcare environment offers new opportunities and a growing demand for advanced practice registered nurses. The American Association of Colleges of Nursing describes four types of nurses who are considered APRNs: certified nurse practitioners, certified nurse-midwives, certified registered nurse anesthetists, and clinical nurse specialists. The scope of practice for APRNs varies from state to state. This module will provide initial guidance to an RN who is interested in returning to school to attain an advanced degree and transition to become an APRN.

    Mayo Clinic Nurse Practitioners And Physician Assistants Cme

    Mayo Clinic offers engaging and diverse nurse practitioners and physician assistants continuing medical education that includes live courses and conferences, podcasts, and online courses. Learners benefit from opportunities to hone skills, gain competence, and grow professionally in ways that may be immediately applied to individual practice and system improvement.

    Through Mayo Clinic nurse practitioners and physician assistants CME, cutting-edge information is presented on healthcare delivery, clinical practice, medical research, quality improvements and more to help physicians, advanced practice providers, and nurses best serve the patient.

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    Take Free Pharmacology Cme/ce Courses For Nurse Practitioners

    Pri-Meds pharmacology courses provide nurse practitioners with timely primary care updates you can apply to your practice immediately. Learn from renowned faculty and choose from hundreds of courses across 30 therapeutic areas.

    New to Pri-Med? Create your free account in less than 60 seconds and begin earning your pharmacology credits.

    What Are Cme Requirements For Physician Assistants

    Suicide Assessment Online Nurse Practitioner NP CEU CNE Course Credit

    CME requirements for physician assistants are different from those for a physician or nurse practitioner. PAs must participate in a 10-year certification of maintenance process that includes five two-year cycles. The requirements are highly specific, so make sure you create a plan that allows you to adhere to them.

    The National Commission on Certification of Physician Assistants has the most specific details on accumulating CMEs during the two cycles. They are as follows:

    • During each two-year cycle, you must earn and log at least 100 CME credits online
    • At least 50 must be Category 1 CME credits
    • The remaining 50 credits can be Category 1, Category 2 or a combination of both.
  • Two types of Category 1 CME are self-assessment CME and PI-CME. They are not required, but the NCCPA say they recognize the value of these very interactive types of CME, and will weight these types of CME more heavily.
  • They will award 50% additional credit for all activities designated for self-assessment Category 1 CME credit .
  • Also, the first 20 PI-CME credits logged during every two-year cycle will be doubled when logged with NCCPA.
  • PAs must know their certification window and must document all CMEs online. According to the NCCPA:

    The NCCPA provides the following guidance:

    • Your CME earning and logging window begins May 1 of the year your current certification was issued and continues through December 31 of the certification expiration year.

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