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Non Nursing Bachelor’s To Bsn

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Ready To Use Your Bachelors Degree To Become A Nurse


Now that you know how our 16-month ABSN program works, your next step is to contact our admission team to set your nursing education in motion. Once youve satisfied the admission requirements, you can enroll for a spring, summer, or fall term at our ABSN Learning Center in Cincinnati, Cleveland, or Columbus.

What Does A Nurse Practitioner Do

Like other types of nurses, nurse practitioners provide fundamental patient care. However, nurse practitioners also have the abilities and license to offer more advanced care measures to their patients. A nurse practitioners responsibilities vary depending on their medical specialization, but they typically include:

  • Performing medical evaluations, such as physical examinations that assess a patients heart, lungs and other major organs

  • Diagnosing medical conditions, illnesses or injuries

  • Creating individualized treatment plans for patients based on their medical needs and circumstances

  • Prescribing medications to patients

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Thomas Edison State University

The accelerated BSN curriculum at Thomas Edison State University prepares you for an ever-growing nursing profession in only twelve months. There is an asynchronous mode of learning available with this program.

To be eligible for this program, you must have earned a prior degree with a minimum GPA of 3.0. Youll have a better chance of admission if youve completed 33 credits in prerequisite science and statistics courses with a B grade or better.

An online didactic course is worth 25 credits, and an in-person didactic course is worth 35 credits toward 60 credits.

There are five theoretical nursing courses, lab sessions, and clinical learning included in the in-person sessions. Improved clinical reasoning and interpersonal skills are expected after the program.

In addition, the curriculum teaches you how to apply healthcare informatics to improve patient health. TESUs Master of Science in Nursing degree accepts three courses from this program.

You may choose to continue your education, and this smooth credit transfer will save you both time and money with your MSN. The tuition is $38,824.


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Align Your Knowledge And Skills To A More Fulfilling Career

The post-baccalaureate accelerated BSN program at Baylor Universitys Louise Herrington School of Nursing is an intensive full-time program with a combination of teaching methodologies including online courses, clinical and lab experiences, and hybrid interactive learning courses.

Students with a completed bachelor’s degree in a non-nursing discipline will complete 62 hours of nursing course work and stand out as a Baylor nurse:

  • Program completion in 1 year
  • Gain clinical experience working with underserved communities
  • Benefit from strong academics and a well-earned reputation
  • Learn nursing through a Christian worldview
  • Change your life and the lives of others

Accelerated Bsn Admissions Faq

Northwest Nazarene University

Can prerequisite courses be completed at a different college/university? Yes, prerequisite courses may be taken at your local college or university. The University of Tennessee will accept transfer credit of similar content from any two- or four-year accredited institutionsnormally institutions with regional accreditation status in the United States. College transcripts are evaluated after a student is admitted to the university and typically are completed several weeks after the student is admitted. Credits that are not acceptable for transfer include courses that are remedial, occupational, technical, noncredit, or career coursework used for the applied science degree from career and technical programs. For more information regarding credit transfer, see Transfer Credit Policies & Procedures.

How many spaces typically are available each year?The program enrolls 72 students per year.

Do you accept international students?Yes, we accept international students into the program. International student applicants need to have their transcripts from international institutions evaluated by any evaluation agency thats a member of NACES . UT is able to process an application only after receiving the necessary report from the evaluation company. Companies offering these evaluation services include:

Is there a wait list for the ABSN program?Yes, students will be notified by email if placed on the wait list.

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Youre Much More Than A Number

At Herzing, we believe that providing you with a caring, supportive community will have a positive impact on your learning experience. We know our students by name and are committed to your academic, personal, and professional success. Discover why Herzings student-first approach, individual attention, and caring community set us apart from other colleges and universities.

Rn To Np With Non Nursing Bachelors

What should you do when your passion and desire is to practice as a nurse but dont have a genuine interest in science? Exactly what came about to me, the solution was to get my Bachelors in the Arts then convert it into a Nursing Degree. It may sound odd or like a fantasy however this process is genuine and possible. You could be wondering how does one even do that? or maybe is it possible?.

We are here to guide you to the answers to your questions concerning Rn To Np With Non Nursing Bachelors I would recommend you save time and effort by visiting our website as soon as possible.

While the path to becoming a nurse practitioner with a non-nursing bachelors degree is possible, its probably not the journey youd expect. After all, there are no academic shortcuts in earning this advanced practice title, only streamlined education options. Check out these six steps to a worthwhile NP career.

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Option : Accelerated Bsn Program Or Direct

Step 1: Complete an Accelerated BSN Program OR Direct-Entry MSN Program

Accelerated BSN Program:
The Direct-Entry or Graduate-entry Master of Science in Nursing :

Step 2: Obtain Your Registered Nursing License

Step 3: Prepare for NP Education

Step 4: Earn Your Nurse Practitioner Degree

Full-time MSN-NP Program:
Post-masters NP Certificate:

Financial Aid & Scholarships

ACCELERATED BSN vs ADN | Nursing School With Previous Bachelors Degree

Pursuing your second degree in nursing can feel overwhelming and exciting. With the right planning and support, you can be confident in your decision to make a worthwhile investment in your education. Weve put together a quick guide on how to finance your second bachelors degree so you can graduate from one of the most respected nursing schools in the country and successfully launch your nursing career.

