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Nursing Schools That Start In January

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What Are The Typical Nursing School Prerequisites

Lutheran School of Nursing has until January to report changes to state oversight board

Nursing school prerequisites will depend on the type of program you are entering and the individual program requirements, so you should check with your school of choice for the most accurate list of prerequisites. Typically, BSN programs will require the successful completion of prerequisites like Human Anatomy & Physiology, Biology, Chemistry, Human Growth and Development, and other standard general education coursework.

What Housing Situation Do You Want

Depending on where you study, housing can end up being a significant cost. If you decide to move away from home to earn your degree, you’ll need to figure out where to live. Fortunately, you have a few options.

University housing, such as dorms or apartments, provides a location close to your courses. However, university housing is often more expensive than off-campus housing.

Off-campus housing lets you live nearly anywhere you want. You may be further from campus, but this could place you closer to clinicals.

If you live off-campus, you’ll need to pick the best neighborhood for your situation. Busy cities like New York, Philadelphia, and Los Angeles can be expensive, and living in the suburbs could be the most affordable option.

College towns like Chapel Hill in North Carolina and Ann Arbor in Michigan tend to have the most choices for student housing off-campus.

Nursing School And Program Guide Of 2021

If you are looking for a career where you can help people while also earning excellent compensation in one of the fastest-growing career fields, pursuing a degree in nursing may be a good fit for you. Nursing School 411 is a comprehensive guide that will provide you with essential information about nursing licensure and school options for earning a degree at the nations best nursing schools to start or advance your nursing career.

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Online & Campus Top Nursing Schools By State

Since nursing is a growing field and nurses always seem to be in short supply, there are plenty of options for potential nurses when it comes to pursuing a degree in the field. Many schools offer on-campus programs, both for those who are new to the field and for those who have already been working in nursing but wish to advance their careers by obtaining a degree. The programs geared toward working professional nurses offer flexible class schedules and many allow students to complete the practicum part of their degrees at their current place of employment. With the wide range of options available to you as a potential nursing student, you should do your research to ensure you attend a well-respected, accredited school. Or let us do the work for you. We feature accredited nursing colleges, schools, and universities for you to begin your search for the program that best fits your needs. Click on a state below to read more about accredited nursing programs specific to that state.

University Of Texas Tyler

Nursing January 2020 starts

The University of Texas at Tyler offers some of its nursing degrees online and was ranked seventh by US News for its online options. UT-Tyler offers an entirely online RN-BSN-Mobility in Nursing Education degree that takes as little as 12 months of intensive study. It features minimal clinical time since students are already working in nursing. The university also offers an online MSN degree, with tracks in Online Nursing Administration-MSN, Online Nursing Education-MSN, Web-Enhanced Nurse Practitioner, RN-MSN, Online MSN-MBA, and an Online Nursing Education Certificate.

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Finding Accredited Nursing Schools

Accreditation can apply to an entire school or a specific degree program. Entire schools can be accredited by a national or regional accreditation body. The US Department of Education recognizes a select few accreditation bodies to evaluate the quality of a school. You can find out if a school is accredited by searching the US Department of Educations database on their website. School accreditation is important because it is required for federal financial aid and for transferring credits to a different school. Additionally, accreditation provides assurance that a school is legitimate and meets a minimum level of quality.

Nursing programs at the bachelors and graduate level are accredited by The Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education. You can find a nursing programs CCNE accreditation status by searching the CCNEs database. Another nursing accreditation body is The Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing which accredits nursing programs at all levels. You can find a programs ACEN accreditation status by searching their database. For nurse anesthesia programs and nurse midwife programs the accreditation bodies are The Council on Accreditation of Nurse Anesthesia Educational Programs and The American College of Nurse-Midwives Division of Accreditations Accreditation Commission for Midwifery Education respectively.

Bachelor Of Science In Nursing

The UFV Nursing program is designed to meet the needs of two groups: students who wish to pursue a career in nursing and LPNs who wish to complete a nursing degree. The degree prepares graduates for employment in a variety of health care settings.

The Nursing program has two intakes per year, in September and January. The program provides two streams:

  • Four-year option
  • Three-year option
  • LPN Access: this provides an opportunity for Licensed Practical Nurses to bridge into the Nursing program in a 2.5-year fast track option
  • The Nursing program offers instruction in nursing, health sciences, social sciences, and research, and an opportunity for advanced focus in a variety of areas.

    This program is recognized by the British Columbia College of Nursing Professionals. Graduates will be eligible to write the registration examinations.

    Course delivery options vary and include independent study, lectures, seminars, multimedia approaches, and simulation in labs and tutorials. The clinical experiences include hospitals and community agencies with supervised practica, preceptorships, and observational experiences.

    Note: Clinical experience may include extended work days, evening shifts, and weekends.

