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New Jersey College Nursing Programs

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Advanced Practice Nursing In New Jersey

Nursing School | Jersey College | LPN to RN Programs

Advanced practice nurses receive additional education and training in a specialized field, such as acute care nurse, pediatric nurse practitioner, neonatal nurse and OB/GYN nurse practitioner. There are currently about 4,000 advanced practices nurses in New Jersey, and these nurses must meet all the qualifications of registered nurses, as well as additional criteria.

  • Earn a graduate degree or higher from an accredited program
  • Pass an exam in your specialty through a national certifying agency that is also accredited by the American Board of Nursing Specialties or the National Commission for Certifying Agencies
  • Request a certificate application packet from the Board
  • Complete the application and submit the $100 application fee , an official transcript, a copy of your national certification certificate, and proof that all information is in good standing

You can find more information about advanced practice nursing and license renewal at the New Jersey Board of Nursing.

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How Long Is Jersey College Lpn Program

LPN ProgramnursingprogramLPN programJersey

. Also asked, how long is Jersey College RN program?

RN Program StructureThe RN Program generic track is divided into 12 week terms. The program is offered both in the day and evening. 1 The day program is composed of 8 terms and the evening program is composed of up to 12 terms. The RN program has three Levels.

Secondly, does Jersey college require teas test? Entrance Exam. Admission into the PN Program and certain RN tracks at Jersey College requires a minimum proficiency on our Entrance Exam. Jersey College utilizes a diagnostic test to evaluate prospective students’ academic skills.

Furthermore, how long is Jersey College LPN to RN program?

Jersey College offers a 15-month LPN-to-RN Bridge Program for Licensed Practical Nurses who wish to become Registered Nurses .

Is Jersey college a private school?

Jersey College is a private 2-year college specializing in nursing education with its main campus in Teterboro, New Jersey. The college was established in 2003 and started its first class in 2004. Jersey College has five other locations in New Jersey and Florida.

Jersey Collegeaccredited

Neuza Omegov

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Applying To A Bsn Degree Program In New Jersey

Nursing programs in New Jersey look for applicants with a high school GPA of 2.75 or higher. Required materials usually include transcripts, ACT or SAT scores, a personal essay, and letters of recommendation. Candidates with job shadowing or volunteer experience in nursing may have an advantage. Applicants’ transcripts should list high school courses that include anatomy, physiology, human growth and development, and statistics.

RNs with an associate degree in nursing and licensed practical nurses can opt for bridge programs, such as RN-to-BSN and LPN-to-RN tracks. These streamlined nursing programs take 15-24 months to complete. RN-to-BSN program admission requires transcripts demonstrating a 2.5 GPA and 30 transferable credits. An LPN-to-RN applicant must have graduated from a state nursing board-approved LPN program and hold a current LPN license.

Tuition And Costs Of Adn Programs In New Jersey

Photos for Jersey College Nursing School Teterboro Campus ...

Paying for your ADN education can take a lot of planning. You’ll have to pay the main cost of tuition, which generally covers your courses. Then you’ll need to pay for indirect costs like textbooks, uniforms, transportation, and other mandatory school fees. If payment is an issue, see what kind of aid is available from your school’s Financial Aid department. You can also use scholarships to offset the cost.

To provide an example of cost, the tuition for the ADN program at Raritan Valley Community College, located in Branchburg, NJ, is $143 per credit for in-county students and $178 per credit for out-of-county/state students.

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Msn Admission Requirements In New Jersey

MSN programs can be competitive, so you’ll want to be sure you carefully review the admission requirements for any program you are considering. Here is an example of the type of entrance requirements you may face:

  • BSN from an accredited institution with a recommended GPA of 3.0
  • Personal statement/essay
  • Professional resume

What New Jersey Schools Have To Offer

If you wish to fast-track your education into a solid nursing job then explore the technical and vocational and community college nursing school scene. These schools specialize in the very practical aspects of nursing from the ground up. Tech schools can train you in practical nursing and prep you for the LPN license. Community colleges are hands-down experts in turning out Associates degreed nurses ready to pass their RN licensure exam. In fact the largest population of new nurses enters the profession via the Associates degree. This offers an excellent job with good salary within 2 years AND you have some of the best career mobility going.

Four-year colleges and universities focus on educating the baccalaureate and masters degree nurses. Here experienced RNs may also search for a huge spectrum of specialization certificates and advanced practice specialties like nurse practitioner and clinical nurse specialist. Look for very competitive nursing anesthesia programs at the University of Medicine and Dentistry and Our Lady of Lourdes Medical Center.