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Best Online Absn Programs

Choosing a nursing school, its even more challenging when it comes to the online section. When you have a lot of choices, how can you know which one is best for you?

You might begin by compiling a comprehensive list of the best applications in their field. We have examined over 7,700 recognized schools and universities throughout the US using the US Department of Education data.

The best online ABSN Programs are listed below.

Pass Your Cnp/crna/cnm Certification Exam

After earning your graduate degree, youll need to take a national certification exam for your area of practice. This exam will depend on whether you become an NP, CRNA, or CNM. For CNPs, nurses choose a population specialty, so the board exams cover general knowledge as well as population-specific information.

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Are You Ready For An Accelerated Rn Programs Online

There is a long list of online ABSN programs available to students.

Applicants for this ranking had to meet the following requirements: academic counseling and career placement, affordability based on tuition and the percentage of students receiving financial aid from the school, and, finally, online accessibility for students to complete their studies at a distance.

However, it is essential to look out the cost, available scholarships, and the locations of these institutions and programs before applying.

Do you want to convert your non-nursing degree to BSN online?

We hope that this list helps narrow your search to finding that dream institution for your ABSN degree.

What’s Online And What’s In

BSN vs MSN Featured Image

All didactic courses are asynchronous, meaning you can complete them online on your own schedule.

You have flexibility throughout the program to complete general education or core nursing courses at your own pace.

Practicum instructor and peer collaboration requirements will be done via distance learning and offer flexible scheduling for the synchronous, or real-time, course elements.


Practical, hands-on training remains crucial and required preparation for earning a BSN and becoming a registered nurse. Our curriculum includes:

  • Clinicals. There are eight clinical courses, seven of which include precepted clinical hours. Youll complete the precepted hours in or near your geographic area. We have a dedicated team to help you find clinical placement.
  • Intensives. Youll be required to attend three 2-4 day intensives throughout the program at a designated Herzing or partner site. These sessions serve as crucial skill and knowledge checkpoints to ensure youre on the right track. Intensives will take place at our Kenosha or Atlanta campusesor a facility associated with a unique clinical partnership.

Tuition and Cost

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Nursing Skills And Simulation Labs

In addition to online coursework, the ABSN track at CTX includes hands-on skills and simulation labs. These labs are held in our state-of-the-art facility that mimics a real clinical environment.

Skills labs involve practicing basic tasks such as checking vital signs, then gradually progressing to more complex tasks like tracheostomy care. All labs take place under the watchful eye of our faculty.

In simulation labs, students practice in-person patient care on both high-fidelity manikins and mock patients . Our manikins exhibit lifelike symptoms and reactions to care. Instructors maneuver the manikins behind the scenes in real time, giving students the opportunity to think on their feet in an authentic way.

Following each scenario, instructors hold debriefing sessions with students to go over what they did correctly and what they could improve.

Both skills and simulation labs allow students to apply the nursing concepts theyve learned in a safe environment, building the confidence necessary for clinical rotations.

Preparation For Advanced Study

Another benefit of attaining a BSN degree is that it prepares you for advanced study. For example, earning a BSN leaves you positioned to pursue a Master of Science in Nursing, the advanced degree required to become a nurse practitioner. Other advanced opportunities include becoming a certified nurse anesthetist or a certified nurse midwife .

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Olivet Nazarene University Bourbonnais Il

An accelerated BSN program at Olivet Nazarene University, a Church of the Nazarene-affiliated school, is available to students in the Chicago region who desire to become certified RNs.

The full-time ABSN curriculum combines classroom instruction with clinical rotations, simulations, testing, and other hands-on experiences in various hospitals and health care facilities in the Chicago metropolitan region.

Non-nursing associates may also apply if they have completed at least 60 credits of general education college courses. The curriculum lasts for 16 months and costs $785 per credit hour.


What To Expect From An Accelerated Bsn Program


Accelerated BSN programs accomplish program objectives in a shorter period of time because their structure builds upon previous learning experiences. Students of these programs come from a wide variety of educational disciplines and professional backgrounds, from healthcare to business to the humanities and beyond.

These programs, which take between 11 and 18 months to complete, allow incoming students to transfer many program prerequisites from a previous bachelors degree. Accelerated programs are now available in 46 states, as well as the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico.

Students of these programs can expect intense, full-time instruction with no breaks between sessions. They can also expect to complete the same number of clinical hours as traditional, entry-level nursing programs.

Although financial aid for students enrolled in accelerated BSN programs tends to be limited, many hospitals and health systems throughout the U.S. have formed partnerships with local schools, offering students financial support in exchange for job opportunities when they graduate.

