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Nursing Degree Online For Non Nurses

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What Is A Registered Nurse

Nursing Beyond the Bedside I Non-clinical jobs, corporate nursing jobs even jobs for ex nurses!

A Registered Nurse is a nursing professional who has completed a prescribed course in nursing and successfully passed the states required nursing examinations. For those who are non nurses, not currently working in nursing or who do not have a nursing degree, earning an RN certification or an online nursing degree could be a smart job move.

Metropolitan State University Of Denver

Metropolitan State University of Denver offers students multiple options to achieving a BSN including a fully accredited accelerated BSN program. With an exceptionally high acceptance rate, MSU allows students to get the hands-on experience needed as well as the didactic coursework in ethics, leadership, and research. They also require all graduates of the program to complete a multicultural course, so youll get a well-rounded education.

  • Location: Denver, Colorado
  • Tuition: $44,500
  • Length of Program: 17 months
  • Acceptance Rate: 61.3%NCLEX Pass Rate: 89.6%

How To Get An Advanced Practice Registered Nurse License In Georgia

Before applying for a Georgia advanced practice nurse license, applicants must first hold an active Georgia RN license. Aspiring APRNs must also have either a master’s degree or higher graduate degree from a program that is board-approved. Additional requirements are to have accumulated 500 hours of APRN practice within the previous four years and they must also verify that they hold an active national certification in their specialty.

Once these requirements are met, aspiring APRNs may submit an application along with a $75 fee and official college transcripts. Those with a Georgia APRN license may practice as a certified nurse practitioner, certified registered nurse anesthetist, certified nurse-midwife, clinical nurse specialist or psychiatric/mental health clinical nurse specialist.

In order to gain prescriptive authority, APRNs must obtain a nurse protocol agreement that is approved by the Georgia Composite Medical Board. To renew a Georgia APRN license, licensees must provide verification of their national certification.

This website offers school details to prospective students as an informational resource. The appearance of a school listing on this website should not be interpreted as an endorsement of the school by this site.

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Value Of A Bsn Degree

Going back to school for nursing requires you to do some serious financial planning. But as you run the numbers, keep in mind that a BSN degree is a smart investment in your future. Just be aware that our ABSN program is a rigorous, full-time learning path that requires dedication and hard work to succeed. Thereby, we dont recommend working while in accelerated nursing school.

Now lets get into some of the reasons why a BSN is worth its weight in gold. For starters, nursing is a high-demand, fast-growing profession rife with reward and opportunityespecially for those who hold a BSN degree or higher. After all, the American Association of Colleges of Nursing recognizes a BSN as the minimum education requirement for professional practice. Therefore, many health-care employers now require their registered nurses with an Associate Degree in Nursing to go back to school and earn their BSN within a specified time frame.

The American Association of Colleges of Nursing conducted a survey in August 2018 that asked 627 nursing schools about employer preferences regarding education levels. Of the schools that responded, 45.6% of health-care employers require their new nurses to have a BSN, while 88.4% had a strong preference for BSN program graduates.

Becoming A Nurse In Georgia

Online Nursing Degrees

Nursing programs in Georgia provide aspiring nurses with the opportunity to serve patients in healthcare settings across the state. With multiple licensing options available from the Georgia board of nursing, students from accredited programs can follow a clear path to implementing their nursing skills. Despite having more than 80,000 nurses throughout the state, Georgia has one of the worst nursing shortages in the country, meaning there is a huge demand for nurses that is estimated to continue growing through the year 2030. Nursing schools in Georgia are plentiful, offering the chance for fast-tracked options and advanced degrees. Students can explore program options and licensure opportunities for CNAs, LPNs, RNs, and to find the best way to become a nurse and serve communities throughout Georgia. They can also discover the renewal process to understand the intensity of each nursing license and how to balance work and study throughout their careers.

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Is Online Nursing School Good

Just because a program is online doesnt mean youre sacrificing your education. Online nursing programs are viable options for aspiring medical professionals, but as is the case with any degree, you get out what you put into it. Its up to you to put in the time and effort, study appropriately, ask for help when you need it, and find a clinical program that allows you to get the required hands-on experience to be able to work in the nursing field.

Doctorate In Nursing Programs

The doctor of philosophy and doctor of nursing practice are the two most common doctoral degrees in nursing. The PhD is a research-based degree and trains nurses to function as researchers and academics. Most nurses possessing a PhD serve as faculty in universities.

Earning a DNP gives graduates the resources and training needed to work at the highest possible level in clinical organizations. DNP holders typically command higher salaries, and commonly find work as nurse practitioners, university professors, or chief nursing officers.

Students usually spend 2-4 years enrolled, depending on the type of degree they held previously. Those who already possess MSNs graduate more quickly than those with bachelor’s degrees in nursing. Most DNP graduates possess APRN licensure.

RNs interested in a terminal nursing degree can enroll into BSN-to-DNP programs, which allow graduates to qualify for the most elite roles in the field. BSN-to-DNP programs groom students to provide local colleges and universities may offer BSN-to-DNP programs. However, students can also access online programs.