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Will My Online New Jersey Nursing Degree Be Considered Less Valuable By Employers

Absolutely not. Diplomas dont highlight whether a New Jersey nursing program was online, and the most critical factor is that your nursing program is properly accredited. You should also feel confident that completing an online degree means you have the time management skills and self-discipline to effectively manage your work without much instructor oversight.

Thomas Edison State University

New Jersey Nursing School Gives Students Controversial Ultimatum

Thomas Edison State Universitys Edwards Nursing School is recognized among the best nursing schools in New Jersey. Among the many nursing programs offered by Thomas Edison State are an accelerated BSN degree, an RN to BSN/MSN degree program, an MS in Nursing degree, and a Doctor of Nursing Practice degree. All levels of nursing programs offered by Thomas Edison State have received accreditation from CCNE and the State of NJ Board of Nursing.

Thomas Edison State University was established in 1972 as a public college to serve the greater Trenton vicinitys adult population. The schools urban campus and distance learning platform is home to approximately 17,050 students. Thomas Edison State is named to honor the inventor who spent much of his adult and professional life in the state of New Jersey.

Programs: BSN, MSN, DNP

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Tuition And Costs Of Msn Programs In New Jersey

Costs can fluctuate wildly depending on which school and MSN program you are interested in. Be sure to properly compare program costs, including direct costs like tuition, as well as indirect costs like lab fees, books, transportation, room and board, and more. To provide an example of cost, the tuition and fees for the MSN program at Ramapo College of New Jersey in Mahwah are roughly $736 per credit.

For NP programs visit:

Insufficient Data For New Jersey

Sad to say, we do not have sufficient facts to produce a ranking of the best value colleges for nursing in New Jersey. This is typically due to there not being enough schools in New Jersey that both offer nursing and provided enough information for us to do a sufficient analysis.

As an alternative, take a look at at some of our other Nursing rankings below or check out our overall Best Colleges for Nursing ranking.

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Adn Program Admission Requirements In New Jersey

Entrance requirements can vary slightly depending on the school you choose to attend. Generally speaking, you can expect to find the following:

  • Supply official transcripts from secondary school showing subjects completed and grades earned
  • Have a passing score on the TEAS test
  • Pass a criminal background check

Where To Find Nursing Programs In Nj

RN Programs in NJ

The New Jersey Board of Nursing accredits nursing schools and approves clinical affiliates to standardize the practice of nursing. It oversees those programs to ensure that curriculum and practical study is rigorous and provides adequate training for aspiring nurses. There are a number of approved and accredited nursing schools in New Jersey that offer certificate programs as well as degree options. The tool below can help narrow down the search for a nursing program that fits your needs.

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How To Become An Rn In New Jersey: Licensing Information And Requirements

While similar from state to state, its essential to know the RN licensing requirements specific to New Jersey. Make sure to review the licensing rules outlined by the states Board of Nursing. Additionally, familiarize yourself with common roadblocks to licensure. Weve laid out a step-by-step list detailing the licensing requirements for first-time RNs below.

Complete State-Approved Nursing Program

First things first. Completing your state-approved nursing program not only prepares you with the skills needed when entering the field of professional nursing, but the best nursing programs in New Jersey make sure youre ready to ace your NCLEX-RN exam.

Submit Application and Required Documentation

New Jersey students can begin their licensing process two months before graduation. In addition to completing the application, you must submit a color passport-style photo, birth certificate, and documentation that you completed an accredited nursing program. Once youve submitted all required materials, along with the test fee of $200, you are granted an Authorization to Test .

Take the NCLEX-RN Exam

Once you received your ATT, schedule a time for the NCLEX-RN exam and review essential testing materials. If you need special ADA accommodations, submit a letter from your physician with the diagnosis and diagnosis code, a letter from your program laying out accommodations offered, and a personal letter describing what assistance is needed during testing.

License Renewal

Online Nursing Programs In New Jersey

Many New Jersey schools offer online nursing degrees, providing students with an array of programs from which to choose. Thomas Edison State College is one of the most affordable options, costing $9,967 in annual tuition. It offers both an online RN to BSN program and masters degrees in nursing. It also has a high NCLEX pass rate of 100%. Nurses practicing in the state of New Jersey must complete 30 hours of continuing education during each two-year license renewal period.

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New Jersey Salaries For Nurses

The New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development projects that there will be nearly 90,000 nurses at work in the state by 2022, an 11 percent increase from 2012. Nurses in New Jersey command one of the highest median salaries in the profession across the country, making it a competitive career to enter.

Find out more about where the highest-paid nurses work and what the future of nursing looks like in New Jersey.

Federal State And County Representation

Jacksonville Nursing School | Jersey College | LPN to RN Programs

Teterboro is located in the 9th Congressional District and is part of New Jersey’s 36th state legislative district. Prior to the following the , Teterboro had been in the .

