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Nurse Practitioner Cme With Gift Card

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Mdcalc Unlimited Cme Plan Up To $3000 Amazon Gift Card

CEU Credits For Nurses

Key Benefits:

  • Receive a free Amazon gift card worth up to $3,000 with 1-year CME subscription purchase
  • Option of customize your price, gift card, and amount of CME based on your needs
  • Claim unlimited category 1 CME credits
  • Earn CME for using 150+ calculators you already know and trust
  • Support one of the most broadly-used FOAMed resources out there

MDCalcs new feature enables clinicians to earn CME credits for doing what they already do on the platform. Use calculators to calculate things.

And then read the clinical insights, workup recommendations, and next steps of course. Im super excited about this because it is exactly what I have been doing for years as one of their users.

There is also the new subscription offering a monster $3,000 gift card for just $5,450. Thats certainly one of the biggest and most valuable CME with gift card offer youll find. Each of the following subscriptions last for one year:

  • Unlimited: unlimited CME credits + $3,000 gift card $5,450
  • Plus 75: earn 75 CME credits/yr + $1,600 gift card $2,999
  • Plus 65: earn 65 CME credits/yr + $1,050 gift card $1,999
  • Plus 50: earn 50 CME credits/yr + $450 gift card $899
  • Or set your own budget & CME credit options
  • Receive a free Amazon gift card worth up to $500 with CME purchase
  • Earn unlimited category 1 CME credits
  • Access the latest medical content via audio or text
  • Learn from more than 125,000 journal article summaries without the extra noise
  • Conveniently track CME credits with minimal effort

Cmeinfo Insider With Up To A $2000 Amazon Gift Card

Key features of CMEinfo Insider includes:

  • Up to a $2,000 Amazon gift card with purchase
  • Full access to Oakstones entire content library covering 19 different specialties
  • Ability to earn unlimited AMA PRA Category 1 CreditsTM and MOC points dependant on the specialty
  • Constantly refreshed content
  • Computer, phone, and tablet access
  • Pass guarantee for board certification and maintenance of certification exams
  • Convenient CME tracker

CMEinfo Insider is a comprehensive online CME course that offers physicians the ability to earn unlimited CME credits and get a $2,000 $1,500 or $1,000 Amazon gift card, depending on the subscription length. Different bundle options include:

  • $3849 3 Year Access and a $2000 Amazon Gift Card
  • $2999 2 Year Access and a $1500 Amazon Gift Card
  • $1999 1 Year Access and a $1000 Amazon Gift Card

With this program, clinicians get complete access to Oakstones entire content library which includes over 18,000 journal article summaries and over 1,230 board review & clinical update activities. This content provides the latest and most relevant insight into 19 specialties including Emergency Medicine, Family Medicine, General Surgery, and Internal Medicine. The content is regularly reviewed by a team of medical experts, so users can expect the course content to be unbiased and up-to-date.

Board Vitals Cme Pro Plusup To $300 Amazon Gift Card

  • Receive a free Amazon gift card worth up to $3,000 with CME purchase
  • Earn as many as 100 AMA PRA Category 1 Credits
  • Choose customized pricing to fit your CME budget with the Choose-Your-Own-Price Tool
  • Get up to 24 months access on your phone, tablet, and/or computer
  • Practice continuously updated board-style questions with detailed explanations

Theres a reason Board Vitals CME Pro Plus is listed first. Its one of the best CME with gift card offers out there, hands down. Want to learn more? Read our review.

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On the internet, companies like Med-Challenger live and die by reviews. You can read some 2021 reviews on our home page or here.

Product reviews are needed by others considering a purchase, and they are for us as well. These days, without trade shows and talks with our customers in live environments, we rely on reviews to tell us what is most important to you, what worked well, and what could be improved.

We’d like to make you an offer. We have some review questions. In exchange for answering some of them, and giving us permission to use your name on the review, we’ll give you a $25 Amazon gift card. Click the button below and complete the form. Be sure to include your best email so we know where to send the gift card! The questions are merely suggestions to give you some ideas about what we’d like to know. Please feel free to ad lib.

