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Nursing School Without Entrance Exam

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North Shore Community College


Located in Danvers, near the northeast coast of Massachusetts, is North Shore Community College. Just roughly 20 miles from Boston, NSCC offers a two-year associate nursing degree program that prepares students to pass the state nursing exam and become registered nurses. The transcript requirements to enter the program include Cs or better in high school algebra, biology and chemistry and, according to the program’s website, “satisfactory achievement in the TEAS entrance examination for Schools of Nursing.” The Test of Essential Academic Skills is a basic 170-question, multiple-choice test covering math, English, science and language that is administered to anyone entering a nursing program.

Easiest To Get Into Private Nursing Schools For Bsn Programs

Acceptance Rate:

2.Bellin College – Green Bay, WI

Acceptance Rate:

3.Rochester University – Rochester Hills, MI

Acceptance Rate:

4.Milligan University – Milligan, TN

Acceptance Rate:

5.Nyack College – New York, NY

Acceptance Rate:

6.Nebraska Methodist College – Omaha, NE

Acceptance Rate:

7.Concordia University-Saint Paul – St. Paul, MN

Acceptance Rate:

8.The University of Saint Francis – Fort Wayne, IN

Acceptance Rate:

9.Benedictine College – Atchison, KS

Acceptance Rate:

10.Trinity Washington University – Washington, DC

Acceptance Rate:

Nursing School Admission Requirements

Requirements for applying to nursing school vary by program, and every institution maintains different admission guidelines. Be sure to double check your prospective school’s requirements before applying.

The list below includes some common requirements to get into nursing school:

  • Admissions application
  • Previous academic degree
  • Minimum GPA that meets your prospective program’s requirements
  • Personal essay or statement of purpose
  • Letters of recommendation
  • Admissions interviews

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Documentation For Direct Admission In Bsc Nursing

There are few documents required for applying for BSc nursing direct admission. I would suggest you keep at least 3 attested copies of the documents with you for any future use.

You have to submit the original documents to the college without fail, which you can redeem after the completion of the course.

The documents required for direct admission in BSc nursing are:

  • 12th marks card.
  • Community certificate, if applicable.
  • Eligibility certificate from the university, for some universities only.

If you are having plans to apply for an educational loan, then I can arrange the supporting documents from the college and university.

Accelerated Bachelor’s To Bsn

30 Best School of Nursing In Nigeria, Their School Fees, And Admission ...

For students who hold a non-nursing Bachelor’s degree, an accelerated nursing program offers a faster way of earning a Bachelor’s degree in nursing. These programs may have a higher standard for admission than traditional programs, such as a minimum 3.0 GPA and a requirement of “hands-on” healthcare volunteer hours, but the waiting list may be shorter than other programs.

Accelerated BSN programs can be completed faster because they omit breaks and often have more intense courses so that they can be completed in a shorter amount of time. Since the same amount of clinical hours are required for any entry-level RN program, they may be scheduled at a grueling pace. For these reasons, many students find this type of program more challenging than traditional programs. Balancing family life and keeping up with friends may also be difficult. However, for the ambitious student who is good at setting priorities, the reward is working as an RN quickly!

Learn more about accelerated BSN programs.

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Master’s Degree In Nursing Program

The MSN Degree Program is designed to prepare Baccalaureate Nursing graduates for post-licensure education. Graduates of the program will earn a Master of Science in Nursing degree with a focus in nursing education and leadership. The MSN program consists of a total of 56 quarter credit hours, which can be completed in as little as 15-18 months. The curriculum design includes core courses that would allow students to pursue a post-graduate certificate.

Bachelor Of Science In Nursing Completion Option

This program is for the student that has already met the prerequisite requirements for the BSN completion program and consists of seven quarters of nursing courses with both didactic and clinical components built on a foundation of general education courses transferred in from other accredited institutions.

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What You Need To Get Into Undergraduate Nursing School

Undergraduate nursing school requirements are quite similar to any other college requirements:

  • Complete your application and have it submitted by the deadline.
  • Complete your application for federal student aid by the deadline.
  • If you have an option to visit the campus and participate in an admissions interview, do so. Some nursing schools dont have the resources to interview every student so when you have the chance you should take it.
  • Any applicable transcripts must be included.
  • Know what exams you must have taken, ie. SAT, Nursing School Entrance Exam, and any others.
  • Apply for any applicable scholarships or grants through the school or other sources
  • You must have a high school diploma or a GED.
  • Meet any GPA requirements.

Your Guide To Nursing Entrance Exams


Are you getting ready to take your nursing entrance exam? Read on for all of the essential information you need to prepare for the most commonly used nursing school exams.

Are you ready to earn your online nursing degree?

If you are applying to nursing school, you may be required to take a nursing school entrance exam.

These exams determine your likelihood for success in a nursing program. Schools use them to assess your knowledge in different academic- and healthcare-related areas. Questions on these exams also test your comprehension, critical thinking, and communication skills.