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    Before Looking At Nursing Schools Ask Yourself These Questions:

    So before applying for degrees, ask yourself:

    • Do I want to study at a large or small school?
    • Do I want a private or public education?
    • Do I prefer to study in a busy city or a small town? Am I planning on starting a nursing career in the same city or town as the college/university?
    • Nursing licenses are offered by states, so is there a specific state where I want to start my nursing career?
    • Do I want to earn a two-year ADN or a four-year BSN? Or, do I want to go even further into advanced practice by earning a master’s of science in nursing , doctorate of nursing practice , or a Ph.D. in nursing?
    • Do I want to become a nurse educator after practicing in the healthcare setting for a few years?
    • Do I need an online or hybrid option?

    Paying For Nursing School

    St. Louis’ 100-year-old nursing school will not accept new students

    While costs may seem steep, most nursing students end up paying much less thanks to financial aid.

    Some forms of financial aid for nursing students include:

    Students worried about the cost of programs can always begin by getting their ADN. ADNs can be completed at community colleges, which typically charge much lower tuition rates than four-year colleges and universities. Doing this can save students thousands of dollars.

    BSN programs, on the other hand, typically cost more than ADN programs and take twice as long to complete. However, BSN programs help nurses find higher-paying positions. Students with enough financial aid would have a hard time justifying an ADN program over a BSN program.

    Which choice is a better financial decision? That depends on the student. Talk with a financial advisor to decide the best choice, and let each school’s financial aid office know you’re looking for help with the cost of your nursing degree.

    If you couldnt possibly afford to stay in school for four years, you could go for an ADN and then complete your BSN after starting your career in patient care.

    A lot of employers offer tuition assistance for ADN nurses working toward their BSN degrees. In exchange for helping pay tuition, the employer may require you to commit to staying on the job for a few years.

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    Applicants Using Foreign Education Courses

    Students who have completed courses outside of the United States must have foreign transcripts evaluated by an evaluation service approved by Fresno City College. Please meet with a Fresno City College Counselor/Allied Health and Nursing Counselor.

    The program application is accessible only during the Application Period:

    Traditional RN – January 7-February 4, 2022 LVN-RN Articulation – October 4-November 2, 2021

    All applicants and reapplicants must complete the online Registered Nursing Program Application along with all required supporting documentation . All applicants who applied prior to 2021 are considered new applicants and must follow requirements for new applicants.

    Reapplicants will not be required to submit previously submitted college/university transcripts or ATI TEAS results. Reapplicants will be required to submit ALL updated supporting documents, including but not limited to, results from ATI TEAS retakes not previously submitted and transcripts from outside institutions showing courses completed between application periods .

    For an overview and assistance with completing the online Program Application, workshops are available via Zoom during the application period. These sessions will not provide a review of your application for completeness. Please read all information on Step 3 to review your application for completeness.

    RN Application Workshop Dates and Times:

    The Next : Honorable Mentions Based On Our Methodology

    Considering there are nearly 1,000 baccalaureate nursing programs in the United States, picking only 10 means weve discussed only the top 1% of the nations nursing schools.

    These next 10 schools didnt make our top 10 list, but they came close:

    • University of Illinois in Chicago
    • University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
    • University of Texas
    • Yale University
    • Boston College
    • Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio
    • Purdue University
    • University of Florida
    • Ohio State University
    • University of Pittsburgh

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    What Are The Workload Requirements Of The Program

    This is a very demanding full-time program, working during the terms is not recommended. The program schedule requires attending classes, labs or clinical approximately 30 hours each week. Several hours of homework, which includes class and clinical preparation, will be required each evening. You will also need to plan time for library research and group work.

    Case Western Reserve University


    Case Western Reserve Universitys Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing is tied for #8 in US News & World Reports rankings of graduate nursing programs. CWRU offers a BSN, MSN, DNP, PhD, Post-Masters Certificate, and Dual Doctorate PhD/DNP program. The BSN and MSN programs are accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing, Inc. and the DNP program is accredited by the CCNE. In addition to being ranked #8 for best nursing schools by US News, the university is ranked #5 for the publications top DNP programs. Established in 1923, the Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing is well-respected in the field.

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    Reputation Of The School

    The reputation or prestige of the school will not only indicate the quality of education provided but will also send a signal to employers. A degree from a highly regarded institution can help your resume stand out and will create a more positive perception of your nursing abilities. A more highly regarded school may also provide a more rigorous education, better preparing you for your career in nursing.

    Discover The Institute For Applied Health Sciences At Mcmaster

    The Institute for Applied Health Sciences is located in West Hamilton on the McMaster campus. The IAHS campus is where the majority of our health programs are taught. Learn more about the IAHS:

    Explore our many videos, online resources and program options within the Open House+ website.

    Were here for you to support applications and admissions by providing online and virtual service.

    Applied and have questions?The admissions team is available to help, you can contact them via Admissions or by phone at 1-844-767-6871.