Cme Packrat Package With Gift Card

Top 5 Nurse Practitioner CME Conferences to Attend in 2021 CMEList

This CME package is a survey of the topic list of the PAEA blueprint for the PACKRAT. Save time and stress by purchasing this package. The CME package has a survery of the following topic areas:


This qualifies for up to 50 hours of Category 2 CME.

Our questions are broken down by section. This will allow the physician assistant student to spend more time in weaker areas.

Course is mobile friendly, and can be accessed from any mobile device.

For a more detailed summary of the PACKRAT topic list click PACKRAT Topic List

To check out other CME with Gift Card please click on PANCE Blueprint

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What Are Cme Requirements For Physician Assistants

CME requirements for physician assistants are different from those for a physician or nurse practitioner. PAs must participate in a 10-year certification of maintenance process that includes five two-year cycles. The requirements are highly specific, so make sure you create a plan that allows you to adhere to them.

The National Commission on Certification of Physician Assistants has the most specific details on accumulating CMEs during the two cycles. They are as follows:

  • During each two-year cycle, you must earn and log at least 100 CME credits online
  • At least 50 must be Category 1 CME credits
  • The remaining 50 credits can be Category 1, Category 2 or a combination of both.
  • Two types of Category 1 CME are self-assessment CME and PI-CME. They are not required, but the NCCPA say they recognize the value of these very interactive types of CME, and will weight these types of CME more heavily.
  • They will award 50% additional credit for all activities designated for self-assessment Category 1 CME credit .
  • Also, the first 20 PI-CME credits logged during every two-year cycle will be doubled when logged with NCCPA.
  • PAs must know their certification window and must document all CMEs online. According to the NCCPA:

    The NCCPA provides the following guidance:

    • Your CME earning and logging window begins May 1 of the year your current certification was issued and continues through December 31 of the certification expiration year.

    Visualdx$500 Amazon Gift Card

    Key Benefits:

    • Receive a free Amazon gift card worth $500
    • Earn CME quickly and easily at the point-of-care
    • Improve your diagnostic accuracy & differential diagnoses
    • 400+ patient handouts
    • DermExpert comes with AI support for rashes, lesions, moles, etc on mobile
    • Gift card not on receipt

    VisualDx with DermExpert is a must-have clinical decision support app for all general practice clinicians who treat patients with skin. Seriously, its that good. Not only do you accrue CME for each search you undertake or differential you build, but it can also realistically be used at the bedside for patient education, a clinical refresher, or considerations for next steps.

    DermExpert allows you to take a HIPAA-compliant picture of a lesion, which you can then compare to a small library of visual differentials generated based on its artificial intelligence foundation.

    For a limited time, Modern MedEd readers can claim a free $500 gift card with a new or renewal subscription, which also helps support us. This offer is only from us at Modern MedEd.

    When you make the purchase through one of our links to VisualDx, the gift card will be sent to you automatically. Nothing else you need to do. Oh, and the gift card wont be on your receipt, but it will be sent your way.

    • 24 month subscription : $250 gift card$1,300
    • 24 month subscription : $500 gift card$1,500

    CME with Gift Card Numbers 8 through 17

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    Board Vitals Cme Pro Plus

    Key Benefits:

    • Receive a free Amazon gift card or Prepaid Visa worth up to $3,000 with CME purchase
    • Earn as many as 100 AMA PRA Category 1 Credits
    • Choose customized pricing to fit your CME budget with the Choose-Your-Own-Price Tool
    • Get up to 24 months access on your phone, tablet, and/or computer
    • Practice continuously updated board-style questions with detailed explanations

    Theres a reason Board Vitals CME Pro Plus is listed first. Its one of the best CME with gift card offers out there, hands down. Want the details? Read our review.

