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Nurse Practitioner Sleep Medicine Certification

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Formation Of The Task Force

Nurse Practitioner and Physician Assistant Careers in Sleep Medicine

In 2011, the AASM created an inter-professional Task Force composed of sleep physicians, advanced practice nurses and physician assistants practicing in the field of sleep to explore utilization, role definition and scope of practice of APRNs and PAs practicing at sleep centers, describe APRN and PA education and determine educational needs with regards to sleep medicine.

Advancing The Role Of Nps And Pas

How does sleep medicine weather the confluents of increasing patient demand, decreasing numbers of physicians eligible for sleep specialty certification, and a more stringent regulatory environment? Such trends have increased the administrative, clinical, and economic burden of efficiently running a practice, necessitating a lean, well-trained team of clinical, clerical, and technical staff, in which PAs and NPs play an increasingly important role. Educational initiatives disseminating information about sleep and sleep disorders to medical practitioners, safety and regulatory agencies, and the general public have fostered greater awareness, earlier identification, and more effective treatment of patients sleep-related problems. These have collectively served to reinforce the indisputable truth of the essential role of sleep in not only improving quality of life but also maintaining overall health and reducing comorbid medical and psychiatric disorders. Sleep-related issues now wield considerable influence in shaping public health policy to ensure the safety offered by a well-rested populace, further elevating the prominence of the field of sleep medicine, and escalating the need for sleep clinicians. The goal of meeting that demand for medical sleep services would be more readily achieved by increasing the number of PAs and NPs trained in sleep disorders to enhance primary care, specialty medicine, and, in particular, sleep medicine practices.

Examination Licensure And Certification

Certification in a specific specialty area can be completed concurrently within the MSN/DNP program or obtained via an independent study from the ANCC or other learning institute. Not all specialties offer formal certifications. In this case, the NP student can choose areas of specialization to work on during the program to obtain clinical competency. Eligibility for certifications obtained outside of an MSN/DNP program can differ and students are encouraged to research requirements when choosing a specialty.

Once a specialty program is completed, the nurse may take an examination for certification. For example, a nurse can take the Family Nurse Practitioner Exam to earn an FNP-C title.

Licensure and certification are differentcertification means the NP is competent to perform care in their chosen specialty licensure means they are legally permitted to practice in their state of residence. For example, a nurse living in California can obtain certification in acute care but needs to apply for licensure to practice in the state of California. State nursing boards list the requirements for testing and can vary from state to state. The certified nurse practitioner can, after meeting the specified requirements, apply with the state board for licensure.

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Retire From Np Practice

Q. I am retiring soon. What do I need to do?

A: Complete the CERTIFICATION STATUS CHANGE REQUEST form located under the FORMS tab on the homepage. Email, fax, or mail form to AANPCB. Appropriate measures can be taken to stop future AANPCB recertification reminders, election notices, surveys, or other correspondence from being sent. Your certification will remain active until the end of your 5-year certification period.

Q: Does AANPCB have a special designation for Certificants who are ready to retire from NP professional practice?

A: No. AANPCB does not have a retired credential, retired certification, or inactive certification.

Q: What happens if I don?t complete the CERTIFICATION STATUS CHANGE REQUEST form?

A: The NP’s certification will automatically expire at the end of the 5-year period of certification and will no longer be valid. The certification period can be found on your certificate, wallet card, and Online Profile.

How Are The Questions On The Test Created

Our Team
  • “I am really glad that I did it… so much new knowledge that I’ve learned in addition to all the experiences… and my colleagues are very supportive.”

    Analiza CRNP, CNN-NP

  • “Being a CNN-NP means that I am committed to being the best Nephrology Nurse Practitioner by going the extra mile to better serve my patients.”

    Joanne, ACNP, CNN-NP

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Sleep & Pulmonary Online Cme Courses

Pulmonary and Sleep Academy is an online CME learning center developed for medical professionals specializing in caring for patients with pulmonary and sleep-related disorders. Whether you are a physician assistant, medical student, respiratory therapist, or any other medical professional who cares for patients with pulmonary disease or sleep disorders, the course provides ample clinical problems for you to solve with detailed explanations after you receive the answer to each question.