Upon completing an accelerated BSN program, graduates are eligible to take the National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses and become state licensed as a registered nurse. BSN graduates are also prepared to enter a Master of Science in Nursing program so as to go on to pursue careers in:

  • Nursing administration

The prescreening process often includes confirming that candidates possess:

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How To Apply To The Accelerated Bsn Program

  • Apply to the College of Nursing through NursingCAS for the Accelerated BSN program. NursingCAS is a centralized application service for nursing programs. The application will open in August for entry into the Summer ABSN program. The deadline to submit applications for the Summer 2023 cohort through NursingCAS is . Applications must be in the Verified status in NursingCAS by the application deadline. Applicants who fail to submit their application by the deadline will be ineligible for consideration.
  • Request Transcripts from all previous institutions. Applicants still enrolled should send their current institutions transcripts to NursingCAS as early as possible. If you are taking courses in the fall you must also submit a second updated transcript to NursingCAS once fall grades have been posted. If you will be enrolled in courses during spring, you must include a copy of your planned enrolled courses include in the document upload section.
  • Submit high school transcript if you completed your required one year/unit US history at that time.
  • Complete UT application:
  • Transfer Application . Select Accelerated BSN for your first major choice.
  • Readmit Application .
  • Absn Online Employs Various Learning Styles

    Online coursework employs different learning styles. Typically, some people learn faster through visuals others assimilate audio information.

    You should maximize discussion boards and group projects if youre a social learner. Images and graphics benefit visual learners. Puzzles and interactive activities stimulate logical reasoning.

    In addition, kinesthetic learners will gain immensely from clinical and simulation labs.

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    Msn Degree Program Considerations If You Are Not A Registered Nurse And Hold A Bachelors Degree In A Related Health/science Field

    If you are currently not a registered nurse, but would like to pursue a career as an APRN , there are online programs available for you, also. These are called BSN to MSN programs. Typically, these programs first focus on the BSN portion and are normally 18 months. After completing this part of the program, the student will take the NCLEX exam . Following taking and passing this exam, the remainder of the program focuses on the MSN degree, which also takes about another 18 months. The total time depends on how long it takes the student to pass the NCLEX exam between the two portions of the program.

    Who would choose to do this? This is normally someone who has a bachelors degree with experience in the work force, but decides after a number of years that they are drawn to a career in nursing. Some people also find that the field in which they got their degree is very limited with a lack of employment opportunities. They would like to become a nurse , but arent interested in starting all over with a traditional college education to earn a BSN, and then an MSN. People such as these can complete an online BSN to MSN program and have better employment opportunities and earning capacity.

    Accelerated Nurse Practitioner Programs

    Becoming a Nurse with a Bachelorâs Degree Without Starting Over

    With many experienced nurses deciding later in their careers that they want to become NPs, it makes sense for future nursing students to be thinking about pursuing an MSN right from the start. How does one go about becoming a nurse practitioner with a non-nursing bachelors degree, and what other benefits does a masters degree in nursing offer?non nursing bachelors to np online

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    Accelerated Bsn Program Admission Requirements

    Below are some of the requirements for an accelerated BSN program:

    • A minimum GPA of 3.0 from their non-nursing bachelors degree
    • Favourable references that speak to the candidates academic ability and nursing potential
    • A professional statement outlining the candidates career goals
    • A comprehensive resume
    • The completion of all required prerequisite courses with a minimum GPA.

    Online Absn Is A Blended Program Comprising Theory And Practical Coursework

    There are speculations that online ABSN programs are entirely held online. This isnt entirely true as youll need to apply learning and knowledge gained in a healthcare setting.

    Skills lab form an essential part of the ABSN curriculum. Like a hospital setting, a skills lab enables you to practice basic nursing skills such as checking vitals, inserting catheters, and treating wounds.

    Also, you get to carry out outpatient assessment checks on medical manikins. These manikins dont just act like humans they exhibit human-like conditions like allergy, cardiac arrest, etc.

    Skills lab helps you build problem-solving skills and critical thinking as you analyze symptoms and conditions exhibited by the manikins.

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    Tips For Getting Through An Absn Program

    Once youre admitted into an accelerated BSN program, the real work begins. The next year or so of your life will feel like a whirlwind. With these tips, you can focus on doing everything you can succeed:

  • Build a support network. If you have children, a support network will be crucial. Even if you dont, it is helpful to have people on call who can help you in a pinch. From letting the dog out to swinging by the store to pick up your groceries, knowing you have some back-up to help when your schedule gets out of control can be invaluable.
  • Remember the long-term goal. The pace at which you will be working during your accelerated BSN program is not forever and thats important to keep in mind. No one can or should maintain that pace forever. When youre feeling overwhelmed, remember that your workload is accelerated right now for a reason: to get you to the finish line faster.
  • Dont skimp on self-care. Even if it is as simple as taking a bubble bath or taking a night off to go see a new movie, dont fall into the trap of thinking more time equals more effective work. Slogging through four hours of studying without a break is actually less efficient than taking a break when you need one.
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