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Nursing Programs In Southern California

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Infrastructure And Revitalization Financing Districts

Southern California COVID-19 Nursing Research

About: Infrastructure and Revitalization Financing Districts are another tax-increment financing tool to enable local agencies to finance infrastructure improvements, public facilities, brownfield restoration, property acquisition, commercial and industrial development, affordable housing, military base reuse and more. Facilities must have a useful life of 15 years or longer and meet communitywide significance requirements. IRFDs are governed by an existing legislative body that formed the district. The governing body must adopt an Infrastructure Financing Plan which identifies the facilities intended to be funded by IRFD revenues. Issuance of bonds funding IRFD facilities is subject to district voter approval.

District Type: Community Facility Financing District

Eligible Use of Funds: Construct, acquire, rehabilitate capital projects with at least a 15-year lifespan acquire property military base reuse

Eligible Lead Entities: City, county, city and county, military base reuse authority

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Student Success Is Our Purpose

The UCLA School of Nursing prepares students to excel in patient care, research, education, and leadership. Its six academic programs are taught by nationally recognized faculty and students have access to world-class clinical placements, including Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center, one of country’s top-ranked hospitals. The Schools diverse community of more than 600 students enjoys the attention and connections that come with a smaller school, while benefitting from the abundant resources of the country’s #1 public university.

University Of California Schools Of Nursing

Want to improve patient care through community engagement, innovation and research?Were ready for you.

As the largest group of health care professionals in the United States, nurses are essential to providing high-quality patient care. Nurses have also ranked as the most honest and trusted professionals in America by Gallup Research for nearly 20 years.

UC Schools of Nursing offer you rigorous preparation to improve the delivery of health care for patients through education, direct clinical care and research. They also provide a chance to provide greater access to quality care for Californians who have historically lacked that access.

UC Schools of Nursing graduate nurses who are grounded in patient care that is informed by research and combined with a focus on community improvement. UC-trained nurses remain in California in high numbers. If you are interested in nursing training that is compassionate, challenging and research-driven, we want to hear from you.

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Job Market And Earnings For Rns And Aprns In Southern California

The current job market for nurses in Southern California is strong and expected to continue to be for several years. According to figures from the State of Californias Employment Development Department, RN positions in Los Angeles County are projected to grow by 15.2% through 2028. Thats in line with projections for California overall and better than those for the U.S. as a whole . RN job growth projections are slightly lower or slightly higher throughout Southern California, depending on the county. Projections for nurse practitioners in all parts of Southern California, however, are much higher with 31.6% growth for Los Angeles County and 68.7% for San Diego County. In terms of earnings, the outlook for RNs and advanced practice nurses is also quite healthy with median salaries in the low six figures.

How To Choose A Nursing Program In California


Aspiring nurses in California gain access to many programs across the state. However, applicants should identify what they value in a school to narrow down their options. For instance, students should look at tuition rates. This may also influence their decision about attending classes in person or online.

Students considering online programs may also want to explore field experience requirements and program length. Many nursing degrees offer accelerated options that allow students to launch their careers quickly.

Other important factors include pass rates for the National Council Licensure Examination , acceptance rates, nursing school and program accreditation, and financial aid options.

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Advantages Of Bsn Programs

Pursuing a BSN is often seen as the first step away from home for many students. The baccalaureate degree has a number of benefits among them, there are numerous student support services to help students adjust to the rigors of adult-style workloads and stressors. There is also a range of choices for students who have an interest in a particular minor field of study that may augment their major.

Workforce Housing Opportunity Zones

About: Workforce Housing Opportunity Zones allow a jurisdiction to streamline the approval process for housing development, particularly affordable housing, by preparing a specific plan and certifying an accompanying Environmental Impact Report pursuant to the California Environmental Quality Act . The specific plan shall consider the planning for 100 to 1,500 residential units at specified minimum densities and be consistent with applicable regional plans. Should proposed housing projects be consistent with WHOZ criteria, the project will not need project-level CEQA analysis and must be approved within 60 days of a submitted complete application.

District Type: Regulatory Streamlining District

Eligible Lead Entities: City, county, city and county

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Financial Aid Opportunities For Nursing Students In Southern California

There are practically as many financial aid resources for nursing students as there are nursing schools in Southern California. These resources include scholarships and grants, work study programs, employer tuition reimbursement opportunities, and assistantships and fellowships . For those currently serving or who have served in the military, theres the GI Bill and other valuable VA educational benefits.

Most nursing students primarily look to student loans available from several sources with the biggest being the U.S. Government. The federal government is also a major provider of loan repayment opportunities for nursing students.

For detailed information on funding resources from the State of California, visit this California Student Aid Commission. For more information on paying for your nursing program in Southern California, check out EduMeds guides to financial aid, nursing scholarships, and graduating from nursing school debt-free.