RNs exploring nursing degrees that offer a high return on their investment may want to consider MSN-to-DNP programs. This applied degree offers advanced clinical knowledge and skills that allow graduates to provide excellent patient care. Students also learn about healthcare policies and leadership skills that help healthcare organizations thrive.

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Discover How You Can Pursue A Growing Career

Nurse Practitioners are in high demand. The Bureau of Labor Statistics ranks nurse practitioners as the 2nd highest job category in terms of projected growth rate from 2019-2029. Combined with a 2019 median salary of $109,820 per year, becoming a nurse practitioner can seem like a great career for non-nurses looking for career growth and high earning potential.*

However, its not easy to become a nurse practitioner. It is not a job you can reasonably pursue with no formal education or nursing experience. Youll need extensive professional and academic experience to qualify for jobs and succeed in the role.

For non-nurses starting from scratch, there are many schooling options you may consider when you choose your educational pathway to a career as a nurse practitioner.

Lets first address some of the most common questions from non-nurses considering pursuing a career as a nurse practitioner.

How To Get A Registered Nurse License In Georgia

Inspiring Non Traditional Jobs in Nursing

Those seeking to obtain a Georgia RN license can submit an application either online or via a paper application. Before submitting an application, however, aspiring RNs must register to take the NCLEX-RN. Once they pass the exam, they can receive their Georgia nursing license. Applicants must also graduate from a school approved by the Board of Nursing. Those who attend a program in the state of Georgia don’t need to have a transcript sent to the board because the school will automatically send education information electronically. Those who studied out of state must arrange to have their transcript sent.

There is a $40 application fee and applicants also must complete a criminal background check. RN licenses must be renewed every other year. Licensees may choose from one of five continuing education requirements:

  • 30 hours of continuing education
  • Certification by a national certifying body
  • 2 credit hours from an accredited nursing program of study
  • Verification of competency from a healthcare facility and 500 hours practiced
  • Completion of a reentry program or graduation from a nursing education program

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Top Online Msn Programs

Already have your BSN, or ready to jump straight into an MSN program? Here are the top 5 online MSN programs of 2022:

Tuition: $1,688 – $1,772 per credit hour

Accreditation: CCNE

Tuition: $1,235 per credit hour

Accreditation: CCNE

Tuition: $440 per credit hour

Accreditation: CCNE

Tuition: $480 per credit hour

Accreditation: CCNE and Kansas Board of Nursing

What Is An Accelerated Bsn Program

An accelerated BSN is specifically designed for those who have already earned a Bachelors degree in another field and now want to become RNs.

Depending on the program structure and intensity, accelerated programs range from 12 months to 19 months, though some can be as long as 2 years. During these months, you will be taking nursing-specific courses, many of which may be condensed in order to accommodate the faster pace towards graduation.

It is important to know that the advertised length of the program does not include the time it may take to complete the prerequisite courses that are required in order to apply.

With the Bureau of Labor Statistics reporting that the field of nursing has a 9% job growth outlook, a higher-than-average outlook for the next several years. Many individuals are turning to nursing as a second career choice, which makes accelerated programs even more popular.

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Pass Your Cnp/crna/cnm Certification Exam

After earning your graduate degree, youll need to take a national certification exam for your area of practice. This exam will depend on whether you become an NP, CRNA, or CNM. For CNPs, nurses choose a population specialty, so the board exams cover general knowledge as well as population-specific information.

What Is An Associate Degree In Nursing

Best Online Nurse Practitioner Programs

An ADN degree, or Associate of Science in Nursing, is an associate degree program that provides you with the nursing education and curriculum you need to learn so you can apply for licensure to become a registered nurse , as long as you can also successfully take the NCLEX-RN exam and pass. There are options for online ADN degrees, though not every component of the degree can be completed in an online format.

Graduates, when they walk into their first job, will have the skills required as a registered nurse to give safe, effective care to each one of their patients. You may have opportunities to care for patients of all ages or you may choose to specialize in one particular age group once you gain a little more experience and education.

Choosing an accredited program, preferably by the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing , then you will be able to request federal financial aid and your salary offers will also be higher. Also, if you decide to return to school for classes in advanced nursing, such as a BSN degree or other high-level nursing programs, your entrance application will be more seriously considered. As you work on entry into an ADN program, make sure you stay informed about academic requirements for nursing students, prerequisites, and credits, experience, and degree requirements from your state board of nursing.

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Become A Nurse Practitioner With A Non

There arent any academic shortcuts to becoming a nurse practitioner or advanced practice registered nurse . However, if you have a non-nursing bachelors degree, there are streamlined education options that can help you achieve some steps on an accelerated timeline, including Marian Universitys 16-month ABSN program.

Below, well break down how to become a nurse practitioner into six steps, as well as discuss how Marians ABSN program has helped two alumni pursuing NP careers excel at every stage of their journeys.