For the , the of the is represented in the by ” rel=”nofollow”> D, ) and in the by and .

is governed by a directly elected , with legislative functions performed by the seven-member . The freeholders are elected in partisan elections on a staggered basis, with two or three seats coming up for election each year a Chairman, Vice Chairman and Chairman Pro Tempore are selected from among its seven members at a reorganization meeting held every January. Other Bergen County Constitutional Offices include , , and . These offices all have 3 year terms, and are elected on a partisan basis.

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Nursing Programs For All Levels

The nursing school at Jersey College is accredited by the Commission of the Council on Occupational Education and offers a Practical Nursing Program for those seeking to become an LPN and a Professional Nursing Program for aspiring registered nurses. With eight campuses serving the East Coast, our experienced instructors and dedicated administration bring a holistic approach to nursing and the healthcare field. Our modern facilities provide the environment you need to develop your skills for success as a future nurse. Advance your career with flexible scheduling options and financial assistance for those who qualify in a practical or professional nursing program at Jersey College.

For additional details regarding admissions, tuition, fees, program requirements and enrollment into courses and other information regarding Jersey College please view the Academic Catalog. Jersey College requires students to enter into a pre-dispute arbitration agreement and class action waiver as a condition of enrollment. Please see the full terms here. Training and education, not employment are being offered. No guarantee or implication of employment or salary is made. Photos contained throughout this website may be stock photos, and as such do not represent actual students, facilities, personnel or equipment. The information on this website may change from time to time. Please contact your local campus for the most current information.

Frontline Nursing Alumni Honored

College of Nursing hosted a gala event to celebrate its nursing alumni serving on the frontline of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The College of Nursing provides a wide variety of undergraduate and nationally ranked graduate programs that have prepared students for leadership in the nursing industry since 1937. We are pioneers in evidence-based practice, servant leadership and cutting-edge technology, and encourage our students to integrate their values into their daily nursing practice.

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How To Get A Licensed Practical Nurse License In New Jersey

Applying to earn a New Jersey LPN license is a very similar process to the RN license application process. In fact, LPN applicants must fill out the same application and other forms as an RN applicant. They must also attend a nursing program that is accredited by the New Jersey Board of Nursing, as these programs have strict educational requirements that ensure students learn what they need to practice nursing in New Jersey. Instead of taking the NCLEX-RN exam, an LPN hopeful must take the NCLEX-PN exam, which has slightly different content. Otherwise, application fees are the same: $75 for the application and $120 for the initial license fee.

LPNs who are licensed in another state and wish to earn their New Jersey nursing license can choose the Licensure by Endorsement option, which allows them to skip taking the NCLEX-PN in exchange for submitting their licensure from the other state they worked in. Again, licenses are good for two years and cost $120 to renew. LPNs are required to complete 30 hours of continuing education credits to maintain their New Jersey LPN license.

Advantages Of Bsn Programs

RN Programs in NJ

A BSN will put you on a path of success in nursing, as it provides the opportunity to hold higher positions in the nursing world as well as higher salaries. In fact, a BSN is often necessary in order to advance in your nursing career. It’s a great choice for those who are interested in a traditional 4-year degree at a larger school.

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Rowan University School Of Health Professions

Rowan University aims to lead the industry in innovative nursing education and evidence-based practice. In order to best serve their diverse community, the School of Health Professions educates the next leaders in healthcare through campus, hybrid, and online degree programs. These nursing programs are designed to accommodate the busy schedule of working nurses and can be completed on a part-time basis.

Along with general education courses, nursing students at Rowan University can customize a plan of study to meet their individual interests. There are various advanced courses such as pathophysiology, health care policy and finance, community health nursing, and research applications in nursing practice.

As a result of the top-notch education and clinical experiences, the average NCLEX passing rate at Rowan is above 83% for both the ADN and BSN program.

Welcome From The Dean

Welcome to the School of Nursing and Health Sciences! Since 1968 graduates from the School of Nursings well-respected program have been sought by health care facilities to provide nursing care. The college also offers Health Science courses assisting students to develop an appreciation of health related issues. Health care is an exciting field of study that continues to demand well-prepared graduates to practice within a dynamic and constantly changing environment.

Career opportunities for nurses are expected to grow in the future as the population continues to live longer healthier lives, demanding innovative and efficient health care services.

In addition to Nursing, a number of Health Science courses are offered at Ocean County College. These courses focus on health and wellness. The courses are intended to provide education for students wishing to develop a deeper understanding of holistic health.

Teresa Walsh, Dean of the School

Please note: All questions about entering the School of Nursing as a perspective student should be directed to Academic Advising or Registration and Records . Students that have been accepted into the program should direct any questions to the School of Nursing .

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