The type of exam you take depends on the program you are applying to and the degree you want to earn. In this guide, we introduce some of the common nursing entrance exams you might come across. If you want to know more about the testing and application process for a specific nursing program, it is a good idea to contact your nursing school of choice.

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When Should You Apply For Nursing School

While deadlines differ by school, the earlier you apply, the better. If you are considering a program with a fall start date, try applying for nursing school the winter before. If the school requires recommendation letters, give your references at least one month’s notice before you plan to submit your nursing application.

Take The Entrance Exam

While some schools rely on other assessments to examine nursing candidates reading, math, science and English skills, most programs use the Test of Essential Academic Skills . This is a standardized exam proctored through Assessment Technologies Institute.

The purpose of this test is to gauge a students readiness for enrollment in a nursing program. Its similar to other standardized tests youve likely taken in the past, consisting of 170 multiple-choice questions to be answered in 209 minutes.

Be sure to prepare yourself for the big day by taking practice tests online, forming study groups and reading up on expert tips to pass the test. Knowing what to expect is half the battle, and being well-prepared as you walk into the exam room will boost your confidence and help you succeed.

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Choose A Nursing Degree Type

Defining your career goals can help you determine which degree you should pursue. While prospective CNAs and LPN/LVNs can enroll in educational programs specifically for those positions, aspiring RNs can either pursue an associate or bachelor’s degree. A graduate degree prepares candidates to become nurse practitioners or other nursing specialties such as nurse executive, informatics specialist, nurse educator, or public health.

There are many reasons individuals pursue CNA positions. CNAs aid patients with basic tasks, like bathing and mobility, under the supervision of an LPN/LVN or RN. While they may help nurses with responsibilities, such as monitoring vital signs or dressing wounds, they generally cannot offer medical care without supervision.

Due to these limitations, CNA training programs are shorter than other nursing diploma or degree programs. Most last about 4-12 weeks. Students can enroll in CNA programs at community or technical colleges, hospitals, Red Cross centers, or even high schools.

LPN/LVN training programs equip graduates with a certificate or diploma. These programs generally require about a year of study, but may last anywhere from 7-24 months. Graduates must pass the NCLEX-PN to legally work in their state.

LPN/LVNs provide patients with routine care, like inserting catheters or checking vital signs. You can read about the five best-paying LPN/LVN jobs here, or check out this page to explore five different career paths for these professionals.

South Dakota State University

I Failed My First Nursing School Test

South Dakota State University has been educating nurses at the bachelors, masters, and doctoral levels for over 80 years. The faculty offers 160 open seats, and 184 applied for these seats in spring 2021, as you can see on this page. The universitys acceptance rate is above 90%.

Requirements are also quite low to get into, although you can see from the statistics page that admitted students are way above the requirements, at least GPA wise. But what are the minimum requirements to apply? Here they are:

  • A cumulative GPA of 2.7
  • A pre-nursing GPA of 2.7
  • Completion of the following courses with a grade of at least C:
  • Chemistry Survey and lab
  • Anatomy with lab
  • Physiology with lab

Thats it. You dont need letters of recommendation or pre-nursing experience. Having them makes the committee more likely to accept your application, so I suggest clocking in at least 50 hours of pre-nursing experience. I told you how to get some experience in the prerequisites section.

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Evaluation Of Transfer Credit

Prior to acceptance to the Montefiore School of Nursing:

  • The Admissions Recruiter reviews official transcripts for acceptable transfer credits.
  • The applicant is informed of the courses that will be credited from outside institutions.
  • The applicant is given the option to agree or disagree with the Admissions Recruiters decision.
  • If the candidate agrees, the transfer courses are entered on the Official Notification of Transfer Credit form.
  • If the candidate disagrees and believes more course work should be credited, it is the candidates responsibility to supply a course syllabus for the year the course was taken.
  • The Admissions Committee will review the course syllabus.
  • The candidate receives written notification of the decision by the Office of Admissions.

Identify The Level Of Nursing Education Youll Need

As you inch closer toward determining the type of nurse youd like to become, youll want to start looking into the specifics surrounding the educational commitment that will be expected of you. If youre looking to become an LPN, for example, you can earn your diploma in as few as 12 months.*

If youre more partial to the job responsibilities and opportunities that could await you as an RN, you can earn your ADN in as few as 18 months, while the traditional BSN route is more likely to take as few as 33 months.* If youve already obtained a bachelors degree in a different field and youd like to pursue a BSN as your second degree, you can complete a program in closer to 18 months.*

There is also an option for practicing RNs who are not yet baccalaureate-qualified to earn a BSN in as few as 18 months with online RN to BSN programs.* And finally, if youre hoping to take your career even further with an MSN, youll need to first earn your BSN and then complete at least another 18 months of schooling to become Masters-qualified.*

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Is The Teas Test Hard

Just like the SAT or ACT, the TEAS exam tests material that you should have learned during high school. Youre not expected to know any advanced or college-level material.