Our interactive online course will quickly expand your knowledge of the underlying principles of pulmonary and sleep medicine giving you the confidence to step up the practice of pulmonary and/or sleep medicine to that of a seasoned practitioner. Pulmonary and Sleep Academy also offers continuing education credits for physicians, advanced nurse practitioners, nurses, and polysomnographic technologists.

For more information about our pulmonary and sleep courses, enjoy free previews from Session 1 of each course, and register for our online academy today!

Duplicate Wall Certificate Requests

Q: I would like to request additional wall certificates.

A: Complete the Certificate Replacement Request Form found on our website under the Forms tab. Fax, email, or mail it to our office along with the applicable fee. In the event of a legal name change, a copy of supporting documentation providing proof of the name change must accompany the form.

Q: How do I replace a lost or damaged certificate?

A: Complete the Certificate Replacement Request Form found on our website under the Forms tab. Fax, email, or mail it to our office along with the applicable fee.

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Survey Of Aasm Member Centers

The Task Force electronically surveyed three groups: AASM member centers, the APRNs and PAs associated with these centers, and the APRNs and PAs who attended a dedicated educational course. The first survey developed by the AASM APRN/PA Task Force queried AASM member centers about their practices. It asked 14 questions that included basic respondent contact information, sleep center structure, utilization of APRNs or PAs and very basic information on roles, and why the center representatives did or did not utilize an APRN or PA. Additionally, these centers formed the sample for initial contact with the second survey . Privacy regarding provider-specific information was protected by not requesting direct contact information for the APRN or PA within their centers from the center representatives. After approval by the AASM Board of Directors, this questionnaire was distributed electronically to 1,950 AASM accredited sleep disorders centers, utilizing the email addresses provided in their AASM membership applications. There were 271 respondents to this initial electronic survey. Those representatives completing the survey included a variety of roles such as physicians, technical managers, and office managers, as well as APRNs or PAs .

Why Are Nurse Practitioners So Important

The Role of Nurse Practitioners and Physicians Assistants in Sleep Medicine

Nurse practitioners can diagnose and treat patients as well as perform procedures. They differ from physicians in that their patient care approach is more holistic. Being nurses, they gather information about a patient not only to include physical symptoms but psychosocial and environmental information as well. They are skilled in education and therefore can spend time teaching patients and family about disease processes, treatments, and healthcare prevention as well as diagnosing acute health issues.

According to the American Association of Nurse Practitioners, nurse practitioners can also help lower the cost of healthcare, as patients who use NPs as their primary care provider have fewer emergency room visits and shorter hospital stays. Additionally, they help to fill the gap with the primary care physician shortage in the United States. They also tend to have high patient satisfaction.

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Nps And Prescribing Controlled Substances

Ontario NPs can now prescribe controlled substances if they have successfully completed approved controlled substances education. On April 19, 2017, the Ontario government approved changes to the regulation under the Nursing Act, 1991, giving NPs this expanded scope of practice.

If an NP has not completed the required education, their profile on Find a Nurse will state: Entitled to practice. Cannot prescribe controlled substances until specialized education is completed.

NPs are authorized to order the following tests:

  • X-rays
  • Ultrasound

NPs are also authorized to apply ultrasound.

The following diagnostic tests are also funded under the Ontario Health Insurance Plan when ordered by NPs:

  • Electrocardiograms in non-urgent, non-acute circumstances
  • Spirometry

Laboratory Tests

Regulations under the Laboratory and Specimen Collection Centre Licensing Act allow NPs to order laboratory tests as appropriate for client care.

NPs are expected to apply the practice expectations for public protection set out in the Nurse Practitioner practice standard.

The Nursing Act, 1991 allows NPs to prescribe most medication as appropriate for client care. Only NPs who have successfully completed approved education are authorized to prescribe controlled substances.