    Contact us or phone 905-575-2460.

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    Studying With Us During The Covid

    The University has put in place measures in response to Covid-19 to allow us to safely deliver our courses. Should the impact of the pandemic continue in future years, any additional or alternative arrangements put in place by the University will be in accordance with the latest government public health advice, health and safety legislation, and the terms and conditions of the student contract.

    Nursing School Time Line At A Glance

    Goodbye (NRSNG) . . . (coming 2020)

    Staying organized and following a set of specific steps can help you apply to nursing school and increase your likelihood of acceptance. It typically takes at least several months to complete the entire process from start to finish. Here’s what a typical application time line looks like.

    Complete Required Prerequisites for Nursing School
    Collect Necessary Application Materials
    Prepare For and Take the ACT or TEAS
    Apply to Desired Nursing School Programs
    Continue Working or Volunteering as You Await Results
    Prepare for Nursing Program Interviews
    Receive Acceptance or Rejection Letter from Schools

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    Waitlisted For September 2022

    Ontario College Diploma

    • Communicate therapeutically with clients and members of the health care team.
    • Assess clients across the life span, in a systematic and holistic manner.
    • Plan safe and competent nursing care, based upon a thorough analysis of available data and evidence-informed practice guidelines.
    • Select and perform nursing interventions using clinical judgment, in collaboration with the client and, where appropriate, the health care team, that promote health and well-being, prevent disease and injury…
    • Evaluate the outcomes resulting from all interventions in the nurse-client interaction and modify the plan of care as required.
    • Act equitably and justly with clients and members of the health care team.
    • Adapt to a variety of health care settings, using different leadership skills and styles as appropriate to each setting.
    • Contribute to creating a healthy and safe work environment in a variety of health care settings.
    • Practice in a self-regulated, professional and ethical manner, complying with relevant legislation and with the standards of both the regulatory body and the practice setting to provide safe and competent client care.

    University Of South Carolina

    The University of South Carolinas College of Nursing is ranked #1 by US News & World Reports best online graduate nursing programs of 2016. Both the MSN and DNP programs are delivered online, with some clinical courses requiring visits to Columbia, South Carolina, for check-offs with faculty. Online courses at USC are interactive and collaborative, incorporating group work, multi-media presentations, and critiquing peer work. The Blackboard course management is used and courses are delivered asynchronously to accommodate a variety of work schedules. The online program requires the same workload as the face-to-face courses.

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    New For Fall 2022 Admission

    Individuals interested in the McMaster Nursing program at Mohawk College will submit their application through OUAC . Applicants will select: Nursing BScN Program Code: MNM to make an application to the Mohawk site.


    Current Ontario High School Students: Deadlines for Canadian or International applicants not currently attending an Ontario high school:

    Please refer to the following website for updated deadlines: Ontario University Application Centre DeadlinesIf you have admissions-related questions for Fall 2022 please contact bscnadm

    Additional Documents Required Prior To Full Acceptance :

    New Year, New Career
    • Valid Standard First Aid certificate.
    • Basic Rescuer ââ¬â Level C certificate .
    • Proof of valid driver’s licence .
    • Completion of an immunization program prior to the program start date. Immunization forms will be included with the letter of acceptance. Proof of immunization must be received by the date specified.

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    Why Are Communication Skills Important For Nursing Students

    Student must be fluent in written and oral English.

    For safety reasons student nurses must be able to communicate and interact with a wide range of health care professionals, patients, and families in the hospital and community. It is essential that you understand verbal and written instructions, and be clearly understood when providing information to patients, families, doctors, nurses and your instructor.

    University Of Maryland Baltimore

    Baltimores University of Maryland School of Nursing was founded 125 years ago and is tied with three other schools for #8 on the US News & World Reports list of best graduate nursing programs in 2017. UMs School of Nursing offers a traditional BSN, a Clinical Nurse Leader masters program for applicants with a bachelors degree in another field who wish to enter into nursing, an RN-to-BSN and an RN-to-MS program for current nurses looking to advance in their careers, an MSN in specialties like Community/Public Health Nursing, Nursing Informatics, Nurse Anesthesia, Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner-Family, a DNP, a PhD, as well as dual degrees in MSN/Master of Business Administration and MSN/Master in Public Health .

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    Course Overview & Descriptions

    Program of studies for the Nursing Degree program

    All programs include blended learning which integrates both face-to-face learning and online learning in the delivery of a course. Find out more about blended learning.

    How Many Days Per Week Is A Bcit Nursing Student In The Hospital

    Nightingale College Valedictorian Address, Jan 2014 Nursing School

    Students are in a practice course up to 2 days per week, until the final term of the program. In the final term of the program, students are in the hospital or community up to five full days per week.

    Clinical days are scheduled on a changing rotation with shifts varying from five to twelve hours in length. Shifts can include weekends and holidays.

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