Earn An Advanced Degree

After spending time in the field, your next step to becoming a nurse practitioner is going back to school for your MSN or Doctor of Nursing Practice degree. Many MSN and DNP programs offer nurse practitioner tracks that can be completed in two or three years.

As an advanced nursing degree student, you can expect to take an even deeper dive into advanced health assessment, patient care, and evidence-based practice. Depending on which program option you choose, youll also develop expertise and leadership in your area of specialty.

How Marian ABSN helps: While its true you complete a majority of your ABSN coursework online, you still have access to face-to-face support from faculty and instructors in our program. Beyond helping you navigate tough nursing topics or coursework concepts, their No. 1 goal is to see you succeed, achieve your goals, and grow into a poised nursing professional.

In fact, Amy credits the support she received from her instructors just a few months into the program for giving her the confidence to pursue advanced practice nursing.

I asked every single one of my clinical instructors who were APRNs if they felt I had what it took to succeed in advanced nursing practice, and they all were so supportive. It was their guidance and mentorship that made me feel like I could handle the mental challenge of a masters in nursing program and advanced nursing career.

-Amy Herink, ABSN Class of May 2020

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How To Get A Licensed Practical Nurse License In Pennsylvania

LPNs work closely with RNs and doctors to provide direct patient care. They assist doctors during procedures, keep detailed records, record vital signs, help patients with bathing and dressing, and answer questions or concerns patients may have about their conditions.

The Pennsylvania State Board of Nursing issues and regulates licensure of LPNs. Earning a Pennsylvania LPN license begins with graduating from a board-approved practical nursing program. A list of approved programs can be found on the board’s website. Upon graduation from an LPN program, individuals can apply for licensure by examination by registering online at the Pennsylvania Licensing System and filling out the online application. Candidates for licensure must take the licensure examination for the first time within one year of completing their nursing education programs. Individuals can apply for a graduate temporary practice permit by answering a question within the application.

Other mandatory steps include:

LPNs are required to renew their licenses every two years. A notice for renewal will be sent prior to the expiration date of the current license. Renewal can be done online. Requirements for renewal include:

  • Completing 30 hours of board-approved continuing education.
  • Completing two hours of training on the topic of child abuse recognition and reporting from an approved provider.

Bachelor Of Science In Nursing

Beyond Bedside Nursing Jobs Non Common Nursing Speacialties

This is a four year undergraduate nursing program that prepares students for the NCLEX exam and a career as a registered nurse. The program will emphasize on nursing knowledge, comprising of biological sciences, behavioral sciences, and nursing theories. Students will spend a great deal of time learning about the basics of nursing in modern day healthcare organizations. The first one or two years of the program are solely dedicated to theoretical development. The last two years typically focus on clinical nursing skills and practical training. Some schools may cover the clinical experience at the institute while other schools may require students to gain hands on experience at healthcare facilities such as nearby clinics.The curriculum will include a wide range of nursing courses that are mandatory to pass. A few have been described below:

  • Structure and function of the human body

In this course, students will learn about the basic organ systems and structures. The course will cover topics such as skeletal systems, palatinated body parts, chemical principles, homeostasis, and more.

  • Pathophysiology

This course will explore the mechanisms and theories related to diseases. Students will learn how body functions are affected by various diseases. Topics such as disease transmission, immunological responses, and health patterns are covered.

  • Community health nursing
  • Nursing care for patients with complex needs

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Bachelor Of Science In Nursing Degree Scholarships For Nursing Students

Lets face itcollege can be expensive. If tuition costs pose an issue for you, there are a number of financial aid and nursing scholarship opportunities that can help you overcome financial barriers and achieve your educational goals. There are several others so be sure to research options and eligibility requirements.

Homework & Course Schedule

When it comes to online nursing programs, youre entirely responsible for how you choose to manage your time, place of study, and schedule. One problem online learners face is procrastination, so now is a great time to work on your planning and organization skills. Otherwise, doing your homework and following course materials will prove more difficult.

A good tip is to take the time to review the syllabus. This will help you understand the class format, the requirements, and also the expectations you have to meet. Thus, it will be easier to devise a schedule that works for you and no assignment will find you unprepared.

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Becoming An Rn Through Online Adn Programs

Online ADN programs can more accurately be regarded as hybrid programs. They offer online didactic instruction, which means you can complete most of your coursework in an online environment. Still, because its practically impossible to become a competent nurse without real, in-person clinical experience, you will have to undergo on-site experiential learning in a medical facility.

State nursing boards require a fixed number of in-person clinical hours in order to become an RN, which may vary from one state to another. Hands-on learning prepares you for the actual life of a nurse, which implies working with real patients, real equipment. Plus, it helps you build a deep foundation with future patients and have a better understanding of clinical experience.

Most ADN programs include nursing classes like Pharmacology, Advanced Issues in Cognition, and Gerontological Nursing that can be taken online. These classes have no hands-on skills associated with them, so offering them in a virtual environment doesnt reduce the quality of learning.

If you have the dream to become a nurse, but dont know where to start, feel free to call Nightingales admissions office at 801-689-2160 or set up a Discover Interview with Admissions.

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