Under federal law, NPs are not authorized to prescribe the following controlled substances:

  • opium
  • coca leaves
  • anabolic steroids except testosterone .

Still have questions?

Ordering Laboratory and Diagnostic Tests

OHIP Billing


Emergency Care Procedural Skills

Q: What types of emergency care procedural skills or procedures are appropriate for Option 1 – CE and Practice requirement?

A: Education course content that includes, but is not limited to suturing, lumbar puncture, thoracentesis, chest tube placement/management, paracentesis, advanced vascular access, fracture/joint reduction, nail removal/repair, local/regional anesthesia techniques, wound management/incision and drainage, diagnostic/procedural ultrasound, among others will be accepted.

Note: A list of Emergency Care Skills and Procedures may be found under the Resources tab.

Q: Can I count procedures performed during my past work hours in the ED as part of my 30 CE contact hours of emergency procedural skills?

A: No. The skills performed must meet accredited CE requirements. 30 CE credits of emergency-related procedural skills within the past 5 years as an NP is required for the initial ENP certification application.

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Requests For Testing Accommodations

Q: Do the PSI testing sites provide special testing accommodations?

A: All test centers are equipped to provide access in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, and exam accommodations will be made to meet the qualified candidate’s needs.

Q: What should I do if I require special testing accommodations or arrangements?

A: All requests for special accommodations/arrangements are processed through the testing vendor, PSI Services LLC.

  • Candidates with disabilities and those who would otherwise have difficulty taking the test must follow PSI guidelines. Complete the PSI Special Accommodation Request Form and return it to PSI as instructed. PSI will review this form. A PSI Special Accommodations Team Member will contact you to arrange necessary accommodations.
  • for important testing site regulations and PSI’s guidelines regarding Special Arrangements for Candidates with Disabilities. Information may be found at PSI Exams Online Frequently Asked Questions.
  • DO NOT schedule your examination until after the special accommodation/ arrangement request and documentation have been received and processed by PSI Special Accommodations.
  • Special Accommodation Request information is available on the certification website under the Non-Discrimination Policy.

About Mandy Lapradd Crnp

PNCB vs ANCC Pediatric NP Exam: How to Decide Which One to ...

Mandy graduated from Calhoun Community College in 2008 with an associate degree in nursing. As a registered nurse she has experience in the areas of pediatrics, hospice care, and inpatient medical/surgical care. While working as a nurse she continued her education and graduated from South University with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing in 2015. From there she attended the University of Alabama in Huntsville and graduated with a Master of Science in Nursing in 2018. Following graduation, she was certified as a Family Nurse Practitioner and joined the Roy Sleep Medicine team. In her free time, Mandy enjoys spending time with her husband and children at sporting events and traveling.

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Am I Able To Find Out The Results Of An Individual Question Whether I Got It Right Or Wrong

No, the results of individual questions from the CNN-NP test are not reported. This is to maintain the integrity of the exam so that the content and questions are not compromised for future test takers. Your “Score Report” will be available to you at the end of your examination. If you pass the exam, the report will reflect your score as well as notify you of when to expect your certificate in the mail and when your name will appear in the NNCC Certified Directory. If you were unsuccessful on the exam, the report will reflect your score and a breakdown of the test subareas with the percent of questions you answered correct in each. This breakdown of subarea scores will help you determine the blueprint areas in which you need further study.

Survey Of Aprns And Pas In Clinical Practice

After reviewing the survey responses to the second survey, the Task Force sought to obtain information from more APRNs and PAs in an effort to have broader representation of national trends, especially since only 20 states were represented in initial response to Survey 2. During the fall of 2012, the AASM hosted an educational workshop designed for PAs and NPs at their national office in Darien, Illinois. Primarily marketed by the AASM through brochures and emails to members, the workshop was also promoted through word of mouth and internet searches, according to participant feedback. Course participants were asked to complete the same electronic questionnaire distributed to APRNs and PAs previously , their responses becoming the second part of the data collected . Even though the group who received invitations to participate was much smaller than Part 1, the response rate was significantly higher, more than doubling the responses to Survey 2. There were 44 responses to the survey, which accounted for 62% of the total number of attendees, but included 4 duplicate respondents from Part 1. Although the course was advertised specifically to PAs and NPs, other healthcare professionals attended . Questionnaires completed by other professions despite instructions that the survey was intended for APRNs and PAs, were removed from the analysis . Excluding duplicates and non-APRN/non-PA respondents, 36 responses were included in the analysis .