Is California Good For Nurses

Stanbridge University: LVN Programs in California

Factors that determine whether or not a student should launch their nursing career in California are personal. For instance, practitioners may not mind the high cost of living given the climate and other amenities California has to offer. Other practitioners may consider benefit packages and opportunities for advancement.

RNs in California can choose from a lot of highly rated programs. Graduates can access high salaries at very prestigious hospitals and private practices. Additionally, practitioners can take comfort in knowing that California needs more skilled professionals in the field, including RNs and APRNs.

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Neighborhood Infill Finance And Transit Improvement Districts

About: Neighborhood Infill Finance and Transit Improvement Districts are specialized Enhanced Infrastructure Financing Districts that target infill affordable housing production. NIFTI-1 and NIFTI-2 authorize the same powers as EIFD but allow a participating agency to contribute local portions of sales and use taxes in addition to property tax increment. NIFTI-1 must be located in a qualified infill site, with a 20-percent affordable housing requirement. NIFTI-2 requires the district be in a qualified infill site and be located within one-half mile of a transit stop, with a 40-percent affordable housing requirement.

District Type: Community Facility Financing District

Eligible Use of Funds: Construct, acquire, rehabilitate capital projects with at least a 15-year lifespan affordable housing required maintenance of facilities financed by EIFD

Eligible Lead Entities: City, county, city and county

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Enhanced Infrastructure Financing Districts

About: Enhanced Infrastructure Financing Districts authorize local agencies the ability to generate revenue using tax-increment financing to plan and construct improvements of communitywide signficance, such as community infrastructure, public facilities, and affordable housing. In addition, EIFDs may finance additional activities including brownfield restoration and environmental mitigation, industrial building development, and more. EIFDs are goverened by a Public Finance Authority represented by the participating agencies’ elected officials and appointed persons living or working within the district. The PFA must adopt an Infrastructure Financing Plan which identifies the facilities intended to be funded by EIFD revenues.

District Type: Community Facility Financing District

Eligible Use of Funds: Construct, acquire, rehabilitate capital projects with at least a 15-year lifespan maintenance of facilities financed by EIFD.

Eligible Lead Entities: City, county, city and county

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How Much Do Nursing Majors Make

Top-earning nurses earn more than $116,000 annually, according to the BLS. RNs living in California earn more than nurses in other states. Other states with top-paying positions include Hawaii and Massachusetts.

RNs with bachelor’s degrees can increase their salary potential by enrolling in MSN programs. These two-year degrees qualify graduates to work as nurse anesthetists, midwives, or practitioners. These professionals earn median annual salaries of $117,670. RNs who want to further increase their salary can become MDs. Physicians and surgeons earn more than $208,000 annually.

Is It Hard To Get A Job As A Nurse In California

School of Nursing Degree Programs

California is experiencing a shortage of RNs and NPs. Practitioners should note that they may need to explore less popular cities to find the best opportunities, as many job-seekers consider more popular parts of the state.

Highly prestigious institutions may require more experience or possess higher standards for candidates. Other factors could include NCLEX scores, applicants’ GPA, or letters of recommendation.

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Learn From Respected Nurse Practitioners

As a student in our online Master of Science in Nursing program, you will collaborate with and learn from nursing leaders who believe in 360 degrees of care and are committed to treating patients as people. Many members of the nursing faculty are actively practicing in their own communities in addition to their teaching responsibilities. As part of the School of Social Work, Nursing@USC faculty are on the forefront of social determinants of health, finding opportunities to weave their interdisciplinary knowledge into the curriculum.

Their dedication extends to supporting you as you advance in your nursing career. Nursing faculty host scheduled office hours or informal coffee chats, seeking opportunities to get to know students on a personal level.

Seaport Infrastructure Financing Districts

About: Seaport Infrastructure Financing Districts are a tax-increment financing tool to fund harbor and seaport infrastructure and facilities for port and harbor districts located on property leased by the State Lands Commission. SIFDs were created to achieve the public goals of improving the state’s waterborne commerce, enhancing economic prosperity of harbors, and financing the costs of environmental mitigation and improvement. They are similar in statute to other districts yet retain specified voting requirements and required authorization from the State Lands Commission.

District Type: Community Facility Financing District

Eligible Use of Funds: Construct, acquire, rehabilitate capital projects with at least a 15-year lifespan maintenance of facilities financed by SIFD

Eligible Lead Entities: City, county, city and county

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Bsn Program Admission Requirements In California

Specific program prerequisites and graduation criteria are different from program to program however BSN program admission requirements for Californians are generally as follows:

  • Minimum GPA of 3.0 with B grades in maths and sciences
  • SAT or ACT scores within an acceptable range
  • All application forms and transcripts submitted within the issued timeframes
  • Original transcripts provided to the Admissions office
  • Evidence of up-to-date vaccinations

How To Get An Rn License In California

Stanbridge University: BSN Program/Nursing School California

An RN provides a wide range of patient services, from hands-on critical care to educating patients on the management of their condition and providing emotional support.