    The preset options are:

    • 24 Month Subscription: $3,000 Amazon Gift Card $5,450
    • 18 Month Subscription: $1,500 Amazon Gift Card $2,895
    • 12 Month Subscription: $1,000 Amazon Gift Card $1,995

    However, with BoardVitals Choose-Your-Own-Price Tool, you can really customize your CME package. Enter your CME budget of anywhere from $500 to $5,450, in $1 increments.

    The calculator will then spit out the value of your gift card bonus, ranging from a low of $100 to a monster $3,000.

    If you have less than five grand in CME money left, but want a two year subscription, it is still possible. Using the above mentioned tool, we were able to get a two year plan for as low as $3,800, which also came with a solid $2,000 learning incentive.

    Like most entries on this list, the gift card usually ships after the purchase has been finalized. Here is a nice help center BoardVitals put together that answers most questions that arise about how this works.

    What Are Cme Requirements For Nurse Practitioners

    The Support Experience

    There are not as many variables in CMEs for nurse practitioners as there are for physicians, but there are four. The differences come from the four national boards that award and maintain nurse practitioner certifications. Each nurse practitioner must obtain recertification through the same board that awarded the original certification after graduation from nurse practitioner school. Each board differs in the specialties they certify, their renewal cycles, specific CME requirements, and cost. The four boards are:

  • American Nurses Credentialing Center
  • Pediatric Nursing Certification Board
  • National Certification Corporation
  • American Academy of Nurse Practitioners Certification Program
  • To determine your specific CME requirements check with your specific board. There can be detailed differences you need to know about. For example:

    • The ANCC requires either 1000 practice hours in the NPs specialty or the retaking of the certification exam. Seventy-five hours of CME is also required and 25 must be related to pharmacology.
    • That AANPCP requires that a nurse practitioner choose to either retake the certification exam or document 1000 hours of clinical practice and earn 100 hours of continuing education .

    Although there are differences, generally NPs can combine CMEs with practice hours gained through clinical work. All NPs must have proof of an active registered nurse license as well.

    To learn more, check the following resources:


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    Enroll Now And Get Access To

    • A new set of modules every week for six week
    • Lifetime access once complete
  • CE Hourse:17

    Welcome to the Wild World of Wound Closure with this outstanding 8 hour suturing workshop!

    This course brings high-end content in an affordable package with content typically reserved only for the most advanced of learners but does not require any experience for you to attend!

    This course and its two day version, the Comprehensive Suture Training Workshop are very commonly used stepping stone to help healthcare professionals successfully transition into the RNFA program with NIFA for their hands-on skills workshops, as the curriculum taught is consistent with the training used in their workshop for that precise purpose. As well, this course provides a developed and thorough approach to suturing that will explain WHY and HOW to decide on different types, duration, and location of sutures, which most courses barely address.

    Bottom line: you will leave with a new appreciation of suturing regardless of your experience, and absolutely none is required to attend this amazing course!

    Also consider the Online-Only option of this course if you are unable to come to the course live! The online version includes access to 1:1 virtual office hours with our expert instructors via ZOOM as well as 80+ videos to follow along with to learn at your own pace.

  • Breakthrough Icu By Freshrn


    Lets save all that tasky stuff like learning how to enter order sets, how to call the house officer to expedite a transfer to free up a bed, or how to work the IV pump, for the only time you can learn that information at the bedside.

    Let Kati Kleber and another certified critical care nurse with a passion for educating and encouraging newbies, teach you everything you can learn at home, so you can look and feel like a prepared and knowledgeable orientee on the floor.

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    What Are Cme Requirements For Physicians

    CME requirements for physicians vary widely between specialty. Family physicians must meet different requirements than internal medicine physicians, and dermatologists must meet different requirements than surgeons or other specialists. To know the exact requirements of your specialty, it is best to check your professional associations website. Here are some examples of how widely CME requirements can vary:

    To remain an active, board certified member of the American College of Emergency Physicians physicians must take 50 hours of CMEs every three years. In order to maintain and renew an active medical license in the state in which they practice, physicians must meet the exact educational credits and number of CME hours required by that state.