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Aanpcb Examination Security Policy

Q: What is the AANPCB Examination Security Policy?

A: Federal copyright law protects AANPCB examinations and the items contained therein. The certification examinations and all items on the examinations are the exclusive property of the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners National Certification Board, Inc. Candidates who apply for the certification examination must acknowledge that they understand the following prior to taking the examination:

About Jennifer Tootle Crnp

Day in the Life: Pulmonary/Sleep Medicine Nurse Practitioner

Jennifer graduated in 2011 from Jacksonville State University with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. While in school at JSU she played soccer and was a member Zeta Tau Alpha Fraternity. After graduating, she spent six years as a Registered Nurse and has worked in a variety of different areas including: medical-surgical, renal, trauma-burn, and neurosurgical ICU. She earned a Master of Science in Nursing specializing as a Family Nurse Practitioner from the University of Alabama at Birmingham in 2016. She grew up in Jacksonville, Al and moved to Huntsville in 2017. She enjoys spending time with her husband and growing family.

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About Lisa Suggs Crnp

Lisa is a native of Huntsville, AL. and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree from Auburn University. Her nursing experience includes medical/surgical, school nursing, hospice, and many years in neurology. She earned her Masters of Science in Nursing from Troy University in 2017, with a Family Nurse Practitioner specialty. She is thankful to live close to family and friends and enjoys spending time with them whenever possible.

Important Testing Site Information

Q: What is considered an “acceptable form of identification” that I should take to the testing center?

A: Names must match on the AANPCB application, PSI Test Registration, and the forms of identification presented at the testing center for an eligible candidate to sit for their scheduled examination.

  • The name used to schedule your appointment must exactly match the name shown on your identification.
  • Refer to the AANPCB Candidate Information Bulletin at for information regarding required, acceptable, and valid forms of identification at PSI Testing Centers.

Q: What are examples of identification for the test site?

A: You must provide 2 forms of identification.

  • One ID must be a VALID form of government-issued identification which bears your signature and has your photograph.
  • The second ID must have your signature and preprinted legal name. Acceptable forms of identification include a credit card, ATM card, social security card, employee ID card, or voter registration card.
  • A candidate’s first and last names on identifications presented must match the names on the AANPCB application/Approval to Test and the eligibility notice sent by PSI.
  • The middle name on the ID documents do not have to match .

Q: Where can I find more information about the PSI scheduling and test center regulations?

A: Visit for the following information:

  • Schedule an Exam
  • Find Testing Center Sites near You

Q: How do I contact PSI?

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Parina S Aggarwal Md Dabim


Dr. Aggarwal is a board-certified sleep physician with expertise in internal medicine. She earned her bachelors degree in electrical engineering at Georgia Tech. During her time there, she worked in the biomedical engineering research lab, examining the sheer stress of both porcine and mechanical heart valves. This experience, coupled with a volunteering experience at Grady Hospital, led her to pursue a career in medicine. Subsequently, she attended Emory University School of Medicine. As a medical student, she investigated airway inflammation in obese patients with asthma.

She completed a residency in internal medicine and fellowship in sleep medicine at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania. During her residency in internal medicine and fellowship in sleep medicine, she was involved in pulmonary and sleep medicine research. She authored a review on genetic testing in pulmonary diseases, as well as a review on portable apnea testing.

After her training, Dr. Aggarwal worked as a hospitalist for a year at St. Josephs Hospital in Atlanta, where she was involved in the treatment and management of patients admitted for acute illnesses.

She currently spends most of her time at FusionSleep providing consultative and follow up assessments as well as diagnostic interpretations for patients.

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