Being licensed by the California Board of Registered Nursing is a requirement to practice as an RN in the state.

To obtain a California RN license, an applicant must earn an associate degree in nursing , a Bachelor of Science in Nursing , or an Entry-Level Master’s in Nursing from one of the many RN online programs in California.

According to the BRN, these are the steps for receiving a California nursing license:

Complete a fingerprint background check

Take and pass the NCLEX

Applications are processed in order of date received. The average processing time to receive a permanent license is 10-12 weeks. Applying for an interim permit is possible for those who wish to work while awaiting the results of their examination. An interim permit will be issued within 24-48 hours after an individual’s exam application has been approved.

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How To Get Cna Certification In California

A CNA works under the supervision of an RN or LPN to assist patients with daily activities or other health needs. Commonly referred to as a nursing assistant, CNAs perform a wide range of duties, such as bathing patients, turning or repositioning patients, preparing rooms for admission, and much more.

The California Department of Public Health oversees the rules and regulations regarding CNA certifications. To obtain a California CNA certificate, applicants must first submit an application form for enrollment in an approved CDPH training program. With their application, they also need to submit a copy of the Request for Live Scan Service form to the CDPH.

The training program consists of at least 60 hours of classroom instruction and 100 hours of supervised training. Students can complete it at a local Red Cross or other approved location. The minimum required age is 16.

Afterward, you must pass an examination to test your knowledge and skills of basic patient care services. This CNA certification exam is known as the Competency Evaluation Examination. Candidates are expected to pass the examination within two years of completing the training program.

Why Should I Choose A Nursing School In Southern California

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reveals some interesting information about nursing opportunities in California, including in the Southern California area. Nursing school graduates have exceptional opportunities to pursue their goal of becoming a nurse with an exciting future.

The BLS revealed in May 2018 that California tops the nation as the state with the highest number of registered nurses . The State of California also ranks as the state with the highest pay rate for nurses in the U.S. When looking at the top-paying metropolitan areas for RNs, all the top ten areas are located in California, with most being in Southern California.

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Best Nursing Schools In Southern California In 2020

Looking to complete a nursing degree in California? Youre in luck. The exceptional nursing schools in Southern California potentially provide students with the opportunity to have a rewarding entry-level or advanced nursing career.

The need for nurses is expected to increase across the United States, with the 2018 through 2028 job outlook for RNs listed as much faster than average, compared to the anticipated job growth for other occupations. This is true for nurses with two-year degrees, RNs, and nurses with advanced degrees and job titles. Students have many options when it comes to RN nursing schools in Southern California.

These best nursing schools in southern California potentially help you achieve your dream of becoming a nurse. Existing nurses pursue their goal of furthering their nursing career when they successfully complete an advanced nursing degree. Whether youre looking for a nursing school in San Diego or another part of Southern California, youll be sure to find an option below.

Tuition And Costs Of Msn Programs In California

Allure Medical Staffing, Inc.  Heath Care Professionals  Lake Forrest ...

Graduate degree programs are more expensive than their undergraduate is and college counterparts are, however, the autonomy, authority and upward mobility of the role make up for the cost. MSN graduates are able to help more people more often than their BSN or ADN colleagues. Tuition depends on the institution you may wish to attend and often does not include books, lab costs, clinical costs, or equipment since grad school nurses are assumed to have these items before entering the program. Per year, tuition is about $16,000 for a full-time course load.

For NP programs visit:

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California State University Sacramento

  • RN to BSN Credits: 30
  • Length: 2 Semesters 3+ Semesters
  • Accepts Out-of-State RNs: No

Sac States Online/Hybrid RN to BSN is a great choice for local area RNsits fast, cheap, and studded with quality markers. The School of Nursing earns positive reviews from graduate alumni. NCLEX pass rates are consistently outstanding. And BSN graduates are eligible to apply for a California Public Health Nurse Certificate if they successfully complete the Community Health clinical course. Weve added hybrid to the title of the program because RN to BSN coursework at Sac State is ~75% online and ~25% on-campus.

Top Private Nursing Schools In California

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Are you ready to earn your online nursing degree?

With over 302,000 working RNs, California boasts the highest employment level for nurses in the country, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics . RNs in California also earn the highest salaries in the U.S., earning a mean wage of about $113,240.

Graduates from California RN programs can look forward to a bright job outlook. The number of RNs in the state is projected to increase by 16.7% between 2018 and 2028, according to Projections Central, compared to a projected 12.1% nationwide.

Nearly 40 private schools in California offer nursing programs, according to the state’s registered nursing board. Although private schools come with higher tuition costs, students may prefer a private nursing school over a public university. Private institutions may offer certain specializations, flexible student admission requirements, or scheduling options not offered at a public school.

In order to ensure a nursing program’s quality, look for accredited programs. Accreditation means the institution meets certain educational standards, and you can only apply for licensure with an accredited degree. To start your research, reference the list of the top private nursing schools in California below.

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