    In addition to the differences between specialties, differences exist from one state medical board to another. For example, the Maine Board of Licensure in Medicine requires 100 hours of CME credits every two years, 40 hours of which are required to be in Category 1. These requirements are very specific and must be followed to the letter, so be sure to check the Continuing Medical Education Report section of the Maine Medical License renewal application.

    In sharp contrast to the requirements of the state of Maine, the New York State Board for Medicine requires only one hour of the New York CME and 1 hour of the New York Infection Control CME every 4 years.

    How Does The Process Go

    Np Cme With Gift Card

    I purchased an Echocardiography CME plan for $1995 . Most of you know Im in the specialty of anesthesia, but I do quite a bit of echo for peri-op eval and cardiac cases, and thought this would be a great opportunity to expand/test my knowledge. I immediately turned in my receipt to our practice manager for reimbursement note the receipt does not mention the gift card, only the CME Pro Plus product and price.

    Within a day of purchase of the CME Pro Plus, I received an email from BoardVitals to confirm the following:

    I responded immediately and received a quick followup that my Apple gift card should be shipped within 2 weeks. Sure enough, about two weeks after placing my order, a $1000 Apple gift card arrived on my doorstep. In the meantime, I had already been reimbursed by my employer for the $1795.

    Having completed the process, I couldnt believe how smooth and fast it all was much quicker than the 4-6 weeks BoardVitals typically says to expect for processing. My only mistake was I should have used a custom plan to leverage the 10% off promo code to get a slightly higher gift card amount.

    Ive started doing a few Echo questions, and like my prior experience with BoardVitals Qbanks find their product easy to use, accurate and informative, and high yield. Again, even if you do not have CME funds for reimbursement, Id still recommend their lower-cost CME packages as an excellent educational/CME resource.

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    Ways Nurse Practitioners Can Get A Free Gift Card And Earn Cme

    There are many options Nurse Practitioners have to earn CME credits in order to meet their continuing education requirements. Most NPs are given a CME allowance between $1,000 – $4,000 from their employer or institution to earn these CME credits and participate in an engaging and helpful CME activity that will broaden their expertise in relevant NP topics.

    While there are a number of CME activities for NPs to spend their CME allowance on including live conferences and seminars, one of the most popular options remains online NP CME activities with a free gift card. These activities are popular because they tend to be comprehensive in content and allow NPs to get a free gift card using their CME allowance. There has been an increasing amount of gift card offers targeted towards NPs in the market due to the rising demand for these activities from NPs. As a result, it can be difficult to sort through the numerous offers to find the one that meets your needs. To make things easier for NPs in the middle of their search, we have highlighted two of the most popular NP CME with gift card offers in the market.

    Hippo Education Cme Gift Card Program

    Key Features of the Hippo Education CME activities include:

    • $25 Amazon gift card for referring someone to also purchase Hippo Education CME
    • Convenient formats podcasts, video lectures, articles
    • Phone and tablet access
    • Physician-led education presented by qualified and passionate faculty

    Hippo Education allows medical professionals to get an Amazon gift card back with their referral program. Users who have purchased Hippo Education CME that refer a friend to also purchase can get a $25 Amazon gift card back.

    Hippo Education CME activities are designed to deliver a consistently rewarding learning experience for clinicians that ultimately helps a clinician upgrade their practice and life. Hippo aims to respect a clinicians time, attention span, and activity. They offer a wide format of activities that can be accessed online on a users phone or tablet to provide utmost convenience. The different formats include podcasts, video lectures, and articles.

    Hippo Educations activities are beneficial for any type of clinicians but specific topics they focus on include Emergency Medicine, Telemedicine, Pediatrics, Physician Assistant, Primary Care, and Urgent Care.

    These are just some of the top Amazon gift cards available in the CME market. Be sure to do your research and utilize your CME allowance to purchase an offer before the 2019 CME allowance deadline.

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