That being said, some people do find the TEAS test difficult. Some people struggle with standardized tests in general, so they have a hard time taking the TEAS exam. Others struggle because the TEAS exam covers a wide variety of topics, from reading to math.

The TEAS exam is designed to be rigorous because nursing school is rigorous. The difficulty of the test allows nursing schools to assess whether or not youre prepared for their program. While the concepts it tests might be simple, the questions themselves vary in difficulty.

Requirements For Applying To Graduate Nursing School

Things to Know Before Taking the NLN (PAX-RN) Nursing School Entrance Exam

Graduate level nursing has become more popular especially given the rise in distance education. More and more Masters nursing programs are available as online degree programs for working RNs and students located in areas not local to a nursing school.

  • BSN degree from an accredited nursing school, or Bachelors degree in a non-related field
  • RN license
  • Complete application submitted by the deadline
  • Attached transcripts

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What Do Nursing Schools Look For In Applicants

Most nursing schools want to know that you have the desire and ability to learn. Their admission requirements, such as your GPA, personal essay, and test scores, are designed to give them a good sense of this.

They likely want to see that you have good communication skills. Nurses are expected to be able to communicate both verbally and in written form. The medical field is continuing to go digital as well, so you may need to demonstrate that you are comfortable with technology.

Before Applying To Nursing School

Before applying to nursing schools, carefully examine each institution’s academic prerequisites. Prospective undergraduates should obtain their high school transcripts, while MSN applicants should contact their previous schools for their official undergraduate transcripts.

You should also take the appropriate entrance exam. These may include the ACT, SAT, and GRE, depending on the program. Many programs will require a specific nursing entrance exam, such as the HESI, ATI, TEAS, NLN Pre-Admission Exam , Nursing Entrance Test , or Kaplan Admissions Test. In addition, you will likely need to submit one or more letters of recommendation with your nursing application.

Feeling overwhelmed? Check out our helpful breakdown of a nursing school application timeline.

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There Are A Wealth Of Study Materials To Help You Prepare

Maybe you went into the exam thinking youd easily have it in the bag only to be caught off-guard. The good news is that youre not alone.

A lot of people think they dont need to study for the TEAS exam and theres a misconception that they can just show up and take it, says Georgia Vest, Senior Dean of Nursing at Rasmussen College. This can end up being a rude awakening for some.

But the good news? The remedy to this is at your fingertips. The Rasmussen College Library and Learning Services team recommends several free options for TEAS prep, including:

  • Mobile apps
  • GED prep books from your local library

You may also want to consider paying for test prep exam materials. ATI Testing offers several options that can be a big helpafter all, theyre the people who wrote the exam.

Nursing Schools Without Prerequisites

Bachelor of Science Nursing

In order to qualify for accreditation from the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education or the National League for Nursing Commission for Nursing Education Accreditation , nursing schools must adhere to certain curriculum standards.

In addition to nursing classes, these curriculum standards include classes in the sciences, math, and liberal arts.

Below are a few schools that may be accepting applicants into a nursing program.

As these general education classes provide the basis for the nursing classes and clinical rotations, most schools require prospective students to complete them as prerequisites, before applying to the nursing program. This practice has the advantage of weeding out prospective students who are not fully committed to the nursing profession, as well as forcing students to space out intense classes. This course progression is very common, as it sets a nursing student up for success in his program.

However, some schools do offer nursing courses and general education courses simultaneously. Students who enroll in these schools do not need to complete any prerequisites.

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I Previously Graduated From Or Attended Umson Do I Need To Send In All Of My Transcripts Again

Yes, you are required to submit transcripts every time you apply to a new program however, you do not need to submit an official transcript from UMSON and do not need to pay for one to be sent. The Office of Admissions and Student Scholarships will upload a copy of your UMSON transcript to your application.

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Ways To Get Accepted Into Nursing School

Research multiple schools to find the right fit Nursing programs are now offered at many, many types of schools. From big public institutions to small private nursing schools the options have never been greater.

Ask yourself some key questions about each school:

  • What type of learning environment do I thrive in?
  • Do I require a lot of extra help and one-on-one teaching and will I be accommodated?
  • Can I afford tuition or qualify for enough financial aid?
  • Is the commute realistic?
  • Do I have to arrange my own clinical hours or does the school arrange them?

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Why More Colleges Are Going Test

In the past, community colleges were the only schools that did not require ACT or SAT scores. The COVID-19 pandemic and other factors led to an increase in test-optional schools. In fact, some organizations advocate for test-optional admissions. See below for two reasons.

Not all students perform well on standardized tests. Some learners experience test anxiety despite retaining information well. Some data show that GPAs predict college success better than these exam scores. In fact, high school GPAs have been shown to be five times better than ACT scores at > predicting graduation rates.

Biases sometimes exist in standardized testing. One study found Asian American and white students averaged scores higher than 1100 on the SAT. Learners from all other groups averaged below 1000. Income may also influence students’ performance. Learners with family incomes less than $20,000 received an average score of 433 on the ACT reading section. Students with a family income above $200,000 received an average score of 570.

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